There was a girl we'd use to baby-sit the kids sometimes on weekends when I was married and the wife and I would go out.

Gina was young, blonde, and a certified piece of ass. Though she was very pleasant and responsible, there was something about her that veritably screamed, "I fuck regularly!" Such a thing never occurred to my wife, but it was obvious to me. Men are like that, you know.

One morning after she had babysat, I was doing yard work and noticed some oil drippings in our pristine new driveway. Since I'm ultra anal-retentive with my vehicles, you can eat off the engine, so I knew the oil was not from my cars. And there was sufficient oil all in one spot that it could not have come from a car just turning around in the driveway.

Someone had parked there while we were gone and Gina was babysitting the night before. I suspected she might have been entertaining a "guest." Our kids went to sleep early--about 8:30 or 9:00--so it was not as though Gina had to be actively looking after them for long, as we did not get back until around 1:00 AM. Idle time, as they say, is the devil's workshop.

The next time she babysat was the evening after we had thoroughly cleaned the house that day--shampooed carpets, steam-cleaned upholstered furniture, the whole bit. Since she was not yet driving, I had to pick her up and take her home across the lake. I took careful note of her appearance and behavior in the car on the way back. She had both the look and demeanor of a girl freshly fucked. Hard to describe, but you know what I mean.

When I returned home, my wife was upstairs checking on the kids, so I plopped on the couch and turned the tube on, rearranging the pillows for comfort. I noticed that the TV was tuned to a different channel from the one I'd been watching just before we left, so I checked the schedule to see what was on it. Earlier, Red Shoe Diaries, the soft-core porn show, had been on that channel. Hmmmm. Then I noticed, beneath the pillows, that there was a little wet spot, which I sniffed to identify. Sperm!!!

Well, well, well! I deduced that Gina had had a guy over who had fucked her on the couch while watching the soft-core porn show, unknowingly leaving a couple pieces of "evidence" there inside as well as the oil drippings outside in the driveway.

The little horny wheels in my head started turning, and I considered setting up a hidden video camera, but I quickly dismissed that as too complicated. Even so, the wheels never stopped turning.

A few months later, my wife was with my daughter at a Brownie Scouts overnight camp-out, and I was looking forward to spending time with my 4-year-old son, "just the boys," as he liked to say. However, we had one of those so-called "emergencies" at work--the kind where no one wants to assume responsibility--so I was called at home to come in and handle it.

I phoned Gina to ask her to watch my son. She apologized, explaining that she had a date. Our only other babysitter was out of town, so I pleaded and finally bribed Gina with the promise of a hundred dollars and an offer for her and her date to spend the evening at my house. Like I said, those horny wheels were still turning in my head, for I knew I would be back in only an hour or two.

I picked her up, brought her back to the house, and told her that I was very "progressive" and that, after my son was asleep in bed, she and her date could do "anything they liked--anything," slightly raising my eyebrows as I said that.

I zoomed off to work and addressed the so-called "crisis," deciding that the supervisor on duty was indeed inept and would be terminated the next time he so much as sneezed the wrong way. As I turned into my neighborhood, I realized I had been gone only an hour and a half and that it was about 30 minutes after my son's bedtime.

Horny wheels spinning furiously fast, I figured that Gina and "Dick" were about now getting naked, so I parked my car down the street and leapt over the brick wall into my back yard. I could hear the TV on in the den and crept quietly up to the window, peering through one of the little holes in the wooden blinds where the cord threads through.

Aha! There was Gina, nude on the couch on her hands and knees getting doggie-boffed by her boyfriend standing on the floor behind her. Man, was he ever pounding her! Tan all over with nary a tan line, her medium-sized boobs were hanging down, flouncing with his every stroke, and the intoxicated look on her face was simply priceless.

I could not help but notice that "Dick" bore a striking resemblance to me--tall, skinny, smiling, brown hair, and, of course, horny. That could be me banging her, I thought, my imagination going bonkers. He continued to fuck her doggie style, she doing every bit her part by thrusting back onto his cock.

I decided to have a bit of fun, at quite some personal risk. My eye never leaving the peep-hole, I used my foot to shove my son's Big Wheel Tricycle on the patio, making a loud scraping noise. A startled look came across Gina's face, and she froze and stared right at the blinds I was behind, saying, "What the hell was that?"

"Dick" never even slowed his fucking, explaining the noise away as probably a possum. I had to suppress myself from laughing out loud. A possum riding a Big Wheel, indeed!

I let her get back into a regular rhythm and have a face-flushing orgasm with him before speed dialing my home phone number from the cell phone I had on me. The home phone was right there on the end table by the couch, and I heard it ringing. As soon as the greeting ended, I spoke softly, "Gina, please pick up. I need to apprise you of what's going on." She knew she had to take the call, and she did.

"While still caressing Dick's dick, she said, "Oh, hi, Mr.(Hornyman69WithU). I didn't want to answer the phone unless it was you, so that's why I let the message pick up first. We're just here watching TV wondering what your emergency was. I read your boy some stories, and he fell asleep in his bed shortly after you left."

I had to have a little more fun. "Fine, Gina. I really appreciate your changing your plans and 'cumming' on such short notice, really appreciate your 'cumming.' Listen, a piece of my 'equipment' here was down but seems to be coming 'up' strong now, at least according to the 'stiffometer,' but I'm going to 'lube' it and 'jerk' around with it for a while before I'm 'relieved' and head back home. I don't expect you to 'swallow' every drop of this jargon, but that's what's happening here. I should be back by 11:00, but no sooner. I'll call if it's going to be much later than that. Bye, now."

She carefully returned the receiver to the cradle, popped his cock in her mouth, and proceeded to suck him off. From the looks of her deeply concaved cheeks, she must have been providing excellent vacuum, and from the look on his face, it must have been really, really good head.

Though she was stroking him all the way up and down with her lips and both hands, he was nevertheless and quite unnecessarily face-fucking her. When he came, this caused his first spurt to spew not in her mouth but right into her nice, clean blonde hair. She was not at all happy about that.

"I hate that!" she shrieked, trying to pull out the sticky goo from her bangs with her fingers. "You know I love to swallow, and that you can cum anywhere on me—boobs, tummy, butt, back, hands, in my kitty, on my kitty, even my face—anywhere but my hair! So why did you have to cum in my hair? You know I hate that! You've been spending waaaay too much time looking at Internet porn, that's why."

They micro-waved a frozen pizza, devoured it, and still naked and obviously over the spat, were back sucking and fucking in 20 minutes.

For the next hour and a half, I watched those two fornicate on my clean couch in most every position possible. At one point they were in a 69, and he plucked a candle from its holder on the side table and plunged it into her gash. She certainly seemed to enjoy that. Come On Baby Light My Fire, I chuckled to myself, recalling the words of Jim Morrison. He came, I counted, 4 times, reminding me of my own youth. I lost count of how many times she appeared to cum.

At a quarter 'til eleven, he left in his VW Bug—the oil-leaking culprit--and I leapt back over the wall and walked back to my car, spotting a possum on the way. It was, incidentally, not riding a Big Wheel. A few minutes later, I pulled into the driveway and let the car idle with the headlights on for a bit, just to give Gina time to get dressed and freshen up if she needed to. She must have heard or seen me out front, as she shortly appeared at the door with my son asleep in her arms in a bundle of blankets.

She got in and harnessed him into the child seat, careful not to awaken him, then climbed into the front passenger seat. I could see the remnants of dried semen in her otherwise beautiful hair, then I noticed fresh oil in my driveway and commented, "I hate that!" wondering if she made the connection.

We were conspicuously silent until I got to her house, when I handed her a "C note" and parted with, "I am so grateful for your help. Gina, no one can hold a candle to you," as I grinned sardonically at my intentional double entendre and glanced at her crotch. Those horny wheels in my head were still turning fast as ever.

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