tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBabysitter's Nightmare

Babysitter's Nightmare


Eighteen year old Lucy Cabot knocked at the door. Lucy was five feet eight and slim build. Because of a car accident several years ago, Lucy spent almost an entire year in hospital, being practically rebuilt and, because of this she was only doing her O levels this month.

She hated her school uniform of black jumper and skirt, with white blouse and red tie. She felt out of place with the other girls. She felt like grown woman with a fetish for school uniforms. Indeed, when she walked to school it tended draw wolf whistles and cat calls. Thankfully though, it would soon end. Her neighbours, Jack and Linda Johnson, had asked her to baby sit their five year old son, Daniel. It was nothing new. Lucy had done it since Daniel was a baby. Normally after getting home, Lucy ditched her uniform for her beloved jeans but tonight out of sheer laziness she didn't change at all.

Linda Johnson answered the door.

"Oh, hallo Mrs Johnson. That's a lovely dress."

"Why, thank you Lucy," and Linda resist a whirl to display her long green gown, she had chosen for the charity ball.

Jack Johnson came up behind his wife. "Hallo Lucy. You're sure you don't mind looking after Daniel for us?"

Lucy saw something in Jack Johnson's eyes she didn't like but she ignored it.

"Of course not Mr Johnson. He's a good boy and probably asleep by now."

"Ok then. We'll get going and remember, any problem just call me on my mobile," said Jack.

"I'm sure there won't be," responded Lucy. "Enjoy yourselves."

"We will," replied Linda and the couple got into the car a drove away.

After about forty-five minutes of watching boring TV, Lucy got up and went to the kitchen to fetch a coke. She poured it into a glass and then decided to look in on little Daniel. He was sleeping peacefully and Lucy pulled up a blanket to cover him.

When she returned to the living room, Lucy resumed watching the TV and drank her coke.

After some time, a strange feeling came over Lucy. All around her seemed to by just fog. She could hear but not see the TV.

"Good. It's working" she thought heard a male voice say.

A frightened Lucy tried to lash out. "Who's there?" she cried. All she could hear was sniggering. She was held up by her hands but see no one.

"Please. Leave me alone," she cried weakly. Lucy could feel her jumper being pulled over her head. She could not resist. It seemed like something had drained her will power. At the same time her white blouse was being opened, Lucy could feel her skirt loosen and dropping to the ground.

"Wow. That's a nice full slip," she heard the male voice say.

"No. Don't tear it. Help me get it off," another voice said. Lucy was unable to determine whether it was male or female. Once again she felt her arms being raised and her slip pulled over her head and try as she might, Lucy simply was unable to show any resistance. She could feel the impact of the cold air harden the nipples of her firm breasts as her plain white bra landed on the floor. At the same time her black tights that totally surrounded her white knickers, were being pulled down, along with the knickers.

Lucy could not understand it. She had been stripped naked and she was unable to stop it.

"Wow. What a body," said the male voice.

She was gently pushed onto her back and her long, slim legs were forced apart. Lucy felt something hard drill through her shaven pussy lips and a merciless pounding began. At the same time she could feel a soft licking and sucking sensation on her breasts. It was a pleasing sensation to Lucy. It made her moan with satisfaction.

"The slut's really enjoying this," said the other voice and the licking and sucking continued.

In the meantime the pounding of Lucy's pussy picked up momentum. She could feel her own body was starting to react to the rhythmic actions. She exhaled a deep sigh of satisfaction. Suddenly the pounding stopped and the hard rock was withdrawn from her pussy. This hard rock was pressed between her bare breasts and Lucy felt a hot burning sensation on her breasts and hands roughly rubbing something sticky into them.

"Now it's my turn," she heard another voice say and she felt herself been led somewhere else. Both her arms were securely held by a pair of hands. Lucy could feel the cold sensation of a tiled floor sting her naked feet and then the shock of hot steamy jets water hit her body. As this was happening Lucy felt the pleasing sensation of her pussy being gently licked and sucked. "Oh my god," she moaned several times. Soap and hot water combined to wash away the previous sticky feeling on her firm beautiful breasts. This was replaced though by a rougher sensation as her breasts were sucked relentlessly. As the gentle licking continued in her pussy, Lucy could feel that she was about to orgasm. She exhaled a deep groan of Sapphic satisfaction as she finally came. Lucy remembered nothing else until she was woken up.

"Lucy, Lucy. Wake up. Can you hear me, Lucy? Wake up."

The familiar female voice was distant to Lucy's ears but became louder as she gradually woke up.

"Oh, Mrs Johnson. I'm sorry. I must have dozed off. Daniel...?"

"He's fast asleep," responded Linda.

Lucy was now fully awake but something was not right. She suddenly realised she was wrapped in a blanket and fully dressed. Her hair wasn't even wet.

"Are you alright, Lucy?" asked Jack with growing concern.

"Yes, yes I am. A nightmare. It must have been a nightmare."

"What are you talking about?" asked Linda.

"To tell you the truth Mrs Johnson, I don't know what I'm talking about. If it's alright with you I'll head home now."

"Of course, dear. Here's your pay. Perhaps Jack should walk you home?"

"No, no. I'll be fine, honestly. Good night," and she headed for her house.

When she got home, Lucy headed for the bathroom. She stripped and examined herself. There was nothing. A slight soreness in her pussy but nothing else.

'But it was all so real' she thought. 'Could I have dreamed it up?'

She never said a word to her parents or the Johnsons about it.

A few weeks later, Jack and Linda Johnson were in bed watching one of their private adult video collection. Jack turned to his wife.

"You know Linda, you two look real good in the shower together. I wonder if she'll ever figure out the truth about her 'nightmare?'"

"Even if she did. What could she prove?"

" Just looking at the way you slipped your gown off has given me a hard on."

"Well, I should think so. Why else do you think I did it?" she giggled as they both cuddled together under the blankets.

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