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Babysitting My Niece


I went to visit my brother a few months back and spend sometime with his family. I arrived on a Thursday afternoon to spend the weekend. During dinner my sister in law gets a phone call from her dad asking her a favor to accompany him and his wife (both elderly folk) to Canada. They can't travel alone so she agreed. My brother being the caring person he is realized that his wife won't be able to handle both her parents and offered to go with her. Sis in-law asked if I would be willing to take care my niece while they are gone. I agreed to entertain my lovely niece. I had to plan some activities real quick. How does one entertain an 18 year old girl?

It was close to 7 p.m. by the time we came back from the airport dropping off my bro and sis in-law. we picked up a pizza on our way home and sat in front of the TV to eat. Julie, as if it was normal, jumped into my lap sat and wiggled her tushie while watching TV and enjoying pizza. After we were done eating pizza the focus changed to TV. Cinemax was playing some raunchy movie. I noticed the increased movement and squirming of Julie in my lap. A few minutes later I realize how hard I was. I was afraid she would feel my hardness underneath her butt cause I was only wearing a pair of shorts and Julie was wearing her tiny shorts with a tee shirt.

Little did I know that Julie was really enjoying the hardness she was feeling underneath. She was now squirming and pressing more and more into my lap pretending to turn around and make small talk.

"Uncle John I really like sitting in your lap. Can we do that everyday uncle John?"

"Ah sure honey I like having you sitting in my lap too babygurl, ummm"

A few minutes later ...

"Uncle John it's way past my bedtime I have to change into my nightie."

She jumps up runs up and 5 minutes later comes down in a tank top and sexy gurl panties. Jumps into my lap and slides in until her tank top is over her waist and her panties are bunched up in her crack.

"Uncle john I really like how it feels sitting in your lap. I like that thing poking against my butt. What is it uncle John hehehehe"

I didn't know what to say I was dumbfounded. She is a smart girl. Lying or making up stupid stories is not going to fly. So I decided to be straight and bold with her.

"Ah honey it's my penis honey ... "

"oh it's your cock uncle John ... heheh. I know what a cock is and it feels very very good against my little butt. I wish I could feel it without any clothes on"

She says that, jumps up removes the bunched up panties out of her crack and wiggles her ass out of them. She turns around gets down on her knees in front of me facing me and removes my shorts.

"Oh Gawd uncle John it's gynormous - it's so huge and thick."

She turns around rests her hands on her butt cheeks kinda spreading them wide before sitting back down into my lap. This makes the thick fat cock rest in the crack of her ass cheeks. Such a gorgeous tight little butt and how hard and fat and thick my cock felt. She starts to moan and whimper and squeal.

"Uncle John I really like your cock and how it feels against my butt. We should do it like this every day"

After grinding her little butt against my fat cock she gets up gets down on her knees facing me and slowly wraps her tiny hands around my fat hard cock. After stroking my foreskin a few times she glues her eyes on my fat hard thick shaved balls, licks her lips and puts her hands under them and cups them. As she slowly massages my fat balls she kisses the head of my cock and puts the swollen head inside her mouth and spit's thick spit's on the head.

"Ummm uncle John your big cock tastes very good. It's sooo huge it's like gynormous uncle John ... hehehe"

My hand goes in the back of her head and I pull her onto my cock until the whole 7.5" of cock is shoved in her tiny hot wet mouth. More than half of my cock was down her throat. She is such a naughty little gurl cause she started to play with my crack while sucking my cock and cupping my balls. I started sliding my cock in her mouth feeling the tip in the back of her mouth. I was literally fucking her tiny mouth. The image of her looking up in my eyes with her mouth full with my fat cock while she is trying to smile at me just blew my mind and I unloaded gobs and gobs of cum in her mouth. Some of it dribbled out. She licked it all up, licked her lips and smiled at me like a satisfied little girl.

The thing was that she did not take her mouth off of my cock and continued to suck it and massage my balls. I don't know if she knew what she was doing but she had her finger jammed up my ass hole. That made my cock grow thick fat hard and large in a matter of minutes.

"Honey you are gonna make uncle John hard again sweetie"

All she did was nod smile and continue to suck my fat cock. I removed strands of hair off of her face and out of her eyes. As soon as I was rock hard again she gets up turns around spreads her ass cheeks and sit's down in my lap by placing the tip of my cock in her pussy hole. She spreads her ass cheeks wide and slams herself into my lap shoving the rest of my cock in her tight little pussy.

"Oh God oh God uncle John your gynormous cock feels very good in my pussy. I am so full in my cunny. Please fuck my pussy please fuck me hard."

My babygurl was in my lap facing away from me with her cute tiny butt spread in front of me as she holds her ass cheeks wide apart watching my big brown dark fat hard cock sliding in and out of her gorgeous tight little pussy hole. She is screaming moaning cussing swearing and shoving her pussy up and down onto my fat hard cock. I grab her butt cheeks spread them wide and notice how pink and tight her anal hole was. As I poked a finger up her butt hole I shove my whole fat cock inside her pussy grinding my big balls against her clitty and emptied gobs and gobs of my cum in her tiny pussy hole. Some of the thick warm cum seeps out of her pussy and onto my balls, my cock and her crack.

After we calmed down I lifted my little babygurl and took her up to bed. I laid next to her and immediately she turns to her side facing her back to me and pushing my cock in her crack. I notice how wet she is as my cock slides inside her pussy hole. We both pass out with my fat cock buried up her cunt.

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