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BabySitter Suggestion


I have long had a hobby of amateur hypnosis. I find it's a fascinating subject. Did you know that it's easier to hypnotise smart people that dumb ones? Did you know that if you tell a subject to do something that's against their moral code they'll snap right out of the trance? You have to be careful how you say things. My favourite joke during a session is to leave a post-hypnotic suggestion, nothing harmful, but a source of fun for anyone in the group.

Lately I've been experimenting with unaware hypnotising. That's where you hypnotise a person without them being aware of what you're doing. I thought, as a bit of fun, I'd try it out with Nancy, my babysitter.

Now Nancy is a personable, friendly, eighteen year old, blonde, with a very nice figure. Not a dumb blonde, either, she always seemed quite intelligent to me. I figured she'd be an ideal subject.

When I say she's my babysitter, that's not quite correct. I'm not married and neither do I have any children. I do however, have miscellaneous nieces and nephews who sometimes stay with me. Nancy is my sister's preferred babysitter, so I use her if I have kids staying and have to go out.

As soon as Nancy turned up to sit for me I had her sit at the table while I explained what the kids had been up to. I then proceeded to be as boring as possible, just rambling along in a monotone, depending on good manners to make her listen, or at least to pretend to. At the same time I was playing with a little sun-catcher, letting the light coming through the window catch it and send out little rainbows onto the table.

It didn't take long for Nancy to tune me out as background noise, just nodding her head every so often to show that she was listening. What she was actually doing was concentrating on the sun-catcher and its little rainbows.

I could practically see when she went under. I gently tested with a few subtle commands, which she promptly obeyed. I then worked on putting her deeper until she was fully under my control. Nicely done, if I do say so myself. Unethical? Well, yes. What is your point?

Now that I had her under I had to decide on the type of post-hypnotic command to give her. A few gentle questions determined that she was sexually active but did not have a current partner. I wondered how far I could push her.

"Have you ever been spanked by a man?" I asked, getting a negative reply.

"Have you ever wondered what it would be like if a man was to spank you?"

This time the reply was positive. Some careful probing showed she wasn't averse to the idea of a spanking, just nervous of what would happen if she got into the hands of a sadist.

"After I return tonight, if a suggestion about spanking arises, hint that it's a good idea and you wouldn't mind trying it. When I point out you would have to lose your panties for that to happen, you will find that acceptable, as long as a spanking is all that's going to happen."

Difficult to phrase this so as to make it acceptable. I continued carefully.

"When you are being spanked, I may accidentally touch your pussy. You will pretend not to notice, but will be very aware of the fact that you are a woman and a man has just touched your bare pussy. You will assume that any spanks on your pussy are accidents."

What to do about after the spanking?

"After the spanking, you may be aroused. If so, hold your dress up while you rub your hands on your bottom, letting me see your bare pussy. If you're not aroused, leave your dress down while you rub your bottom. I will suggest you bend over the table. You know that if you do I will have sex with you. You will have to choose whether to bend over, lean back so you can watch me take you, or refuse."

I repeated the commands a few times, trying to make sure that they had registered. Then I brought her up out of the trance, not even knowing she'd been under. I was curious as to what would happen.

Shortly after I departed, leaving Nancy with the kids. It was nearly eleven when I returned.

I suggested coffee to Nancy before she left, seeing it was rather cool out. She agreed and went through to the kitchen to make it. Everything went smoothly, we drank our coffee and Nancy told me how the kids had behaved. Reading between the lines they'd had their moments but she was able to control them. Finishing our coffee Nancy stood up to put the cups on the sink and succeeded in knocking my cup over, spilling the dregs onto the table.

She got all flustered, darting around to mop up the spill, mumbling apologies.

"Relax," I told her. "I'm not going to beat you for a minor mishap."

"Why not?" she muttered, and then seemed to freeze, face slowly turning red.

"Why not, indeed," I murmured. "I don't think it's an accepted practice to spank the babysitter. I'm sorry if that disappoints you."

"I'm the one who's sorry," she said, not looking at me. "I can't believe I made such a remark."

"A Freudian slip, maybe," I suggested. "Your subconscious throwing up a suggestion for you. Maybe you've wondered what it would be like to be spanked by a man, and your inner devil kicked you at just the right moment."

"The wrong moment I think you mean," she said, still avoiding my gaze.

"Mind you, I've nothing per se against giving you a friendly little spanking," I mused. "Would you like to try one for size?"

"You're laughing at me," she said hotly, finally looking at me.

"Mmm," I said, wobbling a hand slightly to suggest maybe a little. "A little. I doubt it would happen. I'd have to lower your panties if I spanked you and you're going red at just the thought of me doing that. I somehow suspect you wouldn't have the nerve to go along with a spanking except in your mind."

"I would, too," she protested. "As long as that was all that was going to happen I could handle it."

"Really?" I asked, pushing my chair back from the table while remaining seated. "Bet you couldn't. Let's see you come and bend over my knee for a spanking. Yes, I know, just a spanking."

She glared at me, hesitating. I let my amusement show, letting her know that I thought she was bluffing. After making a muffled sound that seemed to suggest she was feeling severely put upon she sort of sidled over to where I was sitting.

"Just a spanking," she muttered. "No touching or groping."

"Whatever you say," I told her, a hand on her back easing her over my knee.

I lifted her dress up, took hold of her panties and pushed them down below her knees. I could sense her give a gulp as I did so. I rested one hand casually on her bottom.

"Are you going to change your mind?" I asked, and she just shook her head, probably too nervous to speak.

I spanked her. Three little words, but a lot of fun. I paddled her backside quite firmly, letting her know she was being spanked, not just being placated with a pretend spanking. She gave a few yips and yelps, jerking a couple of times as her bottom warmed up.

She certainly tensed up at one point, when I landed a stinging spank (not too hard) on her mound. She seemed to freeze up again, then slowly relaxed. Her initial reaction had caused her legs to clamp tightly together, but when I didn't seem to notice she relaxed again (or as relaxed as you can get when your bare bottom is being paddled), letting her legs drift apart, even further apart than they had been to start with.

Did I take advantage at the greater exposure caused by her parted legs? Damn right I did. It wasn't long before a few more accidents happened, adding a little flush to her lips, which seemed to swell and pout under my touch.

Nancy was breathing hard and her occasional yelps had an excited tone to them. Time to call a halt to the spanking I decided. I swung her to her feet, leaving her standing there, facing me. Her hands went around to hold her bottom, apparently oblivious to the fact that she was causing her dress to ride up, revealing all, as they say.

I reached out with one finger and lightly ran it along her slit, feeling the heat and moisture.

"Nancy, I want you to bend over the table," I said, standing up while I did so.

She looked at me, hesitating, then started to turn around to bend over. She stopped herself, turned back to face me and backed up to the table, leaning back against it, hands behind her to support her.

She had also, I noticed, managed to keep her dress dragged up high so she was completely exposed, even more so now, leaning back with her legs parted. She watched me while I undid my trousers and dropped them, showing I was ready to take her.

I teased her lips with my cock, just rubbing the head against her lips. She just watched, eyes fastened on where I wasn't quite joined to her, almost holding her breath in anticipation. I pressed against her, gently at first and then then more firmly, feeling her lips yielding to me. Just like that I was past her lips and pushing firmly into her, while Nancy gave a relieved hiss of, "Yessss."

I slid smoothly into place, Nancy pushing eagerly forward to meet me. Properly engaged, I got to work, hands on her hips, driving firmly into her, encouraging her to meet my need. Not that much encouragement was required, she was pushing hard against me from the first stroke, egging me on, demanding I take her harder and faster.

Seeing things were going so nicely I pushed up her top, firstly showing a nice lacy bra and then showing a very nice pair of breasts when I pushed the bra up and off them. Her nipples were hard and her breasts felt softly firm in my grasp. It's odd how breasts can feel both soft and firm. I massaged them, teasing her nipples, trying to ensure the rhythm of my hands kneading her breasts matched the rhythm of my cock plunging into her.

Her legs came up and wrapped around me, her bottom planted on the edge of the table. She clung to me fiercely, her loins grinding against mine with a hungry urgency. I'd just about reached the end of my tether.

I went in even harder, eager to let go, in urgent need of my own release. Nancy was wailing softly, desperately needing me to satisfy her. A few more hard strokes and she gasped, her voice cutting of short, and I could feel her shuddering under me. About time, too, I thought, feeling my own release building up and exploding out of me.

Oddly enough, Nancy handled the aftermath better than I did. I felt as though I'd taken advantage of her. She, on the other hand, seemed to feel that she'd taken advantage of my good nature to lead me astray, and was smugly proud of it, laughing at me when I wanted to discuss what had happened.

She just raced off to the bathroom, had a quick shower, came back and kissed me goodbye and was off home, happy as Larry.

It was pure coincidence that I needed Nancy to babysit again the next night. No, really, it was. My sister rang up to say that they were stuck in traffic miles from home and probably wouldn't get home until around midnight. Could I keep the kid one more night? I could and did, and rang Nancy to explain that I also had an appointment to see some friends as I'd expected to be free. Could she help? She could and would.

So Nancy came past and the way she treated me you'd never think that I'd never had her leaning against the table, my cock up her as far as I could get it, while she clung to me screaming for more. She blandly smiled at me and then wandered off to attend to the kids. Disgruntled, I went to visit my friends.

When I got home the kids were in bed asleep and Nancy was watching TV. She gave me the same bland smile as before and assured me that the kids had been no problems. No innuendo crossed her lips. Not the slightest reference to what had happened the previous night. It had all be put to one side and forgotten. It was infuriating.

What was worse was the way Nancy was dressed. OK. I'd seen her dressed in similar fashion before, but it seemed to be a deliberate goad to me tonight. She had on yoga pants, and you know how form fitting they are, and I knew the form that they were fitting. She also had on a nice lacy blouse, again, one I'm sure she's worn to my place before, but I was also equally sure that she'd never had that extra button unbuttoned before. But there was nothing I could say that wouldn't make it look as though I was coming on to her. Dammit, I could feel the smirk she wasn't showing.

We had a cup of coffee and Nancy's behaviour was impeccable. There wasn't the slightest reason for me to seize on any aspect of her behaviour and hint that some corrective action was required, or maybe an earnest apology.

When you're in a desperate situation, you take desperate measures.

Coffee finished, Nancy stood up and put the mugs on the sink. I spun my chair away from the table so I was facing her.

"A moment, Nancy," I said.

She turned to look at me and I calmly reached out, slipped my fingers into the waist band of her yoga pants and started pulling them down.

That finally got a response. She gave a small squeal and jumped back away from me.

"What do you think you're doing?" she demanded.

"I was simply going to pull down your pants and give you a smack on the bottom," I said calmly.

"What for?" she asked indignantly. "I haven't done anything."

"That's what for. You've been so sweetly well-behaved that it's absolutely sickening. I've been waiting for you to say or do something that might be construed as being a little off but you've been the perfect little Miss Goody-Goody. Anyone that well-behaved needs a kick in the rear so they become human."

"You've got to be joking. If I'd misbehaved at all you'd have wanted to spank me again. Because I haven't misbehaved, you want to spank me. Seems to be a bit of a lose-lose scenario for me."

"I didn't say I was going to spank you," I pointed out.

"You just did. You said you were going to pull down my pants and spank me."

"Mm, no. I said I was going to give you a smack on the bottom. A slight difference. Do you want to know exactly what I intend to do?"

"Probably not, but tell me anyway."

"OK. What I intend to do is to pull down your yoga pants and panties, leaving you naked from the waist down. To even things up, I am going to undo your blouse and take it and your bra off so you are properly naked. With you naked, I am going to make you get down on your hands and knees, head down, bottom up. Then I am going to kneel behind you and take you, slapping your bottom as I ride you, just to encourage you to do your best."

"You don't seriously think I'm going to go along with such an idea, do you?"

"Be reasonable. How the hell will I know unless I try it out?" I asked.

I reached over for her, grabbing her yoga pants and hauling her a little closer. Then I took proper hold of her yoga pants and started pulling them down again. Nancy gave a quick protest and hung onto them.

"I said no," she snapped at me.

"No, you didn't. You asked if I thought you'd go along with my evil plan. I'm now attempting to find out. Let go."

Somewhat to my surprise she did and I had her yoga pants down to her knees before she recovered.

"Oh, come on," she protested. "You can't do this sort of thing."

"Why not," I asked, reaching for her panties and drawing them down as well.

"You just can't. People don't do this sort of thing."

"They don't normally spank and seduce the babysitter, either, but it does happen. Step out of these please."

I had her things down around her ankles. It's amazing what a bit of politeness does. She stepped out of her pants and panties like a lamb.

I stood up and started undoing the buttons on her blouse - one-handed, at that. My other hand was occupied by cupping her mound, letting it know of pleasures coming its way. Nancy was still protesting and pushing at my hand (the one at her buttons) but she wasn't trying to refasten the buttons I undid.

With the blouse unbuttoned I pushed it off her shoulders, sliding it down her arms and off, leaving her standing in her bra, protesting. Time to up the pressure a little, I decided. I didn't try to undo her bra. I just tugged lightly at one cup.

"Take it off," I said.

For a moment I thought she'd refuse, but she seemed to give a little gulp, reached around, and undid her bra, flicking her shoulders so that the straps slid off and then she was naked. (I wasn't counting her shoes.)

"In answer to your question," I said softly, "yes, I do think you're going to go along with my evil little plan. Come along."

I took her hand and started moving out of the kitchen.

"Wait! Where are we going?"

"Into a room that has a rug on the floor. I'm not having you kneel down on a cold floor." Mister Considerate, that was me.

I drew her into the front room. I had a nice plush rug there, and I coaxed her down onto it. She knew the position I wanted and sank down into a crouch, head turned to look at me as I undressed. I knelt down behind her, hand rubbing her pussy to make sure that she was ready. I hadn't done much in the way of foreplay but apparently the talking and stripping and the touching I had done had been sufficient.

I slapped her bottom, telling her to lift it higher, and she quickly obeyed. I knelt behind her, eased her lips apart and positioned myself. Then I smacked her bottom again while driving fully into her. She yelped and pushed back to meet me.

"Good girl," I said. "Now let's see what you can do."

I proceeded to drive in hard, one hand around her to hold a breast, the other laying sharp little raps to her bottom to keep her honest. My cock and hand beat out a fine tattoo, while Nancy humped her bottom hard, pushing to meet me, giving little squeaks and squeals when I spanked.

It was quite an exhilarating ride. Eventually I had to knock off the spanks and just hold on (using her breasts as holding points, of course). I'm not saying that Nancy was enthusiastic. I just think that it's worth mentioning that if she'd a rider's crop she'd have been using it on me, urging me forward.

Once again we both finished at about the same time. Normally it takes practice to reach that sort of simultaneity, but we'd lucked in twice. Would a third time be luck or would it mean we were getting adequate practice? And how could I arrange to find out?

We were both of us just lying there, regaining our strength. Eventually I broke the silence.

"So, what are the chances of you baby-sitting tomorrow?"

"Ah, I thought the kids were going home in the morning?"

"They are. This means I'll be free to spend some quality time with the baby-sitter."

I left her to think that one over. We'll see what happens.

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