tagRomanceBack Dive Ch. 04

Back Dive Ch. 04


Ch. 04 – S&S Barroom Etiquette and Poolside Lessons

The Bar:

Friday evening at the Bengal Lounge was dark, crowded, and loud. Sullivan waited for Sarah at a small corner table with a beer. He had just arrived, and he already felt intimidated.

Sullivan had actually put thought into what turned out to be the wrong clothing. He had chosen his most casual look: flip-flops, a baggy t-shirt, and shorts. He didn't even like flip flops. This attire probably would have been fine except there was some kind of fraternity gathering and the place was loaded with loud rich guys wearing long-sleeve shirts, dress shoes, and tailored slacks. They ignored him as if he was a bum and he felt like one.

Sullivan relied on his discipline to help him in most situations. However his discipline did not seem to help much in social settings like this, or with women.

And then Sarah entered the room. She spotted Sullivan and gave him a smile that lit up the room, getting the attention of the nearby fraternity guys. He realized this was the first time he had seen her smile, and his heart skipped.

As Sarah crossed the room Sullivan noticed she was dressed nicely and apparently knew several of the fraternity guys, who showed her a lot of respect. This just reinforced Sullivan's feeling that he was outclassed. However he did notice that Sarah refused to chat with any of these guys because she was intent on meeting with him.

"Hello Sarah, can I get you a beer?"

"No thanks, I want to be completely alert for our diving lesson later. But I will take a diet coke."

They managed to relax and chat for almost an hour. Sullivan thought Sarah was great. She was cheerful and energetic. And she didn't seem to notice or care that Sullivan did not fit with the crowd. It began to dawn on Sullivan that this girl was special.

Normally in this situation Sullivan might be nervous and allow his mind to think negative thoughts such as: 'this won't last long', or 'she just likes me because I'm a jock'. Instead Sullivan felt genuine acceptance from her, and he was truly enjoying this time as exceptional.

But that great feeling changed when he caught the eye of a particular person in the room. "Aw, shit!" Sullivan said under his breath.

"Hi-ya Sullivan!" said a short muscular guy as he bounced to the table. "I see you're breaking training. I don't blame you considering how you dove in this morning's Prelims."

Sarah turned to Sullivan with a look of curiosity over what this was about. Sullivan was obviously uncomfortable as he introduced her to the grinning intruder. "Harvey is a diver from Memphis, here for a big swimming and diving meet. This morning we did the first seven of ten dives on the high board. Harvey is in the lead and I'm in eighth place."

Harvey looked as if he expected Sarah to be impressed with him, but she simply nodded politely. Harvey focused his attention back to Sullivan. He looked at Sullivan but spoke as if he was talking to Sarah.

"Sullivan barely made the cut. The top eight will do the last three dives in the Finals tomorrow."

Harvey's strange communication style irritated Sarah. She was a feminist at heart, but this trait never became evident until she was around a guy who was self-absorbed.

Sullivan squirmed in his chair as Sarah commented to Harvey, "So you haven't won yet."

Harvey never quit looking straight at Sullivan as he replied, "No, but I have my best dives left. And no one will be able to catch me, unless I break training like Sully here."

Sarah had an impish grin as she calmly looked at Harvey and said, "You Pussy!"

Both divers turned to look with amazement at Sarah. Sullivan simply leaned back in his chair and smiled, looking forward to seeing what would develop. He gulped on his beer hoping Harvey would notice the implication that Sullivan was not a pussy.

Harvey smiled and turned a little red in reaction to her comment. This time he actually looked at Sarah when he leaned one hand on the table and spoke. "What you don't know is the history behind Sullivan and me. Four years ago he came to a big diving meet in my home town, Memphis. I had never lost, and he ended up winning by four measly points! In my home town! In front of my family and friends!"

Harvey turned to glance at Sullivan, who just shrugged. Harvey kept talking, "It motivated me. Since that day I've worked out like a dog, without a single vacation break, and I've obviously passed Sullivan by. However, the good feeling won't be complete until I can fully return the favor. I've been looking forward to the moment, and tomorrow it's going to happen!"

Sullivan had enough. He didn't wait to find out if Sarah was interested in hearing more, "Sarah, how about dancing with me?"


Without comment, they left Harvey alone and still leaning with his hand on the table. His grin stayed frozen on his face.

Sullivan swayed a little as he followed Sarah to the dance area. He was not much of a drinker, and the low fat content of his body did not help. But once they made it to the dance floor he was comfortable. A slow dance started and Sarah eased into his arms as if they had done this many times before. She was completely relaxed and Sullivan reveled in the feel of her body moving under the light materiel of her summer dress.

A hand tapped Sullivan on the shoulder, "Mind if I cut in?" Of course it was the grinning Harvey Hand. Sarah and Sullivan stumbled apart in confusion and mild surprise. Harvey took that as an invitation and moved in to dance with Sarah. She looked over Harvey's shoulder in wide-eyed surprise as Sullivan stood alone in the middle of the dance floor.

Sullivan walked to the side of the room and he again realized he felt tipsy from gulping down that beer too fast. He looked back at Sarah and Harvey dancing and talking, and Sullivan realized he felt rattled and out of place.

Sullivan could not bear to just watch so he went into the nearby bathroom. When he looked in the mirror Sullivan could see his hair was messed up, forming a goofy-looking swirl on top of his head. As he straightened his hair he spoke to his reflection, "You're out of your element here, Sullivan!"

When Sullivan came back out to face the crowded room, he could not find Sarah or Harvey on the dance floor. "That's it! I'm out of here!" he mumbled to himself.

Sullivan took several steps toward the door then heard a clear, calming, female voice, "Are we leaving for the pool?" It was Sarah, and she was sitting at the same table as before. Sullivan came close with a confused expression and Sarah dropped her eyes with an apologetic tone in her voice, "I'm sorry, but I wasn't going to keep dancing with that guy once you left my sight."

The Pool:

Sarah noticed that Sullivan had seemed uneasy at the bar. This was strange to her since he was an obvious "Big-Man-On-Campus" and she felt overwhelmed around him. However here at the swimming pool he exuded confidence and Sarah was the one who was a little rattled.

"OK Sarah, I'll spot you on a few back bends for practice. Then we'll see about your trying a back dive again with my help."

Sullivan and Sarah were in their bathing suits on poolside at night. The facility was closed but one of Sullivan's jobs was night watchman so of course he was able to sneak Sarah into the facility. The pool was outdoors but was completely surrounded by walls and buildings. It was beautiful in the dark with just a few lights reflecting off the mirror-smooth water.

Sullivan got on one knee in the middle of a tumbling mat and signaled for Sarah to come close. He touched her at knee level, guiding her into position near him.

"This first time, just sit on my knee and I'll help you complete the rest of the back bend."

"Sure, that doesn't seem so difficult," she smiled. As she sat on his knee Sullivan placed one hand on the back of her thighs and one in the middle of her back.

Sullivan silently noticed the feel of Sarah's warm smooth skin, and also her composure. He became aware of a very faint aroma, not a perfume but simply the crisp clean pleasant smell of a woman. "Just look straight back and place your hands on the mat."

Sullivan lifted her up slightly so that she was no longer seated on his knee. Sarah was a little shaky but she completed the move, ending up in a backwards bridge position.

"Very good!" Sullivan said. He was still supporting her and could not help but focus on the sensitive hollow of Sarah's bare tummy, just below the rib cage. He reached under her to pull and lift her to him, allowing her to stand upright with just a little stumble. He was careful to avoid her breasts as they narrowly missed brushing across his face.

"Alright, now I'll spot you just like I will when we're on the board."

They faced each other with easy smiles and assumed a position very much like a light embrace. Sullivan held Sarah along the lower back much closer than necessary.

At that point Sarah became confused by the closeness of their positioning. She looked innocently up to Sullivan, clearly wondering if he was trying to kiss her. He fumbled clumsily with her, realizing that he had caused this dilemma.

Sarah responded by lifting her chin and offering her lips to him. Sullivan was slow to accept the invitation, so by the time he bent to kiss her, all Sullivan got was her forehead butting him in the front teeth.

"Oof!" he flinched.

"Oh! I'm sorry!" Sarah exclaimed. They both giggled awkwardly as Sullivan ran his tongue over his teeth.

"It was my fault," he laughed. "That'll teach me for trying to be sneaky about getting close."

"It's okay, you can be sneaky if you want to."

"Well, let me try that again." Sarah turned her face up to him and Sullivan experienced the best first kiss of his life. Sarah's lips were warm and full. She easily settled into his arms and seemed to be the perfect height for a standing kiss. Their bodies came together for full sensual contact but it was the moist kiss that Sullivan would remember for the rest of his days.

As their lips parted Sarah tilted her head back and cooed in a way that showed the kiss had been special for her too. Sullivan commented, "Wow, one of us is a really good kisser!"

That first kiss was all they needed to be completely comfortable with each other. They smiled and casually touched each other innocently as if they had been together for years. Eventually they had to resume practicing back bends.

Sullivan joked, "Okay, this time I really mean it. Do a back bend as if we are on the diving board."

Again they came to each other in a light embrace. The front of their thighs touched and neither one backed away from the contact. Sullivan scanned her torso and also the way her pubic area protruded into the stretched covering of the two-piece bathing suit.

She completed the move easily, with only a little help from Sullivan. As she got to a standing position she looked at Sullivan with a beaming smile, "You know what? I think our little sensual play distracts me and makes the back bend less scary."

"Really? Let's try it again!"

Sullivan and Sarah moved quickly to face each other. Sullivan then moved slow purposefully with a loose embrace that caused their bodies to barely touch along the front of their thighs and torsos.

Sarah dreamily responded by leaning toward Sullivan and lightly moving her palms over his shoulders and back. Sullivan leaned his face in to lightly nuzzle her neck and she turned toward him for a kiss, just a soft meeting of the lips lasting only a couple of seconds.

Sarah easily bent backwards as they pretended to ignore the excitement of their thighs pressed against each other. With very little help from Sullivan she completed the back bend. He was genuinely impressed, "Good job!"

Sarah enthusiastically jumped up and threw her arms around Sullivan's neck with a squealing hug. They managed to kiss briefly again before the bright eyed Sarah exclaimed, "That was easy! I think I'm ready for the diving board!"

The lack of sunlight did not seem to bother them. Sarah climbed up the ladder first. Almost immediately Sullivan was beside her, easing her nerves merely by slipping his hand into hers and guiding her movements. They slowed as they neared the end of the board where it bent with their combined presence.

"OK, turn around and back your heels off the end of the board," Sullivan said quietly.

Sarah's eyes grew bigger and her eager smile disappeared as she turned her back to the pool. Sullivan was standing close. Without meaning to, Sarah pulled him closer until their torsos and thighs met. She backed up and gently pulled Sullivan along with her. He obediently shadowed her movements while his hands supported the small of her back. When she was situated, she looked wide-eyed and questioning up into Sullivan's eyes.

"Don't worry, I have you. Now, just do that back bend."

Sarah slowly bent backward. Both of them ignored that her pubic bone was pressing firmly against Sullivan's thigh. Sarah looked backward at the darkness and began to make out the upside-down image of the end of the pool. When she saw the water a flood of confidence overcame her and she automatically leaned to fall back and place her hands on the water.

Sullivan carefully held her at the waist and allowed her body to fall toward the water. Just as a precaution he also went into the water face first, holding her all the way down.

They broke the surface and Sarah was ecstatic, "I did it!" She threw her arms around Sullivan's neck and he avoided going under by swimming backward and dragging them both toward the side of the pool. She held on for the ride with a surprised, "Oooo!"

In two elementary back strokes Sullivan reached the side and the momentum of their bodies naturally made them come together. This time they both said, "Oooo!"

But Sarah did not contain her enthusiasm. "I did it!" she repeated. She was animated and excited, and her beaming expression was all the lighting Sullivan needed on this beautiful night.

"One more like that and you won't need me anymore," Sullivan said with genuine pride.

Their faces were close and they leaned toward each other as if drawn by a magnet. Their kiss was real, not just an affectionate peck. Sullivan's body drifted closer to Sarah in the deep water.

Their bare thighs touched and rubbed with the weightless effect of the water as they each held on to the side of the pool. Even wearing bathing suits, the tingle of skin sliding against skin was intoxicating for them both. Finally, Sullivan's groin settled against Sarah, with the head of his firm penis nestling gently and perfectly into the folds of her vagina.

"OOooo!" Sarah broke the passionate kiss, flinching away but also allowing their naked thighs to glide in contact as they parted. With a flushed face she whispered, "That's a little intense for me!" She breathed heavily and said, "I need to catch my breath before I get on the board again."

"Yeah," his voice echoed in the solitude of near-darkness.

Once they were rested they made it back onto the diving board. Sullivan announced, "One more back dive, and I won't help unless you need it." There was no hug this time. She nervously got into position. Sullivan was careful to stand just apart from her as he held his palms at her waist without touching. An onlooker, if there had been one, would have seen a little ballet of two sensual people moving without quite touching.

"Just lean back," Sullivan coached but there was no need to say anything. Sarah knew exactly what she was doing. She easily and fearlessly did a back bend into the water, even positioning herself to dive deep instead of spooning right back up to the surface.

Sullivan was in the water with her by the time she got back to the top. "Congratulations!"

"I did it! And without your help!" Sarah squealed as she lunged over the water, throwing her arms around his neck.

They temporarily went under as they held onto each other. Upon surfacing Sullivan smiled, "Hang on tight and take a deep breath. I'll give you a celebration ride."

Their faces were close and Sarah's smile could not have been more thrilling for Sullivan. She nodded and took an exaggerated breath while looking closely into Sullivan's eyes. Sullivan stroked powerfully backward with Sarah's buoyant weight on his chest, and then he submerged like a submarine.

Sarah was almost in a dream world. They went deep and the only sound was rushing bubbles in the eerie darkness. As they began an upward path they turned over so that Sarah could see the surface. She pulled up snug around Sullivan's neck and wrapped her legs tight around his waist.

When they broke the surface they were near the side. Sarah continued her hold onto Sullivan and he gently swam to press her back against the side. He bent his head to kiss her and Sarah accepted the kiss with passion, pulling tighter with her arms and legs.

Sullivan responded by gently pressing his body against hers. He carefully placed his stiff dick directly against her pussy, remembering that this seemed to scare her before. However, this time Sarah widened her knees and gently pressed back against him through their bathing suits. They both experienced electric sensations as their genitals pushed together while bare stomachs and thighs glided against each other in the weightlessness of the water.

Sullivan tenderly backed away to view Sarah's beaming face. It caused an emotional flutter of pleasure across his chest.

After a time Sarah exclaimed, "That swim was fun! Let's do it again!"

This began an evening of swimming and erotic hugging. Each time they stopped for air they eagerly hugged in a way that first pressed their genitals intimately together against their bathing suits. They did not move but simply hugged, sometimes with a gentle caress and sometimes with a desperate grasp as if to become one body.

Eventually Sarah had to bring up the topic of going home. They got out of the pool giggling and dried off near the tumbling matts.

With a grin and a sparkle in her eye Sarah asked, "How about a couple of back bends to end our date?"

They only managed to get Sarah through one back bend. Sullivan's helping fingers did more caressing than spotting. And when Sarah easily finished the back bend she lay on her back smiling up at the kneeling Sullivan, which he took as an invitation.

Real passion began when Sullivan settled against Sarah. Making out in the pool had been exciting, but it was more like embracing and cuddling. Once outside of the water the feeling of skin on skin was much more intense. As Sullivan lay down beside Sarah he moved his hand along the outside of her thigh and settled his palm on her warm stomach. The feel of his touch surprised her and she flinched by slamming her heals down hard onto the matt. This caused a round of giggles from them both.

They cradled into each other's arms on their sides and they both groaned with the increased intensity when legs and arms brushed together. Even the passionate kiss seemed different from previously.

Up to this point neither of them had directly fondled the other. In fact they both kind of pretended that the intense underwater embraces were just normal hugs. Sullivan rolled on top and Sarah spread her knees then caressed the outside of his legs with her calves. As before, Sullivan carefully aimed his aching penis directly into Sarah's welcoming and warm soft spot. This time they both flinched, and then burst into giggles at themselves.

But they did not laugh for long. They kissed deeply and began to writhe against each other while keeping constant pressure between Sullivan's cock and her vagina. Their breathing became more labored and their urgent caressing movements more spontaneous.

Their hands may have been staying in "proper" places, but their bodies began to grind against each other. Sullivan's hips started to move in a humping motion, and instead of objecting Sarah succumbed to the overwhelming urge to bump back against him.

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