Babysitter Seduction


"Get on top of him Katie," Pat instructed as the condom went down most of the shaft before running out of rubber.

Pat got Katie to squat over Ed as she positioned his cock at her pussy. Katie hovered shakily as Pat rubbed Ed's cock around Katie's pussy, finding it wet as could be. Katie moaned as she lowered herself down a little and felt Ed's cock pop into her.

Pat held Katie by the shoulders as Ed's cock went deeper and deeper as Katie lowered herself further. Katie was making all kinds of incredibly sensual and animal-like noises as Ed's member slowly disappeared inside of her.

"Ooooooohhhhh," Katie groaned as she ended up sitting on Ed's lap with most of Ed's cock inside the vise-like grip of her pussy.

Katie began slowly rocking as Pat steadied her while looking over Katie's shoulder at her husband. Ed was cupping Katie's breasts in his hands while Katie rotated onto him. Pat reached around and joined Ed in playing with the little boobies, her nipples feeling hard enough to cut diamonds.

Katie writhed around and moved her hips more and more passionately and allowed easier access to her breasts by raising her arms and clutching her hair in her hands. While this made her little breasts all but disappear as she stretched, it gave Ed an amazing view of all Katie's treasures.

Pat leaned around and kissed Katie's left breast, nibbling lightly on the nipple which made Katie gasp. Glancing upward as she did, Pat smiled and looked back at her husband, giving him a wink. Turning back to Katie, Pat went from Katie's breast and kissed her way upward.

Keeping her head back as far as possible to give Ed the best view possible, Pat kissed Katie's neck and shoulders before sliding over and letting her tongue slide under Katie's arm. Pat's tongue glided sround Katie's armpit, her tongue moving slickly through the slight trail of fuzz nestled in the damp hollow.

Up and down and all around Pat attacked Katie's underarm with butterfly kisses as Katie squealed with delight at this unexpected affection, Pat delighting in giving Katie the same thrill that Ed so often gave her.

"Pat... NO!" she heard Ed say, but it was too late. Unable to control himself as he watched Pat nuzzling away, Ed felt himself ejacualting as Katie contorted upon him, seemingly on the verge of coming herself.

Pat helped Katie off of her husband and laid her out on the rug, lifting her buttocks with her hands as she lowered her face into Katie's crotch. Pat's tongue danced up and down her pussy and then lower pausing to gently tongue Katie's anus before going back to her pussy.

Ed was left on the couch pulling the dripping rubber off his deflated cock as he watched his wife devour Katie's pussy. Katie's fingers clutched at the shag carpet as Pat kept licking her clit relentlessly. The orgasm washed over her in a series of waves, each one a little stronger than the other, until Katie finally went limp.

Pat's head came up from between Katie's legs and she looked at Katie on her back looking up at the ceiling. Pat crawled up to see if she was alright and was startled when Katie sat upright and looked at Pat with fury in her eyes. Katie grabbed Pat by the shoulders and pushed her down.

Pat was shaken at first when she saw the look in Katie's eyes. A look that she had misunderstood, she soon realized, when Katie spread Pat's legs and knelt between them, running her hand through the thick pelt of hair that surrounded Pat's pussy.

"My turn," Katie said with a voice that left no doubt as to her intentions.

6. Dessert.

Ed felt helpless watching as Katie began licking his wife's pussy. Pat spread her legs wide and told her how good she was doing while Katie lapped away. Katie looked so incredible on all fours like she was; her cute butt high in the air, cheeks spread allowing a perfect view of her hairless tan anal ring, a hint of fur just beneath it.

Ed pulled at his flaccid cock urgently, trying to get some life back into it. Three orgasms so close together had left Ed's tank empty for the moment at least. He didn't think Katie would let him take her in the ass even if he could somehow get it up, but the prospect was tempting.

The more Ed watched Katie going down on his wife, and the more he looked at that amazing butt of hers, the more irresistable it all got. Ed eased down off the couch and climbed behind Katie, running his hand between her legs and feeling her damp pussy. He toyed with his moistned fingertip around her puckered rear entrance momentarily before putting his limp dick between her ass cheeks and began slowly humping her, his cock sliding up and down the ass crack. Ed reached down and grabbed Katie's dangling cones and kneaded them gently while he enjoyed the sounds of Pat beginning to cum.

Ed climbed around Katie and came over to his wife's side. Pat was tossing her head back and forth, the veins in her neck bulging. Looking down, Ed saw Katie's eyes peeking up from between Pat's legs, the rest of her face buried in Pat's bush as she tongued her.

"OMIGOD!" Pat whimpered, grabbbing Katie's head with her hands and grinding her face into her pussy. "COMING... COMING!!!" Pat howled as her body spasmed violently under Katie's affections.

Ed squeezed Pat's nipples as she came, enjoying the show even if he was unable to offer much besides being an interested spectator. Katie finally emerged from Pat's furry triangle with the lower half of her face glistening with Pat's fluids, wearing it a medal of success.

"Did I do alright?" Katie asked with hope in her voice. "It looked like fun when you did it to me."

"You are one quick learner baby!" Pat exclaimed as she struggled to sit up.

All three of them ended up in a group hug, although a lot more intimate than most. Ed squinted over at the fire, which needed some tending, and tried to figure how much wood to put on. The night was not exactly done in his mind, and as he relished watching Katie and Pat hugging, with Pat's fat nipples sliding over Katie's buds, he thought he felt a distant stirring in his loins. A feeling that grew a little bit with every second he watched them necking.

7. Departure.

Ed finally cleared the end of the driveway again after a plow had just undone all he had accomplished. He ran up to Katie's car and gave her windshield and headlights a last swipe with the snow brush before giving her a wave and stepping aside, watching as her little Vega chugged out of the driveway and down the road.

It was nine in the morning, and already Ed was trying to calculate when Todd would need to take a nap. Ed was going to run the little guy ragged today, a snowman and some sledding were on the schedule. That would get the little guy in bed early tonight, so between the nap and the night Ed envisioned, he had a lot to look forward to. Ed had to remember to ask Pat how her shower with Katie went while Ed made Todd his breakfast. They had a lot to discuss alright, as well as a lot to look forward to when Katie babysat again in two weeks.

Meanwhile, Katie tried to keep the foggy windshield clear as she drove slowly home on the slippery road. She was really tired and had to get some rest before this evening. Plus she had to read her lines for their upcoming drama club presentation of 'Camelot', in which she would be starring as Guenevere next month.

Katie felt the dull but far from unpleasant ache in her pussy, a reminder of how good last night was. That Mr. Snider was hung like a horse! He had the biggest cock Katie had ever seen. And Mrs. Snider's body was out of sight. What a pair of tits she had on her! Luckily Katie had been able to convince Mr. Snider that she wasn't quite ready to try the back door just yet or else she'd really be aching.

It had worked out even better than Katie had planned. They were really a great couple and had beautiful bodies. Experienced lovers are always the best, Katie thought to herself. Why waste time with her goofy classmates and their feeble attempts at lovemaking when you could get the real thing from people like the Sniders'?

It was indeed a wonderful life, Katie surmised. She got to babysit kids, which Katie loved doing, and make a little spending money in doing so. She got to have great sex with nice people, which Katie loved even more. Plus, she got the opportunity to hone her acting skills, all of which made for an unbeatable combination.

Not much acting was needed after things got going last night however, although Katie had to admit that she was on top of her game right from the beginning. How shy and innocent she was to them, and how much Katie loved watching the Sniders' exchanging their glances as they schemed while falling into her trap.

When the clothes came off the acting went into the background. Seven orgasms for the night and only one of them faked. Looking back Katie couldn't even remember which one wasn't real. Damn, that Mr. Snider was good! What would that big cock feel like if he put it in her butt? Maybe she'd find out next time, Katie thought.

Tonight she had to go to the Willard's. They would go to the Albany Symphony concert while Katie played with the four year old twins. Then when they got home Jen and Brad Willard would take her into the bedroom and lock the door. They would undress her and Brad would watch while Katie and Jen went down on each other. Jen was a cute redhead, and her tits were about the same size as Katie's.

After they went down on each other Brad would climb on and give it to Katie. Just once usually, and luckily Brad was a normal sized man down below, because the way Katie's pussy felt, that was all she could imagine being able to take.

It was indeed a wonderful life.


This is the end of Babysitter Seduction. I hope you enjoyed it and I thank you for taking the time to read it. As always, your comments and correspondence are welcomed and encouraged.

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