tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBabysitting the Baumgartners Ch. 05

Babysitting the Baumgartners Ch. 05


They were all playing in the surf when I stepped outside into a wall of heat. It actually smelled and tasted like rain, although there wasn't a cloud in the sky. The humidity was like that down here, I'd discovered, and it seemed to force beads of sweat to the surface of my skin the minute I walked out of the air-conditioning.

Mrs. B saw me and waved, and I waved back. The white hot sand was burning my feet, and I noticed how different everything felt between my legs now that I was shaved. I could feel my lips rubbing together as I walked, almost as if they were constantly massaging my clit.

Janie and Henry were taking turns being tossed into the rolling waves by Doc, squealing and screeching as he hurled them out into the water. His arms were strong ropes of muscle I noticed, working hard as he hefted them around. They weren't lightweights anymore. They would come up sputtering and laughing, although it looked dangerous to me, but what did I know?

I was grateful when my feet greeted the wet sand and then the water's edge. Mrs. B looked over at me, shading her eyes against the sun. Her long blonde hair was pulled back into a ponytail and I remembered that I didn't bring one.

"Hey, that's your bathing suit, Mom!" Janie called, wiping salt water out of her eyes.

"Yep," Mrs. B agreed as I began to wade out. "Veronica's borrowing it."

I saw Mr. B's gaze moving over me, lingering between my legs. It tingled there, as if his eyes were actually touching me. "Looks great, Ronnie."

"Thanks," I murmured, wading a little further out, wanting to bury myself in the water even though part of me liked the way he looked at me. I had to go by him to sink further in, and I swear I could feel his eyes on my back, and I was all too aware that except for two sets of string, I looked naked from behind.

I sank to my knees, pushing off the sandy bottom and skimming forward into the cool water. I went under for a moment to get my hair wet, slicking it back from my face as I came up near Mrs. B where I could stand and the water came up to my shoulders.

"Let's play Marco Polo!" Henry exclaimed, watching his father toss his sister into the water. She squealed and then held her nose, scrunching her face up as she went under.

"Yeah!" Janie burst up a moment later, obviously having heard her brother's remark before she went down. She was rubbing water out of her eyes. "We have enough people, let's play Marco Polo!"

"You're it, then, Henry," I called.

He closed his eyes and started counting to ten. We all moved away from him. Janie brushed past me, giggling, her wet blonde ponytail hanging to the middle of her back.

"Marco!" he called, doing a blind-man walk forward, his hands out in front of him.

There was a chorus of "Polo's" from all of us, and he struggled forward toward the voices. He was closest to me, his fingertips reaching out, and I tried to move back, but Janie was clutching my hips and giggling as she hid behind me, making it impossible.

"I got you!" Henry cried, opening his eyes when his fingers brushed my arm.

"That was a short one," Mrs. B remarked with a laugh.

"Janie's fault," I grumbled, turning and sticking my tongue out at her. "I'm coming for you, little girl, you better watch it!"

She squealed and moved away from me toward her mother as I closed my eyes and started to count to 10. I realized that it was going to be a lot harder to play this in the ocean with the sound of the waves crashing in on the shore then it would in the glass surface of a pool.

I was already reaching my hands out and straining to hear something as I counted. There was Janie, giggling, to my left. I turned toward the sound, rushing forward, trying to catch her, but came up empty.

"Ten... Marco!" I called, and I heard them all say "Polo!" Janie and her mom were to my left and so was Doc, but Henry was somewhere off to my right. Playing the odds, I lunged left and heard Janie squeal and the splashing of water as she swam away.

"Marco!" I said, taking a few more steps forward. Janie responded off to my right now, and so did Henry. Mrs. B was somewhere behind me, but I didn't hear Doc at all. I realized he must have been under water when I called.

"Marco!" I said again, hearing the same responses, except this time Doc's "Polo" was right in front of me, his voice low.

I reached a hand forward in the water and felt the smooth, hard planes of his belly just above the elastic band of his suit.

Gasping, I opened my eyes and saw him standing there, looking at me and smiling.

"Got me," he said with a wink, his voice still low.

"Daddy, you're it!" Janie called, jumping up and down in the water.

We all moved away from him as he started counting. Janie was still hiding behind her mother, and Henry was moving more toward shore. When Doc called "Marco!" I was still the closest one, and he followed my voice.

I went under for a moment, kicking hard and swimming the opposite direction past him. I heard him say a muffled "Marco!" again, but I kept swimming. Gasping as I came up, I heard him say it again and I had to answer. He was inches away from Janie and Mrs. B, but when I said "Polo," he turned toward the sound of my voice.

I could look at him without him seeing me as he walked toward me, his dark, wet hair curling, the tanned skin of his chest and belly and arms beaded with water. I realized that if I could watch him, unnoticed, then he could have been watching me, too. That thought made my breath catch. He was getting closer and closer, edging his way, and his body blocked out the sight of Mrs. B and Janie behind him.

"Marco!" he called.

"Polo," I whispered.

His head turned toward me and he grinned, lunging at me just as I pushed off from the bottom, trying to swim away. We both went under for a moment, and he had me by my thigh, gripping his way up to my hips, his big body twisting against mine under the water. For a moment I was beneath him, in his arms, pressed against him and could feel something hard against my leg. I didn't realize, until his fingers brushed over my breast, sending shivers through me, what it was.

I came up gasping and so did he. We were out deeper now, and I had to stand on my tiptoes to stay up. He was under the water to his shoulders, his face inches from mine.

"You got me," I whispered, licking my lips and sliding my thigh against his.

His eyes widened and then I felt his fingers gripping my hips, his knee sliding up the inside of my thighs, dangerously high, until I heard Henry calling, "Ronnie's IT!"

I smiled as I turned away from him and started swimming back. He followed. We played a few more rounds, but then the kids got bored and wanted to go work on their "sand village."

We three "adults" spread out a couple blankets and laid out in the sun. Mrs. B was next to me and Doc had his own blanket on the other side of her. I was looking over at Mrs. B. She was on her back, her arm thrown over her eyes. I couldn't help watching her breasts rise and fall with her breath, full and fleshy under the white bikini top. I was remembering what she looked like lying there topless.

Doc was up on his elbow, facing me, and when I met his eyes, he smiled. I could feel him looking at me, almost like a heat. I stretched, arching my back, and saw his eyes widen and then darken, his smile fading as he watched me roll to my side and then over onto my belly, adjusting my straps.

My skin and hair were still wet from the swim, and the heat of the sun felt good. I opened my legs a little bit, lifting my hips, knowing that my bare ass was sticking up in the air as I did. I was watching him watch me through half-closed eyes, a lazy smile on my face. I couldn't help glancing down at his crotch, and I could see that he was hard. I licked my lips, remembering the length of him, how his hand moved up and down the shaft.

My now-bare pussy was tingling with feeling, and I wished I was alone so I could touch it. I fantasized about his hand there, those big fingers spreading me open. I glanced down at his suit again, and saw him shifting, moving things around there, and wondered what it would feel like in my hand, my mouth, inside of me. My pussy ached at the thought.

I was totally lost in my fantasy when a stream of cold water splashed over my back, making me scream and kneel up. Henry was laughing and running, trailing a blue bucket behind him.

"Ooooo you're going to get it!" I cried, standing up and taking off after him.

I caught up with him at the shoreline, grabbing his swimming trunks. He was squealing and apologizing, and laughing, still. I tackled him, straddling and tickling him. He howled, twisting.

"Stop, stop! I'm sorry!" he begged, gasping. Janie was watching, grinning.

"Henry, you shouldn't have done that." Doc was standing behind me and I shaded my eyes as I looked up at him. He was grinning, too. "As irresistible as the target may have seemed."

"Very funny," I remarked, standing up.

Henry was still giggling as he stood, too.

"Hop on pop!" he cried, tackling his father.

Doc groaned, catching him with one arm. Janie squealed, running towards him, and he braced himself for her, mock-falling back onto the sand when she hit him in the chest.

He laid sprawled in the sand while the kids crawled over him, trying to tickle him.

"You know I'm not ticklish," he said, looking up at me as I walked by. "But I bet Ronnie is."

"Hey!" He had hold of my ankle and I gasped, trying to shake him loose. "Oh, no, you don't!"

"Hop on babysitter!" Doc called, and the kids screeched, jumping up to tackle me. I couldn't get away with the hold he had on my ankle, and I tumbled to the sand as Henry and Janie tickled my ribs, making me laugh.

"Stop!" I gasped, rolling away from them, but Doc still had my ankle, and now his other hand was on my calf, moving up.

"I'll hold her," Doc said, grabbing my hip and using it as leverage to roll me onto my back. I was helpless, laughing as Henry and Janie dug their little fingers into my ribs. "You tickle her."

My eyes widened as Doc climbed on top of me, straddling me. He grabbed my arms, pinning them above my head. My eyes met his, shocked and excited, and he saw it, putting his mouth next to my ear, the heat of his breath making me tremble.

"Got you," he whispered, moving his hips just a little, letting me feel how hard he was, the length of him pressed right there between my lips. My clit felt like it was pulsing against the head of his cock.

"Stop, stop, stop!" I begged as the kids' fingers found their way under my arms, making me twist and squeal underneath him. I couldn't stop laughing, and still the feel of his erection between my legs made my pussy throb and my head pound.

"Ok, ok," he said, sitting up a little, looking into my eyes. "I think the babysitter's had enough."

I shook my head and mouthed the word, "No," and met Doc's eyes, moving my hips up just a little bit with the tiniest, almost imperceptible rock. He pressed into me, squeezing my wrists before letting me go.

Henry took his father at his word and tackled Janie then, trying to tickle her, and they rolled and kicked in the sand. Doc moved off me and headed for the water, and I knew why—because he was hard as a rock. That thought left my breathless.

I stood, brushing sand off of me. Henry got bored and went back to digging a "moat" around his "castle." Janie joined him after a breathless minute.

"Carrie!" Doc called, waving toward shore. I saw Mrs. B sit up, shading her eyes. "Come swim with me!"

I was still wiping sand off my arms while I watched her wade into the water, swimming out to where he was standing. He grabbed her, twirling her around, making her squeal, and I watched them, feeling something hard and tight in the pit of my stomach.

I went and got one of the floats from the side of the house, climbing onto it and paddling through the waves. I laid on my belly, letting the water rock me up and down as I watched them playing together. They were a good ways off from me, splashing and laughing.

I closed my eyes and drifted, spreading my thighs and letting my feet dangle in the water, hugging the float to my body. The water was rocking me a little closer, close enough that I could hear them.

"No one will know," Doc said, and I opened one eye, seeing Mrs. B with her arms around his neck. They were shoulder-deep in the water. "Please, baby."

"Doc," she admonished, glancing toward shore, and then over at me. I made my eyes into slits, hoping to look as if I were sleeping. I knew what he wanted, because I wanted it, too. My pussy was aching, my clit a little humming swell between my thighs.

I saw his thumbs moving over her nipples through her white bikini top, making her gasp. He kept that up as he kissed her. I was close enough now that I could see his tongue slipping into her mouth. I licked my lips, swallowing hard, the heat of the sun on my back nothing compared to the fire burning between my legs.

I saw Mrs. B glance over at the kids and then back at me. "What about Veronica?"

"She's not paying attention," Doc replied, glancing over at me, too. "Please, Carrie. God, I can't stand it."

Mrs. B's hand was moving under the water, and I realized that she must have his cock in her hand. That thought made my clit beg to be touched, and I slipped a hand slowly underneath me, edging under the tiny triangle of my suit.

"That's it, baby," Doc moaned, and I saw him bucking against her. "God, I want to fuck you."

My fingers eased between my swollen lips, rubbing at my clit as I watched her straddle him, wrapping her legs around his waist. I couldn't see anything with the water rushing around them, but I knew he was sliding his cock up inside of her from the way their eyes closed, the way they moved together, a little different rhythm from the waves that were rocking me up and down on the float.

She was wrapped around him, biting his shoulder, digging her nails into his back. He turned with her in his arms, so her back was to me, and I could see his face, his eyes closed as he fucked her. My clit was asking to be rubbed harder, faster, and I did, I couldn't help it. I was watching them openly now, working my hand under my tummy, between my legs, feeling that familiar tug and swelling in my belly.

"I'm gonna cum," he groaned, pulling her hard into him, and I came, too, quivering and gasping, trying not to make any noise at all as a white, pulsing heat seemed to fill my body. I imagined his cum shooting up inside of me, the feel of his cock throbbing as he came, and when I opened my eyes I saw him looking at me. He was kissing Mrs. B's shoulder, her neck, but his eyes were on mine and he was smiling.

"Thank you, baby," he murmured, nuzzling her. I bit my lip, shivering, sliding my hand out from between my legs, making sure he saw me. His eyes widened as I lifted my fingers to my mouth, sucking and licking them as he watched.

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