tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBabysitting Trouble Ch. 02

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 02


Sara had agreed to house-sit while her friend was away, just in case the son hosted a party and the house got wrecked. He was eighteen and it was summer holidays so who knew what kind of trouble he might get into. Only it was Sara who got into trouble.

At thirty-two she should have been on her guard around him and his friend but she was sure of herself. The neighbour teasing beauty could look after herself as she had experience in keeping men in check so these youths shouldn't have been any bother.

Relaxing her guard had been a bad idea. A silly prank got out of hand and she handled it badly only to be handled badly her self by two young men. It was a shock to have let them work her up to a fever pitch of excitement.


"I'm really thirsty after that. You get us some orange juice while I go and get washed up." Brian told Harry.

"What about her?" Harry said, pointing to Sara. She was still perched on the edge of the sofa in a lewd position with Harry's belt holding her there. She was leaning over with her legs spread, almost ass upward with everything open and on view. Cum was leaking from her vagina where Brian had taken her.

Harry didn't want to look whereas Brian feigned a nonchalant pose as though he were experienced and didn't care. "I'll get the bitch something to wear. Leave her there till I get back." He said.

Sara was coming to and winced at the harsh tone Brian used in discussing her. All day she had been in charge of these adolescents as their babysitter until Brian had walked in on a foolish moment with Harry. In just a few short minutes he had taken advantage of that foolish lapse of judgement.

'Why oh why did I tell Harry about my fantasy?' She moaned inwardly. Now Brian knew it too after listening at the door.

It was bad enough that he had taken her but she had become so excited from months of frustration she had succumbed so obviously and completely. On top of that she had begged him to make her cum using such depraved language she felt bitterly ashamed. "How could I have said those vile things to such a young man?" She moaned quietly.

Harry waited until Brian returned, afraid to be alone with the babysitter after what had happened. She had been there house sitting not him but he still thought of her as his babysitter. He walked in almost spilling the juice on seeing his friend rubbing her between the legs. 'What the hell is he doing to her now?' He wondered.

Sara felt an agony of indignity at every touch. This adolescent was wiping her between the legs with a wet cloth like some dirty child. The irony of the situation was not lost on her when it was she who was supposed to be there making sure they didn't get out of hand.

Her legs were cramping up so when he undid the belt around her wrists she would have slipped to the floor except he caught her and stood her up. He held onto her to stop her falling, she felt so weak. Before she could summon the strength to protest Brian told her. "Here put these on."

He helped her place her legs into the black lace panties and pulled them up her legs to smooth them into place. 'What the hell is happening to me?' She thought. 'This little creep is dressing me as though I were the one being babysat.'

Brian turned her round and pulled the back of the silk panties into place. They were a perfect fit between the cheeks of her bottom and cupped her lips tightly. She lifted her arms giving him an eyeful of her breasts as they rose into a pert display. With the thin night gown over her head and arms he unexpectedly moved in to suck on a nipple.

A shiver ran down her spine. The gentle bite was a reminder of her now lowly status in this little group of three. He pulled the short cotton nightgown down over her breasts where it covered the top of her thighs. Despite it being so petite she was relieved to be dressed.

The very clothes she wore had been his choice adding to the feeling of being under his control. If she were to recover some dignity Sara would have to rest back her position of authority over these youths and quickly before they pounced on her again.

With her wrists held tight he walked her over to the wall. She looked over at Harry who was still too embarrassed to meet her eyes. "That's enough Brian. I'm going up stairs to change into something decent." She told him. Looking him firmly in the eye she straightened her shoulders attempting to dominate him with extra height the only advantage available.

She hadn't noticed him pull a length of rope from his pocket. Before she could push past him he wrapped a loop around her wrists then the free end around a wall lamp. "Hey! Let me go. This has gone far enough Brian. You've, well you, raped me." Sara said quietly. Her bottom lip trembled on saying the word.

The words were quiet enough to exclude Harry. She had hoped to scare Brian at the same time convince her self that was what happened. She again wondered at her own collusion in what he did to her knowing it couldn't be called rape at all. He continued to fasten the knot holding her hands above her head.

"Don't pretend babysitter. You enjoyed it." He said. Sara hung her head in shame the attempted escape shattered. She didn't even struggle under the wall lamp; merely suffering in silence in a daze of private thoughts.

"Give me that bag Harry." Brian tipped Sara's bag onto the sofa and rifled through the personal things spilled out in a heap. "I know you're that classy woman with the lawyer husband who thinks your so above us all in this neighbourhood. You seem too old to be babysitting so let's take a look at your driving licence. You're twenty eight, that's old for a babysitter." Brian sneered.

"I'm just doing this for a friend to make sure you don't wreck the place with a party for your friends while she's gone. I wouldn't stoop to look after you two otherwise." She spat the words at him from a sudden surge of anger.

"So! What is this then Miss too-good for us babysitter?" Brian asked.

Her face reddened in embarrassment at the thing he waived in her face. She didn't want it going around the neighbourhood that she was desperate enough to use one of those naughty things. Even more embarrassing was that the vibrator glistened from being recently used.

It was so obscene seeing this private possession in this lads hand after having been inside her. Harry was staring at it with a quizzical expression obviously unaware of its significance. Brian seemed well aware of where it had been and why.

He switched it on and the buzzing sound seemed loud in the quiet hush of expectancy that overcame them all. Brian lent in close and touched it to a nipple. It was like an electric shock. It was more annoying than pleasurable and in front of these two it was damned impertinent.

Before she could protest Harry spoke up. "Leave her alone!" He stammered. "You've done enough to her. You had better leave."

Sara joined in the dissent. "Stop that right now. I'm here to make sure you behave yourselves not to play your naughty games. Mrs. Turner put me in charge and I'm telling you to untie me. Do it now! You have already been told to leave so leave this house Brian. I warned you I would see your parents so now I will. No more silly games! Don't make it worse for yourself." She said through gritted teeth not wanting to reveal how dreadful she felt.

"You look as though you're enjoying it to me Miss Catalina." Brian taunted her.

She looked down at the swelling nipples as he moved the vibrator from one to the other. At its touch she flinched. She never did this even when alone for her nipples were too sensitive.

"Look at them Harry. Look, she's really enjoying this." He said to his friend with delight.

It looked as though Harry was ready to help but Brian had gained his full attention. They marvelled at the sight of her breasts caught tight under the nightgown. Her nipples were clearly engorged seeking to tear through the thin material. She pressed her thighs together unconsciously in response to those little lustful looks.

She watched mesmerised as he guided it down over the slight bulge of her stomach lower and lower. She struggled with the rope a moment then clamped her thighs together even tighter.

"No! Stop it! This has gone far enough. My father is a judge. He'll punish you for this outrage." She shouted. At least this time she hadn't been teasing Harry and working herself up in the process. She was calm enough to resist without the danger of those lewd feelings overcoming her better judgement.

All three turned to look as a lad walked into the lounge, followed by two others. The three of them walked in and stopped to stare. "Hi Eddie." Brian said. "Hope you didn't mind me inviting a few friends around." Brian said to Harry.

The three young lads walked over to Brian with mouths open gawping at Sara standing against the wall with her arms stretched above her head. The short night gown revealed a glimpse of the tight panties but they couldn't take their eyes off her breasts. The gown was pulled tight around them showing off the erect nipples.

"I thought you were having us on. Pete will be sorry not to have made it here." Edward said. He was in awe of Brian almost as much as the sight of the woman, helplessly tied.

"You had better go and take them with you." Harry told Brian. He stuck out his chin with hands on his hips striking a defiant pose.

"You shouldn't be so impolite as they are your friends too. Take Harry into the dining room and tie him to a chair. He's spoiling our fun." Brian told Edward.

"No! Leave him alone. It's his house and you have been told to leave. The lot of you must go right now." Sara told them crossly. They dragged the slightly built lad away and with him her only means of defence. Not only had he tried to defend her but they had at least some rapport, whereas Brian didn't care about her in the slightest.

They walked in looking more confident now. She was surrounded by young eighteen year old youths and felt afraid by the way they looked at her. Sara's eyes opened wide in fear as they knelt on the floor either side of her. She flailed her legs around kicking out in panic only making it easier for them to pull her legs apart.

She felt the horrid thing slid up an inner thigh and gasped as it touched her lips through the thin silk panties. She tried to speak but her tongue stuck to the roof of her mouth.

She knew Harry had a crush on her and hoped he might escape and perform a desperate rescue. He had stood up to them and nearly succeeded. A part of her was glad the nice lad wasn't here to see this disgusting intrusion on her little private place.

Inexpertly he waggled it around under the gown missing her most sensitive spot for which she was grateful. Not that it would be pleasurable it was just so humiliating to be lewdly tortured before these young lads. They had been drawn into the bully's nasty game and were caught up in it, perhaps too innocent to realise how wrong it was.

"Stop that now! You're being evil not clever." Realising this wouldn't stop him she decided to plead with him for at least she might reach the others. "Please Brian. Stop that, it isn't nice. You're hurting me." She said gently.

He hit a sensitive spot and she gasped. It was a surprise to feel she had opened up a little from this inexperienced delving. All those eyes watching her had been so upsetting she didn't think it would have been possible.

"So you liked that Miss Tease." Brian leered at her. "I can't see what I'm doing here. Let's get that gown off." He said to Edward.

"No! Please! Don't do that." She looked over Brian's shoulder trying to appeal to the others. "You guys mustn't look at my naked body. I'm here to house-sit, I'm in charge you must do as you're told. Don't you dare! Let me go you brute. I'm an older woman; you lads can't see my breasts it's very wrong." She wailed.

'I'm supposed to be in charge here not letting him play evil games with me. I shouldn't have teased him. Oh! Why didn't I put some clothes on before coming down stairs?' The recriminations spun though her mind.

The hand gripping her neckline so close she bit it. "That's not nice Miss Slutty Babysitter." Brian said and slapped her face. A look of shock replaced the anger. "Behave yourself and stand still. It's not nice to scratch and bite. Tell me you're sorry."

She couldn't bring herself to reply until he raised his hand again. "I'm sorry Brian." She said quickly.

Pulling hard on the top of the gown Brian ripped it open. She looked down to see her lovely pale breasts spill out on show.

"Cover me up! Cover me up, please. Please Brian you've had your fun, just stop it now before things go too far. Those nice young men mustn't see my breasts!" Sara said desperately. She knew they had gone beyond forgiveness already but a small hope of recovering the situation was all she had left.

In disbelief she watched him rip open the front of the gown. The sound of the thin cotton giving way was horrendous. The material clung to her shoulders but was torn open revealing her body in the tight lace panties. His body was the only thing between her near nakedness and those young men's eyes.

He cut it off her shoulders with a small penknife letting it slither onto the floor. She pressed her naked body against him as the only way to protect it. Looking down she caught Edward staring up at her and groaned in shame closing her eyes tight.

"So I'm exciting you now Miss Catalina." He told her.

"No. It's not that Brian, please hide me from them. Please cover me up. What you're doing is so shameful. You can't let them see me like this." She begged.

He stepped away and she opened her eyes to see all those naughty young men consuming her naked body. "Stop it, please. You mustn't look at me. This is so wrong your behaving dreadfully. Please look away all of you. Cover me up Brian. Please, I beg you to cover me up." She whimpered pathetically.

She stood with her shoulders heaving with every sob at the dishonour of being stripped down to her panties before them. Her breasts were on show with erect nipples revealing a state of excitement. With her legs stretched out the tight panties were failing in their job of concealing a very private place. She closed her eyes tight not wanting to see the look of lust on their young faces.

She felt the vibrator touch and she groaned hoping it would be over soon. 'How could they do these disgusting things to me?' She wondered. 'I shouldn't have paraded around in my bikini; it was too much for them. Why did I shout at Brian? He just wants to humiliate me now!'

Brian slipped it into the panties massaging it along her crotch working it up to her ass hole and back to her wet lips. It was so crushing to feel herself opening up to this heartless youth she wanted to scream in desperation. "Stop it. Let me go please." She whispered in a feathery light voice.

Sara felt a hand on the band of the panties and whimpered. "No! Please lave me some dignity for pity sakes. That's a very private place Brian. You've had your fun now leave me be. Please! Brian no! I'm an adult, a grown woman, you can't show them that."

The tight panties were difficult but he managed to pull them down to above the knees. She felt the two of them eagerly tug at her legs. "She shaves it Brian, look." Edward said, stating the obvious.

"Well, what did you expect, she's a right slut. She told me herself while I pounded her pussy. She was begging me for it." Brian boasted.

"No it's not that. I have to shave so as to wear a bikini." She said pathetically. 'Damn him! He's reduced me to justifying myself to these callous youths. This is just so bad I don't know what to do.' She considered screaming for help but the thought of someone finding her like this was just too awful to contemplate.

"Get that collar and leash Edward, the one they used for the dog. It's in the laundry room."

When the two of them let go of her legs she pulled them together clamping them shut. At least she could hide a little from them now.

Brian grabbed a hold of her hair and struggled with the collar while the others were too afraid to touch her. He pulled her onto the sofa over his lap. With the free end of the leash he slapped her upturned naked bottom.

"Not that Brian. Please! I'm a grown woman you can't put me over your knee like a child. Everyone can see my naked bottom. Put me down." She wailed. Her anger and determination were returning. She couldn't let him perform this humiliating act upon her, especially not in front of them.

Sara wouldn't let someone do this to her even in fun it was too demeaning. In fun at a party bent over a mans knee would be unseemly but while naked it was obscene. Before these young lads it was just so degrading she wanted to kick out at him.

"You said I should be paddled. Well I'm going to punish you for teasing all of us and shouting at me." He said and slapped her arse with the leash.

She struggled to get free but he was too strong. "No, Brian! Please Brian. Stop it." She told him trying to sound stern.

"You sweet talked Harry trying to get him to chuck me out." He told her with another whack.

She felt another swish of the leather leash crossing her cheeks with stinging lines. "Oh! Ouch! Please, no." She pleaded.

'Why are they humiliating me like this? In front of these strangers he's punishing me, but I'm the one in charge and should be punishing him.' Thoughts of self pity were overwhelming her. She couldn't stop him and the humiliation was tearing her up inside.

"Please Brian. Stop! I'll do anything you want just put me down." She wailed pathetically.

"That's better Miss High and Mighty babysitter. You've been punished and if you step out of line you now know what you'll get." He told her, sounding mean enough to carry out the threat.

"Can I get off your lap now?" She timidly asked.

"No! Get some ointment out of the bathroom Eddy. I don't know anything will do." He said.

'Damn! No more! I can't bear it. I'll die with the shame of it.' She thought. Not daring to move she lay there knowing all of them had watched her being thrashed by this horrid bully. She was a grown woman for god's sake not some errant school girl. She closed her eyes tight, feeling so dreadfully humiliated, knowing they were fixated on her upturned bottom striped red from the thrashing.

She squeezed her thighs together and groaned out loud. Her lips had swollen and were showing between her thighs. She was bent over his lap arse up and all of them could see how excited she had become. This was just adding insult to injury.

"Open up. Oh! You already have." He chuckled.

She hoped it was only Brian that had enough experience to know what was happening to her. She felt his hands rubbing some grease over her sore cheeks and when he moved her legs apart she didn't have the will to resist.

'Hell no! No!' She shuddered at a dreadful thought. 'I want this horrid youth to rub me down there. How could I have let him get me in to such a dreadful state?'

She felt his fingers slide between her cheeks roughly gouging a furrow between them over her anus to her pussy. The feel of his rough hands was so infuriatingly frustrating. Her body was begging for more while her mind was being tortured with the shame of it. "Please, Brian." She stammered.

"That's it Miss Catalina all done. That's a better attitude young lady, remembering to say please and thank you, sir. So what do you say now? Where are your manners?" He teased.

He rolled her off his knees onto the carpet at his feet. She struggled on to hands and knees shaking her head. Needing to clear the fuzziness her thoughts had been reduced to. He demanded attention and it was imperative to attend him if she were to avoid another crude punishment.

"Thank you, sir." She whispered.

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