tagRomanceBack Dive Ch. 02

Back Dive Ch. 02


Ch. 02 – Teen Swimmers vs Bully

Ride to the Pool:

Three teenagers headed for swimming practice in the front seat of a faded blue clunker, a Chevrolet Impala. The small dark-haired girl in the middle turned to the driver,"Hey Andy, you'll get to meet my big sister, Janet, at the pool today."

"What's the occasion? Does she want to check out my six-pack abs while I'm in my skimpy swimming briefs?"

"Oh silly, she's too old for you!" Karen slapped at his leg. "She said she'd be in the area and wants to say hello. But I know she'll really be there to check out that college diver, Sullivan."

"Your sister can't do that! She has a boyfriend!" said Karen's red-haired friend, Aline.

"I know, but that's just like Janet. She always wants to look and fantasize."

Karen had starry-eyed affection for her new boyfriend Andy. She enjoyed flirting with him in front of her best friend, but it made her feel compassion for her friend at the same time. "Thanks, Andy, for giving us a ride to the pool." She lightly touched his knee with her fingertips, emphasizing her sincerity.

Andy laughed off her seriousness with, "Are you kidding Karen? Ah'll be a hero once people discover that Ah got to be in the same car with you two fine examples of smokin' hot female flesh!" He then answered her body language with an exaggerated raising of his right hand then a sudden closing on her thigh just above the knee.

"Horse bite!" he yelled. Karen squealed and squirmed out of his grip as she giggled with playful delight and slapped at his hand.

Aline, in the window seat, was a little saddened at their fooling around. She was very shy and peaked sideways at their antics through overly long bangs. Aline had beautiful thick red hair, which she couldn't appreciate because it only made her feel different. In addition she towered over her two friends not because she was so big but because they were both so small. Aline was keenly aware of the size differences and tended to stoop to make up for it.

Aline did have a couple of legitimate reasons to feel insecure. She was always somewhat congested which caused her to be even more silent than she was naturally. And at times like this, as she watched her two horse-playing friends, she suppressed any smiling to cover the gap between her front teeth.

Aline viewed her best friend with envy. Karen easily chatted and flirted with Andy while looking very cute and petite. She had dark hair and eyes along with a quick wit. Karen had the kind of confidence that Aline could never come close to having. Even though Andy was only a recent member of the local swimming team, Karen had easily and quickly charmed him into a boyfriend relationship.

Meanwhile Karen could sense that her good friend had turned sad, and she could guess why. Karen liked to have control of her environment and it made her uncomfortable when her friend was sad. Karen gently nudged Andy and silently communicated by rolling her eyes toward Aline. Andy smiled to let Karen know he got the message.

"Oh no!" Andy said as he raised his menacing right hand again, "I feel the dark forces commanding my hand to make another horse bite!" He continued to steer the car down the road with his left hand.

Karen hastily covered her thighs with her arms squealing, "Don't you dare!"

With lightning quickness Andy reached past his girlfriend's legs to grip the bare thigh of her best friend, "HORSE BITE!"

Aline was totally surprised and shocked. She screamed and jumped as Karen yelled and the car zigzagged down the street.

Andy laughed hysterically and shook Aline's thigh a good bit before he succumbed to the need for safer driving and Karen's objections, "Andy, you can't just grab my best friend's leg like that!" But all three of them were laughing and no one was the least bit angry. "Andy, you must be crazy!"

It definitely did the trick. Aline had a beaming smile and even sat without her normal slump. A little attention had perked her up and had suddenly made her feel good about herself.

Andy went through the humorous routine of responding to his girlfriend's objections. "Those bad voices in ma' head made me do it." The girls giggled and he continued, "Oh ma' God! Look at Aline's great legs. Those thighs must be heaven to touch."

Karen played along, "Well you can't be touching my best friend's legs!"

Aline added an enthusiastic, "Yeah!" But she clearly enjoyed being the center of their attentions for once.

Karen continued, "But since you're desperate to know, I'll touch her thigh for you and tell you what it's like." Karen placed her palm on her cooperative friend's thigh and sensuously moved under Aline's baggy shorts up to the hip.

Aline sat motionless as Karen talked, "Well her thigh is very smooth, especially her inner thigh." Karen moved her hand slowly and gently. Aline glanced over at the bug-eyed Andy and she slightly spread her knees while inching forward on the seat. Karen said, "Don't worry Andy. I don't think you would like it!" Karen withdrew her hand and faced Andy with a smug grin.

Aline giggled with delight and wiggled her legs in a taunting gesture. The girls seemed very pleased that this would torment Andy.

A pained expression crossed Andy's face as he looked ahead on the roadway. "Ah can't take this!"

Without any other warning Andy's right hand flew past Karen to Aline's bare upper leg. Before either girl could react Andy had reached up Aline's shorts all the way to her thigh and "accidentally" grazed the back of his hand against her bathing-suit-covered vagina.

Both girls started screaming and waiving their hands around aimlessly in the air. However, Karen did not physically try to stop Andy and neither did Aline. In fact, Aline kept her knees apart and did not pull back in the seat, even though her legs did vibrate with all of the excitement.

Andy withdrew his hand and the screaming from the girls stopped abruptly. Karen took a breath to make a statement when Andy again jammed his hand up Aline's shorts. His fingers danced along her upper thigh again, brushed along the bathing suit, and efficiently went into the leg opening of her suit to finger the bristle of Aline's pubic hair.

Aline still did not close her legs, grab at his hand, or move away. However her screaming did go up several octaves and many decibels. Karen was slapping at his arm as he returned both hands to the steering wheel.

"What is wrong with you?" Karen exclaimed as she continued to hit his shoulder, but not very hard. Andy just grimaced and flinched with each blow. Despite the girls' indignation it was clear to all three of them that this was just fun teenage play.

Andy stole a glance at Aline to make sure he had not made her angry. She was flushed with excitement and still smiling absently. Andy's eyes dropped to watch her full bosom move up and down with her rapid breathing. When he looked back up to her face, Aline was watching him and had clearly caught him ogling her chest. In that smiling instant they both knew they would pretend the extra-personal "touching" had been an accident.

Karen sat in the middle with her arms crossed, clearly not as angry as she was acting. Andy grinned.

"Hey Karen." he said meekly.

"What?" she barked.

"You were wrong. I did like touching Aline's thighs."

Karen responded by punching him in the shoulder again, but hard this time. All three of them chuckled with the good-natured fun.

Andy and Karen peeked sideways at Aline. Aline was sitting without a slump on her side of the car, beaming with pride and beauty. Karen faced Andy adoringly, rolled her eyes toward Aline, and secretly mouthed the phrase, "Thank You."

There's just no limit to what a young man will do to make his girlfriend happy.

Suddenly Andy leaned forward squinting at the road ahead. "Would yuh look at this bullsheeit?" Andy had been raised in South Louisiana and had kept his Cajun accent, along with outrageous behavior, and bawdy language even in mixed company. What he saw several cars ahead was a bicyclist in the middle of the road blocking traffic.

"There's a bike path right beside the road and this asshole has to ride in our lane!" Andy exclaimed. "Aline, roll down yo' window so Ah can say somethin' tuh him."

As Aline rolled her window down, she and Karen exchanged panicked expressions. They were obviously afraid that Andy would cause trouble. Aline took the initiative, "That's OK Andy, I'll talk to him."

One by one the cars in front were able to finally get around the guy on the bicycle. He was big and he wore a Florida State football jersey. Andy pulled even and Aline poked her head out of the window.

"Hey mister, you're blocking traffic. Can you please use the bike path?"

He barely glanced at her and continued pedaling as he said, "It's not a bike path, it's a sidewalk."

Andy and Karen could not hear him and asked Aline in unison, "What did he say?"

Without turning to answer them Aline looked over at the paved path running beside the highway. It clearly had a painted image of a bicyclist on the path.

"It's not just a sidewalk! It has the picture of a bicycle on it!"

The big guy on the bicycle looked over at Aline with disgust, "FUCK YOU!"

Andy and Karen still could not hear him, "What did he say?"

This time Aline glanced back at her two friends in the front seat of the car. What they saw was a transformation in Aline's face. Her skin had turned a beet-red color and her teeth were clenched in a vicious-looking grimace.

Her friends both said, "Oh shit!" Andy followed with,"She's gonna explode!"

Aline almost dove out of the window, extending half her body out of the car. "FUCK YOU, ASSHOLE!"

Without knowing all of what was happening, Andy immediately shoved the accelerator to the floor. Karen held tightly to the lower half of Aline's body as the upper half almost flew parallel to the ground. Aline's flaming red hair whipped wildly in the wind as she flipped the bird with both fists and screamed, "YOU SON OF A BITCH!"

They got a safe distance down the road before Andy slowed the car and yelped, "DAMN, gurl! And ya'll say Ah'm crazy!"

Aline settled back in the car with Karen's help. Aline's hair and clothing were disheveled but her skin color had returned to simply being flushed. Andy had difficulty driving as he watched her breasts heave up and down.

Aline calmed herself and explained, "That guy started it!" By the time they got to the pool all three were able to laugh over Aline's intense outburst.

The Swimming Pool:

The pool was still crowded with recreational swimmers but the girls were able to spot Karen's big sister Janet on poolside and approached her. One of the lifeguards was busy installing lane ropes for the upcoming swim practice and he accidentally backed into Karen and Aline.

Janet said with a grin, "Hey dumb-ass! Watch where you're going!"

"Oops, excuse me!" The guard straightened up, somewhat confused. He turned to face the three girls. His eyes went straight past the two teenagers before settling with recognition on Janet. "Oh hey! You're one of the back-dive girls!"

Janet smiled and performed her characteristic wiggle as she spoke, "Yeah, I'm Janet. And you're Sullivan, the brute who molested me on the diving board."

Sullivan laughed but glanced nervously around to see if anyone heard her. He responded back, "Just doing my job, 'mam." He hesitated and added,"Your girlfriend called about diving lessons."

"Yeah, she told me that ya'll will meet Friday for a beer and then come over here to practice. That girl is serious about making good grades, but I think she's interested in you or she wouldn't go to this much trouble. Be gentle with her."

"Wow, that's good to hear! And of course I'll be a gentleman with her."

Janet touched his arm and joked, "I didn't say you should be a gentleman."

Janet and Sullivan laughed and continued to totally ignore the two teenage girls who were standing right there. Sullivan waved to Janet signaling that he had to get back to work setting up the lane ropes.

As he moved down the pool side, Janet turned to the girls, "Ooo he's fine!" All three girls watched him in his t-shirt and bathing suit as he pulled on the lane ropes and strained to connect them to the side of the pool. The muscles in his large legs flexed and trembled along with his rear end.

Janet continued, "Look at that butt!" She held her hands apart near her thighs and remarked, "Can you imagine holding that in your hands as it clenches?" She followed this with a guttural, "Mmmph!"

Janet had closed her eyes and now opened them to see horrified expressions on the two teenage girls' faces. "I guess you can't imagine that." The duo looked at Janet as if she was crazy, and Janet just chuckled. "I bet in the next couple of years you two will learn to like all this man stuff."

On seeing their skeptical expressions Janet continued, "Believe me girls; soon you'll end up like me. Right now you're barely 18 years old and still in high school. For years you've been isolated from the rest of the world with your swimming workouts. The good news is you can look forward to an exciting time finally learning about boys."

Karen made a face at her big sister then turned on her heel. "Come on Aline, we need to change for swim practice."

The girls had dressed in silence, until Karen spoke, "Do you think Sullivan would notice us in these new skimpy swim suits?" Karen was looking at herself in the dressing room mirror as she asked the question. Her suit was a pure-red one-piece racing suit that complemented her coloring, which was composed of dark medium-length straight hair, dark eyes, and creamy skin. She moved her hands in a smoothing motion across her torso, admiring her reflection and the fact that the suit barely covered her small bosom. She turned sideways to the mirror to examine the high cut of the suit which exposed most of her cute tear-drop buttocks. In the mirror she could see her friend Aline, wearing a bright blue version of the same suit.

Aline clowned around and imitated a blind person. With an exaggeration of Sullivan's voice and manner, Aline joked, "Oops, excuse me little girl. Oh, it's you; have you seen Janet?" They both laughed and then Aline continued. "Honestly, I think we could have stripped out there and he would have kept talking to your sister."

Karen nodded with a serious expression. "It's probably because she has boobs." Automatically they both looked down at Karen's chest as she talked about herself. "This is just pitiful. The best I can say is I have prominent nipples. And at least I have an eight-pack abdomen thanks to swimming. Oh wait, some of that is my nipples. I only have a six-pack." They both laughed in a way that showed they were actually comfortable with their situation even though they were complaining. Karen looked at Aline and commented, "Look at you with your bosom."

"You call this a bosom? These are only pectoral muscles with nipples on top. If I didn't lift weights for sprints, I'd be just like you. That's what the swimming does for us." However, they both knew Aline was just being nice. Aline had beautiful round boobs that stood high on her torso and edged out the top and sides of the racing suit. Compared to her small and petite distance-swimmer friend, Aline was tall and broad-shouldered. She had thick wavy red hair that she kept fairly short, and her skin was very white. The one trait Aline shared with Karen was a prominent and round butt, which was not at all oversized because of exercise from the swimming. Her nice ass especially stood out today due to the color contrast between the bright blue suit and her light complexion.

They picked up their goggles and swim caps then entered the pool area. Karen was turned toward Aline as she spoke. "Sullivan may not notice us in these new suits, but I think Andy will."

"You're damn right I notice! You two are HOT in those suits! And who is Sullivan?"

"Nobody!" Karen and Aline bellowed at Andy in near unison.

Karen looked past Andy at Janet walking toward them. In a loud whisper she hurriedly said, "Ok, Ok. He's just a guy my sister is checking out, so don't embarrass me, because Janet knows him."

Without turning to look at Janet, Andy spoke loudly, "Well I've never met your sister, but she can't possibly be that bad!" He turned and flinched, saying, "Oh, is this your sister? Wow, she's not bad looking after all!"

"Very funny," Janet said, clearly enjoying the attention. "You must be the crazy Andy that Karen's been talking about." Andy turned to Karen with a fake hurt expression as Janet continued, "Hey Karen, I'm not going to be able to stick around to watch ya'll swim. I'll see you tonight at the house."

Janet moved to leave and managed to catch the girls' eyes. She indicated Andy and mouthed the expression, "He's cute!" She added a thumbs-up signal.

The three teenagers chatted and started stretching while they waited for the pool to be ready for swim practice. Meanwhile Janet was near the exit as a big guy in a Florida State jersey was hurriedly entering. She said, "Pool's closing for swim practice," on her way out.

Andy spotted him immediately, "That's the asshole on the bicycle!" The girls looked around in confusion but Andy was already hurrying toward the Florida-State guy, who was literally twice Andy's size.

The guy muttered to himself with road rage, "I know they're here. The car is in the parking lot." He was then able to look past Andy and spot Aline, "HEY BITCH!" This got everyone's attention. The lifeguard, Sullivan, glanced up and began walking toward them.

Andy was indignant. "Dat's mah girlfriend you're talking to!" which of course was not exactly true, but the giant didn't know that.

The guy slowly lowered his eyes to face this high-school kid in a Speedo. The big man's expression changed from rage to form a cruel grin.

"Would you look at this? It's a Leprechaun!" and he reached a large paw forward to shove Andy back a step toward the edge of the pool.

Andy angrily jumped forward in an attempt to shove back. It was a useless effort. The big man did not budge. Then he easily grabbed Andy in a bear hug. The Florida-State guy looked over at Aline and Karen with sadistic glee saying, "Let's find out what it takes to get a pot-of-gold from this Leprechaun." He turned Andy around and pulled Andy's rear hard up against the front of his biker shorts. It was an upsetting display of doggy-style domination, clearly intended to humiliate Andy.

"MAN, YOU NEED TO STOP THIS!" Sullivan called out as he neared the commotion. The big man looked up at Sullivan and lost his grip on Andy's squirming slippery shape. Andy squirted free and fell into the diving pool with an awkward splash."

The giant turned his aggressiveness toward Sullivan. "DO YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT ENOUGH FUCKING GUTS TO MAKE ME STOP?" He was a head taller than Sullivan. With his elbows back, he shoved his chest forward into Sullivan's face in the classic playground standoff. Sullivan began to look around nervously for a way out of this.

Andy called out from the water, "YOU'RE AN ASSHOLE!" and splashed the pair.

The big man responded immediately, "I'm gonna kick your ass! These biking shoes cost over a hundred dollars."

This comment seemed to trigger something in Andy. He immediately started splashing gallons of water on the feet of the big bully, and did not stop splashing. In a huff, the big man jerked off his football jersey and began to pull off his shoes, with Andy splashing him the whole time.

Sullivan spoke to the big man over the sound of the splashing water, "Don't go in that water."

The Florida-State big man looked coolly at Sullivan as he continued to strip down to his biker shorts. He seemed to get even angrier as water cascaded over his bent form.

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