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The 7...Hmmmmm...Funny...That particular incident happened about 9 years ago now...It was a week before I met my husband. He and a friend had heard about me from the "7-man" bachelor party, and came up to Reno to hire me for their party. I guess I got a pretty high rating as far as "entertainers" go...*smile*...

Anyway, briefly...unless I get carried away...These guys contracted with me to dance and strip at a hotel bachelor party one night. It was supposed to be 2 hours, unless the tips got better, and I agreed to do it for $600.00. One of the bouncers I worked with agreed to accompany me for $200 of it, which made me feel more comfortable about the surroundings...After all, me and 7 guys...alone...was a little one sided...

When I got there, I met the groom and the guy putting the thing on...The two of them, AND the other guys, were like total hunks! I mean, they could all have been movie stars or models! When I met with them before it got started to explain the rules to them, I couldn't take my eyes off the groom...He had the dreamiest blue eyes and big...omigod...he had muscles...Okay...calm down, Lisa...whew!

When we finished with the ground rules...meaning "no touching the dancer..unless I said it was okay" the one guy asked me if I'd consider giving the groom a hand job if I felt comfortable about it...I said maybe...

I danced...pranced...and stripped...We played whipped cream slide and oil the tits and a few other fun games... I made them tip me $5.00 for each one of those...Towards the end of my session, I was getting pretty horny from them rubbing my tits...I'm not kidding...I think there's a direct line from my nipples to my clit! I finished by kneeling in front of the groom and unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out...I told everyone that since they'd "oiled" me up all night, I should be able to do one of them...I gave him a 5 dollar bill and asked him if I could...

The other guys were cheering us on...I was really talking to him too...His cock was big...and hard as steel...and no matter how hard I squeezed and pumped...he wouldn't cum!! I told him if he didn't cum soon, I was gonna use other resources...He just shrugged his shoulders and smiled...just the quiet strong type...so I licked the head of his cock...and the other guys went crazy...yelling they were next...Poor Lamar...my bouncer...had his hands full...keeping them back so I could work...When licking and talking dirty to him didn't work, I stuffed his cock in my mouth and sucked for all I was worth...

STILL nothing! This guy was amazing...I swear!!! So, I stood up and pulled off my panties...turned around with my back to him...bent over and pulled his cock up into my pussy as I sat down on his lap...impaled...He had hold of my waist and was pounding his cock up inside of me...and I suddenly opened my eyes to all those men standing around me...some had their cocks out...and the next thing I knew...I was sucking one after the other...some came on my face..some on my tits...some in my mouth...and the whole time, Mr. Bachelor's cock was still hard and fucking the shit out of me...

Finally he screamed and came...I thought someone turned a fire hose on inside me...It was like suddenly I was on fire...His cum pumping inside me...After he came, I wouldn't get up...and his cock never really went limp all the way...I didn't get up until the last guy had blown his load into my face...including Lamar!!

I got a standing ovation as I stood and released the big cock inside me...I couldn't believe how empty I suddenly felt, when he was out of me...Some of the guys wanted to fuck me too, but I told them that I'd already done more than I dreamed of doing...and Lamar was a sweetie about keeping the relations good between us...

On our way back to the Club, Lamar told me he wasn't going to take his cut that night...that as far as he was concerned, he'd made out like a bandit...I told him he tasted the best...

I’ve done a number of "parties"...but never one like that one again...I've had sex with 2,3 and even 4 guys at a time before...but that was on my own and not as part of the entertainment package.

I actually put on a pretty good "non intercourse" show, and made a lot of money just doing the whipped cream stuff and oil rubs...No penetrations...but touching was okay...

Sigh...for the good ole days...

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