tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBaby's Run Ch. 02

Baby's Run Ch. 02


Later that same day, after she'd spotted the naked man masturbating in the park, Baby sat at her desk staring blankly at the computer screen in front of her.

It stared back...finally going to sleep.

"Carmelita?" her coworker, Betty said from her own desk, several feet over.


Baby shook herself back to reality.

"What's going on with you?" Betty said. "You've been staring straight ahead for the last fifteen minutes. Are you alright?"

"Oh, I...I'm sorry," Baby apologized, embarrassed.

She'd been thinking about the naked man in park.

"Are you feeling well honey?" Betty softened, concerned.

"No, I'm fine really," Baby said. "I've just had a lot on my mind lately."

That was true.

In fact, since she'd masturbated to orgasm in her car that morning...imagining that the naked man was staring at her as he came all over the ground in front of himself; she'd rarely been able to think of anything else.

Her pussy had been moist between her legs most of the morning.

Two women had approached on the path behind her, as she sat with her shorts around her hips and her sports bra over pulled up over her breasts, diddling herself while watching the naked man masturbate.

Fearing the consequences of being caught like that, she'd bolted...leaving the man to his fate at the hands of the two women.

She'd felt bad about that and had actually turned around to go back, thinking that maybe she could somehow get the women to calm down. After all, he hadn't seemed like he was out to hurt anyone.

He was just a pretty, naked man, enjoying himself in the park.

It was weird she knew. But she worried about him.

Arriving back to the open area by the water however, she'd spotted the two women walking ahead of her as if nothing was out of the oridnary and the man was gone. Somehow, he'd vanished.

She wondered how he'd escaped without any clothes that she was able to see. Had he simply run away, naked in broad daylight through the park? Did he have to go all the way home like that?

The thought of him having to get home naked made her belly tingle and her nipples stiffen in her bra.

In her mind, she imagined him running through the park naked, in fear, desperate to escape the women and the possibly the police.

Perhaps if that had happened, she could have overtaken him...being in good shape from running. She could have caught up to him and helped him somehow...maybe she could have offered him a ride maybe.

She thought about that for a moment...picturing him sitting naked and hard next to her in the car...

"Carmelita! You're doing it again!" Betty said, somewhat annoyed from her desk.

Shaking herself back to reality for a second time, Baby stood and excused herself, stating that she needed to use the restroom.

Once inside, she closed and locked the door. The women's restroom at her office was a single commode facility. Raising her short skirt, she pulled her panties to her knees and sat on it to relieve herself.

When she was done, she reached for panties then stopped.

Her clitoris swelled invitingly, beckoning, as her mind returned to earlier that morning. Once more, she saw herself jogging along the path in the pre-dawn light...discovering the naked man standing in the water.

He'd been a handsome, muscular white man, and at first, Baby could hardly believe her eyes.

In fact, she had to stop, turn around and go back just to see if he was really naked.

He was.

She'd watched, crouching behind the brush on the path over the pond as his cock suddenly thickened, turning into a full erection before her eyes.

Then, he'd actually touched himself...right there in the open park where anyone could see him.

Reaching between her legs, Baby touched herself again on the toilet, watching the man slowly fist his thick cock in the park with her mind as she pushed her fingers between her slickened thighs, rubbing and pressing circles around her clitoris.

She'd masturbated in her car afterwards, cumming twice. Then again at home under the shower. Now, she sat in the restroom at work, fingering herself a third time to the memory.

Spreading her knees wider, she allowed her panties to drop to her ankles, and rubbed her fingers faster over her clit as a moan slipped from her lips.

"Venirse..." she whispered aloud to the naked man in her head as his cock swelled and exploded in his hand, "venirse...para...para...mí..."

She wanted the naked man to cum for her while she watched.

Leaning her head back on her shoulders, Baby pushed herself to the edge of orgasm, furiously diddling at her clit in the restroom.

"Carmelita! Telephone! It's Mr. Thompson!" Betty's voice reached her ears accompanied by a banging on the door.

The sound of it ripped Baby rudely from her fantasy.

"I'll be right there!" she said quickly, scared to death as her heart thudded in her chest.

Mr. Thompson was one of her bosses' most important clients and she couldn't miss the call. Her pussy would have to wait.

Standing quickly, she pulled her panties up and over her aching, sloppy cunt...hurriedly washed her hands and made her way back to her desk, throwing Betty a cautious eye, hoping that Betty hadn't heard her masturbating in the ladies room.

The rest of the day was torturous...but at 5 o'clock, Baby sat behind the wheel of her car on her way home. She passed the park where she ran. Instinctively, she turned her head as she drove past, wondering if the naked guy had made it home.

"Mierda" she said, aloud, blowing through her teeth. She was growing frustrated with herself. She had to forget about it. She'd rubbed herself silly thinking about it all day.

He was long gone.

It was a one-time incident and she needed to forget about it. Beside, for all she knew the guy could have been some crazy person. Who else would do something like that?

But later that night, as she slipped into bed after masturbating herself to orgasm again, she was nervous. She was going to run the next morning. Normally, she only ran three times per week. But she wanted to push herself into better shape.

At least, that's what she told herself as she felt the soft sheets on her naked skin.

Secretly, she knew that she hoped that the naked man would somehow be there. Although the chances of that were probably nothing.

The women had probably scared him away for good and he'd be stupid to do something like that again.

Turning over, she pushed it from her mind.

Still, she found it difficult to sleep.

Her thoughts returned to her morning run over and over again until finally, she fingered herself to orgasm under the coves, thinking about the naked man in the park one more time before at last drifting off.

The next morning Baby was up and dressed for her run, well before the alarm.

She was determined to run today...partly to prove to herself that what happened yesterday had been a rare fluke...and partly because she still secretly hoped that somehow the naked guy would be there again.

She was becoming obsessed.

But if he wasn't there, and it was unlikely that he was foolish enough to do that a second time, at least she knew she could place it out of her mind.

After checking herself in the mirror, she set out. It was earlier than usual for her run, but her nerves just wouldn't let her be still.

An extra run would calm them and do her good.

Pulling into the empty parking lot, she parked and shut off the engine. She was earlier than usual and the sun wouldn't be rising for at least another 30 minutes or so. Sitting a moment, Baby realized that she was being silly.

Was she really going to go out for an extra run this early in the morning in the hopes of seeing the naked man again?

It was unusually hot that morning and she'd chosen to wear her other pair of shorts. They were short-shorts really. They came to just under her crotch and left a small snatch of her bare butt cheeks visible in the back. Other than that, she wore her sports bra and running shoes as usual.

Why had she chosen those particular shorts? Glancing in the mirror she caught sight of herself. She knew why. The warm weather was just an excuse.

Maybe she should turn and go back home and just forget it.

But on the other hand, she thought, she'd come this far. She was already here and the extra run would do her good. She'd been thinking about adding a couple runs to her routine anyway.

Pushing her door open, she stepped out and closed it, slinging her key around her wrist.

Although it was still dark, she felt the heat of the coming day already beginning to make her perspire. In a way, it was good that she was running early.

After a quick stretch she set off, taking her usual path to the area surrounding the pond.

Running in the near dark of early morning was different. It was very still, as if the world was yet asleep. She ran easily, falling into her second mile and shifting gears as her runners kept time on the path. Her sweat flowed freely and the wind cooled her as she ran.

Soon, she approached the pond with her favorite palm trees lining it as the brush on her left got taller.

She was reaching the clearing and she felt the butterflies in her stomach flying in circles.

Approaching the clearing, the place where she'd spotted the naked man the previous morning, she slowed her pace a bit.

Would he be there? By now, she hoped so.

Suddenly the brush disappeared and she turned her head. She was at the clearing.

It was empty.

Slowing to a stop, she scanned the area. It was still dark, but light enough to see. There was no sign of the man. There was no sign of anyone.

Exhaling, she sighed. She should have known better. In fact, she did know better. After those two women had passed her, on a collision course for the naked guy, there was no way he was going to be there again.

Scanning the area a final time, she set off again in the direction around the pond. She might as well finish her run...she thought...that was what she was there for in the first place.

As she neared the bend where she'd encountered the two women Baby stopped dead in her tracks, nearly skidding off of her feet.

Ahead, on the path in front of her, strode the figure of a lone man...and he looked to be completely naked.

He was coming right at her.

Instantly, Baby dove into the brush to her left, sliding down the embankment. As the man approached, she ducked behind it, watching.

He apparently hadn't seen her. As she hid, she held her breath, barely daring to make a sound as he passed her. She saw that he was indeed totally naked and his flaccid cock bobbed and jiggled in front of him.

When he had passed, Baby followed, making her way along the edge of the water on the embankment behind the brush, keeping her eye on him...carefully placing her steps, as silently as possible.

Finally, he reached the clearing and turned right, walking down the embankment as Baby crouched a several yards away, watching him.

Sticking a toe in the water, the man seemed to ponder the situation a moment, then stepped in, wading in until the water was just over his knees as it was when Baby discovered him the previous morning.

She was closer than she had been the morning before and was able to get a better look at him.

She noticed that he was indeed as handsome as he had been the day before, if not more so up close. His body was chiseled with muscle.

As he stood, facing away from her, she noticed his muscular bottom and legs.

His auburn hair was curly and thick.

As he turned slowly in the water to face the spot where she crouched, she caught sight of his cock. Topped by auburn pubic hair, it was long and thick...and as she watched...it began to harden.

Baby felt her nipples become erect.

The man's cock continued to thicken slowly, growing into a full erection that stood out and away from his body.

Once again, Baby wondered at the fact that he hadn't brought anything to wear. Had he walked totally nude from wherever he lived to the park with absolutely nothing to cover himself with?

Baby felt the moisture release from between her legs at that thought.

Now fully erect, still facing her hiding place, the man reached in front of him and took his swollen member in his hand.

Gently, slowly, he began to pull on it, as Baby's breathing came harder. Her large breasts moved faster under her sports bra, rising and falling as her clitoris swelled between her slick thighs.

He was going to masturbate again...right there, completely bare naked in the park in front of her.

Baby shifted position and sat down on the embankment, spreading her legs.

Releasing his hard-on, the man lifted his palm to his mouth as he had done the previous morning and spit in it. Then, taking hold of his erection again, he slowly stroked it, moaning low.

The sight was so erotic, so hot and nasty that Baby slipped a hand into her shorts and rubbed lightly over her clitoris watching him stroke right out in the open.

Each and every time her fingers touched her enflamed clit, she felt electric shocks race through her, thrilling her, while she gorged on the naked man with her eyes.

"Oh yeah," the man said suddenly, to the open air, as another moan escaped him, causing Baby to suppress her own moan by biting into her lower lip while her fingers explored her slick cunt inside the front of her shorts.

Her nipples were on fire, burning and poking into her sports bra. Her pussy ached and dripped between her thighs. The sight of the naked man jerking on himself made her horny as hell.

Then, without warning, the man spoke again.

"Oh god," he said, more moaning than speaking, "yeah, stroke that cock...stroke it right here..."

Baby moaned, and clamped her teeth into the flesh of her arm, pressing her palm harder into herself.

God, that was so hot. He was fantasizing out loud.

"Watch me," he said again, increasing the speed on his cock. "Watch me beat off..."

Running his other hand over his bare chest, the man shivered. Twisting and pulling a nipple he dropped his head back on his shoulders.

"Fuck...yeah...I'm naked...I'm totally fuckin' naked," he moaned louder...unaware of the hot, enflamed, Hispanic girl who sat merely a few yards away, jamming her fingers into her wet, horny cunt at the sight of him.

Suddenly, Baby's sports bra was too confining.

It bit into her nipples, and she felt as if she was going to suffocate. Pulling her hand from her shorts, she grabbed at it and pulled it quickly up over her head and off, allowing it to fall to the ground at her side.

Her breasts tumbled free and she looked down at them in the waxing light of early morning. Her dark nipples were swollen and hard, as were the circles of her aureole. Her breasts looked so hot, so...horny, exposed to the morning air.

While she'd lifted her sports bra above her breasts the previous morning, freeing them, as the pretty man masturbated, she'd never completely removed her top outside before.

The feeling was indescribable as her nipples pulled at her, swelling hard, growing into thick pebbles in front of her...and she wanted more.

Lifting her hips, she slid her shorts down and over them to her knees. Sitting again, she felt the dry dirt of the embankment on her bare skin.

Baby could hardly breathe as her hands went to her cunt...pinching and slapping at her clit with one, while she jammed two fingers in and out of herself with the other.

"Oh...fuck...watch me...watch me jerk off..." the man whispered again, twisting and pulling his erect penis as he did.

"Sí...te veo...te veo..." Baby whispered back low enough so he wouldn't hear her as she slammed her fingers into her pussy...slapping at her clitoris.

Baby stripped her shorts down her legs and off and tossed them on top of her sports bra.

Leaning back, she spread her legs wide. Save for her runners, she was naked. With three fingers, she entered herself, turning them upwards and back, pulling them out to just the tips and repeating the pattern.

Her body was on fire with raw lust as she gorged on the naked man stroking his cock in the water...slapping at and fucking her horny, throbbing hole.

If only he could see her, she thought wickedly, thrusting her hips forward and back, fucking her burning pussy into her fingers.

"Mírame," Baby whispered, hoarse with lust and excitement, pounding her hot slit in his direction, "mírame..." The thought of him actually seeing her nearly made her cum on the spot and she thrust harder at herself.

"Ahhh...jeezus...." the man moaned loudly, throwing his head back...stroking and pulling on his cock. Twisting it slightly, he pushed it up and to the side, pulling from just under the head....then returned it to the front of him and started again.

Baby found herself inching forwards, sliding on her bare ass in his direction. Sitting behind a rock that jutted out from the ground at 45 degree angle, she watched him over, rubbing herself madly.

She was so close to him.

In fact, at any moment, he could turn his eyes in her direction and see her. The thought drove her crazy with excitement. She pinched hard on a thick nipple, pulling it out and away from her as she grinded her pussy into her palm.

Baby had no idea how late it was or how long she'd been there. The day was waxing, giving birth to an orange sliver at the horizon. It was more than light enough to see by.

Baby wondered what would happen if she exposed herself to him.

Rubbing herself hard, she imagined standing up and walking right over to him. She saw herself standing in front of him, spreading her legs, spanking and slapping at her pussy as he watched and stroked his cock.

The excitement of the thought brought her to the edge and nearly pushed her over it.

If only she could....how would he react?

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