tagIncest/TabooBaby's 18th Birthday with Daddy

Baby's 18th Birthday with Daddy


From the time I was a little girl, I loved to jump onto my daddy's lap as he sat on the sofa watching the nightly news. His hand would brush back my hair, he'd kiss me on the forehead, and ask me how my day had been. I told him everything I could remember about my lessons and my friends.

This became our ritual and it became even more important to me when my mother died. I was 12.

Daddy was full of grief, but made himself be strong. He did everything for me. He took me shopping, bought my clothes, only after approving of them, of course, took me for my doctor and dentist exams, taught me how to cook and set the washer and dryer. On my 16th birthday, he bought me a car.

Daddy is handsome, over 6 feet tall and in great physical shape. He works as a contractor and is determined to keep his body in as good a physique as the bodies of men working for him. His hair is black and thick and his eyes are gray.

Tonight it was almost 6:00 when I heard the front door slam. Rather than flying down the stairs, I took my time. After all, I'm not a little girl anymore. Today is my 18th birthday.

Daddy took off his jacket and threw it on a chair. He plopped down on the sofa, grabbed the remote and found his favorite news network. He looked so tired.

I quietly walked to the kitchen, grabbed a beer for him from the fridge, and took it to him. As he opened it and took a gulp, I gently sat on his lap and put my arms around his neck. I nestled my head against his shoulder.

"Oh, Daddy, I love you so much. You look too tired to go out for my birthday dinner."

"Baby, I love you too, more than you can ever know. I just need to relax a moment. Our reservations aren't until 9, so we have plenty of time."

He brushed my hair back and kissed my forehead.

"Baby, would you like your present now? It's something you can wear."

"I'd love it now."

"Look in the pocket of my jacket."

I quickly jumped from his lap and scrambled to the chair. After checking one empty pocket, I found the gift in the other. It was in a beautiful red velvet box with gold ribbon.

I smiled at Daddy and walked back to him. Once again settled on his lap, I pulled the ribbons and opened the box to find a gold chain with a heart of small diamonds.

"Daddy, I love it. It's beautiful." I kissed his cheek a long, lingering kiss.

"Not as gorgeous as you, my princess."

We sat like that for half an hour as he drank his beer and watched the news. I nestled against him, my right hand running through his thick hair. He smelled of the sensuous Drakkar Noir.

"Baby, we'd better go get dressed. We don't want to miss dinner and I'm taking you somewhere special."

Each of us climbed the stairs and went to our bedrooms. I selected clothes and laid them on my pink satin spread. The short black sleeveless dress would make me look very grownup, especially with the shoes I pulled from the closet. Tiny straps covered with rhinestones would certainly make people notice my long and tanned legs. The hem of the dress barely covered my undies.

At 5'6" tall and 125 pounds, I definitely attracted attention.

The bra was black and would push my breasts up and outward. Regardless of what I wore, people noticed my large globes. I hated wearing bras and often walked around the house with my nipples growing hard as I imagined them being sucked by my lover.

The little black lacy bikini panties were my favorite – how I daydreamed when I wore them of my man's fingers slowly pushing beneath the corners and finally tearing them off of me in order to reach my secret place.

I was still a virgin, with the thought of only one man touching me and making love to me. All of my knowledge has come from books and magazine articles and stories on the Internet, especially sexy stories.

It was difficult to decide whether to take a shower or a bubble bath. I could hear the water running in Daddy's bathroom and I imagined him soaping his beautiful body. A few times, when he didn't see me, I had been able to view his manliness. According to internet stories, a man with a 7-inch penis can provide a lot of satisfaction to a woman. When I looked at Daddy's, I estimated it to be about 9 inches – long and thick. I had never seen it hard, but knew it would grow with the infusion of blood.

With time rushing by, I opted for a shower. I pinned up my long blond tresses, opened the glass door, and walked into the steamy room. The hot water poured over my body and I began to soap myself.

Pulling the handheld spraying faucet from it's holder, I spread my legs and pointed the hard and hot stream toward my pussy. With my other hand, I spread all around my bottomt and felt my clit begin to enlarge as I rubbed hard.

"Baby, you getting ready?" I heard Daddy yell.

"In a few minutes, Daddy. I'll be right down."

Ending my shower before I could cum was frustrating. I needed to be satisfied so badly, but Daddy wanted me to hurry and, whatever Daddy wanted, he got from me.

As I started down the stairs, he looked up from where he stood in the living room drinking a cocktail.

"Oh my God, Baby, you look incredible. In fact, I'm afraid to allow you outside this house."

We both laughed.

I walked to him, picked up the red velvet box from the cocktail table, and took the necklace from it.

My back to him, I lifted the two ends of the necklace, reaching behind my neck.

"Daddy, please fasten this for me."

His hands, so large and accustomed to handling big tools, were deft at doing this. I could feel his hot breath near my neck.

"That's pretty heady perfume you're wearing, girl. Don't you think it's a little too seductive?"

"You don't like a musky scent, Daddy? Should I go shower and put on something else? And that Drakkar Noir is pretty sexy for you to wear. Are we going to meet a girlfriend of yours at the restaurant?"

"Don't be silly. I'm just having a hard time accepting you're a grown woman now, so the perfume threw me a little off balance. And tonight is all for you, so, no girlfriend."

"Daddy, I put my hair up so you could kiss me on the neck. That's what big girls like."

He quickly planted a peck on my shoulder and pushed me toward the door.

"We're going to one of my favorite restaurants."

"Have I been there?"

"No. Tonight will be your first time."

"I hope so, Daddy," I said looking into his eyes.

He gave me a quizzical look as we walked to the car.

Traveling toward town, I wanted so badly for his hand to reach out and grasp my thigh, squeezing it as he moved his hand closer to my wetness. Instead, he held both hands on the steering wheel as he talked about how the area had grown so much in the past few years.

Daddy never realized how much he made me suffer.

I looked through his CDs and pushed in one with romantic music.

"That's relaxing, Baby. I'm glad you like the old songs."

"I thought you would like this and tonight's for you and me."

The time passed quickly as we enjoyed dinner and shared a chocolate mousse for dessert. He had ordered wine for us and I had a few glasses.

"You'd better slow down on that, Baby. I don't want to have to carry you to the car."

"Come on, Daddy, dance with me. It's a slow song."

"We'll try. You know I'm not much of a dancer."

A three piece combo was on the small stage. We walked to the dance floor and Daddy took me into his arms. My head rested against his shoulder. I wanted so badly for his hands to cup and squeeze my ass cheeks, but he held me properly.

The dance continued and I moved closer to him, near enough to press my breasts against him and to feel a bulge in his pants. He pushed me away and led me back to the table.

"Girl, you've had enough birthday dinner. I'm taking you home."

We left the restaurant. Neither of us said anything as the CD's soft, sexy music played and Daddy drove slowly through the empty streets.

I wanted so badly to reach over, unzip Daddy's pants, pull out his cock, and suck it. I'd been dreaming of doing that for so long after reading a story on the Literoica about a woman who did that to her man.

Daddy drove the car in the driveway, parking it there instead of entering the garage. I had to lean on Daddy to get up the concrete steps and to the front door of our house.

"Daddy, I really had too much to drink."

"Yes, you did."

"Daddy, it's not midnight yet, so technically, it's still my birthday."

"That must mean you want something," he said laughingly.

"I want to sit on your lap on the sofa."

"That can be arranged."

Daddy took off his suit jacket and tie and opened his shirt a bit.

"Daddy, can I fix you a drink?"

"You're not having one, Baby, but I'll take a scotch on the rocks."

The best part of making daddy's drink was all the stretching required as I reached high to open the cabinet door and retrieve a glass, then bent over to reach under the bar for the Scotch.

I know Daddy got an eyeful as the hem of my dress lifted above my black lacy bikini panties and as my lace-covered ass was in full view when I bent over. I hoped he liked viewing my creamy and soft inner thighs.

When I started to drop ice cubes into the glass, I almost picked up two to place them against my nipples. Again, it is torture to desire an action and not be able to do it.

I carried the drink to Daddy and sat on his lap, as I have for years.

"Did I tell you how beautiful you look tonight?"

"Yes. Daddy would you pull the pins that are holding up my hair? Pretty please."

"What's this leading to, Baby? You can do that yourself."

I quickly moved so that I straddled Daddy's strong thighs and moved my mouth close to his.

"You do it, Daddy. Now."

"OK, Baby."

He slowly pulled each pin and my blond hair cascaded to my shoulders and down my back. A few strands covered my breasts.

Daddy slowly ran his hands through my hair, massaging my head, then moving his hands to my neck and gently cupped it in a sexy massage.

"Daddy, I know you want to. I can feel your hands now moving through my hair. I felt you when we danced. I know what you want, Daddy."

"Don't be crazy. We can't do anything. We're father and daughter. Society has its taboos and anything happening between us is one of them."

"I don't care about society. I'm an 18-year-old woman and its time for me to know about sex. Who could be a better teacher than you?"

"You took sex ed in school and there are plenty of books and magazine available for young ladies."

"I know the mechanics. Tonight I want to know love. What greater experience can there be than for two people who love each other to explore and bring the other to such delight and fulfillment."

"You didn't learn those words in sex ed!"


"What you are feeling are the effects of too much wine. I don't' want to hear anything more about this."

"You're wrong. I've wanted you since I was a little girl. I listened to you and Mom make love. I know you've been so lonely since she died. I'm sure you found women to fuck, but you didn't love them."

"You're not using that language around me. Only a slut talks like that and my virgin daughter better never be slutty."

He jerked me up, tore off my panties, threw me over his knees and starting spanking me, his big hand landing hard on my ass cheeks.

"I didn't give you your 18 whallops yet and you're getting them now," he growled, sounding angrier than I've ever heard him.

He probably meant to stop me from feeling so sexy, but, instead of turning me off, each time his hand touched my bare skin, I wanted him more. I easily took the first few slaps, but then the burning became so bad, I started to cry.

After the 18th spank, my ass was on fire and huge tears rolled down my face.

Daddy pulled me up and held me close, kissing my face where the tears were falling.

"Baby, I'm sorry I hurt you. Sometime I forget how strong I am."

"Then kiss my ass cheeks. I know you've made red handprints on them. Look at them, Daddy, You hurt me," I screamed.

"I know what will help," he gently said.

Daddy lifted me and carried me up the stairs to his bedroom. On his bed, he gently lay me on my stomach. I raised my arms over my head so the hem of my dress could rise upward to uncover my soft naked cheeks.

He got up and walked toward his dresser. First he turned on the stereo. The slow music filled the room. Next, he grab a tube of moisturizing cream from the dresser top.

He walked to the bed. For a moment he stared at my ass. Finally, he sat down on the bed and squeezed cream onto his hand, then gently rubbed it all over my raw ass.

"That feel better, Baby?"

"Don't stop, Daddy. Do my legs, pretty please."

"Baby, we can't do this."

"Daddy, you want it. Look how hard you're getting. I've always wanted you to be my present on my 18th birthday. I knew you couldn't make love to me before that or you could go to jail. But tonight I'm your woman. You need me. You need to fuck me fast and hard and let all that cum out."

"Oh my God, where did you learn all this."

"For you, Daddy. I'm taking you as my lover. You can't deny me."

He watched, but didn't stop me as I unbuttoned his shirt, pulled it from him, and dropped it to the floor. Slowly and tantelizingly, I unbuckled his belt, unfastened and unzipped his slacks. Daddy hesitated, then stepped out of them.

"Oh Daddy, you aren't wearing underwear."

I reached for his cock, bent over and placed my tongue against the bulbous end, tasting his precum. Slowly, I let my mouth cover his cock and move up and down onto it. All the while, my tongue was against his shaft and I flicked it back and forth as fast as I could like a hummingbird's wings. I sucked hard a few times, then quickly got off his cock and took one of his balls into my mouth, kneading it, sucking it, kissing it.

"Oh, God, Baby. I can't believe you."

"You like it, Daddy?"

"Yes, yes, yes. Don't stop."

Again, I went down on him, sucking hard. My fingers moved to his rear and I slowly pushed a finger into his anus. I felt his cock get bigger in my mouth and I knew he was going to blow.

He grabbed my head, my blond hair loose and covering us, and pushed his cock down my throat, his cum spurting strong and in waves.

He grabbed me and pulled me close.

"Oh, Baby, I love you so much. For years I've been racked with guilt about my thoughts of being a man with you. And now you make me feel like the only lover you'll ever have."

"You are, Daddy. You're the only man I ever want to touch me, kiss ms, suck me, penetrate me hard, in the pussy and the ass."

"My sweet virgin Baby, that blowjob was for me. What can I do for you?"

"A few things, Daddy. Will you promise to do each of the things I wish?"

"Anything, Baby. That's the best anyone has ever sucked me. So what do you want?"

"First, before we go to sleep tonight, I want you to take me, hard and deep."


"Second, from now on, I want to sleep in here with you, to feel you close every night. You make me feel so safe from anything bad in the world."

"We can do that."

"Third, I want you to fuck me hard every night and every morning."

"God, yes."

"And fourth, I want to know what's in that room in the basement you keep locked."

"I'm not sure you're ready now. We'll move slowly toward that revelation. Will that be ok?"

"Oh, yes, Daddy. I love suspense. I've been dreaming of this night for a very long time. I'm ready for anything with you, but at your timetable. I know you like to be in control."

"Baby, I'm having a hard time controlling myself tonight. You're the sexiest creature I've ever touched. I'll use a condom tonight and Monday, we'll get you to the doctor and on the pill."

"Don't worry, Daddy. I started on the pill a couple of weeks ago."

Daddy laughed.

"Sure of yourself, were you?"

"For a long time, I've seen how you looked at me. I've seen you lick your lips. I've seen you get a big hard bulge in your slacks and jeans. You've made me get out of the pool and hot tub first so I wouldn't see your hard on."

"Jeeze, baby, I had no idea. I've just wanted to be a good man and dad. It's been an impossible task to stop myself from thinking of how I'd love you and make you feel so good like every woman should feel."

'And you are good, Daddy, not just good, but the best lover a woman could ever want. Do I get all my birthday wishes?"

"Yes. But, the last one is over time."

"Then help me take off my dress and you lie on my naked body. Kiss and suck my nipples, bite them. I like things hard, Daddy. And, that was a good spanking. I hope you do it again."

"You're now Daddy's bad little girl and I'll have to spank you often."


"Baby, before I take you, are you still a virgin? Have you pushed a hairbrush handle or a bottle or dildo into your pussy?"

"Yes, Daddy, I'm a virgin, and no, I haven't pushed anything into me. I've wanted to so badly and my pussy ached for it, but I wanted your cock to be the first thing to slam into me."

"In that case, Baby, let's take off your dress and fold it under you. I'm going to bust your cherry really good and when I do that, it's going to hurt you a little and you're probably going to bleed. You can get the blood out of your dress later."

"Daddy, have you ever popped a cherry before?"

"Yes, my sweet princess, many times. It's one of the greatest pleasures a man can enjoy."

"Why, Daddy?"

"A virgin's cunt is so tight. Pumping that tight pussy makes men come so good."

"Oh, sweet Daddy, I'm so glad I waited for you. You'll like my tight pussy."

We tugged at my dress, pulling it over my head. As he said he would, he folded it. He lifted my ass and placed the fabric beneath my pussy.

Daddy unfastened my bra, removed it, and threw it to the floor.

Daddy lay to top of me. His lips covered my breasts and his teeth sank into the flesh, biting me, making me so hot and wet. His fingers reached for my pussy.

"You're drenching wet, baby. I can't believe it."

"Wet for you, Daddy. All for you."

He pushed a finger into me, then two fingers.

His cock again got so hard.

With both hands, he lifted my legs, placing them onto his shoulders.

"That'll make me go so deep into you."

His put his cock head against my pussy and played with it there awhile, making me want him more and more.

"Baby, are you sure you want this? Once I make you my slut, you've committed yourself forever. You need to know that. I'm giving you fair warning now. I'm a jealous man and your cunt will belong only to me for as long as I want it. Is that what you really want?"

"Yes, Daddy, I've been waiting for you."

"I'm going to shove my cock into you. It will hurt at first as I break your hymen, then it will start to ache a bit and then feel really good. Try not to cry. This is just how a man takes the woman he loves."

With one swift motion, he penetrated hard and deep. I screamed from the pain and my breathing got faster and faster. I felt like I would pass out. Hot tears slowly rolled down the sides of my face.

Daddy kissed my tears. His lips grazed mine, then forced them apart, his tongue pushing deep into my mouth. He sucked and licked at my tongue, biting my full lips. I've always had sexy lips, but they never seemed more inviting than on this night.

Slowly, Daddy slid his cock out a little, then back in, repeating the motion in sync with the beat of the music.

My hips couldn't stop gyrating and quivering. I had to start bucking with him, pushing against him, as hard as I could. I loved taking all of his big cock. Soon, we were moving faster and faster, together in rhythm. I always knew we belong like this and would make perfect music together.

He was sucking my tongue, his hands on my ass cheeks, and pumping so hard and fast. I started to cum, so much better than my vibrator or my hand made me feel. I yelped as my body shivered and bucked.

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