tagFirst TimeBabysitter's Fantasy Comes True

Babysitter's Fantasy Comes True


After my wife died I was left with 2 young children. I spent as much time with them as I could, but my job sometimes required that I have dinner, or spend an evening with a client. On these occasions I rely on the neighbour's 18 year old daughter Katie to babysit for me. Katie is a beautiful young woman, but she is a good friend of the family and I never thought of her as anything other than that before last night.

It was late and I was just getting back from a very long and boring evening with my current client.

"Katie, I'm back." When she didn't answer I figured she had probably fallen asleep. When I got to the living room, I saw why she didn't answer. On the TV there was a guy with a rather large cock pounding it into a large breasted woman. Katie had obviously discovered the porn on the cable box. I have to remember to set the parental controls on that thing. When I looked over to the sofa, I saw that Katie had also found one of my wife's old vibrators. She had her skirt hiked up and her thong pulled aside and was driving the vibrator into her wet pussy while watching the hot action on the TV.

"Ahem," I cleared my throat.

"Oh, my God," Katie screamed. "I'm sorry Mr. D. I didn't mean to do this. I was just flipping channels and this movie came on and I could take my eyes off it." She tried to pull her skirt back down to cover herself up.

"I have to admit, I'm surprised by what I see here," I said.

"I'm so sorry Mr. D. It'll never happen again. You don't even have to pay me for tonight. Just don't tell my dad about this."

"Your dad would be really disappointed if he found out about this," I agreed.

"Please, please don't tell him. I'll do anything if you won't tell him about tonight," she pleaded.

I didn't want to tell her dad, because I didn't want her to get into trouble. My cock was beginning to get ideas of it's own about how we could take care of this problem. "I'll do anything," she repeated, but this time with less panic in her voice and a glint in her eye.

"Well I wouldn't want you to get into trouble. I'm sure we can think of something," I replied. "And since no one else is going to know what happened here tonight, you might as well finish what you started." The porn was still on the TV and Katie lifted her skirt back up and started watching it again.

She quickly got back into the show and started rubbing her pussy and letting out a low moan. I suggested the she might be more comfortable if she took her top off. She slowly undid her top and threw it onto the floor. She wasn't wearing a bra. She had magnificent 36D tits. They were perfect and the nipples were standing up wanting to get some attention. My cock was straining to get out of my pants by this point but I couldn't resist those tits. I went over to the sofa and got down on my knees so that I could suck on those beautiful pieces of meat.

Katie let out another moan, "Ohhhhhhhh God that feels good."

"You like watching people fuck while someone sucks on your tits?"

"Yes, watching people makes me so hot. And you sucking on my tits feels so good." I sucked on her tits while she continued to play with herself. While my mouth was occupied, my hands were exploring all around her body. She had a wonderfully tight stomach, and beautiful long legs. My hands got to know her body very well.

Eventually, they made there way to the top of her legs. Katie moved her hand out of the way so that I could explore between her legs better. Her pussy was sopping wet by now and I easily slid one then two fingers into her juicy cunt. "Oooohhhhhhhhh," she moaned again. Her hands were now free and started undressing me. I stopped playing with her so that I could help her get my clothes off. When she undid my belt and pulled down my pants and underwear, my 9½ inch cock sprang to life.

Katie immediately got down on her knees and pushed me back on the sofa so that she could play with my cock. First she started fondling it as she came up and kissed me deeply. Our tongues intertwined in one of the most passionate kisses I have had in a very long time. She started to kiss her way down my body. She stopped and sucked on each of my nipples for what seamed like a heavenly eternity. She continued kissing and licking down my flat stomach all the while her hands were still playing with by cock. She made her way down to my cock and started licking up and down the shaft and around the head. She licked back down the shaft and started licking and sucking my balls. "Ooooohhhhhh God." It was my turn to moan. I thought I was going to explode from shear pleasure.

She finally licked her way back up my cock and took the head into her mouth. She sucked and licked the head while still playing with the shaft with her hands. "Oooohhhhh God that feels so good," I exclaimed. When she eventually took my whole cock into her mouth I couldn't take it any more. "I'm going to come," I told her. She didn't stop sucking and I pumped load after load down her throat. After I was finished she came up again for another kiss. She had left a little bit of come in her mouth and I licked it off her tongue.

It was my turn now. I pushed her over onto the sofa and started licking down her body. I got to her tits and stared licking all around them. Slowly I made my way up her tits and started licking and lightly biting her nipples. While I did that my hands started exploring again. When they finally reached her pussy it was so wet it was leaking. I could now fit 3 fingers into her cunt and she bucked her hips in approval to allow my fingers easier entry. I then started licking my way down her flat stomach towards my goal. When my tongue reached between her legs her clit was standing at attention. I couldn't let it go unrewarded for it's perfect posture so I started licking it. I alternated between a flat and a pointy tongue and every now and then, I would nibble it lightly. All the while my fingers were still in her pussy. This was driving her wild and she was moaning loudly. I then drove my tongue into her cunt and tasted her sweet womanhood. It was wonderful. I drank her juices for a while and then returned my attention to her clit. I put 2 fingers back in her pussy and searched for her G-spot while my tongue and teeth played with her clit. I must have found it because all of a sudden she started screaming and thrashing around. "Oooohhhhh God yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. That's it. Don't stop." I held on until her orgasm subsided. I then licked up some of her juices and allowed her to taste herself on my tongue as she did for me.

"Fuck me Mr. D. Please Fuck me," she begged. "I want you to by my first. Take my cherry."

She was a virgin. By now my cock was hard again and ready to go. I climbed up on top of her and positioned it at the entrance to her cunt. I slowly lowered my cock into her hot, wet pussy. It was so wet that I just slid right in. At the same time it was so tight as only and 18 year old virgin can be. I stopped when I reached her cherry. "Are you sure?" I asked. "Yes. Fuck me," she answered. With a hard push I broke through her cherry and stopped. She let out a little yelp of pain and then moaned again. I knew that meant everything was ok and I started slowly pulling my cock out until just the head was in. I then pushed it back in slowly to make sure she was comfortable with the pace.

"That feels wonderful Mr. D. Just like I knew it would."

I slowly increased the pace as she started bucking her hips to match.

"Fuck me harder Mr. D. Make me your little slut. I want to be your whore."

Her language go me turned on even more (if that was possible) and I started plowing my hard cock deep into her wet cunt. I rammed it harder and harder into her as she started screaming and writhing in a massive orgasm. "Fuck yes. Yes. Yes. Fuck me Mr. D. Fuck your little slut babysitter." I couldn't take it any more and shot several massive loads into her cunt to match the ones she swallowed earlier.

After both our orgasms subsided I rolled off and lay beside her on the sofa.

"What did you mean when you said you it feels wonderful, just like you knew it would?" I asked.

"I had been fantasizing about this for a long time Mr. D," she replied.

I was so shocked I was at a loss for words.

"You didn't think that you found me this was tonight by accident did you? I had been planning this for a long time. I was just waiting for the right opportunity to present itself."

"I had no idea you felt that way. But I'm glad I know now," I replied.

Katie now comes over regularly to babysit, but I rarely go out unless I absolutely have to. After we put the kids to bed and are sure they are asleep she puts their father to bed and makes sure that he doesn't go to sleep...

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