tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBabysitter Gets Interrupted

Babysitter Gets Interrupted


It had been a while since my wife Elysia and I had been out to dinner, just the two of us. The meal had been fantastic and we had enjoyed a couple of drinks before heading back home. As I drove us through the streets toward our house, we laughed about the night we'd had, and how we should do this more often. The conversation turned toward what we should do when we got home.

"I can't wait to get inside those pants of yours," Elysia said as she rubbed her hand along my thigh and over my lap, giving it a squeeze. "After we've kicked the babysitter out obviously," she added.

I gave a stirring smile and replied, "She can watch if she wants, I'm not fussed."

Elysia shot me a judging look and squeezed my cock hard in protest. "No she can't!" she said with a stern tone. I laughed, reassuring Elysia that I was just kidding.

I pulled the car into the driveway and turned off the engine. We both got out of the car and I followed Elysia as she walked up the steps to our front door. I took in the sexy outline of her body, covered by the floor length dress she was wearing. Her curves were set off perfectly as I watched her hips sway as she walked up the steps. The thought of fucking my sexy wife danced through my mind as she got to the top step and opened the door. She would only have been three steps inside when I heard her yell, "What the fuck! What the fuck are you doing?" I quickly made my way through the door to see what was wrong.

As I moved to Elysia's side a saw exactly what she was angry about. There, laying on our couch was our babysitter, Skylar. She was a 24 year old girl we had used to sit our children a couple of times before. Although she was good at looking after the children, Elysia was not fond of the revealing clothes she always wore. Elysia had even commented on other occasions that she thought Skylar had a crush on me.

Skylar was in the middle of the couch, laying back with her knees high in the air and her legs wide apart, her panties and short shorts hanging on her ankles. She had her right hand rubbing her pussy, while her other hand had slid under her shirt and was squeezing her breast. She had been focused on the TV where she was watching a scene from a porn film in which a woman was being fucked by two guys. She had gotten a little too caught up in the scene and not heard us come in.

"You little tramp!" Elysia growled, "What the fuck do you think you're doing masturbating on our couch!" Skylar's face showed her horror and embarrassment and being caught. She quickly removed her hands from her pussy and breast, then at lightning speed, stood and pulled up her panties and shorts.

"Sorry Mrs T," Skylar replied with embarrassment in her voice fit to match the expression on her face, "I found one of your movies and kind of got carried away. "

Elysia scowled at the response, quickly firing back, "Oh really? Just thought you'd quickly rub one out hey? Couldn't wait until you got home?" Skylar's eyes dropped to the floor.

Elysia looked at me for backup to tell off the babysitter. "Y-yeah, that's right Skylar, what do you think you were doing?" The stutter and little break in my voice made Elysia pause and give me a piercing look. She broke contact with my eyes and glanced down toward the growing bulge in my pants.

"What the fuck!" she snapped as she reached out and grabbed my cock through my pants, feeling it almost fully erect. "I can't fucking believe this!" she said through gritted teeth. "We come home to the babysitter finger fucking herself on our lounge and your response is to get a boner! Great support you are!"

I don't get a chance to formulate a reply before Elysia spits out her next words like viper's venom. "Well, if you two are so horny, why don't you just fuck each other!" The words seem to echo in the room for what feels like forever. Elysia's anger filled eyes dart back and forward between us both, like she is trying to pick which one of us to execute. Skylar and I both open our mouths to protest but Elysia cuts us off, her words were like an axe hitting wood. "Get your cock out!"

"What?" I reply.

"Get your fucking cock out. Now!" she yelled, in a tone I had never heard her use before. "You obviously want to use it!" She angrily undid my belt and pants, not taking no for an answer, and pulled my hard cock free, holding it firmly in her hand. I couldn't help but notice Skylar's eyes suddenly widen at the sight of my large cock.

"Get over here and suck his cock!" Elysia directed to Skylar, motioning her over with her hand. I couldn't believe what I was hearing.

"No Mrs T!" Skylar protested, turning her head away. "It's not what I..."

Elysia grabbed a handful of her hair and pulled Skylar forcefully toward her. With their faces close together, Elysia whispered, "If you want to be a little slut, this is what sluts do! Now get on your knees and suck his cock!" In one forceful move, Elysia pulls Skylar's hair hard toward the floor, forcing Skylar to her knees right in front of my hard cock. "Suck his fucking cock bitch!" Elysia continues as she pushed Skylar's head forward by the hair and pulled my cock toward Skylar's face. My cock pushed against her closed lips as she tried to stop it from entering her mouth.

"Open your fucking mouth!" Elysia demands as she pulled violently on Skylar's hair. After realising that she didn't have an option, Skylar hesitantly opened her mouth wide to except my waiting cock. Elysia forced my cock into her mouth and held it there.

"I bet that feels good!" she teased. She released her hand from my cock and grabbed a second handful of Skylar's hair. With better leverage she moved her head back and forward on my cock, making sure it was slamming into the back of Skylar's throat.

Over the sounds of Skylar gagging on my hard cock, Elysia asks, "How does that feel baby? Does this slutty little bitches mouth feel good on your cock? Does it!?"

I finally looked down to see my cock sliding in and out of Skylar's lips, the sight making my cock twitch. "It does feel good baby," I nervously responded as I continued to watch. I softly groaned at the sensation of her warm mouth.

"Well, go on, fuck her mouth properly!" Elysia demanded. Instinctively my hand reached around the back of Skylar's head, and cupped her neck. Elysia released her grip as I took over the back and forward motion by driving my hips into Skylar's face. My eyes were still glued to the sight of my cock moving in and out of her mouth.

Elysia squatted down close to Skylar and started to give her pointers. "Look him in the eye you little bitch. That's how good sluts suck cock." She grabbed Skylar by the head and rotated her head back so she could look me in the eye. I looked her square in the eye as I fucked her face. "Oh yeah, that's it," I moaned in appreciation.

"Do you like sucking his big cock?" Elysia asked Skylar. "You've wanted to ride this dick for ages haven't you? Answer me bitch!"

Skylar pulled her head off my cock long enough to say "Yes Mrs T" before sucking it back in.

"I fucking knew it!" Elysia snorted, "I bet your pussy is soaking wet now, isn't it?"

With that, Elysia expertly slipped her hand down the front of Skylar's shorts and panties, to feel her pussy. Skylar's pussy was dripping wet. She moaned out loud as Elysia easily slipped two fingers deep inside her. "She's fucking wet alright," Elysia reported, as she pulled her hand from Skylar's shorts. "Do you want to be fucked by that big cock?" Elysia asked Skylar.

Without much of a pause at all, Skylar managed to mumble "A-huh," her mouth still full of cock.

Elysia pulled Skylar's head from my cock and whispered to her, "If you want it, you have to beg for it! Real sluts beg for their cock."

"Go on," Elysia coaxed in a dominating tone, "beg for that cock. Tell him how much you want him to fuck you."

Skylar replied with a submissive sense of obedience, "Please fuck me Mr T. Please fuck me with your big cock. I want to feel you deep in me."

"I bet you do," said Elysia with a touch of sass to her voice. "You've wanted him to fuck you since you met him, haven't you little slut?"

"Yes Mrs T. I've masturbated to the thought of fucking him lots of times," Skylar continued to beg. "Please punish me with that cock."

Elysia stood herself and Skylar up. She turned Skylar around to face the couch and stepped in between us with her back to me. Elysia started undoing Skylar's shorts and pulling them and her panties to the floor. I took this opportunity to test the waters by moving in close to Elysia, pushing my hard cock into her fabric covered arse cheeks. I lifted Elysia's dress at the side and slid my hand underneath and into her panties.

I was shocked at what I felt. Elysia's pussy was completely drenched. She was more turned on than I had ever seen her before. I slid a finger into her wetness and began to rub her clit. She ground her arse back into my hard cock in response and then turned her head to kiss me aggressively on the mouth.

"I want you to fuck the shit out of this bitch," She demanded. "Pound this little sluts pussy!" Keeping her eyes locked with mine, she then stepped to the side, exposing Skylar's bare arse.

Elysia then made another unexpected move. She sat on the couch directly in front of Skylar, spread her legs wide, pulled up her dress and pulled her panties to the side to reveal her sexy pussy. "Get down here you little whore, and lick my pussy!" Elysia demanded as she sternly looked at Skylar. "I want to see how good that tart mouth is!" Hearing my wife talking this dirty was turning me on to a new level. She had done some dirty talk before, but nothing like this.

Skylar slowly moved forward and dropped to her knees in front of Elysia, seeming a little apprehensive of the request at first. Her apprehension soon crumbled away as she buried her face in Elysia's wet cunt. Within seconds my wife was arching her back in pleasure, her left hand had moved to caress her breast through her dress and her right hand had griped firmly on the back of Skylar's head, holding her head into my wife's pussy.

With Skylar's wet pussy poking out from between her legs as she arched her back with her arse high in the air, I moved in close behind her. With my left hand on her hip and my right hand holding my pulsating cock, I positioned myself ready to penetrate her. I rubbed the head up and down Skylar's wet slit, covering the head with her juices.

I paused and looked up at Elysia. Our eyes met, both filled with pure sexual desire. With our eyes still locked, I thrust in deep into Skylar's pussy, filling her up with one swift stroke. Skylar moaned loud into Elysia's sex as she felt me enter her. I begun to pump my cock into her tight pussy, both hands on her hips to help drive as deep as I could into her. She continued to groan loudly with each stroke and began pushing her hips back in time to meet mine.

"How does my man's cock feel in that slutty pussy of yours?" Elysia asked Skylar as she pulled Skylar's head away from her pussy so she could provide an answer.

"Oh God, it's the best cock I've ever had in me!" Skylar's face held the expression of pure lust. "I want more! Please give me more! Oh, God, yeah!" Skylar's voice jumped with every thrust of my hips as she spoke.

I looked up to see Elysia's face covered with a seductive, dominant and devious smile as she rolled her head back toward the ceiling, forcing Skylar's face back into her soaked snatch as she did so. She lay there like a powerful queen in command, in control of everything around her. The sight of my wife being so dominant and in control was mesmerising. I'd never seen this side to her, and I loved it!

I continued to pound Skylar's wet pussy, driving myself as deep into her as I could. The feeling of her slick, warm insides felt wonderful on my cock. The scent of Skylar's sweet pussy filled my nostrils.

Elysia started to moan loudly and lifted her hips up off the couch as her body began to tense. I watched as she pushed Skylar's head harder into her pussy. I could hear how wet she was by the sounds coming from Skylar's mouth as she gave my wife head.

Elysia's moans got louder as she got closer to her obvious climax. She let out a deep, primal moan as an orgasm ripped through her like a buzz saw through wood. Every muscle in her body rippled as she seemed to contract in one big powerful flex.

As her muscles begun to relax, and the moaning subsided, she collapsed back into the couch, panting to catch her breath. Skylar pulled her face from between my wife's legs and started her own moaning crescendo.

"Oh fuck!" Syklar wailed, "God that feels good!" I reached up and grabbed a hand full of Skylar's hair and pulled back hard. She let out a yelp between her moans at the sharp pain that hit her scalp.

Elysia unsteadily rose from the couch with a wide smile on her face from what she saw before her. She moved to my side, placing her hand on my lower back, moving in time with my thrusts. Her eyes were set firmly on my cock sliding in and out of Skylar's pussy. With her other hand, Elysia reached underneath Syklar, feeling for her pussy. I could feel my wife's hand against my cock as she found what she was looking for.

Elysia's fingers rubbed Skylar's swollen clit, occasionally moving down to feel my shaft sliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Skylar's moaning reached fever pitch as I pounded her while my wife worked her clit. Within seconds she was bucking and jerking as an orgasm smashed over her like a giant wave. I pulled back hard on her hair as she cum all over my cock.

As her shuddering subsided, my wife pulled my cock from her pussy and told me to sit on the couch. As soon as I sat down, both women were kneeling before me. I watched as my wife slowly took my cock in her mouth, tasting another woman for the very first time. She slowly licked around the head and down the shaft, keeping her eyes locked on mine.

"Mmmm, " Elysia exclaimed. "You've got a tasty little pussy."

She pulled her head back from my cock and looked at Skylar. "Now you've got to clean up your mess!" she demanded. "Get cleaning bitch!"

Elysia pushed Skylar's head into my cock to get her started. Skylar sucked me in deep, licking off all of her juices.

"Good girl," my wife cooed. "Now give me that cock back!"

Elysia pulled my cock from Skylar's mouth and sucked it into her own. With a hand pumping my shaft, she sucked me in and out. She pulled Skylar in close so they were cheek to cheek. Elysia let my cock slip out of her mouth and offered it to Skylar.

With the faces of two hot women looking up at me, taking turns to suck my cock, I felt the familiar tingle of my cock about to explode. "I'm going to cum," I let out.

I stood up in front of my wife and Skylar, their faces still side by side. I pumped my cock with my hand as I looked down at them. They had their heads back with their tongues out, ready to receive my load. My cock felt the hardest it's ever felt as I pumped it as fast as I could. With a loud groan I unloaded my cum over their waiting tongues.

As the last of it shot out, my wife turned to face Skylar. She turned her head so they were face to face and they kissed passionately, sharing my cum between them.

As they broke their kiss Elysia stood up. "Thanks for babysitting tonight," she said, like nothing had happened. After a bit of a pause she added, "You'll be right for next Friday night Skylar?"

"Yes, I'm free for babysitting Mrs T," Skylar replied as she got herself dressed. "What time?"

"About 10pm," Elysia responded.

"That's a bit late for babysitting, isn't it Mrs T? Are you heading out late?" Skylar asked as she walked to the door.

"No. We won't be needing babysitting," Elysia confirmed. "Make sure you wear something sexy!"

Elysia shut the door as Skylar left. I stood there in silence, wondering what she had planned for Friday.

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This is just what I needed to get me off. One of the quickest girly cums ever xxx

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