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BabySitter Naked


It was odd but, although I've been sitting for over three years, this job was the first time I'd actually stayed overnight. My mother had always insisted that I be bought home, no matter how late the parents were out. I'd turned eighteen a few months back and this time I put my foot down.

I'd known Gloria and Fred Smith for years. They were a nice couple. It's odd, but with all the Smith's in the phone book, how often do you actually meet one? I once asked Fred what his first name was short for, Alfred or Frederick? "Neither," he told me. His mother had named him Fred and Fred was who he was.

Their kids were now four and five respectively, and a rumbustious pair. That was OK by me. I like lively children. Kids that sit around and mope are the pits. It's so hard to get them interested in anything.

Gloria was a nice young woman, very sociable and easy to get along with. Fred was OK. I wouldn't call him a hottie, but he wasn't unattractive. My understanding is that he's some sort of geek, considered hot property in his field. He was friendly enough, but not as sociable as Gloria.

Anyway, I'd turned up, the Smiths had gone out, and the kids and I played until it was their bedtime. There was the usual fight getting them to bed but I'm used to them, and they're used to me, and we all knew who the winner was going to be. After they were safely settled I watched TV for a while, eventually catching a reasonably early night.

When I woke up the next morning I just knew that my reasonably early night had been a mistake. I woke when the sun rose. Would you believe it chose to rise at five thirty, and me in a bedroom facing the east? There was no way I was going to snuggle down in a strange bed for a couple of hours with the sun beating down on me. I decided that seeing I was awake I might as well make the best of it and get up. I could watch some TV before breakfast.

As soon as I hopped out of bed I realised that there was one big advantage to getting up early. I'd have first go in the bathroom and would be assured of plenty of hot water for my shower. I slipped on my dressing gown and headed for the bathroom.

Once there I hung my gown on the hook behind the door and dropped my nightie and panties on the floor. I took one step towards the shower and the door opened and Fred walked in.

There was a catch on the door, so it was my own fault for not using it, but that didn't help me much. I gave a startled squawk and crouched down, wrapping my arms around myself.

"Don't look at me," I yelped at him. "Just go away."

He was laughing at me. I could hear it in his voice.

"Don't be such a little goose," he chided me. "Come on. Stand up. I'm not looking at you, honest. Look at me. You'll see my eyes are on your face. That's all I'm looking at."

He was smooth, I'll give him that. He had me standing and looking up at him, my eyes on his face and he was just looking back at me.

"No need to be alarmed or anything," he said, still speaking in a soft voice. "Nothing I haven't seen a thousand times before and I'm not looking you over. Smile, now."

Well, he may have seen it a thousand times before, but not mine, he hadn't. Still, I had to admit he wasn't openly ogling me and I felt myself relaxing. Now if he'd just turn and leave I'd be quite happy.

"There you go," he said. "Just relax and take it easy."

He took a step back away from me, and I found he was still holding my hands. He winked at me.

"Now I'm looking at you and checking you out," he said, and I could feel a blush spreading all over me as his eyes ran up and down, taking it all in and, from the look on his face, appreciating it.

Fred released one of my hands but only so that his own was free to be used for other purposes. He cupped my breast, gently squeezing it and rubbing the nipple before letting his hand trail downwards. I was feeling hot and bothered, the very air seeming to be closing in on me. I watched his hand as it drifted down my body.

I gave a gasp as I saw his hand disappear between my legs, rubbing my mound. I was staring down at where his hand was when I saw movement. His cock was becoming erect and pushing its way out from his pyjamas. Damn it all, men should have zippers on their pyjamas, not open flies. Now I had a cock standing tall and waving at me.

Fred released my other hand and I took the opportunity to back away from him. This led to me being plastered naked to the wall with nowhere else to go while he calmly dropped his pyjamas. I don't know why he bothered. The essential part was already on plain display.

By this time I'd found my voice, sort of, and was explaining to him why this was a bad idea.

"Fred, no, you can't do this." Silly comment number one. The way he was sticking out he most certainly could do this.

"Um, you'll regret this afterwards. You know you will." Silly comment number two. I wanted him to regret it before he did it, not after.

"Listen, I don't do this sort of thing." Like he was worried about that.

He bent down and hooked a hand behind my knee and lifted, moving closer as he did so. My nakedness was now very much apparent with his cock pressing along my slit, rubbing against me. He reached down and adjusted his position and I could feel him first pressing against me and then into me.

I was biting my lip and silently wailing, "This is going to hurt," and he was pushing in deeper. Oddly enough there wasn't any pain. Not even a twinge. His cock went sliding slowly down my passage as though I didn't even have a cherry to pop. I don't know who was more surprised, him or me.

"I thought you said you didn't do this sort of thing," he chided me.

"I don't," I said indignantly. "Maybe you're just too small to pop my cherry."

"Always possible but I don't think so. I'd guess that you accidentally split your hymen in years past without even knowing it. Aren't you the lucky one?"

He continued pushing slowly into me, forcing my passage to yield to him. He hooked my leg around his waist and his hands came up and closed over my breasts, gently rubbing them. I was pinned against the wall, one leg wrapped around him, cock inside me, hands rubbing my breasts. What next, I wondered.

I waited to see what he was going to do. And waited. Waited some more. I was expecting him to start banging in and out of me at a great rate of knots, getting his rocks off, but he wasn't doing anything. It felt more peaceful than anything.

Slowly it dawned on me that he was doing something. He was just sliding back and forth very slowly, just gently exciting me. At some stage I'd actually started moving with him, and we stood there, rocking on the spot.

There was no get up and go, no driving need, just a gentle suasion teasing my body, letting me feel the wonder of what was happening.

"Ah, you're being raped," a little voice whispered to me.

"Mmm? I don't care," I whispered back to that little voice.

Oh, my, it was quite an experience. Fred just kept on pressing against me, his hand teasing my breasts, his thumbs tweaking and agitating my nipples, while his cock slid slowly in and out, letting me ride him at my own pace.

I'd never really known what it was like to be so aroused. Fred just kept on at the same steady pace, driving me wild. I wanted more but didn't dare ask for it, partly because I didn't know exactly what I wanted in the way of more. I was moaning, totally unable to help it, pleasure just rippling through me at each slow thrust.

I climaxed. I really did. No fuss, no bother, just an incredible feeling rolling over me, leaving me feeling completely stunned.

I scrabbled to get my wits together and glared at Fred, although it was probably a very weak glare.

"You had no right to do that," I snapped at him. "No right at all."

"Have a shower," he said, ushering me into the shower cubicle, totally ignoring what I said.

He flicked the taps and it was obvious that he knew just how to adjust the water flow with the minimum of fuss. We were promptly under a nice warm stream, and I could feel the water flowing over me.

"The first was for you," he murmured in my ear. "This one is for me."

I'm like, "What? What?" and he was pushing me forward to lean against the side of the shower, much like a copper making someone take the position. He was behind me, rubbing my pussy a lot more vigorously, and then he was sliding into me again.

Sliding in? Hah! He came driving in, putting some real oomph into his thrust. This was what I'd sort of expected when I first realised what he was going to do. Now it had eventuated, with one subtle difference. I was, like, totally aroused, and could handle him with no problems.

He settled down to having his turn, his hands mauling my breasts and his cock banging in as if this was the first time he'd had sex for years and he was letting me have the lot. I was gasping and groaning as he absolutely ravished my pussy. I wondered how on earth he'd managed to control himself for our first bout.

"Um, you're being raped again," my little voice whispered.

"Who fucking cares?" I wondered, feeling him bouncing against me, thrusting and retreating and thrusting again. Not me, that was for sure. I was too busy bouncing my bottom and keeping pace with him. This, I guessed, was the more that I'd wanted and been too nervous to ask for.

Love is a wonderful thing. Just ask any teenage girl. Now I was finding out that lust wasn't too bad either. In fact, it was a very exciting emotion. Right now lust had its claws sunk into me and was riding me hard and its name was Fred Smith. It was blatantly obvious that Fred had no control over his lust. If he did have he wouldn't have stuck it to me in the first place. As it was his hands were greedily pawing at my breasts, no gentleness required, while his cock was bang, bang, banging away, exciting me more with every thrust.

I hadn't known I could get so aroused. I'd already passed the point where I'd climaxed earlier and my whole body was burning and seemed to be getting hotter. Maybe the shower was keeping me cooled down so the Fred could have more fun.

It couldn't last, of course. Fred demonstrated that he'd been taking it easy up until this point. Now he was going for broke and I was helpless to do anything but receive what he was giving me. He thrust in powerfully and then he was jerking about and I could feel him releasing inside me. That first splash was all I really noticed as I went into another climax, this one really sweeping me away.

I was aware of Fred washing himself down and then dropping a kiss on the back of my neck and giving my bottom a friendly swat. Then he was out of the shower, drying himself, and departing. I completed my own shower and washed my hair and then I was dried and dressed and sitting in my room wondering what the hell had happened.

A short while later I could hear Gloria moving around and then the noise eruption of two little children rising for the day. I wandered down to the kitchen and took control of the brutes while Gloria cooked some breakfast.

We all settled down for breakfast, Gloria her normal social self, the kids talking constantly, and Fred just casually eating and answering anyone who spoke to him, no sign that he'd been doing anything he shouldn't.

After breakfast it was time for me to go. Gloria gave me my wages, I said goodbye to the kids, nodded to Fred and headed to the door.

Fred just lifted a hand and waved as I headed out.

"Until next time," he said.

I ask you, just what the hell did he mean by that? Does he mean until the next time I sit for them or what?

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