tagLoving WivesBabySitter's Present

BabySitter's Present


Susan was feeling dejected when she arrived at the Norman's place for her baby sitting appointment. Usually upbeat and bubbly, she just sort of eased into the house that day, hardly speaking.

Mrs. Norman (call me Elle) decided to probe a little before she and her husband went out. Susan was early, so they had plenty of time. Also, Elle had had a couple of drinks to get in the mood for partying. Not that she was tipsy or anything, just feeling really friendly and it was obvious Susan needed someone to talk to.

The story came out a bit disjointedly, but Elle was soon able to get the gist of it.

"I'm nearly nineteen, you know," mourned Susan. "I've even been on the pill for two months, just in case. We were going to the beach on Saturday, and I even bought a new bikini as a hint. He's been at me for months, you know, not really pushing it, but definitely letting me know what he wanted.

I thought that this Saturday would be a good time. I mean, I have to start sometime, don't I?"

"I take it by he, you mean you have a boyfriend and he wants to make love to you?" asked Elle, smiling.

"Andrew, and he's so nice and I like him a lot and he really wants to and he's been so patient and I thought that this weekend... Well, you know."

"You thought the time was right to take the next step, and when you went out with him on Saturday you were just going to be a little more receptive to his advances?"

Susan nodded. "I couldn't really come right out and say OK, I'll go to bed with you, but I thought that when he started making a move I just wouldn't fight him off so hard and we could see what develops."

"That certainly seems the way that I would handle it. Actually, it is pretty much how I handled it. Tony tried to pull my bikini pants off in the water and was shocked when I let him." Elle smiled, reminiscing.

"He promptly pulled them back up, demanding to know what I thought I was doing. He didn't even wait for an answer. He just dragged me back to his car and pulled them off again. Things got real interesting at that point.

Um, am I to understand that something has gone wrong with your plan?"

"You might say that," said Susan, anger and hurt in her voice. "I had to drop around to give him some stuff he'd left at my place. His door was open and I barged in and he was in bed with that bitch who lives next door to him. No wonder he's been so patient. He was already getting what he wanted elsewhere and I was just an extra bit of candy he was hoping to pick up."

"That's rotten," said Elle. "And so unfair to you. He's effectively been waving his cock at you hoping you'll play with it while having other girls doing chin-ups on it.'

"Well, he never actually whipped it out and tried to get me to take it," admitted Susan. "Just sort of pressed my hand against it under his clothes. He always seemed more interested in getting his hands under my clothes and I never really had a chance to touch him up as I was always pushing his hands away from my personal property."

Elle giggled as an idea struck her.

"You mean you've never really seen a man's wedding tackle in full bloom?" she asked.

Susan shook her head.

"Well that's easily fixed," she said, and turned and called for her husband.

Mr. Norman (call him Tony, dear) strolled into the kitchen, eyebrow quirked to inquire the reason for the summons.

It appeared Elle had had one more drink than she should have.

"Tony, Susan had never even seen a man's wedding tackle and she's nearly nineteen. Do me a favour and just show her yours and let her hold it for a moment. It does young women good to at least familiarise themselves with what's coming their way."

Turning to Susan, she added, "He's on a promise tonight and will be feeling randy, so when you hold it you'll find it should stand to attention quite quickly."

Tony looked amused but didn't rush to undo his zip. He merely moved the focus of his lifted eyebrow from his wife to Susan. Susan just sat there, red-faced.

Elle sighed. "Her boyfriend had been two-timing her and now he's her ex," she explained. "The poor girl really needs to see a decent cock so that if her boyfriend tries to flash his at her she can sniff and say, so what, I've seen better."

Tony laughed. "Well as long as it's for a good cause, and Susan doesn't object," he said, still looking at Susan.

Susan bit her lip, still red-faced, but didn't object. She was actually feeling a bit defiant. Serves Andrew right if I hold someone else's thing, she thought. Then I can laugh at his.

With a mental shrug, accompanied by a silent laugh, Tony unzipped. Reaching over and taking Susan's hand he pressed it through the open zip, feeling it close upon him.

"Well, take it out," he prompted, and swallowing Susan complied.

"I thought they were bigger," she mumbled, seeing it lying flaccid in her hand. "Oh, sorry," she gasped. "I didn't mean to insult you."

"You haven't," said Tony laughing, "and I think you'll find that they grow on you."

At about that time Susan felt Tony's penis moving against her hand. Startled, she glanced down at it, shocked to see it was now much larger and seemed to want to continue to grow. Then it was lifting up out of her hand, standing tall, while Susan felt her cheeks burn with embarrassment.

And something else start to burn low in her stomach.

Elle reached over and patted it.

Put it away now, Tony, before it scares her," she said with a laugh. "I'll take care of it later for you."

Winking at Susan, Tony zipped up and departed, leaving the two women to continue their chat.

"You see," said Elle. "If a woman grabs them by the cock they automatically respond. Actually, most men are really quite happy to just have the one woman, but there's always a fair share of bastards who want more. Same apples to women you know. They like their main man, but it doesn't always stop them from straying."

Shortly after that Elle and Tony headed off. Susan did a quick check of the children, found them sleeping peacefully, and headed off to watch TV.

She felt even further depressed after watching TV. A good movie but it had also featured a couple of sex scenes that left her feeling slightly frustrated and most put out with her cheating ex. It would have been more interesting if I'd found out what a cad he is after he successfully seduced me, she thought irritably. She sighed, admitting to herself that it would probably have made her feel worse. She changed to another channel.

Eventually, Elle and Tony arrived home. Not to Susan's surprise, Elle had had a few more drinks and was quite merry. What did surprise her, however, was that under her merriness, she was also acting a little frustrated. Tony, having been the driver, was sober and seemed amused.

"Come on and we'll have some coffee before you go," said Elle. "I need to dilute the drinks I've been having."

Elle burbled on about what a great party it had been, how much fun she'd had, how she hadn't wanted to leave. And behind all her chatter Susan had this sense of irritation, of something going wrong. She politely listened, wondering what had actually happened.

Elle suddenly sighed.

"Sometimes it's just not fair, you know," she said. "It's Tony's birthday and I'd made him a promise, but would you believe I got my dates wrong and the curse has hit me a day before I expected it. We'd both been looking forward to coming home, too."

Susan blinked. Curse? Oh, oh course, it was Elle's time of the month and she'd been caught out.

Susan giggled, then giggled even harder when Elle gave her a sour look.

"I'm sorry," she said, still giggling, "but it just struck me as funny that we'd both made plans and we're both striking out."

Elle pulled a face. "It is funny, when you look at it like that, but there's nothing we can do about it. Tony's the one I feel sorry for. It's his birthday and now he's missing out on his present as well."

Susan giggled some more, this time with Elle joining in.

It had to be the alcohol that gave Elle the idea, Susan later decided, but that realisation came far too late to affect the outcome. Elle had suddenly looked thoughtful, then smiled and grabbed Susan's arm.

"I've had a great idea, Susan," she announced. "Let's go and find Tony."

Dragging a bemused Susan behind her, Elle raced down to the front room where Tony was catching up with the late night news.

"Tony, I've had a wonderful idea. Susan was planning to have sex with her boyfriend this weekend but that's all off because he's cheating on her. She's wanting to be initiated and hasn't got anyone to turn to. So you don't miss out on your birthday, you can initiate Susan. That means she'll be your birthday present and you'll be doing Susan a good turn also."

Tony turned to face the two young women, amused and intrigued by the suggestion. He distinctly remembered the feel of Susan innocently taking hold of him earlier in the evening and his reaction. It would definitely be no hardship initiating Susan.

Susan on the other side was astounded at the suggestion but strangely ambivalent. It was nonsense, of course. There was no way she could have sex with Tony. What, take that thing that had grown like that when she'd held it? She squirmed slightly at the thought, feeling oddly warm. No. That would never do.

"No," she said firmly, "Really, Elle, it just wouldn't do and you know it. You can't expect me to jump in bed with Tony just because you want him to have a birthday present."

"Well of course you're not going to hop into my bed with him," said Elle, giving Susan in initial sense of relief. "That's my place. No, you can bend over the couch here, and he can teach you right here. I'll stay and hold your hand."

With that Elle had tugged hard on Susan's hand, causing her to fall onto the couch, or to be more precise, causing her to stumble forward so she was bent over the wide arm of the couch, held there by the grip Elle had on her hand.

Tony looked at pretty little Susan, bent over the couch and panties flashing. She was obviously confused, uncertain if Elle really meant what she was saying. He decided he'd better enlighten her.

"Elle," Susan was saying, "You don't really mean this. You can't . . . Ohmygod."

Susan found her panties had been slipped down and Tony was stroking her mound. All these months she'd been fighting off Andrew and other boys, and suddenly she had no panties and a man was touching her.

"Elle," he's touching me," she gasped, her eyes opened wide in shock, not sure what she felt about this sudden rude intrusion upon her person.

"Well, of course he is," Elle laughed. "He can't teach you if he doesn't touch you."

All the various longings and frustrations that Susan had been feeling seemed to gather in a hot burning knot deep inside her. And Tony was reaching towards that knot, and she didn't know if he'd untangle it or make it worse.

"Elle," she gasped, "I'm not at all sure of about this. I think I need more time."

Before Elle could answer, Susan squeaked. "Elle, he's putting it in me. What do I do?"

Susan didn't hear what Elle said to that, being too busy concentrating on what was happening to her body. One moment she'd been giggling with Elle, now there was a cock coming into her in what she thought was a very determined manner.

It was all happening much too fast for Susan. One moment Elle was making a silly suggestion, the next her panties were missing and Tony was taking advantage of her. His cock barely slowed for her maidenhead, just pushing briskly through it and started down her internal passage.

Hearing Susan give a stifled squeal, Elle guessed what had just happened.

"Don't worry about that bit of stinging," she advised Susan. "That's just your cherry being popped. You're now officially a non-virgin. Now the fun bit starts."

"Easy for you to say," thought Susan. "You're not the one standing here with someone else's husband putting their cock up you. Oh my god, he is. He really is. It's inside me. I can feel it. Oh, god, what am I supposed to do?"

Susan looked desperately at Elle, feeling scared but excited. What do I do now, she wanted to scream, not daring to open her mouth in case she did literally scream.

She could see Elle was laughing at her, while the most incredible feelings were starting to pulse through her. Tony wasn't just holding his cock in her, he was bouncing it in and out, his hands coaxing her to bounce with him.

Susan found herself lifting her bottom as Tony pushed into her, making his cock slide in deeper and easier, and intensifying those interesting feelings he was stirring up. She was feeling hot and tight all over, and Tony was the cause of both feelings.

Elle reached down and pulled Susan's top off, then unclipped her bra. She reached under Susan and squeezed her breasts.

"You have such cute breasts, Susan," she breathed. "Tony's going to love these."

Raising her voice, she called to her husband.

"Tony, boobies time," she said.

Susan squealed as she felt a pair of big hands close over her breasts, squeezing them in time to the pounding that Tony was performing against her mound. Further ripples of excitement were now coming from her breasts, and Susan found that the night was getting a damn sight hotter.

Her excitement was spiralling up and out of control. Susan could feel Tony lustily accepting his birthday present, while also giving enjoyment in return. It seemed only natural to feel his cock banging against her while his hands greedily played with her breasts. For the life of her, Susan couldn't remember why she'd been so nervous about this happening.

Tony found himself appreciating the enthusiasm with which Susan answered his call to arms. He plunged repeatedly into her, enjoying her first tentative responses then relishing the way her body started to move eagerly under him. She was squeaking in excitement, her voice moving steadily higher as the tensions within her increased.

Susan felt Tony seem to pause for a moment, then he crashed into her with a full and determined stroke. Something broke inside her and the tensions that had been building crashed down around her, sweeping her before them. From a far distant place she could sense Tony pounding his own climax deep into her, but it was a minor thing, incidental to the great wave of elation that was carrying her away.

When Susan had struggled out of her daze and could take in what was happening around her, she found Elle kissing her husband goodnight.

Elle turned to her with a smile. "Tony will run you home now. I hope you enjoyed yourself. Night."

Then Elle was gone and Tony was patiently waiting while Susan scrabbled her thoughts together and finally managed to make her way to the car.

Glancing at Susan as he drove her home, Tony thought she was practically glowing in the aftermath of her little adventure, but also looking a little worried.

Pulling up outside her place, he turned to her.

"If you're worried about what Elle will say or how she'll act next time you see her, don't be. She had a few too many tonight, and once she's had a night's sleep she won't remember any of what happened. She never does remember what she does when she's had a few too many."

Susan nodded, relieved. She could put the whole thing behind her. Then her eyes opened wide.

Tony's hand had just slipped between her legs and was resting on her pussy. Susan stared straight ahead, not knowing what to say.

"Are you sore here," she heard Tony ask, and frantically shook her hear. She gasped as he squeezed her before removing his hand.

"Good," he said. "And if you're wondering if I'm going to try to take you again, relax. Of course I am. Just not right now. Goodnight."

Susan got out of the car, not knowing what she should be feeling. She watched Tony drive away, wondering if he really would try to have sex with her again. He was the one who always drove her home from babysitting, she realised.

What would she do if he decided to remove her panties on the way home one night?

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