tagIncest/TabooBabysitting the Aunt Kay Way

Babysitting the Aunt Kay Way


This story takes place back in 1980 and involved a young man named Lance Bowman, an 18 year old lad about to graduate from high school, and his Mom's sister Kay, who came to babysit that spring when Lance's mother was hospitalized once again for the recurring health problems which would eventually take her life.

The babysitting was actually for Lance's kid sister Emma, because Lance was a very trustworthy lad who could take care of himself. Lance was fine with that, because he was very fond of his Aunt Kay and the idea of having her around for a few days made him very happy indeed.

Lance's father, seldom seen since divorcing Lance's mother, was fine with that too since he hadn't had much to do with his son and daughter in recent years, and that was just as well in Lance's mind.


Kay Lansing sat on the edge of the bed in the guest room of her sister's house, clad in a plain white nightgown, and as she sat there with only the faint glow of the nightlight providing illumination, she stared at the doorknob and waited for it to turn.

She knew it would turn, and while she tried to convince herself that she didn't want the door knob to turn and for her nocturnal visitor to enter, the middle-aged divorcee knew she was only kidding herself, and not doing it very well either.

Kay Lansing had no one else to blame for herself, because she was the one who had started it. She had been the one to corrupt her nephew, who up until then had been happy to try to look down her blouse or jerk off up in his bedroom while watching her sun herself in the yard.

It was that very thing that that started all this, because if it wasn't for her going upstairs to get some sun-tan lotion she would never have seen her nephew peeking out the blinds looking out in the yard for her, his cock in his fist, slowly stroking himself while trying to see where his aunt was.

Lance had turned around when he heard his Aunt Kay gasp, and then when he saw that his bedroom door was slightly ajar and that what he was doing was obvious, he ran over and slammed the door. Kay felt helpless out in the hall as she could hear her nephew sobbing on the other side.

For Kay Lansing, that moment was an eyeopener, because when she saw what little Lance had in his hand, he realized that little Lance was not little anymore - not chronologically and certainly not physically.

"I can see why they named you Lance," Kay remembered saying when she went into his bedroom after everyone had gone to sleep, and after reassuring him and telling him that it was okay - what she had caught him doing was not only perfectly normal for a young lad, she was flattered that he found her that attractive.

In reality, Kay knew very well that she wasn't all that pretty any more, becoming a little chubby in middle age, and what had really aroused young Lance was her breasts, which is where most of the 25 pounds she had gained later in life had gone.

Strange that while noticing most men staring at her over-sized bosom made her skin crawl, for whatever reason having Lance ogle her was different. His stare was that of a young innocent, which is what he was until that night in his bed.

Lance had said that he didn't know how to do anything, and while that was true at first, he was a very quick learner, and in addition to being incredibly well endowed was insatiable as well. Kay soon found out that although Lance was probably behind the curve sexually for a guy his age, he made up for it fast.

It was wrong, Kay had told him more than once. Aunt and nephews weren't supposed to love each other like this, and she had told him over and over that this would be the last time. No more, but with each clandestine meeting, he became more demanding, until he was clear that the tables had turned and she was no longer in charge.

"You know you want it," Lance would say, wagging his cock lewdly at her, and while he never came out and said it would ever get out, the fact that if his mother ever found out about what her sister had done with her son, it would destroy her and their relationship.

Even without that leverage Lance had over her, Kay knew that her nephew was right. She did want it, and it went beyond the fact that Lance was breathtakingly well hung. It was the fact that what they were doing was so vile and so taboo that it made it even more exciting.

Certainly more thrilling than the dozen or so years she had spent having her worthless ex-husband sweating and slobbering over her when he wasn't screwing around behind her back. It was a blessing when he left her, and when her friend turned lover Marcie came into her life Kay had thought that she would never be with a man again. It was true, until Lance.

The thought that nearly two decades ago Kay had been helping give Lance baths and powdering his little bottom, never even considering that 18 years later she would be sitting on the edge of a bed waiting for him to come in and do - well, whatever he wanted to do to her.

She was the elder, but Lance had the power, somehow figuring out her weaknesses and realizing that she was powerless to resist even though physically at about 5'6" and 140 pounds they were virtually the same size.

And now at the bottom of the door Kay saw the shadow of feet outside in the hall, and then the knob was turning. Lance had never knocked before, and this time was no exception. The door opened wide and there he stood, looking larger than his slight frame should as he stood silhouetted in the hall light for a moment before stepping inside.

"Waiting for somebody, Aunt Kay?" Lance said as he turned to close the door behind him, his voice high pitched, never really changing much, unlike some of the rest of his body.

"Did you lock it?" Kay asked. "If Emma..."

"She's sound asleep," Lance said as he moved toward the bed.

"But what if she..."

"It's locked Aunt Kay," Lance said as he inched toward his Aunt. "Been awhile - three weeks. I've missed you. Kinda dark in here, isn't it?"

Kay cringed as Lance turned the overhead light on to the lowest setting, the illumination making Kay cringe as it exposed the effect of her 49 years, but also making her nephew easier to see.

Unlike Kay, there were no extra pounds on his frame, which was virtually all exposed except for what his briefs kept hidden somewhat. Lance was wearing those tight white underwear that he favored, and someone built like that should wear boxer shorts, Kay thought, because those skimpy little briefs were ill equipped to contain what looked like a snake stuffed in there, his penis causing the cotton to bow out obscenely as his manhood arched toward his hip, the outline clearly visible through the cotton.

"Looks like you missed me too," Lance smirked, running his hand over the bulge which crept further over, and when his aunt reached out toward him Lance took a step back. "Easy now - anticipation, just like that new ketchup commercial. Did you see one that yet?"

"Yes," Kay said.

"You know who was asking about you?" Lance asked, and didn't wait for an answer. "Becky. You remember Becky, don't know?"

Kay nodded, recalling quite well earlier in the month when Lance had brought this young girl over to meet her at her own house. His introduction was not merely social, because it meant that Lance wanted to be in a threesome with his girlfriend and his aunt, and to her shame she had done everything Lance wanted.

"Becky sure remembers you," Lance said with a grin of his girlfriend, a tall skinny hippie girl with braces who Kay had thought unattractive until she had taken her clothes off and Kay saw what Lance saw in her.

"Is that where you went after you visited your Mom in the hospital?" Kay asked, regretting that Lance had found out about her lesbian relationship with Marcie, which had ended last year. "With Becky?"

"Yes," Lance said as he kept stroking the bulge on his briefs. "Want a reminder of what Becky's pussy tastes like, Aunt Kay? She wants to get together again, just the three of us."

"Please don't," Kay asked, unsure of whether she didn't want her because she felt she was corrupting the girl or didn't want to share Lance with anyone.

"Take the nightie off for me, Aunt Kay."

"Can you turn the light off, honey?" Kay asked, but Lance shook his head. "Down then?"

"We couldn't see each other then," Lance said. "That's half the fun - that's it - now don't sit back down. You know what I want you do now."

"Lance," Kay pleaded, but as she did she reached down and cupped her pendulous breasts, kneading the yielding flesh and feeling her fat nipples pop out as she did.

"That's it, squeeze those beauties," Lance said. "Damn, they look like they've gotten even bigger. You know, after she saw you Becky said that she feels like a boy compared to you, and she's a C cup, when she bothers to wear a bra that is."

"Please, honey," Kay sighed, shifting her weight from side to side as she recalled Lance making her rub her breasts against the busty teen as he had leered at them.

"Have to go to the bathroom, Aunt Kay?" Lance chuckled.

"No," Kay said.

"Put your right hand down there - keep playing with your tits with the other one," Lance directed. "Run your hands through your bush and put a finger in. You're wet, aren't you?"

"Yes," Kay shuddered.

"Another finger," Lance said, and after his aunt did what he asked he added, "Good girl. Come and get it."

Like a cat Kay lurched over and went to her knees, yanking down her nephew's briefs. His erect cock sprang around crazily, but only for a second before she grabbed it, giving his huge organ a quick pull before putting it in her mouth and pushing her lips down as far as she could.

"Oh man!" Lance gasped as he watched his aunt sucking wildly on his arching prong, her lips going close to all the way down his stiff nine inches before sliding back up. "You give such good head. Can you taste Becky's pussy? Can't hear you..."

"Yes," Kay wheezed after Lance pulled his cock away from her.

"Tell me - say it! Can you taste her cunt?" Lance asked as he patted his aunt cheek with his member.

"Yes - I can taste her cunt."

"Lick my balls - suck them," Lance demanded as he lifted his cock up and pushed his Aunt Kay's face into his scrotum, and as he felt her take one into his mouth he groaned, leaning forward as he told his Aunt he would be bringing his girlfriend over to her house again after his Mom got released from the hospital.

"Okay?" Lance asked, and he heard a muffled yes from the mouth down between his legs.

Lance reached down and lifted his Aunt to her feet and kissed her hard while pawing at her tits before roughly moving her onto her back in the bedding. Before his Aunt's body stopped bouncing he was climbing between her plump thighs, putting the head of his cock between the lips of her sex and pushing himself in all the way.

Kay stifled a squeal as her nephew impaled her to the hilt roughly, seeming to revel in making his aunt feel every inch as he burrowed deep into her, and it was less than a minute later that she was cumming under a pounding that would have seemed brutal to someone that didn't know that was the way Kay Lansing liked it.

Lance was like a machine, relentlessly thrusting into her while she writhed and squirmed under his assault, and then she came again, clawing her nephew's back as her pussy clamped down around his huge organ.

Only then did Lance cum, stopping his thrusts and suspending himself over his aunt while his cock jerked inside of her, filling her womb with his seed, and he stayed that away until his cock slithered out of her sex. Only then did he roll over to rest by his Aunt Kay's side.

"You were rough," Kay said as her chest heaved, staring up at the ceiling while trying to catch her breath.

"And you loved every minute of it," Lance said. "Didn't you?"

Kay said nothing, and as she felt his nephew seed ooze out of her pussy and down between her legs she remembered that she hadn't had her period yet. She was late, and while it was true that her cycle had become more erratic with her aging, she also feared that maybe that wasn't the reason.

Kay glanced over at the man/child beside her, his skinny, almost hairless body at odds with the now-flaccid cock that still looked enormous as it rested on his bony hip, and even though her pussy burned from the rough treatment she had just gotten she couldn't help herself.

"Mmm, you can't get enough, can you," Kay heard her nephew say after she had maneuvered down to Lance's hip and had begun running her tongue along the underside of his limp organ, starting from the veiny stump and gliding all the way up to the ridge of the mushroom head.

"How many times?" Kay asked. "You know."

"How many times did I fuck Becky?" her nephew asked. "Just once. I wanted to make sure I saved some energy for you, but it still is going to take some time to get it up again. Think I'll need once of your human car washes."

Kay was already working on that, pulling and stretching the rubbery flaccid hose and licking the underside of her nephew's cock while he looked down and observed.

"Mmm... getting there Aunt Kay," Lance said. "I know a faster way though. How about it?"

"Please honey," Aunt Kay pleaded, starting to pull harder and then worked in her tongue into the opening of his plump glans. "I'll get you hard again."

"Yeah, but you know how much I like that special thing you do," Lance grinned, enjoying his aunt's facial expression as she worked feverishly on his cock. "Becky tried to do it, but it isn't the same. Your tongue is so long."

"Lance honey..."

"Roll onto your back Aunt Kay," Lance instructed, and helped her when she showed some reluctance. "That's it. Hey - you were the one that showed me this. I never heard of it before you did it to be the first time."

Lance hear Aunt Kay mumble something as he climbed up over his aunt and straddled her face while facing her feet. He rubbed his meaty ball sac over her face over and over again, feeling Aunt Kay's tongue on his nuts as he tea-bagged her.

"Here we go," Lance sighed as he spread her ass as far as he could while easing down on his aunt's face, reaching down to steady himself by grabbing Kay's jugs, which even on her back looked huge. "Oh yeah - oh that's it - damn!"

Lance groaned as the tongue that had started by licking around his anus suddenly poked into the balloon knot, and Lance began to gently grind his face into Aunt Kay's face while her tongue burrowed into his bowels.

Lance looked down at his cock, which was surging back to life, and wished there was a way her could stick his cock between Aunt Kay's tits while she rimmed him. His cock was long, but not quite long enough, and as he stroked himself into full erection he announced it was time.

"Doggy time Aunt Kay," Lance announced as he helped his Aunt get on all fours, marvelling at the way her jugs swayed down below her as she got into position. "I know you like it that way."

Lance positioned himself behind Aunt Kay, enjoying her shiver as his finger slid around her anus before reaching down into the furry grotto with his cock in his fist. He pushed the head of his tool into his aunt roughly, and after moving the knob in and out of her for a minute, leaned forward and fully impaled her.

"AW!" the two of them groaned simultaneously as Lance's huge member sank all the way into Kay's pussy while he hung over her, reaching under her arms to try to knead her tits as he began thrusting.

"Oh man, I can get so deep inside you like this," Lance kissed.

"Ssh!" Kay reminded Lance between her grunts.

"Just think, some day I might be doing this to Emma," Lance said. "Wouldn't that be hot?"

"No Lance - don't," Aunt Kay said as her head moved closer to the headboard with each violent surge from her nephew. "I'll give you what you want. You know that."

"Everything?" Lance asked, grabbing Aunt Kay's hair and pulling her head back while the sloshing sounds of cock probing pussy got louder.

"Not tonight honey, please?" Aunt Kay begged. "This is so good - so good like this."

"But your ass is so fucking tight, Aunt Kay," Lance growled, letting go of her hair so he could scrape his nails across her fleshy back, which still bore faint reminders of past treatment, and when Lance felt Kay shiver he knew she was liking it. "Even tighter than your cunt."

"Still hurts from last night honey," Aunt Kay pleaded.

"Tomorrow night then," Lance declared. "Get that little hole nice and lubed for me."

"Alright," Kay groaned, and then gripped the bedding as Lance began thrusting harder and faster, like a savage, and then she was cumming, chewing the pillow as her orgasm tore through her body.

Lance felt his aunt's pussy contract around his cock, and that made him lose control. He grunted each time his cock jerked inside of Aunt Kay as he filled her womb with his seed before collapsing onto her back.

Eventually the two fell into the bedding and stared at the ceiling. Lance smiled as he glanced over at his aunt's chest heaving wildly as her breathing only now was beginning to slow.

Rolling over onto his hip, Lance ran his hands over Aunt Kay's breasts, which were damp with sweat, and then slid his hand further up, bringing Aunt Kay's hand back up toward the headboard.

"You shaved," Lance observed as her fingers stroked the smooth crater of her armpit.

"I had to go to the doctor," Kay said, shivering at the touch of her nephew.

"Did the guy check your tits?"

"It's a she, Lance, and yes, she did give me a breast exam."

"I would love to see that. Did the doctor play with your armpit like I'm doing?" Lance asked as he kneaded the moist crater.

"Not exactly like that," Aunt Kay laughed.

"Did your lady doctor do this?" Lance asked before bowing his head and running his tongue through the smooth hollow, causing the shiver he knew would come.

"No, she definitely did not," Kay chuckled.

"Did you get hot when she played with your tits? Lance asked.

"No, silly."

"Well, you liked it when Becky did it," Lance reminded her.

"That was - different."

"So, you going to let your armpit hair grow for me?" Lance asked.

"I think I'm a little old for that," Kay said.

"But you said Becky looked sexy with pit hair," Lance recalled.

"We'll see, honey," Kay said with a sigh, knowing full well that she would probably ending up doing whatever Lance wanted, no matter how crazy the thought.

Lance had cuddled up against her, his arm across her chest, and Kay sighed and tried to fall asleep, but as usual found it impossible to sleep with Lance beside her.

Her hand snaked down and took Lance's manhood, lifting the limp log gently and started to pull on it ever so lightly. After a minute or too she began to feel his organ begin to come to life again, and that apparently woke her nephew up because she heard him chuckle.

"Can't get enough of it, can you Aunt Kay?" he asked.

"Just want to hold it," she said, and he laughed at that because it was bullshit.

Ten minutes later he had mounted his aunt once more and was humping away, driving his cock in and out while her legs quivered in the air. Kay came and then came again a second time, although that last one was a mild one, and then she was drained.

Above her, the fucking machine called Lance was still pounding away, and when he showed no sign of slowing down she whispered, "Cum for me Lance."

"Had enough?" he asked, and Kay nodded.

Lance extracted his cock from his aunt and knee-walked up to straddle her waist, chuckling when his fingers slid through Kay's wet cleavage before he put his cock in between the massive jugs and pressed them together.

"Oh man I love this," Lance giggled as his member glided up and down the cavernous cleavage. "Can you see my cock?"

"The head - it pops out when you push forward," Kay said as the fat and angry looking red plum came and went.

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