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I still can't believe I did it. How they talked me into it I'm not sure, but somehow my girlfriends got me in that ring, and the next thing I knew they were tying on the boxing gloves. It was my bachelorette party, only three days before I was supposed to marry my high school sweetheart, Danny.

I wasn't dressed for boxing, that was for sure, and I remember that being one of my arguments. But they didn't care, so there I was, in my feminine pink and cream floral dress and brown leather sandals. They didn't even let me take my jewelry off, so I was wearing my silver locket, dangly silver earrings and the dainty silver anklet that had been a gift from my mother. I love that anklet, it draws attention to the butterfly tattoo on the inside of my right ankle that most people don't usually notice.

Luckily I did have my hair pulled back though, in a braid that hung down to the middle of my back. My blonde hair was wrapped carefully in colorful elastics every few inches, so at least it stayed out of the way.

As soon as I saw the girl on the opposite side of the ring I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. She definitely looked more like the type to do this kind of thing than I am!

Her name was Mica, and she was a petite little thing, probably not any bigger than my 105 pounds, and about my height, 5'3" or so. She was pretty, with deeply tanned skin and short jet black hair that sparkled when she moved in the light with the same glitter that covered her chest and arms.

She was dressed in a black tube top and short little black skirt, with black heels that easily put a couple of extra inches on her. Her make-up was thick and dark, very much in contrast to my simple pink lipstick and blush. She just looked the part of the kind of girl who would do something like this, and that made me want to beat her at her own game.

I smiled at my friends as the referee finished tying on my gloves and explained the rules. I was only half listening as he explained there would be three rounds, with the loser of each round losing a piece of clothing at the end. I thought of my pink lacy bra and thong underwear underneath my dress and half hoped I would get to show it off a little. It was new, and awfully pretty...


Right away when my boyfriend heard that there was going to be a boxing match at the nightclub, he started telling me how sexy he thought it would be to watch me fight. I didn't want to at first, but he convinced me that it would be fun. I wanted to see the look on my man's face as I pummeled that pretty little kindergarten teacher or what ever she was, with her perfect blonde hair and huge blue eyes. She got up from a table of six or eight girls, each one as perfect as the next. I think it was her bachelorette party, or at least that's what I heard someone say. It would definitely be fun to humiliate her a little bit right before her wedding day.

As the ref explained the rules to me, I looked over my boyfriend and grinned. If I was going to do this, I was going to give him a show he wouldn't soon forget.

The bell sounded the start of the first round, but Anya hung back a little, like she wasn't sure what she should do. I took the opportunity to move toward her quickly and throw the first punch, my oversized glove connecting with her right cheek in a blow that shocked her a bit.

The crowd roared and cheered me on as I came at her again and she fell back against the ropes. I couldn't believe she wasn't even trying to fight back or get out of the way, but my adrenaline was really starting to pump and I couldn't wait to hit her again. She stepped out of the way when I threw my third punch, though, and I was left to swing at nothing but the empty air.

Anya hit me hard in the back of the head and I flew forward a bit before I caught my balance again and spun around to face her. She was smiling now, doing a little victory dance for her girlfriends and not really paying all of her attention to me, so I took the opportunity to knock her on her round little ass.

I heard my boyfriend yelling and the others all joining in as she pulled herself back to her feet and came at me again. I hit her again before she regained her composure, sending her reeling again. She managed to stay on her feet this time, though, and quickly came back after me.

She threw a punch with her right glove and I immediately answered it with my left. We continued on that way for what seemed like forever until I hit her with a little more power and knocked her to the mat. She was struggling back to her feet when the bell rang, sounding the end of the first round.

Everyone was screaming and yelling, the noise was deafening, but very exciting. The referee came into the ring and declared me the winner of the first round. He announced that the winner would be allowed to remove one article of clothing from the loser, so I strutted over to the side of the ring where Anya was standing, looking a little flustered, with her bangs plastered against her forehead and her chest heaving.

I grabbed her by the arm and pulled her to the center of the ring, then dropped my gloves to the mat. I turned to look at my boyfriend, drooling from his front row seat, and positioned myself behind her so that he could watch me as I slowly removed her dress, one pain-staking button at a time. With each button, the crowd screamed, and when her dress fell to the mat, they roared.

Anya stood there in the middle of the ring in her frilly pink bra and matching thong underwear, looking more than a little embarrassed. She moved to cover herself, but the ref just picked up her dress and tossed it to her friends, then fastened my gloves and called for the beginning of round two.


As the bell rang to sound the start of the second round, I resolved that I was not going to lose. Standing there in my lacy lingerie that no one but Danny had ever seen. I could feel the cool air against my ass, and my thongs rode up to expose more creamy white skin as I lunged forward to go after Mica.

She was clearly expecting more hesitation on my part, and I got the upper hand. Repeatedly my gloves connected with her head, first from the right, then from the left. A shot to her tight stomach sent her to the ropes, and another to the chest left her sprawled on the mat.

I straddled her, lying there on the mat, and started punching her in the head. I knew the gloves padded my fists, but not enough that it didn't hurt. I was really getting to her, and I could tell. Her stomach was heaving, her skin warm against my thighs as I went after her. After a few moments she was lying there with her gloves up, not trying to fight back, but just trying to protect herself from my blows.

I heard my girlfriends screaming and cheering me on, and I laughed a little as I shifted my blows to her chest in order to avoid her blocks.

She let out a squeal and I realized that I was getting the best of her. The crowd roared and I kept punching and punching, half wondering why the referee wasn't stopping me or pulling me off of her.

When the bell rang I stood up and she just stayed there, lying on the mat and moaning a little. I spotted her boyfriend out of the corner of my eye and winked at him. As Mica stumbled to her feet, the referee came over and declared me the winner. I let out a squeal of glee as I walked over to her. I reached out and ripped her tube top from her body, leaving her C-cup breasts all but naked through her sheer bra. Dark nipples, hard with excitement, pressed against the material. Her breasts sparkled with the same glitter that covered much of the rest of her exposed skin, and heaved as she struggled to catch her breath.

Still holding her tube top, I strutted over to where her boyfriend stood. He stepped up so that he stood on the outer edge of the ring, a darkly tanned man, tall and very good-looking. He reached out so I could give him the top, but I leaned in and kissed him hard on the lips, drunk from all of the excitement. Then I pulled away and tossed him the top, turning quickly so he was left to watch me walk away. The crowd screamed and cheered, and I could see the fire in Mica's eyes.

The bell rang again, and the adrenaline rushed through my body. I rushed at her, gloves in front of me, and immediately started punching. I could tell she hadn't recovered from the last round, each blow seemed to shake her to the core. She was trembling a little as I punched her as hard as I could and she flew into the ropes.

The screaming voices that were cheering me on now included her boyfriend, I noticed with devilish delight. She bounced off the ropes and into my gloves again, and I shoved her down. She went flying across the mat face first, sliding on her stomach until she wound up in front of where her boyfriend was watching. Her skirt had flown up around her waist and I could see that she must tan in the nude, as there were no tan lines on her firm ass, barely covered by sheer panties that matched her bra.

Mica glared at her boyfriend as she pulled herself to her feet and turned again to face me. Once she had her back to him, he winked at me and started to yell and cheer again.

When she got over closer to where I was, I grabbed the edge of her skirt and ripped it from her body, leaving her standing before me in that sheer set of sexy under things. I could see that she waxed her pussy, leaving a small triangle of dark hair in the front, pointing between her legs invitingly.

I couldn't wait to humiliate her completely, stepping out of that ring to rejoin my friends and leaving her standing there, completely naked. I went after her again, fists flying, and knocked her to the ground. She struggled to her feet and came after me, but I stopped her with one glove and slugged her in the stomach. This time when she dropped, she didn't get back up, and the bell sounded the end of the round, and the end of the match.

I pulled off my gloves and tossed them over my shoulder, then sauntered over to stand above her. Reaching down with one hand and smiling, I asked her if she needed help up, and she took my hand. As soon as I had her to her feet she turned to look at her boyfriend, with her back to me, and I unhooked her bra.

Two glistening dark c-cups bounced from their holder and were left completely exposed. As I grabbed her panties at each hip and ripped them down, she let out a little cry. As I walked away, I heard her sobbing behind me.

When I got to the opposite end of the ring, near where my girlfriends were sitting, Mica's boyfriend came over to help me down. With one strong hand on each hip he lifted me to the ground. I smiled up at him and went to sit with my girlfriends, all of them gushing about what they had just seen me do. They couldn't believe it, it was so out of character. My maid of honor handed me my dress and I put it back on, pulling the rubber bands from my hair and letting it cascade over my shoulders.

"I can't believe how awesome you were!" one of my girlfriend said.

I laughed, all the while watching the tall, dark and handsome gentleman whose lips had been pressed to mine minutes before. Mica was still sobbing in the ring when he walked over to me and held one hand out to mine.

"Would you like to go somewhere a little more private?" he asked. I took his hand and went with him. My eyes still locked in his as we walked away, I yelled over my shoulder to my girlfriends that I would see them later. I could just imagine the look of shock they had on their faces as he opened the passenger door of his black convertible for me and we sped away, leaving Mica with her humiliation.

That was one of the greatest nights of my life. Maybe some day I'll tell Danny about it...

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