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BabySitter's T-Shirt


I was asked to do an all-night sitting job for Mrs Baddenson. She had been invited to a hen's night, with one of her friends having a wedding coming up fairly soon. She wasn't sure what time she'd be home or what condition she'd be in, so decided to have me stay the night, just in case. Michael, her husband, was away, having business interstate and wouldn't be home for a few days.

Mind you, I wouldn't have minded if Michael had been home because he was safe. If you're eighteen and a babysitter you learn pretty quickly which husbands can be trusted and which ones can't. There are a couple of families where I would never agree to sitting overnight, husband away or not. We babysitters tend to let each other know when a family member is iffy.

As the hen's night was starting late I was able to come late and the kids had been fed, bathed and tucked in by the time I arrived. I checked in with them so that they knew I was there and then I settled down to watch TV. Mrs Baddenson and her friends shot through and I settled down for a lazy night.

Approaching eleven I decided I'd go to bed myself, even though I wasn't really tired. Just bored. The kids had been as good as gold, not one of them waking up. The stuff on TV was not to my taste, drek, the lot of it.

The guest room had its own en suite, which I loved. I just wish I had one like it at home. I stripped off and had a shower and pulled on the t shirt I use as a nightie. After that I wandered back into the en suite to use the big mirror there while I brushed my hair.

Seeing myself full length in the mirror it was a case of, "Oh my god." I'd been wearing that old t-shirt for several years. It was sort of automatic to use it as a nightie. What I hadn't considered was the fact that my body had been changing significantly over the past two years, what with a late growth spurt and developments in the breast area. (I used to think them too small. Now I considered them borderline overlarge. I guess we're never satisfied with what we've got.)

Right now I was looking at what I'd got and that scruffy old t-shirt seemed to be emphasizing it. I should have ditched it at least a year ago. When I first started using it as a nightie it came halfway down my thighs. Not now. In future I would have to start wearing panties when I wore it, as it barely covered my mons. I giggled and took a deep breath and, as I'd guessed, the t-shirt rode up and I was half naked. I pulled it down at the bottom and got another shock, as it was so thin that pulling it tight strained it across my breasts and you could almost see through it. I could definitely see the darker areas that were my nipples.

Anyway, apart from making a mental note to buy some new nightwear, I shrugged the whole thing off and brushed my hair.

Back in the bedroom and looking at the bed I just wasn't tired. I had noticed a bookshelf in the hallway with a variety of books in it so I decided to grab a cup of coffee and a book and read in bed for a while.

I went out to the kitchen to start the coffee, bouncing along with a spring in my step. I hit the on switch for the kettle and, opening the cupboard holding the mugs, I reached up for one. Mrs Baddenson keeps breakables in the higher cupboards, out of the reach of sticky fingered children.

I was stretching up, that t-shirt riding high, as if I cared, when I found out I cared very much.

"Nice tush," said a very approving and very male voice.

I squealed and spun around, frantically yanking on the t-shirt to cover myself. There was a man leaning against the door and he was now looking pointedly at my breasts. Remembering how much they were revealed when I dragged the t-shirt down I hastily let it go, cursing and dropping my hands in front of my mons as his eyes promptly dropped down. Bastard. Had he no sense of decency?

"M-mr Baddenson. I thought you were supposed to be interstate."

"Mr Baddenson probably is but if you look again you'll see I'm not him. I'm Carl, his brother-in-law. I'm unexpectedly in town and I normally crash here when that happens. Ah, why don't you relax a little? I've already seen what you have and, while appreciating it, you'll notice I haven't jumped you."

Relax? If I moved at all I'd be showing my pussy again. At least, his eyes were now on my face.

"I see you were about to make coffee. Why don't you grab me a mug as well and we can both sit down and have it."

What, reach up and get another mug down, showing off my 'nice tush' for his benefit? He must have guessed what I was thinking because he changed his mind.

"On second thoughts, why don't I get down the mug and make the coffee while you sit down."

That was a much better suggestion. I hastily sat down, happy to have the table hiding my legs. Carl made the coffee and sat down opposite me. We chatted a little while we drank our coffee. I could see he was being deliberately charming to put me at ease and, despite myself, it was working. (And I have to admit, it was quite exciting sitting opposite an attractive man, knowing that he knew I was naked but for my flimsy t shirt.)

Eventually, Carl raised the question of why I was there.

"I assume my sister is out. Will she be back tonight?"


"That's a bad news, good news situation."

"Why?" I asked.

"Well, if my sister is going to be home I can't very well take her bed and you're already in the spare room. That's the bad news as far as I'm concerned. The good news is that you're already in the spare room and I'll have to sleep with you."


"Oh, no, you won't."

"Stop worrying. . . Ah, what's your name?"

"I'm Kathy and you're not sleeping in my bed."

"As I was saying, stop worrying, Kathy. I'm not going to jump you just because we're in the same bed."

"And I'm supposed to believe that?" I asked. Cynical? Not really.

"You're fretting needlessly. You'll be able to sleep safely, knowing I won't lay a finger on you. You have my word on it. Mind you, you might want to wake up early. I can't guarantee I won't make a pass at you in the morning."

"That's supposed to ease my mind? You won't try to jump me until the morning."

"That's not precisely what I said," Carl said softly, getting up and walking around the table to stand next to me.

He indicated that I should rise. Remembering the length of the t-shirt I was reluctant, but I did so. He was standing so close that he couldn't really see anything.

"Do you intend to keep this old t-shirt in the future?" he asked, sounding genuinely interested.

"Ah, no," I admitted. "It's for the ragbag."

"Good," he said, and calmly ripped it in half. The stupid thing was so old and worn that it might as well have been made of tissue paper. Carl just had to flex his muscles a little and it just came apart.

"The reason you'll be save in your bed tonight is because I intend to take you here and now. You really are a very choice item and it would be a crime not to take you."

When the t-shirt went west I squeaked and tried to cover myself, face blazing. I might have mentioned that I'd found it exciting to be sitting opposite him with just a flimsy t-shirt on. Standing next to him without even that t-shirt was something else. For some reason I felt liquid fire deep inside, burning and exciting.

Carl calmly moved my hands away from where they were covering me. Or trying to. Those overly large breasts, remember. Why I was standing there letting him look me over I'm damned if I know. I mean, when he tugged my hands away from my body I just let him. I wasn't resisting or complaining or anything. I was just standing there, blushing, letting him look.

He dropped my hands and cupped my breasts, just holding them lightly, his thumbs pressing against my nipples. Nipples that had seemed to have come erect without any prompting from me.

"This is not on," I muttered, shaking my head. "This is a very bad idea."

Without saying a word he released my breasts and his hands dropped. I heard his zip going down and I couldn't help but look. He already had an erection and he was tugging it out of his trousers. With some difficulty, I noticed. A little too big, it was getting hung up on his trousers. Then it popped into view and his hands came back up to cup my breasts again.

He pressed lightly against me, easing me back against the table. My hands instinctively went behind me to prop myself up. I glanced down and swallowed nervously. His erection was scant inches from my mound, seeming to be moving gently as though trying to find me by scent. And why, I wondered, were my legs parted the way they were? Surely I should be holding them closed?

I looked at Carl and found he was looking at me, a little smile on his face. When I say he was looking at me, he wasn't checking out my body. He was meeting my eyes, holding my gaze with his own. He continued to watch me and then I felt his cock pressing against me.

I wanted to protest. I wanted to look down and see what was happening. I wanted to resist. What I did was continue to look into his eyes, even as his erection found the spot it wanted and started trespassing.

I couldn't look away. He was taking me without so much as a by your leave, and I was feeling hot and excited. His eyes never left me as he slowly took me and even the slow creep of his cock along my passage wasn't enough to break out gaze.

That's not to say I wasn't aware of his cock pressing into me. It felt huge and was pressing against my softness, causing it to yield, filling me with heat and hardness. I felt his groin rubbing firmly against mine and knew he was right inside me.

His hands closed firmly over my breasts, apparently enjoying the feel of them, squeezing them while his thumbs rubbed my nipples. Then, still holding my gaze, he started to pump me.

I suppose that's the correct term. What it felt like was a slow rocking movement that promptly started fanning the fire burning inside me. I couldn't have resisted if I'd tried, and I didn't try. I just started moving with him, our bodies swaying back and forth, heat slowly spreading out from my groin, burning throughout my body.

Eventually my eyes closed, shutting out Carl's burning stare, letting me concentrate on feeling. Feeling his cock sliding about inside me. Feeling his thumbs teasing my nipples, exciting them. Feeling the heat and excitement being engendered by his slow insistent movement. If I was on a stove I'd be a pot, simmering, as it's slowly brought to the boil.

Carl went on and on, not speeding up at all, just driving me wild by slow increments, determined to drive me insane, I was sure.

I was burning, his cock was deliberately torturing me. I wanted him to go harder, faster, but I wouldn't ask because I didn't want what he was doing to end. I could hear myself whimpering with need. At least, I assumed that it was me making those soft noises. I wasn't doing in consciously. I wasn't doing anything consciously. I was just rocking in unison with Carl, letting it happen.

Would you believe that man didn't bother to speed up until I started to climax? I could feel my orgasm building and I was making ah, ah, noises as everything built explosively within me. Then I was shuddering and climaxing and I was vaguely aware of Carl swearing and pumping frantically to catch up to me, finally letting loose inside me with a groan.

Somehow or other Carl steered me from the kitchen back to my bedroom and into the en suite. Before I knew it I was being forced to have another shower, with company. Out of the shower and Carl patted me dry, despite me telling him I could do it. Then he was tucking me into bed.

OK. He was tucking us both into bed, but I was still too spaced out to protest. Not too spaced out to remember that I'd need to wake up early for a couple of reasons. What if Mrs Baddenson or the kids caught us in bed? What if he woke up first and decided to go for seconds, as he'd warned me he might? I just hoped my mental alarm clock would work as ordered.

I slept the sleep of the just. Or possibly it was the sleep of the just screwed. Whatever, I was asleep almost as soon as my head hit the pillow and didn't stir until first light.

First light is when I woke and I woke up feeling content, but with something in my mind trying to attract my attention. I lay there, all snuggled up and warm, idly wondering what I was trying to remember. It was supposed to be important, I knew that.

Something was pressing against my back. It felt as though one of the kids had left a toy in the bed and I was leaning against it. I reached behind me to shove the thing away and I almost screamed when my hand closed over it.

Memory came surging back and my hand very hastily released what it had just grabbed. I remembered last night and Carl and how I'd stood there like a dolt while he seduced me. I could not believe that I'd let him do that. And now he was in my bed and his cock was primed and ready for action. Well, it wasn't getting it with me.

I eased away from Carl, intending to vacate. I should have jumped out of the bed with a wild shriek. As soon as I started moving an arm reached over and wrapped around me.

"Now where would you be going so early?" came a husky and sleepy voice. "The kids won't be awake yet and if my sister came home hung-over she'll probably sleep until noon."

"Um, maybe, but I think I'd better get dressed in case the kids do wake up."

Carl's hand moved from my tummy to my breast, cupping it and squeezing lightly.

"First things first," he said softly.

"Ah, thank you, but no thank you, Carl," I said, speaking very firmly.

"Wrong answer," he murmured. "Yes, please, sounds so much nicer."

"Not going to happen," I told him pushing at his arm.

"You're going to resist?" he asked, sounding amused.

"Damn right I am," I snapped. "I don't know what happened last night but I'm awake to you now."

"Hmm. Do you want me to tell you what happened last night, seeing as how you've forgotten?"

"I haven't forgotten," I said, and could feel myself blushing. "I just meant that it shouldn't have happened and I'm not sure why I let you do that."

"Ah. So if I try to take you now you're going to fight me off?"

"Yes," I said, keeping it simple.

"OK, but don't scream. That might upset my sister and the kids."

With that he pulled me over so I was flat on my back and rolled over so he was half on top of me, pressing me down against the mattress.

"What are you doing?" I hissed at him, stupidly keeping it quiet so as not to disturb anyone.

"Giving you a chance to resist," he said.

When he'd rolled me onto my back I'd managed to close my legs tight together. I could now feel his leg, long and hairy, pressing between my legs, trying to force them apart. I just clamped mine together even more tightly and started hitting him.

Without moving the leg he had pressed against me he managed to catch my wrists, pushing them up and holding them above my head. He pushed the blankets away so we were lying naked on the bed with no covers. Still pressing his leg against me he reared up slightly, examining me.

"It's amazing," he murmured, "how such bounty flattens and tries to hide when you lie on your back."

The bounty he was referring to was my breasts, lying flat on my chest. With his free hand he cupped one, then leant down and lightly sucked on my nipple. I squeaked and wriggled and he ignored me, preferring to move on to my other breast, which was subsequently cupped, stroked, and had its nipple sucked. Both my nipples were now erect and feeling really sensitive.

I was, I suddenly realized, in more trouble than I thought. My leg muscles were starting to rebel, not wanting to hold my legs so tightly together. I could feel a tremble in my knees, the steady pressure of Carl's hairy leg pressing between mine starting to get to me.

"You rotten swine," I hissed at him, feeling my legs slowly but surely drifting apart. Once started they yielded easily, with Carl settling between them. Now I could feel his erection lying against my stomach, the hard length of it bringing memories of the previous night.

With those memories came a rising excitement and heat was pooling deep within me. I started wriggling under him, trying to make sure he couldn't gain entry.

Carl's hand covered my mound, easing my lips apart. I could feel him directing his cock between his fingers and into my slit, pressing past where he'd spread my lips. Now it came down to a straight wrestle between us.

I was twisting back and forth, trying to prevent him from going any deeper. He was biding his time, picking his moments to push, slowly taking me, sinking in a little more with each push. I'd wriggle about, he'd push, and he'd be that much further inside me.

What I was finding vaguely irritating was that I was also finding it highly exciting. Carl was going to take me, even though I was resisting, showing his mastery over my body. Damn it all, by the time he gave that last hard push, slapping home that final inch, I was wet, hot, and excited, waiting for him to start.

(It had occurred to me that I could scream and wake up Mrs Baddenson or the kids, but that didn't seem fair, so I stayed silent. Apart from the swearing I was doing, that is.)

I shut up completely when he put his hand over my mouth.

"I don't think taking you the same way as I took you last night is appropriate under these circumstances. I will if you want me to, but I think rough and ready will be better. OK?"

He took his hand away from my mouth but I didn't say anything. What could I say? What did he mean by rough and ready?

When I didn't say anything he grinned and demonstrated what he meant.

He pulled back and then drove back in forcefully. I'll swear that he put more effort into that thrust than he had in the entire time he took me the previous night. I mean, he just came crashing into me, and I found myself almost bouncing clean off the mattress, he flattened me against it so hard and so fast.

That first thrust took me by surprise but I was ready for him after that. He came driving down, nailing me to the bed, while I hoicked my hips high and hard, meeting him with the same vigour that he was showing.

The gentle touches to my breasts were gone, replaced by ravening need, his hands mauling them while his mouth feasted on them, biting and sucking.

My hands were clutching his shoulders, clawing at them, clinging tightly to him as he took me so roughly and energetically. I did notice that he'd released my wrists. He needed his hands free to maul my body. That was fine by me. I suspected that he was going to need antiseptic on his shoulders by the time we were finished.

I must admit he took me in fine style. He banged me good and hard and I did my best to reciprocate. The energy he was expending on my poor body, it didn't take long for me to feel an orgasm building up. I was saying, "Yes, yes, yes," bucking under him knowing that I was more than ready.

I couldn't really believe that he could go in harder, but he managed it, pushing me over the edge into a screaming heap. Or I would have been screaming and the hell with waking the rest of the household, but his mouth came down over mine, muffing my cries, while he shuddered and jerked inside me, his climax washing over mine.

I explained to him afterwards that there was really no need for him to wash me under the shower. I was quite capable of showering by myself and drying myself. He grandly ignored everything I had to say, enjoying patting me dry with his towel.

Dressed, I was dishing up breakfast for him and the kids when Mrs Baddenson came into the kitchen, walking very carefully. She looked startled to see Carl there.

"Carl. When did you get here?"

"Last night. I spent the night here. Didn't you see me on the couch when you came staggering home?"

"Ah, no," she confessed. "There again, I probably wouldn't have noticed an elephant sitting on the couch. I was a wee bit merry when I got in and went straight to bed. Sorry Kathy was occupying the spare room but you should have let me know in advance."

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