tagBDSMBack Aboard the Covenant Ch. 03

Back Aboard the Covenant Ch. 03


After the last indignity of the quarantine, Daniels went to shower to wash the various substances off her body. Carefully washing her vaginal and anal areas, she still sometimes couldn't believe those things had been done to them. For her part afterwards, Rosenthal had let Adams walk her back to her quarters, but she abruptly went inside without a word, not giving him a chance to add to the awkwardness of what had just happened.

After letting the hot water wash the oil off her skin and the lubrication from everywhere intimate down below, Daniels returned to the bridge of the Covenant as it orbited near the evil planet below it. Adams and Walter greeted her quietly, then began briefing her regarding the status of the various systems. Adams made a point to keep his distance, not bringing up any of the events as they were coming back aboard. Seeing that all was in order, Daniels turned to the business of extermination. This could not be allowed to happen to another wayward ship.

Her PRIORITY level transmission took some time as, due to expense of the procedure, she'd never actually sent one other than in training. The message directed to both her company and the government security hierarchy explained in great detail the threat simmering below on the planet and the recently revealed fate of the Prometheus. She requested government intervention in the situation below, replacement crew members, and a replacement ship's captain. Having recently lost her husband who was the first captain and herself been promoted due to the gruesome death of the replacement captain, she wanted no part of the position. She had a cabin to build. Sadly, every moment reminded her she'd be doing that alone.

Knowing that even with the expedited communication that no response was possible for at least weeks due to the immense distances involved, she took another look around the bridge. All appearing in order, she let Adams and Walter keep watch and headed to her quarters. She needed time. Walking back through the ship, she wondered how Rosenthal was doing.

Rosenthal laid on her bed naked, having thrown the towel from the EQP chamber down on the foot of her bed. She wanted to distance herself from that whole mess. Feeling too exhausted to even get a shower, she just relaxed for a moment with the drink she'd poured hoping the spirits would lift hers. Raising her head to take a drink, the scent caught her.

At first she thought something had to be wrong with the whiskey, then it hit her. It's not whiskey, it's Adams. She held her hand to her nose and inhaled deeply as the strong odd smell tickled her. During the last part of the examination, Adams had become involved and his semen had ended up in and over her hand. The bleachy smell was him. Being a longterm devout lesbian she'd never experienced it herself, only her friends talked about it. Here it was, emanating from her hands as she remembered the feeling of his cock in her hand and his mouth on hers. Not sure why she'd responded as she had, she discounted it to the stress of the situation. Shrugging, she licked her fingers on a whim. Nothing to taste there though other than finger, only the scent remaining. Disappointed on some level, she took another drink, but she couldn't ignore that her pussy had gotten a little wet at the scent of sex, even if it wasn't the sex she normally craved.

She reached down and touched her pussy to be sure and she had definitely gotten a little aroused. Her touch lingered there, feeling none the worse for wear after her deep inspection. She raised her hips a little and a finger went down and touched her asshole. She was relieved to find it still tiny and tight in spite of a little ghost of an ache there from having been stretched open an hour ago. The touch of her finger made her hole clench a bit and she felt the little ache more keenly. A girlfriend or two had tried fingers and toys back there, but had always relented when she said no. MUTHUR was not so appeasing and had buried probes in both her openings, at least eventually after Addams helped. She shook off that memory plus the thought of getting aroused at the smell of a man's cum, got another drink ready, and headed to the shower.

Rosenthal showered for a very long time. Occasionally reaching out to get her drink from the stand next to the shower, she tried to let the pulsing over her naked body sweep away the memories of the horrors on the planet and the embarrassing things that occurred upon her return.

Eventually feeling well buzzed and over-heated from the long shower, she stepped out and began toweling off her bruised lithe body shaped by her years in the Marines and a life of discipline in the security field since. Slipping on her worn black boy-shorts and a slight black tank-top, she settled into bed.

She sighed a long sigh of relief to be back here after so much turmoil. Like all people, as she laid down with the best intention of immediate sleep, her mind started wandering. She remembered the shower and lingering kiss with Dani, a rare positive event in recent history. Then though there was also Adams. He'd touched her in a way literally no man ever had. Only women had graced her bed since she was old enough to do more than sleep in one. She wasn't sure how or why her body had reacted the way it had to Adams' hands on her. She tried to put both of her crewmates out of her mind and just relax. Eventually, sleep agreed to take her.

A dream woke her with a heavy breathing, whimpering start. Not a good dream. Foggy images of the losing fight with the creatures on the planet, friends lost, and friends doing somewhat forced sexual things to her slowly faded the longer she was awake. As soon as she shifted a bit in bed, she realized her pussy was wet and her panties were soaked.

"Fuck. Well this is just great," she intoned quietly while trying to get the images out of her head.

She laid back and tried to shake it all off. Now sleep didn't want to come so she started the toss and turn of insomniacs everywhere, sure the next position will lead to sleep while it never happened. Eventually in her squirming, her foot brushed the towel from quarantine. Reaching down, she brought it up to hold to her breast while she slept. The scent from earlier was pungent in her nose instantly. It hit her that Adams' cum had dripped down on the towel and she'd wiped the cum off her hand on the towel before they had exited the chamber together.

Clearly years in cryo-sleep had left their mark on him as it had been what, from listening to straight women, she realized was a massive 'load' of cum from the man. Laying there curled up under her blanket, towel near her face, she began running her fingers over the towel. Eventually, she found what she surprisingly sought. She found part of the towel that still had a gooey bit of Adams. Her fingers found what must have been ground-zero of one of his squirts as it was still moist; she realized her wetness had increased. With her finger, she scooped up some of his cum, hesitated for a second and brought it up to her mouth. As it hit her tongue, her taste buds lit up. She knew as a woman who'd only ever had the juices from a pussy in her mouth that this should disgust her, but for some reason it didn't.

This wasn't the jackass men over the years that she watched from afar and reaffirmed her early teen desire to only be with women. This was a guy who had always been nice to everyone before the battle. The guy who although amateurishly, had fought with her against the Aliens on the planet's surface. Her lips closed around her finger as she sucked every bit of him off of it, not even sure why she liked it.

"Fucking idiot told me he loved me even though he knew I was a lesbian" she scoffed at the memory of something he said during her forced examination even though it made her smile.

She was very much aware of the arousal between her legs increasing and that it had spread to her nipples under the thin tank-top as she savored his odd nutty taste.

"Fuck it" she breathed and brought her knees up to slide the soaked panties off, flipping them over onto the shelf. Settling down, the smooth sheet against her butt made her very aware of her nakedness from the waist down. She searched around on the towel for a bit and found the rest of him, the remainder of his cum. She scooped it up, started to bring it to her mouth, then stopped. Her other hand moved up and cupped one of her smallish breasts through the thin material of her tank and gave it a squeeze as its partner moved down between her legs with his semen. She groaned a satisfied groan as she rubbed his cool semen on her clit, then slid the finger coated with him into her pussy.

"I'll be the first lesbian in history to get pregnant while masturbating" she mused to herself as she began fingering her drenched pussy with two fingers. She didn't feel anything different, but she knew for the first time a 'he' was inside her. Not being sure how she felt about that her fingers began alternating between curling up inside her pussy and lightly rubbing her hard clit. The hand on her breast began pinching/pulling her nipple a bit as her breathing increased with her heat. Tingle upon tingle built and she could occasionally hear an embarrassing squishing sound as her two fingers fucked her pussy. She knew it wouldn't be long as she fucked her pussy she knew had a little of a man's cum inside mixed with her juices. She began thinking of him kissing her and how he'd convulsively jerked in her hand as she pinched her nipple and began lightly tapping on her clit...

"Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww," she moaned into the pillow and then bit down on it as the orgasm hit her.

No one ever made her cum like she did herself. It was a pillow biting, fingers buried deep in her pussy, asshole clenching orgasm that made her stop breathing for a few seconds, then moaned long into the pillow again as she still intermittently fucked herself with those two soaked fingers drawing the O out as long as possible.

As the tingles slowly faded, she stopped working herself, just breathing it all out. Eventually, she was back to complete post O relaxation. She got up and went to the bathroom. As she sat there peeing, she wondered what all of this meant. She was a little embarrassed that she'd used part of a man to get off. Cleaning herself, she stood up and headed back into the sleeping area, put on a dry pair of panties, and went to bed. Sleep took her quickly this time and was mercifully dreamless.


Time passed, putting the battle on the planet and the invasive examination upon return to the ship behind them. Daniels after a good long day off was back to the bridge checking to ensure the repairs made to the damage that originally led them here were still holding. An unexpected neutrino burst had taken them down this deadly rabbit hole that culminated in the loss of most of the crew and her own husband. After a few days, Rosenthal also rejoined daily activities with what passed for the crew these days.

Although the four of them discussed what the government would do about the problem below and a little about what might be transpiring there, no one talked about what happened to the women when they came back aboard. They fell into a routine of day to day ship operations. They were in a holding pattern, waiting on response from their company and the government. Eventually they would continue to Origae-6, but too much happened to continue business as usual. The days slowly became weeks.

Rosenthal relived some of her recent trials nightly and usually didn't have the positive ending as the first night. Some nights, thoughts of the horrific creatures below and the loss of her friends woke her. Some nights, dreams of probes opening her sexually woke her to confused wetness as both a man and woman were involved. Other nights she had both dreams intermingled with each other with horrors one foggy moment and sexual submission other moments. These nights wore on her. Often exhausted, Rosenthal sometimes neglected her duties or snapped at others. Her performance and conduct were slipping badly.

One evening after Adams and Walter had retired, Rosenthal joined Daniels for an adult beverage after all required tasks were completed. Rosenthal's nightly dreams had somewhat abated over the weeks, but they were not gone completely leaving her not well rested and often edgy during the work cycle. Daniels downed a swig of her drink and brought up the recent behavior changes.

"What's going on with you Rosenthal? I know we went through some bad things, but you just aren't yourself over a month later."

"What are you talking about?" she replied, not making eye contact.

"Come on, you know what I'm talking about," Daniels said gently, reaching across the table to softly lift Rosenthal's chin so contact was made. The eyes looking into hers were troubled.

A long silence passed. Eventually Rosenthal sighed and stood up. Pacing around the room, she told Daniels about the dreams involving face-huggers and chest-bursters that likely originated from what had happened to several party members on the planet below. The fact that her most intimate areas had been probed by MUTHUR against her will while in quarantine had likely also fueled them as some of the bad dreams started with the context of things going into her vagina or anus.

As she discussed the really bad dreams, she debated talking about the more embarrassing dreams. Stopping and leaning against a console facing Daniels, she decided to have full disclosure.

"All the dreams aren't about Aliens. Some of the dreams involve you and Adams. Sometimes separate, sometimes we are all together. The really bad dreams make me wake up terrified. These other dreams make me wake up lonely and...you know...frustrated."

"Rosie, I'm so sorry this is happening to you," Daniels said with concern in her voice.

"Daniels, the thing is, even after we get to our destination and wake up the other settlers, I have no idea if there are other single lesbians or not. There are a lot more men than women in the population that aren't already married. I might end up with nobody to face these nights."

"What about Adams?" Daniels asked, knowing that he obviously cared for Rosenthal and that he'd helped her at the end of the quarantine. She didn't know much specifics other than it had likely been very intimate based on the situation when she'd left the room.

"I admit there's a weird attraction there for me, but Dani all I've ever been with is women in my life."

"Maybe you're not lesbian, maybe you're Bi," Daniels reasoned.

Rosenthal changed from one awkward subject to another, "What about our shower...what about the kiss?"

"When we showered together, I think you liked it. When I kissed you before the second phase of our examination, you kissed me back...maybe you are a little Bi," Rosenthal reasoned to Daniels.

"Rosie, that was just a tough time that we were sharing together..."

"Come on Dani, tell me when you came while MUTHUR was DPing you that part of it wasn't from you watching me get fucked too," Rosenthal gently interrupted as she moved to stand in front of her.

"You're a beautiful woman, but I'm not ga..."

Rosenthal stepped on either side of seated Daniels' legs straddling her, then sat down. Rosenthal leaned in close, her hand going behind the other woman's head and lacing into the hair, pulling her close. The kiss shocked Daniels into silence. Rosenthal kissed her with urgency, lips and tongue signaling her need. Her left hand came up and firmly grasped Daniel's breast. She could feel the nipple was already hard. For the briefest of times, Daniels' tongue explored hers and she whimpered. After long seconds, Daniels broke the kiss and pushed her up off of her lap.

"I can't do this Rosie, please respect that," Daniels breathing more heavily than normal stated.

Reaching down and cupping Daniels' sex through her pants, "Dani, you know you're as wet as me right now."

Pulling Rosenthal's hand away from her groin area that truly was more wet than she wanted to admit, she turned and left without another word.

A week passed and neither woman mentioned it. On a few occasions however Rosenthal saw the blush when they inadvertently made eye contact or bodies brushed together on the bridge. A nerve had been hit. Later that evening, she decided to try again. Knowing Daniels' religious gym routine to stay fit during space-travel, she decided that was the place.

Walking down the passageway at the appropriate time to have a supposed chance encounter with Daniels, Rosenthal could feel she was soaked between her legs. The thought of what she was about to attempt had her engine going.

Entering the gym chamber though she felt disappointment as Adams was there also working out. After obligatory greetings, she went about working out while keeping an eye on Daniels. She made a point to bend over from the waist at times when Daniels would see. On one occasion when she was on a machine that provided resistance when a person opens their legs, she waited until she caught Daniels' eye. Before Daniels could look away, Rosenthal slid her hand down under her pants and soaked panties. Daniels, seeing that it was obvious Rosenthal was fingering herself, blushed hotly and eventually looked away. Adams, oblivious to the silent spectacle out of his view kept working out. Rosenthal kept fingering herself for a bit, but Daniels would not even look in her direction. She stopped before Adams could catch her. Workouts and stalking continued until eventually Adams excused himself, leaving the chamber to continue his evening.

Daniels moved to one of her last exercises. She lay down on the bench on her stomach and hooked her leg into the apparatus at the end. Curling her leg up towards herself, she began her first set. Rosenthal saw the best chance she would get to persuade her friend. She knelt down beside the bench, and put a little gentle weight from her torso onto Daniels' back.

"What are you doing..."

"Shhhhhhhhh" Rosenthal advised as she smoothed Daniels' short hair away from the back of her neck and gave a light kiss. The kiss caused Daniels who'd been trying to push up off the bench to freeze. Rosenthal nipped a little with her next moist kiss causing Daniels to moan. Daniels closed her eyes, mentally locked. Having been soaked in sweat from her earlier cardio, a sensual chill ran up her spine. Goose bumps bumped and nipples hardened from the woman's attention to her neck, breasts against her back, and arms cupping hers from behind.

"Rosie NO!" as she felt a hand slide under the waistbands of both her shorts and underwear.

She began to try to get up again as the hand slide steadily between her sweaty cheeks making her very self-conscious of her perceived cleanliness. Rosenthal could not believe it was happening for a second, not originally planning on being so brazen. The site of the ass right there had been too much for her though, knowing the beautiful pussy was right beneath and vulnerable.

"Rosenthal!" Daniels demanded as the fingers breezed lightly over her anus and began pushing against her drenched pussy. She started to command her again, but the words came out as a whimper as two fingers pushed deep between her legs. Feeling Rosenthal's wrist between her ass cheeks and fingers fucking her pussy while her neck was kissed made time slow down. A wet finger began circling her anus causing her to begin struggling again. Rosenthal sensing the struggle, leaned down on her friend more, preventing her from rising.

"Rosenthal fucking stop!" Daniels demanded as a wet finger pushed up to a knuckle in her butt while another was in her pussy. Clenching her asshole hard, she kept it from going any further as Rosenthal clearly didn't want to hurt her.

"Dani, I know you like it. I know you came while MUTHUR was doing what I'm doing right this second," Rosenthal reasoned with her. I have a strap-on cock back in my room. You can pretend I'm a man fucking you, you'll love it."

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