Back Booth Backwash


"Mmm, you want to cum, don't you baby?" she intoned breathlessly as she kissed Dwight's ebony shaft.

"Oh fuck yes," he groaned back. Dwight's strokes grew even faster.

"You want to cum, you want to cum in my mouth?" teased Jayne even further. Before he could reply, Jayne went all the way down on him again, sucking his cock harder than she had done earlier.

"Oh yeah! Oh yes!" moaned Dwight as his cock spurted off into Jayne's hot mouth. His body trembled a bit as he fired off his wad, pumping his hot cum directly into the sexy blonde's mouth. His black cock was jammed deep inside her mouth as he spewed, and he felt her throat muscles contracting as she swallowed down his semen. After a few spurts, she opened her mouth and pulled his cock away, allowing Philip to watch the last of Dwight's cum shooting onto Jayne's tongue. That was enough for him, and Jayne knew it. Before she had even swallowed down the last sweet drops of Dwight's cum, she was over on her husband's cock, her open mouth poised to take him in. Had she been a titch faster, she would have made it, and been able to take all of Philip's cum into her mouth. He let go just as she reached him, splashing the first globs of his cum all over her face. Jayne shut her eyes instinctively and managed to catch her husband's second spurt in her mouth, the hot liquid shooting all the way to the back of her tongue. There, it mixed with the remnants of Dwight's hot cum Jayne kept the sticky concoction in her mouth as she went down on Philip's cock and sucked out the last of his cum. She opened her mouth slowly and seductively when she finished, letting the two men see their mingled jizz as she swirled it around in her mouth before dutifully swallowing it all down. Jayne gave them each a few more sucks to clean their spent cocks off. When she was done, Jayne brazenly stepped out of the privacy of their booth to let Dwight go about his merry way, and she looked around before straightening herself out.

Jayne's skirt had hiked up while she was on her knees, and now it left half of her bottom exposed. The tops of her fishnets and her garters were in plain view now, and her breasts jutted out over the top of her displaced bra. She had one of her tits in her hand, and was about to force it back into her bra when she noticed another man eyeing her up. Jayne greeted him with a smile, and the man casually made his way over to her. She was pretty sure he'd been watching her little suck show from before, for he stepped past her and into the roomy booth without any further invitation. Philip had already stuffed his cock back in his pants, and made room for the man, stepping out of the booth himself as Jayne stepped in. Her hands were on the bottom hem of her skirt, and she was about to tug it back into place when the man spoke up. "You don't need to bother yourself with that," he said, and she smiled back at him in return.

"Anything you say..." she started to say, leaving him to finish.

"Hank," he whispered as she stepped in closer to him.

"Well, Hank," cooed Jayne. "How about I bother myself like this?" Jayne's hands pulled her skirt up even higher, revealing herself fully to him. Hank sat back with his eyes fixated on her crotch, taking in the sight of her lovely pussy. Jayne was visibly wet, clearly aroused from having sucked off three cocks already that night. Her pussy hairs were neatly trimmed into a tiny little patch that was just a shade darker than the blonde tresses that framed her face. Hank had already undone his zipper, freeing his partially erect cock while he let his eyes roam all over her body. She stood in front of Hank for a moment, spreading her legs to let him get a closer look at her full pink cunt lips, then she squatted down in front of him. Her pussy spread a little when she did, revealing a lusty red opening that matched the color of her mouth as she parted her lips and slowly started to suck him.

Hank eased back onto the bench as the busty blonde went down on him. Her eyes roamed over his body as her head bobbed up and down on the man's cock. It was quite obvious to Jayne that he was leering at her exposed body while she sucked him, and she made no effort to cover herself up. Hank clearly had the better end of that bargain, Jayne had quickly decided that he wasn't really all that much to look at. After all, he was kind of scummy looking, the stereotypical patron of such places. Still, it was his cock that she was after, and she hurriedly pumped it in and out of her mouth. In that department he certainly wasn't lacking, and Jayne wasn't all that picky anyway. She had come here with one goal in mind, and she'd already accomplished that twice, giving two strange men a blow job to remember. Besides, she knew that her own Philip really got turned on watching her, so the sucking on yet another cock was something she was quite open to. To be fair, she was sucking on Hank's cock a little harder than she had done any of the others, letting it pump in and out of her mouth with a little popping sound each time it escaped from between her lips. Jayne's cheeks were puckered in as she sucked, giving Hank as quick a suck off as she could manage. That was due more to the fact that he had already motioned a friend over to watch than anything else, and Jayne had already made up her mind that she'd give both of these guys what they wanted. Her hand stroked Hank's shaft as his buddy Artie came over to get a closer look, and before Jayne continued, Hank had pressed his cock into the deep valley between Jayne's tits.

That drew a smile from her as she squeezed her tits together, tickling Hank's thighs with her hard nipples while she bounced herself up and down around him. His slick cock slid nicely in her tight cleavage, and periodically Jayne would lash out her tongue to tease the tip of his head while he titty fucked her. It wasn't as satisfying to her as an all out blow job, but it just seemed right to do at the time. Hank was even helping out, letting his hands press her breasts tightly together around his cock while he pinched her nipples. Jayne couldn't help but respond to the gentle pressure he was applying to her sensitive breasts, and although she would have been content to let Hank get off on her like that, and shower her gorgeous breasts with his cum, it soon became apparent that Hank had other ideas. He was still squeezing her tits together when he let his hands drift down to Jayne's sides, and gradually he guided her up even more on him, until only her hands were left on his cock. Jayne's breasts were drawing tantalizingly close to Hank's mouth, and as Philip and Artie gleefully watched, he pulled them all the way down to his mouth.

Jayne moaned and gasped as she felt the man's hot mouth taking her breasts. He nuzzled her a bit, then went all out, sucking and slurping on her tits as hard as he could. Hank shook his head violently from side to side as he sucked on her, taking in as much of each lovely breast that he could manage. Jayne was obviously more than a mouthful, which forced Hank to use his hands as well while he went after her breasts. He sucked her long and hard, using his tongue and teeth to pay extra special attention to her fine nipples. Strong hands squeezed and tugged at Jayne's breasts. Her moans grew louder and louder as she luxuriated in the feeling of the man sucking her tits. Jayne's hands had left Hank's cock temporarily now as well, but they soon found their way to the dampness between her legs. For a while there, she had been content to rub her thighs together, but now she needed her fingers down on her pussy as well. They found her snatch to be quite wet, which was to be expected from her heightened state of arousal. In a moment, one finger slipped easily inside herself, followed by another as Hank renewed his efforts on her tits. Jayne felt Artie's hands reaching out to touch her ass, and the man was soon pressing himself against her. She ground her hips back at him as she felt his hard cock straining against her pants, then gasped as Hank took another tit as deep into his mouth that he could. That got her to stand bolt upright, just inches away from both men when she breathlessly exclaimed, "Hank, I want you to fuck me. Now!"

Philip silently nodded his approval as Jayne took Hank's hand in her own and helped him up off the bench. Artie stayed were he was at the doorway to her booth as she got down on her knees in front of the now standing Hank. With a well practiced move, Jayne tore the wrapper off of a condom, then slowly unrolled it down the length of Hank's shaft. He was about to protest its use, especially after watching her suck off and swallow the other guys, but she stopped him when she placed a wet finger against his lips. It tasted of her hot cunt juices, and she turned around before him, offering her ass up to him as she got down on her hands and knees. Hank wasn't one to pass up on a hot pussy, no matter what the circumstances, and he grabbed her by the butt and eased himself into her. Jayne would have moaned even louder as Hank's cock penetrated her soaking wet cunt, but by now Artie's cock was filling her mouth. She let her body rock back and forth between the two men, feeling both of their cocks filling her up as they settled into a rhythm. Hank's thrusts into her from behind pushed her forward, making Jayne go down deeper on Artie. At the same time, Artie would allow his hips to buck forward, fucking her mouth and pressing her onto Hank's cock even more. Their pacing was steady, each man wanting to make this last as long as it could, and they were coaxed to speed up only by Jayne. She was getting hotter and hotter each time a different cock pounded into her, and her hands flew over Artie's shaft while she sucked him. From behind, Hank was bumping up against her ass, and Jayne would grind herself against him each time she felt his cock ramming into her. Hank soon found himself bending over her, reaching around beneath her to grab her tits while he fucked her, and his position gave him a unique angle to watch Jayne sucking off Artie Long powerful thrusts became short, urgent jabs as he pumped his cock in and out of Jayne's wet snatch, fucking her viciously as she moaned and murmured her pleasure. Hank might have been able to last a little longer had she not sucked his cock so well, but the combination of her hot cunt sucking his cock in while he saw her mouth do the same to Artie proved to be too much for him to take.

Hank gasped and groaned as his cock jackrabbited into Jayne's pussy one last time before his balls exploded. His cock gushed out a torrent of cum into the tip of his condom, filling the little reservoir with his gooey jizz. He arched his back and slammed into Jayne again and again, pumping more and more of his cum out each and every time. From the heat he could feel around his cock, Hank knew Jayne was cumming as well, her moans stifled out by Artie's shaft thrusting deep into her throat. A moment later and it was too much for her as well, and she tossed her head back, freeing Artie's cock from her mouth so she could cry out. Loud and long she screamed, feeling Hank's cock pounding into her for the last time, moaning out loud as he reamed her pussy good. Her hands still stroked Artie's slick shaft, and she could tell with a look that it wouldn't take long for him to get his rocks off either. Jayne thought quickly as she eased herself back against the bench, taking both cocks in her hand and maneuvering the men in front of her. "Don't...don't waste it," she begged of Hank as she unrolled the condom off his spent cock. To Artie she tossed another one, which he instantly tore open and placed on his rigid cock shaft. Jayne's delicate fingers helped him to unroll the thin latex before she positioned herself on the bench itself. Hank's used condom had ended up there, laid out carefully on the wood as Jayne opened her mouth for him. He shoved his cum slick cock between her lips as she spread her legs for Artie, who obligingly pressed his cock against the moist opening to her cunt. Jayne moaned out loud as she felt it entering him, then Hank's cock filled her mouth once again.

Her legs were spread wide, splayed apart to expose her pussy to Artie's cock, and he eased himself into her slowly. Jayne sucked Hank's rapidly softening shaft, eliciting a little more life out of it before he deflated completely. She wished she could have sucked him hard once again, but that wasn't going to happen this night. Instead Jayne contented herself with sucking down the remnant of cum that the condom had left smeared all over Hank's shaft, and she savored every last drop. As soon as she was done though, all of her efforts were concentrated on Artie, leaving Hank and Philip to watch him fuck her. He was a younger man than Hank was, and although he appeared to be a little rough around the edges he surely knew how to treat a lady. That may have been an exaggeration, for no lady would have sucked and fucked total strangers the way Jayne was doing, but Artie knew how to treat a nasty girl as well. Jayne's skirt was well bunched up under her ass as Artie lifted her legs onto his shoulders, and his hands gripped her thighs tightly as he fucked her harder and harder. Those ponderously large breasts of hers jiggled wildly as he pounded into her, all pretense of gentleness gone. Artie was fucking her now, fucking Jayne wildly, like any good slut deserved. She moaned and screamed, feeling his cock pumping its way deeper and deeper inside her hot little box. Hank had done a good job stretching her out, now it was Artie's turn to ream that nasty little fuck hole. Jayne was quite well lubricated by her own juices, and while Artie would have preferred fucking her bareback, the thin rubber helped him last just a while longer. For that he was grateful, Jayne's pussy was quite accommodating, but as she screamed out loud with another spine tingling orgasm, Artie knew his time was up.

He had fought it off as long as he could, but watching this big titted slut beneath him sucking and fucking his friend had done him in. Artie grabbed onto her tighter, sending his cock plunging deep inside her well fucked cunt before the inevitable happened. He pushed himself into her fast and hard as he came. Artie's balls constricted tight, just as Jayne's cunt coiled itself around his shaft, milking him for every last drop of cum she could manage. All of it was contained within his condom, of course, but that didn't reduce the sensations Artie was feeling. His release seemed as if it was his hardest ever, his cock shooting his cum over and over inside Jayne's willing pussy. Artie pulled himself out of her as soon as he was done, reluctantly easing himself out of Jayne's wonderful pussy. Still, the three men watched her as she reclined on the bench, catching her breath after all her exertions. The pale white skin of her upper body flushed a light pink as they watched her, and those heaving breasts still looked so inviting as she gasped for air. Like she had done with Hank, Jayne took control of his cock as he tugged his condom off, and she laid it out carefully next to the other used rubber on the bench. Artie gasped as she sucked his cock clean, letting his cum mingle with Hank's on her tongue before she swallowed it all down.

As quickly as they had arrived, Hank and Artie abruptly left while Jayne started to straighten herself up. She didn't have to get all the way dressed again, but she did put her bra back on and tugged her skirt back into place. Jayne's well fucked pussy was very wet, and she paused for a moment to let her fingers slide into her slick cunt. Philip watched approvingly. He hadn't expected things to go this far, at least not in a place like this, but he wasn't complaining. Jayne's actions left him longing for her, and he wanted to go. Jayne slung her jacket over a shoulder, took Philip by the hand and they turned to leave. The darkened passageways revealed no more prospects, so they headed for the main entrance. They didn't make it far though, as a gruff voice called out to them from an open doorway. "You two. In here. Now."

Jayne and Philip were puzzled by this, but ducked their heads in. The man they had encountered earlier, Ray, was in there. He stared at them with a stern expression on his face. "I thought I told you no soliciting. What the fuck were you doing back there?"

Philip spoke up. "Now just a minute. We weren't charging for anything, what she did was free."

"Is that so? You fucking slut. You were really doing that?"

Jayne nodded. "There's nothing wrong with that."

Ray fumed. "There's plenty wrong with it if you get my place shut down. Do you think I want the fucking vice squad in here?"

"We're sorry," offered Jayne as she sashayed over towards Ray. In the process, she dropped her jacket to the floor. She could see the gruff man's eyes lighting up as he took in the sight of her gorgeous breasts straining against her bra. His features seemed to soften a bit, and Jayne knew that something else was probably hardening at the same time. She could hear Philip closing the office door behind them as she stepped over towards Ray. Jayne could feel the weight of her husband's eyes, and she knew from experience that he was looking forward to seeing her perform one last time. Ray's eyes were on her as well, and he reached out to her just as she got to him at the desk.

At first, his hand merely caressed her breasts through the thin bra. Then, without warning, Ray grabbed the front of it and pulled, ripping it off of her. Jayne gasped in surprise, and looked over at Ray with wide eyed shock. Philip was about to rush over to her aid, but she motioned him to stay back. By this time, Ray had taken her tits in his hands and was squeezing them hard. Rough fingers pinched at Jayne's nipples, making her squeal with delight as he pushed her back towards his desk. He was a fireplug of a man, short but powerfully built, and he lifted Jayne onto the flat surface without any difficulty. She kicked her legs a bit as he sat her down, then she picked her hips up a bit so he could shove her skirt out of the way. Ray then took her thighs and pushed them apart, exposing Jayne's dripping wet pussy. He looked down at her there, then into her eyes. The question went unspoken.

"Two, so far," said Jayne. "And I sucked off a couple more." That line was delivered with a mischievous twinkle in her eye. Ray slipped two thick fingers inside her, making Jayne gasp. After probing her cunt a bit, he withdrew and examined them. Jayne continued. "There's nothing there, they used condoms. Which I've still got somewhere...Oh!"

She gasped because Ray's mouth had taken her breasts, sucking greedily and hungrily on both of them as his hands resumed squeezing them. Jayne responded by wrapping her legs around his back and pulling him in tighter against her. He switched sides often, pulling and tugging at her nipples with his teeth. Ray was sucking on her tits roughly, just as he was squeezing them. This was no instance of a lover gently suckling his lady's breasts, rather it was the vicious, almost animal lust that consumed her. Jayne was actually helping by pulling him down onto her, mashing his head onto her tits and into her cleavage. This was far different from the almost tentative beginning with each of the other men who had her this night, and Jayne surrendered to it. Her pussy juices flowed freely, moistening her swollen lips in preparation for what she knew Ray had to want next. Philip was leering at the two of them from the side, watching as his wife was so passionately taken. Ray had to know this, but he didn't care. After a few more minutes of sucking Jayne's tits, he pushed himself off of her while pulling her closer to the edge of the desk. Her legs stayed spread apart for him in eager anticipation.

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