tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBabysitter's Surprise

Babysitter's Surprise


It was a hot and sticky night and as far as Barbra was concerned it had been the baby-sitting job from hell. The kids had been whiney from the start, too hot and fractious to go down, and it seemed that no sooner did she get one safely into bed than another would be up again.

She sure hoped Jan and Nelson were enjoying their night out. Putting up with these monsters every day, they deserved a break.

Finally all the kids were in bed and had been asleep for an hour. It looked like peace had finally arrived. The battle had, however, been won at a cost. Barbra was hot and sticky and sweating like a pig. Smelling like one, too, Barbra strongly suspected. At least, with the kids all down, she could now go and enjoy a cool shower.

Heading for the bathroom, Barbra quickly stripped off and turned on the shower. Feeling refreshed, she dried off, wrapped the towel around herself and returned to the bedroom set aside for her use.

Walking in, Barbra casually flipped the door closed, took of the towel and tossed it onto the bed. As with everything else that had happened that night, it went wrong. The towel landed half on, half off the bed, and decided to go with off, dropping to the floor. Irritated, Barbra bent over to pick it up.

Thinking it over after, Barbra blamed the shower for everything that happened. She hadn't heard Jan and Nelson return, and didn't realise they were home. Not knowing they were home, she hadn't expected Nelson to be entering the hallway as she walked back to the bedroom.

Nelson on the other hand, hadn't really registered that Barbra was only wearing a towel. Seen from behind, he assumed that it was a dress. He'd followed her to her room, intending to let her know they were home and to pay her for her night's work.

Catching the door as it started to swing closed, Nelson entered the bedroom right behind Barbra, at which point Barbra tossed off the towel she was wearing and then bent over in a very inviting manner.

Nelson accepted the invitation. A quick zip and his burgeoning erection was free to play. A quick step forward and Nelson's hands descended onto Barbra's hips and his cock was pushing eagerly against the offered pussy.

The first Barbra knew of what was happening was when two hands grasped her by the hips and what felt like a hellaciously large cock was pushing against her pussy, demanding entry. She screamed.

Barbra's scream was promptly followed up by some intense wriggling and a series of squeals as Nelson managed to part her lips and start pushing in. Feeling the intruder diving deeper, Barbra squirmed and tried to pull away, at the same time trying to see who had jumped her like this.

Seeing Nelson standing behind her, Barbra froze for a moment in astonishment. In all the years she'd been baby-sitting for him, Nelson had never once put a finger wrong, and now here he was raping her?

From Nelson's point of view, the momentary freeze was a boon. A quick thrust and he had Barbra comfortably nailed. Comfortably from his point of view, that is. The squeal that she emitted with that last lunge suggested Barbra might have another opinion.

"Oh my god, Nelson! What the hell do you think you're doing," Barbra shrieked. "You take that out immediately."

Nelson's answer was a cynical little chuckle and a steady pumping movement, sliding in and out of her pussy as though he'd had her dozens of times before.

Barbra was swearing and squealing, wriggling around in an attempt to pull free, and dreadfully aware of that cock inside her and the things it was doing to her.

This was the situation when Jan walked in, attracted by the noise.

Barbra bent over, hands pressing against the bed with Nelson standing behind her, cock firmly in place and doing its thing. Barbra seemed to be bouncing and wriggling in time to Nelson's cock's earnest endeavours.

"What the hell?" shouted Jan.

"It's not my fault, Jan," said Nelson quickly. "She deliberately bent over and offered herself to me. What could I do?"

"No!" yelled Barbra. "He just came from nowhere and grabbed me from behind. Make him stop."

"Ha!" snorted Jan. "I could hear your squeals of pleasure from the kitchen and even with me standing here watching, you haven't slowed bouncing your bottom up and down. How dare you say it's his fault?"

"It's not like that," wailed Barbra. "I can't help my bottom moving. He keeps sticking that thing in me. What do you expect?"

"Hmmph. You might as well finish, Nelson, but you really should let me know if you're planning these little incidents so I don't walk into one like this. I'm going to bed. Try to keep the noise down or you'll wake the children."

Jan departed, ignoring Barbra's squeal of protest.

Barbra could hear Nelson laughing softly, and his cock was still energetically causing her bottom to do that bouncing up and down bit that Jan had mentioned.

Barbra groaned and tried to hold still. Maybe that would discourage Nelson. Theoretically, it might have been a plan. Practically, Barbra found her body ignoring her wishes. As far as her pussy was concerned, that cock that was assaulting it was its new master, and it was going to do the best it could to please him.

And her, she knew, feeling the unwanted ripples of pleasure coursing through her. She sighed and cooperated, letting Nelson do as he would, her squeals of protest changing to squeaks of pleasure.

Nelson noted the change in Barbra and acted accordingly. No longer having to hold her in place, his hands slid away from her hips, moving up and around to capture her breasts and squeeze them.

Barbra now found herself being assaulted from two directions, hands squeezing her breasts in time to the cock pounding her pussy, while thumbs played constantly with her nipples.

Barbra gave a silent groan. She was coming, she just knew it. It was humiliating. Nelson had just grabbed her and stuck her and she was going to come anyway. No wonder he seemed to be laughing at her.

"Nelson." Jan was back.

"Thinking it over, I must say it was most inconsiderate of Barbra to tempt you while I was actually home. It was totally inappropriate behaviour. I think before you finish servicing her, you should pause for a few moments and give her a spanking to let her know that sort of behaviour won't be tolerated. I want you to put her across your knee right now."

To Barbra's surprise and relief (and disappointment, if the truth be known), Nelson pulled free from her, leaving her gasping at the sudden shock of it. She shook her head, trying to gather her wits together. She started running Jan's words back through her mind, trying to make sense of them.

"Spank her!" she thought. "He wouldn't."

But she saw Nelson settling on the bed next to her, and he was reaching for her arms and pulling her across him. She could hear him laughing and could see Jan's smile of satisfaction as the first hard spank landed on her bottom. Jan nodded, satisfied, and departed again.

Jan was squirming again. That spank had hurt.

"Stop it," she squealed. "Please. You know I didn't do anything. You just came up behind me and took me without even asking."

Another hard spank landed, followed by a few more.

"If I had asked, would you have agreed," asked Nelson, curious. He continued to deliver a few more nice firm spanks on her tender young bottom while he waited for an answer.

"No. Of course not. You're married and an old man. Ow! That hurt."

"Forty is not old. And Jan wants you spanked, so spanked is what you'll get. Smile. It's nearly over."

"Forty is old from where I stand. Ow! Well you're twice my age. Just stop it, please."

"Ah, well, if you're certain you've had enough," said Nelson. "Now we can get back down to business."

"What do you mean, get back down to business? Can't you just leave me alone now? You've assaulted and beaten me. What else do you want?"

"You heard Jan. Now that you've been spanked, I need to finish servicing you."

Barbra felt her mouth gaping as she stared at him. He couldn't be serious, could he? Hands on her shoulders twisting her and pushing her down onto the bed answered that. Now she was lying back with Nelson leaning over her, erection still standing proud.

Barbra just stared at him as Nelson eased her legs apart and knelt between her thighs.

"Unfortunately, this won't take long," Nelson told her. "We're both in a high excitement state."

Leaning over her, Barbra could see Nelson's cock approaching her pussy again. Helpless she lay there, feeling her body twitching in anticipation. He was right, damn him. She was ready to continue. Her pussy had an itch that was shrieking to be scratched, and Nelson's cock was about to do the scratching.

Slowly Nelson moved towards her, and she could feel his cock teasing her lips. Then he was driving in, hard and fast and she found her pussy ready for and willing to meet the intrusion. Their bodies slammed together, and Barbra found the earlier sex combined with the spanking and this sudden violent resumption of play was just too much.

She shrieked and convulsed, her climax sweeping her away as that single lunge detonated her tensions. She could vaguely hear Nelson laughing, and could feel him coming inside her, while she shuddered underneath him.

Lying there, waiting for him to leave, Barbra wondered what she should do. It turned out that Nelson had a couple of suggestions.

"You need to go and have another shower and then go to bed," he told her. "I'll come and see you in the morning. I'm always ready when I wake up and Jan will be glad of the break."

Shocked, Barbra watched him leave, then she hurried to the bathroom. "See her in the morning, indeed," she thought, as she hastily started dressing after her shower. She was out of here. She sat on the bed for a moment, jeans in her hand, wondering which was the easiest way home. Taxi or public transport?

Nelson was standing next to the bed in his pyjamas, a pleased look on his face.

"I was afraid that you might have decided to sneak off home last night," he said. "I'm glad you stayed. We can take this slowly now."

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