tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBabysitting Trouble Ch. 03

Babysitting Trouble Ch. 03


Brian took Sara over to the wall and fastened her wrists then wrapped the rope around a wall lamp holding both arms above her head. Sara closed her eyes in shame at her nakedness before the boys standing examining her. "Please Brian cover me up its so bad letting them see me like this. You've had your fun now please let me go." She demanded.

Brian slapped her face. "Shut up slut. Just keep quiet and stand there like the good little slutty tease you are. You're no longer the one in charge, I am. The rest of the guys will be around soon to keep that pretty mouth of yours busy." He said. Brian had a look of satisfaction on his face from showing his friends he had the arrogant babysitter exactly where he wanted her.

Sara didn't know if she felt more shame from being naked or from having this little boy slap her around. She pressed her legs together in an attempt to hide her bare pussy from their curious looks. It felt terrible to be examined so closely by these brats just out of high school.

She couldn't argue with him about being a slut for she felt exactly that after what they had made her do to them. They had forced her but she hadn't fought back, she had given in to them too easily. Brian had overheard her talking about a fantasy to Harry and now he seemed to be using that knowledge to manipulate her.

She could see the boys before her were ready for more with their young cocks bulging in their pants. She closed her eyes on them trying to block out the thought of even more of them arriving to abuse her poor naked body.


Harry managed to untie his hands from the sloppy job his so called friends had done. Shaking them to get the circulation back he rattled the door knowing it was locked. He was desperate to get out of the pool-house to again save his fantasy woman. She wasn't so much his mother's friend or house-sitting as he fantasised about her as his babysitter and she was out there being tormented by those thugs.

He looked through the keyhole and was encouraged to see it there. He looked at the bottom of the door then across to where Sara and he had hidden. A cardboard box would do but he needed a piece of thin metal or wire. In a moment of inspiration he opened a cupboard and pulled a wire coat hanger from the rail.

Tearing a flap off the cardboard box he slipped it under the door. He straightened out the wire hanger then poked it through the keyhole. It was frustratingly close but wouldn't turn enough to be pushed out. In desperation he shoved at the damn thing and lost his balance falling back onto the floor.

He could see through the keyhole. The key was gone! With a trembling hand he pulled the cardboard slowly back under the door and there was the key. Now it was time to become the hero and save his wonderful Sara. Only this time he would need a better plan.

Harry walked into the lounge behind them and gasped on seeing his lovely babysitter standing naked against the wall. Her face was red from being slapped and cum was leaking from her pussy. She looked ill-used with her long silken auburn hair dishevelled and makeup smeared across her face. She had been crying and looked exhausted.

"What have you done to her you bastards?" Harry moaned.

Sara looked up on hearing his voice. Her cheeks turned a bright red in embarrassment; the flush flowed down her neck over her breasts, even her tummy was tinged pink. It had been bad enough but this innocent young youth, with a crush on her, seeing her like this was just so mortifying. She wanted to run and hide away.

"There's plenty for you too Harry, if your man enough." Brian said, cruelly taunting him.

"Let her go right now." Harry demanded.

"Well if you don't want to play then back you go. Lock him in better this time Eddie."

"It's you lot who better go, I've phoned the police."

"Yeah right, sure you have."

On queue a siren sounded with flashing blue lights shining through the curtains lighting up the ceiling. As one they tumbled out of the room bumping into teach other in their hurry to escape.

"Oh Harry what have you done! I can't let anyone know what has happened." Sara wailed. She was stricken with fear at the idea of facing the police and everyone in the neighbourhood finding out what had happened.

"It's OK! I sent them to another house in the street. I told them a drugs party is going on there. There usually is so it's OK." He told her trying to reassure her.

"Oh Harry, I'm sorry you have to see me like this. Please get me loose and cover me up. It's so awful being like this in front of you. I feel dirty and used." She said.

He untied the ropes and she fell into his arms. "I really am your hero now, Sara. I didn't save you from pirates but they were rough enough to be like them." He whispered in her ear.

"Yes Harry." She sighed. "Brian phoned and more of them are on the way. You're too young to fight them and Brian might come back with them once they see the police aren't coming here."

"I'll lockup and get you something to wear. You had better take a shower." He said.

While he dashed around the house she made her weary way upstairs to the bathroom. With the same towel that had been ripped off her body earlier she dried herself. This is how it all started she thought. Harry walked in and she snatched it up in front of her naked body.

"No Harry. You can't see me naked. You're too young to see a grown woman like this. I know you have already and you did save me from more abuse but it has all got to stop right now." She warned him.

He ignored the weak pleas and took hold of her to help her dress. The memory of Brian dressing her flashed though her mind but this was different. Harry was caring and protective wanting to help her.

He guided her down stairs to the lounge. She shuddered and cringed at the memory of what had happened with those vile callous youths. "We had better clear up in here before your parents arrive."

Again Harry dashed around the house not wanting to be away from her yet wanting to please her with his efforts. If his mother could see him now she wouldn't believe the display of enthusiasm for cleaning the house. It was just as well for Sara was too affected by memories to help much.

It seemed that in every part of the room she had been sexually assaulted by those sadistic kids. "Let's go out to the Jacuzzi, I'll feel safer out there." She said. They wandered out hand in hand. Harry smiled with satisfaction that he was so close to his lovely babysitter easily pushing aside all that had happened to her. She too wanted to forget but it would be a long time before she could force the memories aside.

"Yes that would be nice." She said. Somewhat recovered she let him cuddle her. After all that she had been through it was nice to have the comfort of a pair of arms around her. "Thanks Harry. Thank you for saving me from those boys that were coming round. You saved me from them like my fantasy hero."

"It was so wrong for me as your babysitter to show off my body like that but I had no choice." She said in a voice barely audible. He let her talk sensing she needed to.

"So if I'm your hero does that mean I get a reward?" He asked.

"Yes my hero you should get a reward I suppose." Sara said. She remembered their sharing of fantasies earlier knowing it shouldn't have happened but the words couldn't be taken back. "You can kiss me if you like."

He slipped his hand into her robe and felt her flinch. "Did I hurt you?" He asked.

"No. That was nice and gentle but I can't let you do that. I'm an adult, a grown woman and you're just too young, it's wrong. Sorry!" She said, not wanting to hurt him or destroy the young youthful crush he had over her. His touch was nice and innocent and so different to those beasts earlier. She didn't realise his attention was turning her on.

"I want to see your gorgeous body Sara." He said nervously.

"You've seen it before Harry." She sighed.

"Not like this, just for me, without those brutes ripping your robe off." He said.

"You saw everything when the two of you ripped my towel off." She began but he interrupted her.

"You said I deserved a reward. Remember we shared a fantasy and now I'm that hero." He said more confidently. "I dreamed of seeing you naked and wondered what it would be like, to see you like that." He stated with a wistful sigh.

'He wants to see my breasts but how can I do that willingly.' She thought. 'I better stop this before I become carried away with another fantasy that goes wrong.' She stood up and when he did too they were very close. He kissed her neck and nibbled her ears. He held her face in both hands kissing her luscious red lips, sucked her top lip then slipped his tongue into her mouth.

Sara was breathing heavily under this assault upon her senses. So gentle and attentive were his touches she couldn't push him away even though her conscience yelled at her to. In utter anguish she pushed at his shoulders to take a deep breath.

"I mustn't tease you Harry. This is wrong and must stop." She whispered not wanting to believe her own words.

"Let me see you once more. Just for me, for my eyes only!" He said excitedly.

"OK! My hero, then rip my dress off." She said wishing she had the strength to just walk away.

Harry grabbed the light dress by its hem and dragged it from her body in one swift movement. She clamped her hands over her breasts feeling shy and small. She had let him do this, not been forced to comply as before.

"Oh! You are so wonderful I never thought I would see you like this. Here, at home your wonderful tits are bare, all mine. Everyone thinks you are such a tease and so very sexy too but here you are, just for me. You're the sexiest woman in the neighbourhood and I have you all to myself."

"I really do want to take you; I want to do all those things they did to you. I was in such agony hearing them teasing you but now your here with me."

"Harry, yes, yes. You must strip me naked and do it to me. Rip my panties off!"

Harry was shocked for a moment but lowered his head to her breasts and kissed them in turn.

"Bite them Harry. I've been a naughty babysitter teasing you and must be punished." She looked down at him sucking on a nipple feeling it grow under the bites and pinches and rubbing and squeezing.

With his cock rearing in his jeans no more encouragement was needed. He sank to his knees licking her body as he went. He pulled her down onto the warm tiles and ripped the sensible white panties down to her ankles, struggled, then flicked them across the room.

"I want you Sara; I want to do it to you." He said in desperation.

He pulled at his belt and jeans kicking them off where they slithered across the floor in a tangled heap.

"It was so bad Harry, they fucked me in my ass and pussy and mouth at the same time. Those young lads, all of them got to fuck my pussy. I'm your babysitter yet they stripped me naked and gang raped my little pussy. Did I tease you guys too much Harry?"

Harry only half heard her words while he kissed her soft tanned thighs still not daring to get too close to his babysitters' naughty secret place. He had dreamed of having her close but never dared to imagine actually having her pussy.

"Do you want to know what your babysitter's pussy feels like? You do don't you. Well now you get to do the real thing. Play out your fantasy Harry. Stick your penis right up my pussy, hard and fast."

"Yes! I want to feel my cock in you." He cried out.

"Push me down Harry and fuck my pussy in any way you want to. When you dreamed of fucking me what did you do to me?" She moaned, while squirming on the hard tiles. Her words were turning them both on to become one organism enraged with passion.

Harry pushed her legs apart and positioning himself, unsure if he dare go so far.

"Do you want me from behind, how do you want me? You rescued me so you get my pussy all for yourself now. They ripped my little dress off of me. They ripped my panties from my shaved little cunt so it was on display for your friends, Harry. All of them wanted a chance to rape my pussy and they pounded me so hard it felt like a punishment for being such a tease."

Sara felt his rock hard cock nudge her lips and she pleaded with him. "No, Harry, we can't do this, its wrong." The moment passed and she opened her legs wide, ready for him. Harry was determined to show her he could do it.

"Can you believe they gang raped me Harry? Did I deserve it? They took your babysitters teasing little ass too."

Harry turned her over onto her tummy and again positioned himself with a straining cock, his balls swollen and tight. Sara felt his cock not knowing if he was going to take her tight little ass or pussy.

"Harry, no please no, oh yes. No, you're too young to be doing this to me. Please stop."

"You tease every one with your sexy seductive body." He reached round her naked body with both hands to her breasts grabbing them roughly. "These lovely tits are mine; they are so firm and big. You have big tits Sara." He said with glee at having said such naughty words to an adult and his mother's friend too. "Your ass is so lovely and round and inviting."

"Rape me in any hole you want, I've teased you for too long. Take me Harry. You saved me to fuck me yourself." She shouted.

"I'm going to punish you hard for all those you have teased, those luscious lips that tight little ass, your bald pussy. It's all mine now." He croaked, with a throat tight with emotion.

"I thought you were just a little twerp; I flaunted my body in front of you, showing you what you couldn't have, now rape my cunt for treating you that way! Show your babysitter she shouldn't tease you Harry. Oh! Please."


"Please. Take me hard, fill your babysitter up, humiliate me, and make me your slut."

Harry pushed at her cunt and finding it so wet it slid in all the way to his balls. Astonished he stopped, just holding it there, shocked at what he was doing. This was his babysitter, the woman he had dreamed of and had his dick deep inside her. His weight held her down and she can't move so she was at his mercy.

"Fuck me Harry! Fuck your teasing babysitter, punish my pussy." She cried out.

He raised himself up pulling his cock through her vagina while she gripped it tight. All the way until she thought it was to be lost to her.

"This is it babysitter I'm in charge now, I'm going to fuck you hard. You really do want me Sara. You're so wet and open and easy you really are my slut!" He cried out in pure pleasure. He slowly probed her pussy pushing in all the way.

"Harder you little shit, slap my ass like a whore." She demanded.

Thrusting in he managed to stop to slap her ass. Again and again he thrust in, faster and faster pounding at her pussy. Again he stopped almost lifting out of her pussy to slap her ass. "Your not in charge now babysitter, you're my whore slut." He groaned.

Sara moaned out loud feeling humiliated at the way she was giving in to this wicked private fantasy with such a young lad. She was a thirty-two year old mature woman and he was only eighteen and so innocent. The language was so vile yet she couldn't hold it back. In shame she thought. 'I need this young boy to rape my pussy, to treat me roughly, to fulfil my fantasies. I need him to use me for his dirty little fantasies. To use me like he's always wanted to.'

"You were excited to know I was naked and being raped in the other room, you wanted to join in didn't you!" She exclaimed.

"Yes I wanted to play with myself but I was tied up. I couldn't do anything but I can now and you will have to beg me Sara." He said while holding back. The head of his cock bulged just inside her and with a sense of power and satisfaction he felt her squirming.

Sara jerked her hips up at his cock but couldn't get enough of what she wanted. "You wished you were able to see me getting gang raped by all your friends, didn't you! You just saved me so you can make me take your cock."

"Yes I wanted to watch and I wanted to join them fucking you but I'm in charge now you teasing slut. Beg me babysitter, I know you want it. I'm ready to pound your pussy so beg me for it." He said through gritted teeth.

"FUCK MY ASS, Harry. You've spied on me in my little bikini, I know you've watched my tight ass sashay around the pool and wish you could have it. Now you can, shove your cock in my ass Harry!" She begged.

"Yes! It's my turn. I'll do it because you let them." He said between deep breaths. He pulled out and pushed at her tight ass hole. "I'll humiliate you for all those times you teased me." He moaned.

'This young boy is about to fuck my ass! Just a couple of hours ago I was in charge and those little shits could only dream of what I might look like naked, now here I am about to take young Harry up my tight little ass.' Agonised thoughts streamed through her mind adding to the impassioned arousal.

"I watched you around the pool and thought about what it would be like but never guessed I would get to see you like this, begging me to take you. I never imagined humiliating you to turn you on."

Sara felt his cock enter and is ashamed at begging for it and wanting it too. "Yes, pound my ass, you've spied... uh... uh... on me, out by... Ohhh! Uh, uh, the pool, haven't you?"

He pushed his cock inside her filling the tight hole until he felt his balls hit her pussy. "What does it feel like babysitter to be buggered? To have my hard cock in such a private place, such a humbling place? I watched your sexy heart shaped bottom wiggle by the pool and wondered, I even masturbated at the thought of seeing it."

"Oh Harry, it's so humiliating, but I need it. I can't believe I'm letting you fuck me like a slut, you're so young, but I need it. I know you boys had those thoughts. I know you all wanted to see my naked body, but I was too old, too high society for you little twerps. Ah, yes... Harder, fuck your babysitter's tight ass you little shit."

His youthful vigour carried him on speeding up the long powerful strokes. It seemed to be an age of pain and humiliation. The fantasy words dried up as they succumbed to the moment of passion. In one last movement he buried himself deep into her ass shuddering to a halt and spurted his load into her bottom.

He shouted out loud. "You slut, you bitch, take my cock right up your ass, you deserve to be punished, I'm cumin. Oh Yes! I'm cumin up my babysitters' ass!" He gasped.

Sara felt his cum deep up her ass. Ashamed to be a party to her own humiliation she moaned and sobbed all at once not wanting to but unable to hold back. Her orgasm rippled through an already abused body. The tiles were warm under her naked body yet she shivered uncontrollably in fear of what she had done to both of them.

He rolled off her to lie beside her prostrate form. "We all talked about you, how we would like to fuck you, to play with your tits. I wanted to kiss you at first but the fantasies grew." Harry whispered, while stroking her hair.

"You like my breasts? Did you ever peak on me in the shower? What would you think of when you jerked off to me, were you raping me? Teaching me a lesson?"

"I masturbated to the image of you, imagining you naked and grateful for a rescue from the pool. Just now I wanted to teach you not to flirt and tease everyone. I wanted to punish you for teasing me and my friends round by our pool." He told her.

"You dreamed of having me at your mercy. I had that fantasy too, being humiliated and naked, pirates or some powerful men taking me. I dreamed of a nice man saving me."

"Just now I wanted to take you whether you wanted me or not. Sorry." He said, looking sad at the thought of such bad behaviour.

"It's all right, really. You love when I come over to babysit; you get to see my sexy body beneath some teasing clothing. I'm sorry Harry, it's my entire fault." She said taking is hand in hers.

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