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Philip looked around as the car crested a hill. The bar at the top looked vaguely familiar, but he couldn't quite be sure. Jayne didn't say a word, looking out her window as the night time scenery went flashing by. With a quick glance to his right, Philip eased his Mustang into the next lane. It wouldn't do to smack into someone because he wasn't paying attention. Beside him his lovely wife shifted in her seat, snuggling up against him. "It's OK if you can't find it," she said.

"Let me go just a bit further, and if I don't find it, we'll quit," he answered while glancing over at her. The busty blonde looked a bit worn out from their trip, but Philip never begrudged her the right to lean on his arm for support. He was doing this as much for her as he was for himself, and to have come so far with nothing to show for it was unacceptable. With a gentle nudge he steered the car around the next curve, and his eyes lit up. The shopping center ahead on the right was definitely familiar, and he pointed out the landmark. "See, right there. I told you," he said without a hint of smugness. Jayne sat a bit more upright in her seat and nodded as they drove past the neon glow of the strip mall. A few minutes later, Philip flicked his left blinker on and headed down a dark side street. He didn't have long to go before he hauled the car over again, this time turning into a dimly lit parking lot. The building was roughly 'L' shaped, with the open side hidden from the street. Considering what the sign on it was advertising, it made sense because it gave potential clientele some privacy from the road. The pavement hadn't been touched in years, and Philip bounced the car to a halt.

Jayne was more alert now, and she took in their surroundings. The lights of the main road could barely be seen in the distance, and there wasn't much more coming from the lamp posts near them. In the darkness beyond she could make out a series of low warehouses and such, they were definitely near some kind of industrial park. The eerie silence told her that no one else was around, at least no one who didn't want to be here. There were a few cars scattered through the darkened parking lot, most were clustered by the door. Jayne got her first good look at the building, it wasn't her first visit to such an establishment. The door had the usual warnings about patrons being over 21, and a gaudy sign advertised the peep shows within. She was surprised to see that the siding on the building looked relatively new, in all of hers and Philip's experiences with these places, they expected them to always look run down. Still, the outer facade was just that, and it was what lay inside that interested them. "You've been here before, right?" she asked.

"Yep, found it on my last business trip. They've fixed it up since then," answered her husband. "Everything look OK to you?"

"Yes but, not tonight, right?" Jayne looked over at him. "I'm a little too tired to be much fun. You don't want that now, do you?" A smile. Philip didn't even have to answer that one, and they agreed to come back on another night. There was still plenty for them to do on this mini-vacation, finding an adult bookstore like this one just added more spice to it. It wouldn't be their first time visiting such a place together, in fact Philip and Jayne made a habit of it, as long as they were nowhere near anyone who might recognize them.

Although they longed to spend an evening at the bookstore, other events kept Philip and Jayne from doing so until the last full night of their vacation. Despite the fact that they'd have to leave town early, they made it a point not to miss out on what was usually a very pleasurable experience for the both of them. After finishing up the last of the things they wanted to do, the couple made their way back to their hotel so that Jayne could change. She always kept a hot little outfit or two around, just in cast they'd find somewhere to play, and tonight was the night. Philip waited patiently for her as she got dressed, entertaining himself with pleasant memories of other nights like this. Depending on the clientele, they could be in for a very hot evening, but times like this were always hit or miss. There had been several occasions where no matter what they did they couldn't get anything started. On the other hand, there were a number of blissful nights that started in the often smoky corridors of a peep show. While Philip was wondering just what lay in store for them, his wife finally emerged from the bathroom. Even though he knew what to expect, his mouth was agape as she picked up her jacket and made for the door.

Jayne hooked a finger into the collar of her black leather jacket and turned to her husband. A broad smile covered her face and she gave him her best 'come fuck me' look. She had done up her curly blonde tresses, the look was a little poofy but it kept her hair out of her face. That was quite important, with what she had planned. Her make up was just a little on the heavy side, a blend of colors accenting her beautiful green eyes and bright red lipstick on her luscious lips. Jayne's finger and toenails were painted a matching candy apple red. If her hair and make up were all she had done, Jayne would have been quite tarted up. She hadn't stopped there, of course, and what he saw left Philip's heart racing. A black lace bra was all the top Jayne had chosen to wear, and it was quite skimpy and sheer to boot. From the way her cleavage bulged out at him, Philip knew his wife had deliberately chosen a bra that was at least a size too small, accentuating her already magnificent breasts even more. Her flat tummy was exposed over top of a scandalously short denim mini, that ensemble was held in place by a wide black leather belt. Jayne had fishnet stockings disappearing into her skirt, and the straps of her garters were quite visible when she walked. More of those fishnets and sexy long legs would have been visible, but she had completed her outfit with a pair of over the calf black leather boots. Philip often wondered how she maintained her balance with such impossibly high heels, but he couldn't complain about the effect. Jayne's entire body was pitched forward as she towered in those heels, they even gave a little more definition to her relatively flat bottom. If she could be said to have any flaws, her minimal derrière was it. Still, the top heavy blonde was a killer sight, and Philip had high expectations as they drove off into the night.

Since they knew which roads to take, the trip to the bookstore wasn't nearly as eventful as it had been earlier in the week. A few more cars were visible in the parking lot, and a mist filled the air as they made their way to the garishly painted door. Philip led the way in, followed quickly by Jayne. Together they paused immediately as the door swung shut, their eyes taking in their immediate surroundings. Philip remembered the place as a smoke filled dive, dark and dank like so many other establishments. What he saw was a relatively clean storefront, and a freshly carpeted floor to boot. Sure the workmanship of the decorating had an overall cheap feel to it, but it was a far cry from the place he had visited earlier in the year. Racks and racks of all sorts of sexual paraphernalia lined the walls, everything from magazines and DVDs to dildos and assorted S & M equipment. In the far corner was an open doorway, and a simple sign that said 'Booths'. Jayne had just started to wander around the shop when a gruff voice called out "Can I help you?"

Philip and Jayne turned to see a powerfully built man glaring over at them. He was bald headed and carried an air of authority as he spoke to them. Philip recognized him from his previous visit. His name was Ray, and he owned the place. While his manner could be a lot more customer friendly, Philip understood that the guy must deal with some pretty rough characters. "We're just looking around," he started to explain.

"That's fine," came the man's retort. "Just remember, no soliciting in my place." He gestured towards Jayne.

"It's OK," she cooed as she leaned over towards him, giving the man a great view of her tits. "I'll be a good girl, I promise." Her smile disarmed him somewhat, and he nodded and went back to his work. Philip decided to hustle Jayne back towards the booths before the big man changed his mind. They didn't notice Ray watching Jayne's skirt covered bottom as she left the room, but if they had, they certainly wouldn't have minded. Indeed, Jayne was getting a lot of similar looks from various guys they passed when they wandered through the darkened corridors of the peep show. Philip was able to do some looking around himself, and he liked what he saw. The video booths were spaced widely apart, the better to accommodate a good sized monitor, and the benches seemed to be wide enough for at least two. The lack of doors was a bit of a drawback, but that just meant that people could wander between booths to check out the action. While they were walking, Philip saw a couple of guys hanging around watching another guy's video, they might even have been involved in a circle jerk. Together, he and Jayne made the rounds of the place, attracting a bit of attention to her and generally advertising that she was not at all opposed to letting a guy sneak a peek at her. Philip guided her towards an out of the way back booth, one that was at the end of a corridor, and there they settled in. Already one guy could be seen meandering down the hall towards them, and Philip settled himself into the far corner of the booth. Jayne was situated at the open end, and they started the video player for themselves.

The separate movie channels all seemed to be the same, the monitors were hooked into a master video/DVD system that played the scenes all out on a loop. There was a hot one of blonde girls fucking black guys, and Philip lingered on this for a minute before flipping to an all blow job selection. It was more of a highlight reel than anything else, cutting in to scenes when the guy was just about to climax. Jayne unzipped more of her jacket as they sat back and watched, and she angled herself in her seat so that any bystander could get a clear look at her. In the meantime, she reached over and unzipped Philip's pants, reached a hand inside, and slowly started to stroke. He sighed softly as he felt her warm hand wrapping itself around his cock, but his eyes never left the screen in front of him. There, a petite little blonde was taking a massive black cock into her mouth, a scene that easily commanded Philip's attention. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see the form of an onlooker busying himself with his own cock as he watched the scene unfolding. Philip was reasonably sure that the guy wasn't paying as much attention to the video as he was to sexy Jayne.

It was hard not to notice her as she sat on the bench with Philip's cock in her hand. Her big tits strained mightily against her bra, and her hard nipples were clearly visible, even in the flickering light cast by the monitor. Jayne knew that Philip's apparent disinterest was a ruse, designed to lure guys in for a closer look, and to make them more available to her. She eased her way out of her jacket, revealing her skimpy bra to all who cared to see. One of the onlookers was already bold enough to unzip his pants while he watched them. He had already started stroking his cock when Jayne slowly turned towards him. Her lips blew him a kiss as she turned, letting the man know that she had seen him but wasn't warning him away. His face lit up when he saw Jayne's eyes fixating on his cock, and he gingerly stepped forward when she beckoned to him. "Do you like what you see, stranger?" she asked as she casually eased a bra cup out of the way. A gorgeous full breast spilled out and Jayne reached for the nipple as the man answered.

"Damn straight I do," he said as his eyes bugged out. "And the name's Jeff."

"Jeff," uttered Jayne as she absentmindedly fingered her breast. "Why don't you move in closer, I think you'll like this."

Jeff didn't need to be told twice. He stepped closer, standing in the doorway of the booth, with his cock only inches away from Jayne's face. A quick glance told him Philip was obviously all right with this, in fact the man sitting there had started to slowly stroke himself as Jayne turned her full attention to Jeff. Without another word, the pretty blonde parted her lips and wrapped them around the swollen head of Jeff's cock. His first reaction was to close his eyes and tilt his head back as he felt his stiff shaft sliding into the blonde's mouth and down her throat. Jayne's first suck drew his attention back to where he was, and Jeff opened his eyes again. They darted over to where Philip was sitting, but as soon as they did, Jeff realized that Jayne's man was clearly enjoying this. His own cock was exposed, and he was stroking himself ever so gently as he watched Jayne going down on Jeff's cock. She alternated glances at both men while she sucked, but concentrated her efforts on Jeff. His cock glided between her pouty lips over and over as she finally brought a hand to his shaft. Once there, she immediately started stroking him, gripping on tight and using a bit of a twist as she pumped his cock into her mouth. Jayne knew that anyone coming down the hall would see what she was doing, the very idea turned her on even more.

As much as Philip enjoyed watching his wife sucking another man's cock, Jayne got off on knowing she was performing for an audience. She brazenly pushed her veil-thin bra cups down and out of the way while she gave Jeff his blow job. Her tits had been near to spilling out anyway, and Jayne knew that this would definitely attract more attention. Besides, the cups were so sheer that she was sure any man who so much as glanced in her direction got a great view of her nipples. Jeff sure was enjoying the unobstructed view, in fact he had managed to reach out and fondle her while she sucked away at his cock. Her big tits looked magnificent as her tight bra straps pushed them tightly together. Jeff gazed into her deep cleavage before taking a heavy breast in his hand, squeezing and caressing it while Jayne sucked him harder and harder. He brought his fingers to bear on her nipples, making her squeal out loud for a moment. Then, with renewed passion, she started sucking on him really hard. Her hand flew over his saliva slickened shaft, her mouth pumped up and down on him. Jayne's head rhythmically moved back and forth, faster and faster. Philip's eyes lit up as he watched her sucking Jeff off. Her eyes were riveted on that beautiful cock as it slid so easily into her mouth, over and over again. Jeff leaned back a bit, thrusting his cock deeper into Jayne's waiting mouth when suddenly he groaned.

"Oh yes, baby!" he rasped as he slammed his hand onto the back of Jayne's head, forcing her all the way down on him. She went down on his cock quite willingly, but managed to pull herself back just a bit when he finally exploded. The tip of his head was resting just inside her mouth, right over her outstretched tongue when he came. Her hand pumped his cum into her mouth, and she let the sticky hot load swirl around on her tongue before swallowing it down. Jayne kept stroking Jeff's cock, milking every last drop out of his balls before she licked her lips with that cum coated tongue, and went down on his rapidly deflating shaft to suck down all he could give her. She lingered on that last stroke, sucking him long and hard, pulling him deep into her mouth before finally letting go. Jayne gave his cock a quick little kiss before she withdrew, and a sticky strand of cum joined her lips to him for an instant. Her parted lips allowed him to see the last of his jizz coating her tongue before she swallowed that down too. A wink and a blown kiss was her way of bidding him farewell before she turned to Philip once again.

Jeff was walking away and zipping up his pants as Jayne eased herself down off the bench. She half checked the floor to see if any of the booth's previous occupants had splattered cum on the floor before she positioned herself on her knees. Philip's legs were spread apart to accommodate her, and while he stuffed another dollar into the video machine, Jayne stuffed his cock into her mouth. He hadn't stroked himself hard enough while watching to get himself fully erect, but one suck from his wife's sexy mouth changed all of that. It certainly didn't hurt that he knew she had just sucked off a stranger and swallowed down the man's cum. He let his hand play with her slightly disheveled blonde hair as she started sucking him, but his eyes were fixated on the video in front of him. Jayne knew he loved to watch, and she didn't begrudge him his little fetish. On screen a hot brunette was sucking off a couple of guys at once, which was something Philip dearly loved. He was wondering if he could manage to get Jayne to do something like that tonight when fate intervened on his behalf.

"Damn, that looks good," said a gravely voice. Philip looked out of the doorway to the booth to see a careworn looking black man standing there. The man's bright eyes shone with glee as he watched Jayne giving Philip a messy blow job. Saliva ran down the shaft of Philip's cock. but Jayne would bob down quickly and suck it up again. She interrupted what she was doing to wink at the man, and raise an eyebrow at him. He saw the gesture, but was more stunned when she tossed her head quickly to the side, motioning him to come into the booth. The newcomer looked over at Philip, who slid over a little and gestured at the room on the bench. Without further hesitation, the man stepped in and made himself comfortable. "How ya doin?" he asked Philip. Without waiting for an answer, he turned to Jayne. The busty blonde was already working on his zipper. Her tits were mashed up against his thighs, and he reached out to fondle one. Jayne gave the caressing fingers a kiss before she sized up the man's dark cock. A smile came across her face. "You like that, baby?" he asked. In response he got a series of quick nods. "That's good. You just be sure and treat ol' Dwight just right now, OK?"

Anything else he would have said was lost in his low moan as Jayne's hot mouth took his cock inside. She let her tongue run along the circumference of his shaft before tightening her lips around him fully. Dwight's manhood seemed to come to life in her mouth, growing to its full length and girth rapidly as he felt her sucking on him. At first she concentrated her efforts on Dwight's cock, sucking and stroking him as he hardened up. Once he was fully erect, Jayne started bobbing her head up and down on him. Her strokes slowed down a little from when she first started sucking him, but she kept a firm grip on him with her hand. Jayne's other hand found its way to Philip's cock, and she started stroking him as well while Dwight's cock plunged deep into her mouth. She managed to concentrate on sucking that hard black shaft as long as she could, but Jayne could sense that both men wanted something more. Always one to please, she switched her mouth over to Philip's cock and sucked him long and hard before returning her attention to Dwight. In the meantime, Jayne made sure that she was stroking Dwight's cock, and from the grin she could see on his face, he rather enjoyed watching her sucking on Philip as well.

Luckily for Jayne, the two men were sitting close enough together that switching back and forth between them was quite simple. She was able to choose between them several times, letting a streamer of her own spit join her lips to those cocks as her head darted back and forth. As Jayne switched between guys, she lingered longer and longer each time. Her head bobbed up and down over each of them, her hand flew over the pair of hard shafts. Both men were oozing pre cum from their cocks, and Jayne sucked up the sticky sweet secretion. From their groaning she could tell that her oral expertise was having its desired effect on them, and she loved it. Just to tease them, she slowed down with her sucking a bit. First she did it with Philip, then she switched over to Dwight's throbbing cock. Her hand was still gliding over his shaft, and she started going down on him deliberately, sucking him into her mouth lovingly. He responded to her long, slow suck by easing his own hand onto his cock in place of hers, and stroking himself rapidly. Jayne toyed with him even more, pulling her mouth off of his cock completely. She didn't pull away, instead she used her lips and tongue to stimulate the bulbous head of Dwight's cock while he stroked himself faster and faster. Philip was watching intently and stroking his cock at the same time. He was savoring the sight of his hot blonde wife taking in yet another cock, and he tried desperately to hold his own orgasm off until she finished with Dwight.

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