tagFirst TimeBabysitting Is A Hard Job

Babysitting Is A Hard Job


After having incredible sex at the Finnish lakeside sauna, I suddenly found out that Kimmo was married. I had started to really like him and it was piercing to notice that I was not the only one. Luckily I still had an opportunity to meet him occasionally at the university, but also when babysitting his child. That is right, he was just 30 years, but he had a lovely daughter and even a stepson who had just graduated from high school. Kimmo was married to a woman who was some 10 years older than him and had this 19-year-old son from her previous marriage. Basically I felt a bit guilty because I had made Kimmo to cheat his wife, but on the other hand I had no idea that he had one – and secondly, it was definitely worth it.

The family lived in a house close to the city center, in a very pleasant and beautiful neighborhood. I suppose that Kimmo had thought that an Italian girl as a babysitter would be a good and educative experience for the kids, and that is why I was here. Or maybe he just wanted to show me his home, you never know. At that time I could only speak few words of Finnish, but he assured that they would not follow your orders anyway. This in mind I rang their doorbell for the first time.

Kimmo’s wife Nora opened the door. She smiled and asked me to come in. Their daughter Milla had had her fourth birthday party in the afternoon and the living room was full of pink balloons and steamers. Milla hugged Winnie the Pooh between the pink balloons (which were like Piglets). When she saw me, she ran to me and hugged my leg instead the bear. It was love at the first sight. Nora briefly introduced the house and Milla faithfully followed us. Oh God, she was so kind to me… Nora, I am so sorry that I slept with your dear husband! But my lips were sealed.

When Kimmo came downstairs, I could not help mentioning how handsome he was in his dark green suit. I quickly glanced at Nora, but she just seemed to be proud of her husband. They told me that Niko was in a floorball match but he should come home by 9 pm and that Milla should be asleep around that time. Then they left.

I had a great time with Milla and surprisingly she was sleepy enough to go to bed well in time. I started to browse the bookshelf. There were not too many English novels in the selection, and I ended up to the sensual ‘Emmanuelle’ by Emmanuelle Arsan. The story of Emmanuelle concerns a young Parisian who flies to Bangkok to join her diplomat husband. During the long flight she gets familiar with a man sitting right next to her in a dim cabin. Suddenly the hands of the stranger start caressing her – her breasts, her stomach, and finally her pussy. Emmanuelle’s fingers find their way to man’s undershorts and start fulfilling their demanding mission. Emmanuelle feels the giant penis pulsating in her hand and the fingers inside her vagina… The door slammed. Niko! I had forgotten that he could come home any moment.

I immediately stopped fingering myself, but I was afraid that the book, my excitement, or my aroma would reveal what I had been doing. I did not have time both to return the book and escape to the restroom. I left the book upside down on the table and ran upstairs. I washed my face, my hands and my pussy to avoid being caught in the act.

In three minutes I felt I was ready to return downstairs. Niko was a handsome young man: Rather tall, blonde hair, blue eyes, and a muscular body. Masculine to be 19, but still fresh, I thought. At 21 I did not feel too aged either. We said hellos and shook hands. I asked about the match to open a discussion. They had won 6–4 and he had scored once and assisted another goal. I started asking about floorball – I knew the game, but not any details. He quickly explained the most essential rules (an indoor game in a rink of 40 x 20 meters, a goalkeeper plus five players at a time, sticks and a slotted ball, no body contact...). His enthusiasm was hearable. After a lecture about the greatest sports of all Niko went upstairs to take a shower. I was not caught!

When Niko came downstairs, he was wearing nothing else but a towel. I could see that he was not very hairy yet, but his strong arms made him look masculine. The sight of a practically naked young man in front of me surprised a bit, but I thought that maybe it is the famous sauna that causes this. Niko went to the kitchen and asked me whether I wanted to taste some wine, cheese and grapes. Sure I did.

Time flies when you are having fun! We had talked for an hour when he dropped the bomb. He asked whether I liked the book. I tried to bluff first, but he seemed to know what he was talking about. I admitted that I really enjoyed reading it. He shot his next question, which made me even more embarrassed: Is it your favourite chapter, the one that you were reading? I suppose I was red like a fire truck – and fire fighting was something that I would have needed: I felt the heat throughout my entire body.

I felt both hot and aroused, and I am sure that Niko noticed my arousal. He stood slowly up. Yes indeed, he had noticed it! I could see his arousal behind the towel. I could not believe what I was doing… Husband first, and now I was seducing her son. “I also like that chapter,” Niko confessed when he walked right next to me. I could feel his erection against my stomach when he hugged me. “You look exactly like Lucy in yesterday’s movie, did you watch it? You look absolutely gorgeous,” Niko whispered. And yes, he was right. Liv Tyler in Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty is the closest match if you want to find my look-alike.

I had a battle inside my head: To go or not to go, that is the question. He tenderly kissed my forehead and I was gone. We went upstairs and ensured that Milla was sleeping tight. We locked the door of Niko’s room. The room was very typical for a student, except for the king-size bed. Niko was standing in the middle of the room, doing nothing. I decided to help him by removing my shirt, miniskirt, and stockings. Just underwear was left. Niko bashfully asked whether he could see my breasts. I nodded and he slowly removed my bra. He gasped when he saw my firm breasts. I gave him some time to stare at me before I demanded him to remove the towel. I wanted to see his cock in its full strength.

Niko turned around. Here comes the shy guy, I thought. But the butt was worth of seeing, although I am not one of the butt lovers. He dropped the towel and turned around again. I looked deep into his eyes first and I could see the flaming passion there. His stiff penis was not very large, but the shape was just perfect. He asked whether I was experienced in the field of sex.

But what is experience in the field of sex? Is it the number of partners, the combined length of your sexual relationships, the amount of sexual acts, or the frequency of orgasms? I told the truth: I had had sex before, but I could not find the definition of experience. What I did not tell him was that his stepfather had given me the first orgasm of my young life just two weeks ago. Anyway, his sex life was limited to petting with his girlfriend.

We skipped the definitions, as he seemed to be too excited to talk. I gently wrapped my fingers around his shaft and started to caress it. We were still standing in the middle of the room and I could hear and feel his heavy breathing in my ear. He asked my opinion about his cock and I told him that it was one of the most beautiful cocks that I had seen. It was almost the whole truth, depends on the definition of a beautiful cock. The cock between my fingers grew a bit more – this is the famous psychological penis enlargement. You just have to think like a male…

Niko begged me to take his shaft into my mouth. I had never given a blowjob before, even if one of my boyfriends had asked me to do it. I hesitated a while. What the heck, I thought, I am in Finland to learn things and to get new experiences. The member had grown to admirable dimensions: He was almost as big as his stepfather. I placed his throbbing manhood between my beautiful breasts. The heat of the cock eased the process and I was ready to take the final step. I opened my mouth and took the head of his penis between my moist lips. I could see that he was in heaven. I do not know whether my mouth was too tiny or his cock too big, but I had problems in taking it all in. I tried to recall the techniques that Liisa had used in sauna.

Finally I was able to take the full length in my mouth. It felt surprisingly stimulating to have a cock in my mouth, until I had to release it to breathe. Niko also seemed to have problems with his breathing. His cock was extremely hard and could taste his pre-cum in my mouth. I took his fantastic cock back to my mouth and this time I used my tongue as well. I think I learned fast! Suddenly I observed I could see my first blowjob in a full-length mirror on the wall, and the sight almost made me cum!

Niko was not gentle anymore; he was a teenage boy searching for the climax of his life. Downstairs he had had patience to kiss and touch, upstairs he had forgotten both the foreplay and the kisses. He guided my head with his hands and I felt his swollen penis pulsating between my lips. He groaned loudly, which made me to took his cock out of my mouth. He shot hot spurts of semen to my chest; I thought the flow would never end. I put my fingers in my pussy and stimulated my clit until I peaked. He thanked and kissed me.

I had just told him that this was my first blowjob when we heard his parents approaching the house. I thought that if they found out, this might be my last blowjob as well. I dressed quickly and gave him a quick kiss for goodbye. I went downstairs and I saw Kimmo smiling at me in a strange way. I never found out whether he knew.

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