tagExhibitionist & VoyeurBack Dive Ch. 05

Back Dive Ch. 05


Ch. 05 – Teen Swim Meet and Poolside Peek

Earlier that Friday Karen, Aline, and Andy competed as high school members of the area's swim team. The meet was arranged so that Saturday's events would conclude the meet with the hope that more spectators would attend. Those final events were a distance swimming event, diving finals, and the freestyle relay.

Karen and Andy were distance swimmers and would swim again on Saturday. They had swum on Friday, but the events were not their strength and they had not placed.

The last swimming event on this Friday was the medley relay. Aline was a good sprinter and she was on the girl's relay with three college swimmers. Andy and Karen made sure to be there and support Aline but as the event neared, Aline began to withdraw and get herself psyched up for her leg of the relay, 100 yards butterfly.

Karen leaned against Andy in the bleachers. "I'm nervous for Aline. She gets wound up enough for individual events, but this time she's on a relay with the college swimmers. She might explode."

Andy leaned back toward Karen and grinned as he regarded Aline, "Yeah, look at her! She's already intense."

Aline was pacing and swinging her arms back and forth so that her arm muscles slapped against her side. Nothing in her body language showed even a hint of the shy insecure part of her personality. She was focused only on her race.

Just before the event started the coach announced over the loudspeaker that the local team was tied for the lead in the meet. Tomorrow's three events and this medley relay would determine the winner.

As the backstrokers began the race Andy observed, "Aline's really getting into it now!"

Aline was pacing faster and occasionally jumping up and down. She seemed to shake her head and almost snort.

The breastroke was next. As soon as that team member dove into the water Aline jumped up on the starting block. The swimmer came back toward Aline and another team member had to remind Aline that the breastroker had to swim two more lengths before it was Aline's turn.

The race was close. Andy and Karen were getting excited along with everyone in the stands. "Aline looks like she did when that biker cursed at her!"

Aline was red-faced and furiously shaking her head. She jumped up and down on the starting block causing it to tremble, along with her bosom. She crouched in the starting position when her swimmer was half a pool length away. As her swimmer neared the wall Aline's arms were trembling. She exploded off the blocks and into the water, long before her team member had touched the wall.


At first Aline did not seem to notice. She splashed through her part of the event gaining a significant lead, which would not count. Just for show, the fourth member of her team dove in as Aline touched the wall. As Aline got out it was clear that she realized the race was lost because of her.

Karen stood near Aline as the swimmers finished the race, with Aline's team easily winning except that they were disqualified. The insecure side of Aline's personality rushed to the surface. She hung her head to avoid eye contact, sniffling with occasional sobs of frustration. Her team members and the coach were very understanding and that seemed to make Aline feel a little better.

Aline turned to her best friend, "I need to get away from everyone."

Karen led Aline by the hand through a brick hallway to the balcony stairs. The balcony almost totally surrounded the pool and it was deserted. The girls sat shoulder-to-shoulder in bathing suits with their backs to the building wall as the sky became dark. They could hear the decreasing pool activity over the balcony railing, but they ignored the rest of the world and didn't even talk very much.

The sound of footsteps on the stairs preceded Andy's head popping into view, "There ya'll are!" The two girls smiled solemnly as he joined them. Even with all three in bathing suits, Andy and Karen looked small sitting on either side of Aline.

"How's my favorite redhead doing?" Andy asked.

"I'm over it now. I just got myself overly excited and jumped too soon. Maybe everyone will just laugh it off." Aline smiled to herself at the thought.

Andy grinned, "Well, for what it's worth you kicked that other swimmer's ass even though you did get a jump on her. And you were hot-as-a-firecracker to look at."

"Oh shut up!" Aline laughed as she slapped Andy's bare thigh causing his whole body to wobble. But it was clear that Aline knew he meant every word, and she liked it. Karen beamed with a pleased expression as she looked past Aline and gave Andy a wink of approval.

"Hey, lez' eat!" Andy said impulsively. Apparently it was important to place his animal needs first.

Both girls cringed at his abrupt topic change. Then Karen's face lit up, "Andy, go get the sandwiches out of the car and we can eat right here."

The girls were happy to stay seated as Andy jumped up and hustled away. He returned in the warmth of near-darkness with food and took his seat next to Aline. He spoke with his mouth full, "I think we're the last ones here."

The three teenagers picnicked in the dark and simply enjoyed each other's company. Afterward they stood up at the balcony quietly looking at the deserted pool when Andy broke the silence.

"So Aline, you don't think Karen and I know what we're doing when we have sex?"

Aline flinched so hard at the question that she took a step backward. She resembled a trapped animal and looked quickly between Andy and Karen. However, Aline settled down on seeing calm expressions from both of them. Apparently they really were curious to know what Aline thought.

Aline bowed her head in shame so that her red bangs fell over her eyes. "Oh, uh...Ya'll, I'm sorry I said anything. It was none of my business. I should have just appreciated that I could watch ya'll be sexual with each other."

Karen caught Aline's careful wording, and very gently asked, "But you don't think we have actually had sex?"

Karen and Andy faced Aline with genuine interest. Aline's posture straightened as she sensed that no one was angry with her. "No, I think his penis has to actually go all the way into your vagina. But that's just me talking."

Karen was still inquisitive, "Were you serious when you said you have used a dildo?"

Aline cringed and turned her blushing face to see Andy. He seemed just as curious as Karen.

"Yes, I have played with a dildo. It hurt the first time I used it, but it was fun after that."

Karen innocently asked, "Is it as big as Andy's thingy?" Andy and Karen looked at Aline with genuine curiousity.

Aline thought back to witnessing Andy rub his modest penis along Karen's vaginal lips, and she decided to lie, "The dildo is almost as big."

Andy and Karen looked briefly at each other and shrugged. Karen observed, "I just don't see how it would fit." The three teenagers seemed content to remain silent and think about this very sensitive conversation.

Suddenly Karen straightened wide-eyed, "Hey, we left our stuff on the bleachers downstairs! And the pool area is locked up."

After a short animated discussion they just about decided they could get by without their gym bag contents. Then Andy volunteered, "Ah' can jump down there and get our gear."


"Yeah, ah' can jump off this bannister into the water. Then ah' grab our stuff and climb up the light pole back onto the balcony."

Karen was especially concerned. "That's crazy! You can't make it to the water from here! And we must be fifteen feet above the pool deck. The fall could kill you!"

Andy was already climbing on top of the bannister. "Juz' watch me!"

Both girls began to squeal their objections. "You don't have to jump. You can climb down the light pole." They reached toward him but held back for fear of making him fall accidentally.


With a huge swing of his arms Andy launched off of the concrete banister into the darkness. His arms and legs flailed during what seemed like a long fall. He made it to the water with a few feet to spare, causing a huge splash.

Andy surfaced and waived upward to the girls, probably expecting an ovation. Instead the girls just exhaled with relief and some irritation.

Karen leaned over the banister and screamed. "YOU'RE CRAZY! AND YOU SCARE ME!"

Andy simply grinned and hopped out of the water toward the bleachers.

Karen turned to Aline, "That lunatic bastard is going to give me a heart attack, and I'm only 18 years old!"

Andy appeared at the bottom of the light pole loaded down with their gym bags, smiling and waving the whole time. He was very agile and climbing the light pole was easy for him. As he approached the level of the bannister he stopped to hand over some of the baggage.

Suddenly a couple of lights came on and two voices echoed across the water. Sullivan and Sarah entered the pool area, unaware of Andy frozen in place on the light pole.

"Oh shit!" gasped Karen. "Don't move!"

The three teenagers hid motionless in the shadows fifteen feet up, watching Sullivan and Sarah prepare for their back-dive lesson. They made it to the deep end of the pool before they both turned the other direction at the same time. Andy hustled up and over the bannister, and all three teenagers squatted out of sight giggling hysterically under their breaths.

The whispers were flying. "What do we do?" "Will Campus Police arrest us?" "We didn't do anything wrong!" "Well, we're not supposed to be here after they lock the building up. And we sure aren't supposed to be jumping off the balcony into the pool."

Andy, Karen, and Aline faced each other with excited expressions and could not have been having more fun.

Finally Karen spoke, "Wait a minute. What are those two doing here?"

All three carefully peeped up over the top of the bannister. The moonlight illuminated the two down on the pool deck, while the building shadows kept the teenagers in the dark. In addition, the sound of voices seemed to magnify over the water, and it was fairly easy to hear what Sarah and Sullivan were saying.

Karen spoke under her breath as their three sets of eyes took in the downstairs activity. "Hey, that's Sullivan, the diver. Since he works here, I guess he can swim anytime he wants. My sister told me about a girl named Sarah in her swimming class that was getting lessons from him. That must be her."

"She's hot!" said Andy. Both teenage girls turned to frown at him. He whispered defensively, "What?"

Feeling secure, the teenagers took their time deciding what to do next. They eventually concluded that they could get out of the facility without being discovered, simply by climbing over a locked gate.

But none of them moved to leave. They were having too much fun whispering excitedly and occasionally peaking at the couple downstairs.

"Hey, check this out!" whispered Andy. The two girls joined him to peak at Sullivan and Sarah at the end of the diving board. Sullivan was helping Sarah to bend backward and from this distance it looked like their pelvic regions were mashed together.

"Damn! If I did that I'd get a boner." The two girls giggled as he continued, "In fact I think I'm getting a boner right now!"

Andy made a point of looking down at himself and he really did have the beginnings of an erection. The two girls sputtered with silent laughter, pushing Andy away from them in mock disgust.

They watched downstairs for a while and started to get bored. There was a lot of swimming around and kissing that just got a little tiresome. Still crouched in hiding they discussed how they would get out of there, and even began to plan for the finals competition of the next day.

"You know," said Aline, "we could just call out to Sullivan and tell him we got locked in. He knows who we are and he might not turn us in."

After a moment of thought Andy responded, "That might have been a good idea when they first got here. But they'll know we've been watchin' them." Karen and Aline immediately agreed.

The three started crawling out of sight along the balcony when Aline checked on the downstairs couple again.

Aline gasped excitedly, "They're out of the water and they're making out!"

In an instant Karen and Andy joined her. This was not boring! The downstairs couple was writhing around with enthusiasm. The moonlight accentuated his physique and her feminine curves, especially since they were only in bathing suits. And their suits seemed to be sliding around to meet the demands of their hands and squirming bodies.

Andy said with fake seriousness, "Ya'll, we shouldn't be watchin' this. They deserve dignity and privacy."

Karen and Aline turned on him with scowling expressions.

"Just kiddin'!" he snickered.

The couple's grunts and groans got louder and carried easily over the water. The three teenagers' eyes were riveted on every move.

"You know what?" Andy whispered, "We may get to see these two have sex!" He turned to Aline, "We'll find out who's right about how to fuck."

Normally the girls might object to the use of the F-word. But in this setting it seemed appropriate.

The two teenage girls, Karen and Aline, became mesmerized by the activities of the downstairs lovers. The girls had a particularly good view of the diver, Sullivan. He was gentle and considerate in the movements of his upper body. His hands were tender and his lips were passionate. But urgency was more evident in his lower body. Sullivan was pushing his groin hard between the woman's thrashing legs as she loudly moaned. The soft lighting gave a magical view to the image of the woman's hands roaming across rippling muscles in his back.

Andy did not have as good a view. Although watching the two lovers was exciting, the woman, Sarah, was a little difficult to see. She was enthusiastic and somewhat vocal, but in general she was under Sullivan and it was difficult to see anything specific about her.

Andy shifted his attention to his two companions. Both girls were on their knees with their cute butts up in the air and with their fingers on top of the balcony peeking intently over the edge. Karen was to his right and her plump little ass seemed to be moving in concert with what she could see downstairs. Andy reached over and began to stroke Karen's buttocks which she didn't seem to mind. But when Andy tried to snuggle up to her she shrugged him off a little irritated.

Andy turned to look at Aline. Her torso was heaving with heavy breathing. Andy focused on her prominent right breast as it moved gently up and down with her breathing. It was the size of a large half-grapefruit and the nipple was particularly prominent even through her bathing suit. Almost absent-mindedly Andy slowly reached out and cupped his palm over her warm tit.

The move completely surprised Aline causing her to flinch violently and strike Andy in the face with her upper arm. She was a powerful girl and he was a small guy so the blow sent him sprawling.

Karen whipped around to glare at Andy and growl, "SHHH!" She continued to frown at him then offered, "Come look, Sullivan is lowering his bathing suit!"

Andy's brow popped up between the two girls' heads. Sullivan's suit was down his buttocks far enough to expose the crack of his ass. And neither he nor Sarah was slowing down their thrusting and excited moaning.

The downstairs lovers were completely carried away. Sullivan was able to reach down and lower his swim trunks without ever interrupting the pumping motions of his body.

"We're gonna see his dick!" Andy narrated. "Here comes the dick....Here comes the dick!"

Sullivan fully removed his suit and in the process rolled to the side, exposing his large engorged phallus to the view of the teenagers hiding on the balcony above.

"WOW!" said Aline.

"WOW!" said Karen.

After a moment in awe, Andy said, "Now THAT is a DICK!"

The downstairs lovers were eagerly grasping at each other. Now that they were more active they were rolling back and forth making it possible for the voyeur teenagers to see more of their bodies. Sarah's suit bottom was now totally shoved to one side allowing an occasional vivid view of her swollen vagina. Of course most of the time the head of Sullivan's straining dick was planted right at the entrance.

The three teenagers' heads were frozen in position at the bannister. An onlooker would have been entertained to observe the three teens lined up in doggy-style kneeling positions. Unwittingly, their young butts moved with slight hunching motions to give "body English" help for the lovers fifteen feet below.

"She's even louder than Sullivan is," observed Karen.

No one responded as the lovers approached a crescendo. Sullivan was completely nude and exuded restrained power. He almost looked like a body-builder the way his musculature stood out from his arms, through his back, past his powerful clinching butt, to his bulky legs and calves.

Sarah was mostly naked, straining forward to meet Sullivan's movements with brash groans of encouragement, "OH...OH!!!OH!!?OH!!??"

Each of Sarah's expressions prompted a corresponding grunt from Sullivan, "UGHH...UNGHH!!?UNNGHH!!??" An orgasm came over him causing his entire body to clinch in an arch with his head pulled upward, "AAAHHHNNGgghh!!!!!"

The ardent couple rolled left and right with passion before Sullivan collapsed on top of Sarah in a heap. That rolling movement gave the teenage onlookers a vivid look at Sullivan's straining and blood-darkened cock situated carefully at the entry to Sarah's wet pussy. His large pulsing member was clearly not inside of Sarah.

"Wow!" said Aline.

"Wow!" said Karen.

"Jesus!" said Andy.

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