Babydoll Ch. 05

byThe Fantasizer©

"Well I still need some time," she said. "It really hurt the way that you treated me last night. I'm not some kind of whore. I love you. We shouldn't even have these kinds of feelings for each other. It's not right, but I can't help it. You do know that it is weird."

I shook my head, "I know Ash, but I can't help it. What am I supposed to do? I love you more than anything in this world. It is weird. I do feel weird, but I haven't met anyone that compares to you."

Looking at me, I think she was flattered and I think that she understood. At that moment, I felt like this might just be a mutual thing. There was a silly little smile that came across her face, as she looked at me. She seemed to be at a loss for what to do next.

I stepped towards her and asked, "Will you come give me a hug?"

She stood up and I embraced her fully. I gave her a kiss on her cheek and told her, "I just went out and bought you something. Will you come upstairs in 10 minutes and I'll give it to you."

"Okay," she responded.

So I went upstairs to my room and waited. I was excited about giving her this present. Finally after about 15 minutes I heard her coming up the steps. When I heard her enter her room I grabbed the gift bag and headed there. She was sitting on her bed, as I closed the door behind and entered. "Here you go Ash, I really hope you like this. I wanted to get you a little something extra. Plus I want you to know how sorry I am about last night."

Ashley took the bag from me and smiled. When she opened the bag and looked inside, she had this look of stunned amazement on her face. She started bubbling and I could really tell that she was very happy. She effervescently spoke, "This is gorgeous. No it's beautiful. You know nothing makes me happier than new makeup. I mean there is everything I need here."

She patted the bed, "Come sit down here." As I went and sat down, she leaned forward and hugged and kissed me fully on the lips. "Jimmy, I forgive you for last night. I understand that you were mad about me going out. I have to keep up appearances, you understand?"

I felt obligated to say, "Yes, I understand, I told you that you needed to go on some dates. I just hate to think about anyone else being near you. I will try not to be so possessive."

We both leaned forward longing to taste one another. One long, slow kiss began to melt into another. Our tongues slowly entwined wrapping around one another as we lustfully groped each other. We kept kissing for what seemed like forever. After a while I stopped, "I want to tell you something. I have something else that I want to give you. It's in my room."

I went to my room in a full state of arousal and got the boxes with the lingerie that I had bought for her. I took them back to her room and handed them to her. She smiled and chuckled, "If I open all of these gifts, then what will I open tomorrow."

I gave her a mischievous grin, "You won't want to open these in front of everybody anyway."

She opened the first small box. It was the sheer black panty and bra set. She pulled it out and held it up by her fingers. Laughingly she said, "Not much to it is there."

Looking at hers seriously, "I know. I hope you don't mind me buying it for you. I just think that it would look sexy on ya."

She then opened up the medium sized box that contained the baby blue baby doll. She pulled it out and held it up. "God it's beautiful. I love the color."

She leaned in and brushed my jaw line, then she gave me a kiss on the nape of my neck. I was really turned on just having her around me at this erotic moment. I was kissing her back, lost in the moment when she pulled back, "We better get downstairs and help mama get ready for tonight."

A little frustrated, I responded, "OK."

It was getting close to 3pm. We needed to have everything done by 5pm, so that we could take showers and be ready when the rest of the family showed up. On the way down the stairs, Mom was at the bottom of the staircase, I think she could see that we were happy, "Good you two made up. Now I need y'all to help me get this house cleaned up."

Jan had to work at her retail job since it was the day before Christmas, she wouldn't be home until 7pm. Joe would be home at 5:30pm from his office job. So basically it was up to the three of us to get everything done. Basically we just needed to tidy the house up, help mom prepare some food, and set the dining room.

So after a couple of hours vacuuming, dusting, organizing, and setting up the kitchen and dining room it was time to get ourselves cleaned up. I went upstairs and got ready to take a shower and put on some good clothes, since my grandparents were coming over. I took off most of my clothes heading to the bathroom for a shower.

I walked down the hall in my boxers, to the bathroom, as Ashley came up the steps. I smiled as I looked into her beautiful blue eyes. Grabbing her by the hand, I pulled her into the bathroom with me. Lasciviously I groped and kissed her as I became instantly aroused. "Baby hop in the shower with me."

Ash gave me a serious look, "Are you crazy? Mom is right down stairs. I've got to get out of here before we get caught."

I looked at her and chuckled, "So no shower?"

She shook her in disbelief, "No shower." Then she opened the door and quietly left as I lightly smacked her on her ass.

I got the water very hot so that I could melt away in the shower. My plump woody slapped from side-to-side between my thighs. I lathered myself up and scrubbed myself down. I couldn't escape the thoughts of how I was not content. Jacking off wasn't going to cut it. I needed some pussy.

I must have been in the shower for about 10 minutes, lost in my thoughts, when I heard a knock on the door. Was Ash coming back? I perked up.

Then the voice came. It was my mom. She said, "Here are some towels," as I saw her head peaking around the bathroom door through the patterned glass of the shower door. Something crossed my mind. Was she checking me out?

I shouted over the noise of the shower water running, "Thanks Mom, I'll be out in a minute."

Thoughts of my mother had started dancing through my mind. Was she sending me subliminal messages? I was thinking about how hot she had been looking. She was definitely a MILF. Funny how a hot shower and a hard dick could make me think that I might just fuck her if the right circumstances ever arose.

I turned off the shower, dried myself off, and wrapped the towel around my waist. Opening the door I started to my room. I then heard Ash open the door to her room and she stepped out wearing her robe. She looked and quietly chastised me, "See, she would have caught us."

I grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to my room, which is adjacent to hers. I embraced her, telling her, "I just want a hug." As we hugged, I nimbly undid the sash of her robe and let my towel fall.

Her front was completely exposed and my aroused cock was now slapping against her belly. I whispered in her ear, "I want to fuck you so bad right now. I can't stand it. I'm about ready to explode"

Exasperatedly she reiterated, "I'm sorry, but we can't do this. Mom is going to catch us if you keep this up." She slowly pulled away and retied the sash of her robe. She opened the door and went on her way to take her separate shower.

My frustration was killing me. My balls were aching from the constant state of arousal. I knew Ash wasn't meaning to tease me. I was being very aggressive and impatient in wanting sex with her. I knew she was right. We really couldn't do anything with Mom being around.

It was now 5:30pm, time to get ready for our Christmas Eve dinner with the family. My cock felt heavy and plump as I slid on my boxers, loose jeans, and put on my t-shirt and sweater. There was no way that I could get my mind off of the pussy I hadn't had in 4 months.

I had stowed away some weed for just this kind of occasion. I rolled a joint, put it in my pocket, and went downstairs. I told mom that I was going to go for a walk and went outside, walked through the woods, and lit it up.

I sat down on an old stump and relaxed in the crisp winter air. It was just about sundown. I only took a few tokes, because I didn't want to get wasted. I sucked on a few Altoids and was ready to go back inside with a good buzz going.

When I got back inside my grandparents had arrived. We did our customary hugging and went into the living room and talked while mom continued working on dinner. Ashley eventually came in and sat next to me on the couch. It was enveloped in the intoxication of sensations of having her next to me.

Everyone else began to arrive and it truly seemed like a Rockwell scene. We had some appetizers while we awaited Jan's arrival at 7pm. When she got home, we would then move to the dining room and have our sit-down dinner. Joe asked me to come out to his car and help him with something. When we got out to his car he laughed, "You're grown up now. I've got some good apple brandy. Would you like some?"

I was pleasantly surprised, "Sure." He took a drink and then handed me the mason jar and I took a good little swig.

He responded, "Just don't let your mother know. She would kick my ass."

I had a warm cozy feeling when we went back inside. It was really nice. Ashley looked so sexy in her tight burgundy corduroy jeans and cashmere sweater. My mom didn't look anywhere near 39 years old in her jeans and wool sweater. I felt surrounded by these two sexy women. It was all that I could do not to walk up and grind my cock into either one of them.

Jan finally arrived at 7:15pm and we immediately went into the dining room for dinner. She had brought her boyfriend with her. It was the first time that I had ever met this guy. He seemed like an all right dude. All 9 of us sat cozily around the huge dining room table and enjoyed our wonderful Christmas Eve dinner.

The tradition of our family is to get together on Christmas Eve and have a nice light meal of soup, shrimp, and sandwiches; then sit around and open the gifts from our grandparents and one present from the immediate family It used to tide us kids over, when we were younger, and keep us from getting up at 4 o'clock in the morning to open our presents. We've still carried on that tradition even though we are now grown.

We were finished with dinner around 8pm and my buzz had started to wear off. I pulled Joe to the side and let him know that I could use another sip of the brandy. He gave me the keys to his car and I went outside and took another swig to get another kick going. I thought to myself, "Whew, this stuff sure is potent." When I eased my way back inside they were already ready to open some presents.

We gathered around the living room in a circle. Ashley, being the youngest, divvied the gifts from and to our grandparents amongst us. My grandparents always go all out when it comes to Christmas presents. We all got a couple hundred dollars cash, clothes, knick-knacks, and other trinkets. They have always made sure that we had plentiful holidays.

Once we were through opening the gifts from our grandparents, we each went up to the pile of gifts under the tree and picked one apiece. Ashley was the first to pick what she wanted and then Jan went next. I picked one from Ashley and I could see that Mom had picked the present from me that contained the necklace. Next, we took turns opening them.

Ashley opened her small package, it was from Jan, and it turned out to be a bottle of perfume called "Heavenly" by Victoria Secret. She looked to be more than thrilled saying, "God I love this stuff. Thank You." She dabbed a little on her wrist and smelled it.

Jan opened up her package next. It was a medium sized gift with white wrapping, silver trim, and a big gold bow on top of it. It turned out to be from Mama. When she opened it she was ecstatic. It was a cashmere ensemble consisting of a shirt, a white oxford shirt, and cashmere cardigan sweater.

I'm not into clothes, but Jan and Ash really are. Jan ran over to mom and gave her a big hug. I could tell that mom was overly thrilled with how much Jan appreciated the gift.

Next it was my turn and I opened my present from Ashley. It was a little bit larger than a medium sized elongated package and was wrapped in nice Santa paper. I opened it and it turned out to be a telescope. I had always wanted one.

This wasn't just any telescope it was a nice Bushnell refractor telescope with a tripod. Ashley knew right away that I really liked this gift. She was beaming as I leaned over and gave her a hug thanking her. She asked me, "Will you let me tag along when you use that thing?."

I retorted, "You can go with me any time you want. I'll have to figure the thing out first. I'm sure we'll have to go somewhere where there isn't a lot of light."

She looked at me when no one is paying attention. You know, one of those moments when people are talking after someone has opened a gift. She gave me a sexy smile and winked at me.

Mom was the last one to open her present. She seemed to be anticipating what it could be. She was all excited saying, "Hmmm...I wonder what this could be." My mother opened the jewel box and gawked at the amethyst earrings and necklace.

She seemed to be so overcome with joy seeing them. She came over and hugged me and kissed me on the cheek letting me know, "Jimmy these are just so gorgeous. You really outdid yourself."

I smiled and responded, "Anything for you Mama. You have been a wonderful mother and I want you to let you know that."

We had finished opening our presents for the night and it was 10pm. My grandparents were all ready to go home. Joe and I helped carry their stuff out to their cars. We said our good nights and they headed home for the evening. They would be back at 2pm tomorrow for the big Christmas feast.

Joe and I went to his car and took a couple more swigs of the Apple Brandy. I let him go on back inside, letting him know that I needed to get something out of my car. I went to my car, lit up my joint, and took a couple more tokes. It was pretty much gone now and I was feeling nice and cozy when I went back inside.

No one was downstairs so I went to the kitchen and got a coke to take to my room. I then headed upstairs to my room. Entering, I turned on my stereo softly to listen to some music. I felt a little chill as I took off my clothes and changed into my lounge pants and t-shirt.

After I had changed into my sleeping clothes, I heard a light rapping on my door. My mother opened the door and stepped inside. Entering my room she let me know, "Honey, I just came up here to say good night and Merry Christmas." God she looked good. She was wearing a pink silk chemise that went about halfway to her knees. She walked up and gestured that she wanted a hug.

I went up to her and she embraced me. She was absolutely intoxicating as we wrapped our arms around one another. She wasn't wearing a bra and her cushiony breasts pressed into my chest as she held me tight and whispered Merry Christmas in my ear. I could feel a sense of stimulation and I knew she had to feel my woody firming up as it pressed into her soft tummy.

She brushed the hair back from my forehead and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek. Pulling back she said, "It's amazing how my little man has grown up to be so handsome. You remind me so much of your father at your age." She paused for a second rubbing my back, staring into my eyes, while still embracing me, "Well, I'm going to head to bed and I will see you in the morning."

All I could muster was, "Goodnight Mom," as she pulled away. Man I don't think she knew how much she had my mind swirling. I had the blue balls from hell. My pole had been up and down all day long with no relief.

I just resigned myself to the fact that I wasn't going to get any relief. I was disappointed in how the last couple days had gone with Ash. I had thought that I would come home and we would find a way to hook up, come hell or high water. I really didn't feel like jacking off, so I just went and laid on the bed and covered up with my quilt. I just couldn't get my mind off of my cock.

It was getting close to 11pm. I was just nodding off, when I heard a light knocking on the door. The door opened and in stepped Ashley. Her sandy blonde hair was straightened like silk and it looked like she had touched up her make-up. She looked a little nervous and I noticed that she was carrying a little pouch. She stammered a little smiling, "I hope you don't mind me barging in."

I answered back, "You know you can come in anytime you want. You look very nice. Are you getting ready for bed?"

She smiled and then came and sat next to me on my bed. "Everyone has gone to bed. I just wanted to come let you know why I've been acting a little strange. I'm having my period. It started a couple days ago. I'm not trying to ignore you or anything."

I looked at her seriously, "To be honest, I knew that something was up. You know, a period is no big deal."

She came forward to my face, "I know, but I knew you would be disappointed. I know that I am. We can't fuck. I just don't feel comfortable fucking on my period." She then got up and went to my door and locked it. "I'm ready to give you your other present."

With that, she stood up and untied the sash of her robe and shrugged, letting it fall behind her. There she stood once again in all of her magnificence. She was wearing the leopard thong and black tube top once again. She seemed to be a little thicker than usual, but that made he even more enticing.

She sauntered up to the bed, lifted the covers, and laid down beside me. We looked into one another's eyes and then she moved forward as our bodies enveloped one another. She kissed me and our tongues found one another as they danced in unison. She smelled and felt wonderful in the dim light of my bedroom.

"You remember this don't you?" she chuckled. "Well I'm ready to give you your Christmas present. Now sit up," she insisted.

She then pushed back the covers and went about arranging the six pillows against the headboard of my bed. Then she demanded, "Now just lay back and relax."

I was perfectly reclined as she rose to her knees and began rolling down her tube top. Her breasts and pink aureoles looked swollen and succulent. She murmured, "Hmmm, hmmmm, my breasts feel so sensitive right now, " as she lifted and fondled her bulging globes.

I was so tantalized, "Your so beautiful. I want to fuck you so bad. Why don't we just go ahead and fuck?"

As she continued to rub up and down her body, "Hmmm, hmmm, ohhhh, wiiih, you bad boy. We can't. Maybe I'll just get myself off and you can watch."

After a few more seconds of concentrating on herself, she reached down letting her hand drift back and forth over the bulging front of my lounge pants.

She put her arms to either side of me and moved up, face-to-face and teased me." You love my big tits don't you Jimmy? Don't you?...Oh god they are so sensitive right now."

She gave me a full kiss and motioned for me to rise up so that my shirt could be removed. Once removed, she had me lay back down again. Next, she slid her pendulous breasts down my chest. When she had lowered herself to my waist, she grabbed the sides of my lounge pants and began tugging them down. I raised my hips to allow her to more easily shed me of the confinement.

My freely engorged organ plopped against my trim belly. Ashley then reached for the bag that she had earlier placed on my nightstand. I asked, "What is it?"

"It's one of your Christmas Presents," she responded as she smiled.

It appeared to be some form of oil. She removed the top from the bottle and generously poured it into her hands. Next, she rubbed her hands together and then began applying it to the insides of my thighs. Caressing my thighs caused my already firm manhood to immediately stiffen to full attention. There was a smell of cherry wafting through the thick air.

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