tagIncest/TabooBack Home Early: Act 02

Back Home Early: Act 02


The lecture hall was hot. Hotter than she ever remembered it. Professor Delaway was droning on about the finer points of Shakespeare but she had hardly heard a word. Her mind kept returning to the previous days events. The man called Drakar's huge dick being hungrily swallowed by her mother. His friends shoving the wine bottle up her mother's ass. The three men grinning at her lecherously.

Alexis had locked herself in her room for over an hour till she had finally let her mother into the room. She had expected her mother to break down but she had been curiously calm. She had told him how she had been desperate after Alexis's father had unceremoniously dumped them five years ago. They had been used to their lifestyle and the pitiance that he sent in alimony meant that would have had to give up most of it. It was then that she had made a choice. She had further shocked Alex by revealing that she had slept with many strange men even while she was married to his father since they were both part of a swingers club. So sex with strangers had not been new to her. She simply made a huge amount of money now. She had then made a statement that had played itself over and over in her mind. "At first it was simply the money but very soon I began enjoying myself." She had of course walked out calling her a slut and a whore and spent the night at another friends place.

Alexis had come to college mainly to take her mind off the conversation and be alone in the anonymity that only a crowd can sometimes provide, but it wasn't working. Another fifteen minutes later she walked out of the hall. There really was no point sitting there anymore. After some deliberation she finally decided to head back home. She would have to meet her mother sooner or later so it might as well be sooner. Reaching home she entered with a little trepidation. The house was silent. Her mother must be out. With the prospect of her confrontation postponed a little more she sighed in relief. As she passed the hall the unforgettable images of the day before flashed before her eyes and unexpectedly a tingle ran up between her legs. She stood there for a moment replaying the lurid scenes she had witnessed before she darted up to her room ashamed by the carnal thoughts that had been entering her mind ever since.

Entering her room she got the fright of her life as she almost walked into her aunt. "Aunt Melany! What are you doing here?" Melany was her mothers elder sister by two years, who lived at the other end of the city.

"Alex dear, its okay. Your mother told me what happened last night and I got here first thing in the morning. How are you doing darling?"

"I…I…" Alexis was at a loss for words. She had been strengthening herself to confront her mother but this was a very unexpected turn of events.

"There, there dear. Sit down."

"Aunt Melany…You know…..about mother I mean?"

She smiled that comforting smile of hers and said, "Yes dear. I know all about it." And after a pause in which they both regarded each other she whispered, "I was the one who introduced her to …. This new way of life."

"You what..??" Alexis felt that sinking feeling again. "That means you too…No…"she choked on her own tears.

"Come come darling." Replied her aunt as she enveloped her niece in a warm hug. "Its not as bad as you think. Quite the contrary in fact."

Alexis had that urge to scream and run again but all she did was break down and let her tears flow down her aunts ample bosom. There was nowhere to run. Everyone seemed to be in on it. She had been born into a family of whores. She broke down into uncontrollable sobs while her aunt rubbed her back soothingly. After she calmed down a little she lifted her head and looked into her aunt's green eyes and was about to say something when her aunt put a finger to her lips.

"Shhhh…Alex…don't say anything…" Then she did the most outrageous thing. Bending her face she kissed her niece full on the lips. She did it so slowly that Alex was literally mesmerized. She felt her aunts tongue probe into her mouth slowly but surely. A part of her was screaming for her to get away but she couldn't. Much as the thought seemed repulsive, she had to admit that it felt nice, comforting even. Like something she had been waiting for all her life. Very slowly she began responding to the kiss and soon they had their tongues entwined. After what seemed an eternity they broke their kiss and Alex opened her eyes which she had firmly shut. "Aunt…you're a?"

"A lesbian…hahha….no my darling. I believe the correct phrase is….I swing both ways. But enough about me. Tell me that didn't feel good?" she asked mischievously. Alex blushed like she had never done before, because though the sensible part of her head was goading her to issue a vehement denial she knew that that she had enjoyed it. Enjoyed this reprehensible act more than she had anything before in her life. While she was still figuring out what to say, she felt her aunts left hand slip beneath her T-shirt and circle her left nipple. Before she could even register the shock a soft moan escaped her lips. As her aunt pinched her nipple electric sparks ran up and down her body and she arched her neck in pleasure. "Oh god….Aunt Mel…."

"Call me Melany dear….."interrupted her aunt in a shocking husky voice. "I think we are a little beyond the aunt."

"Why don't we make ourselves a little more comfortable" continued Melany after a few more moments of fondling her niece's heaving breasts. So saying she yanked off Alex's t-shirt. Moments later her jeans, bra and panties joined the discarded t-shirt on the floor. Alex by now was in an almost trance like state. All the confusion that she had been experiencing for the last 24 hours had slipped away leaving only a very pleasurable urge to do exactly as her aunt said. Melany pushed Alex on the bed and standing before her, slowly undid her own dress. As it dropped to the floor, Alexis noticed that Melany wore nothing underneath. She also looked at another woman completely naked for the first time. She had never before admired a woman's body and now she was completely captivated by the voluptuous older woman standing above her. For a woman of forty-two she had a fantastic figure. Taught legs, toned skin and a pair of breasts that she imagined pornstars would kill for.

"Now dear, I think its time we initiated you into the family business." Said her aunt almost evilly as she bent down putting her face between the nineteen year-old's legs. The first lick from Melany's expert tongue sent Alexis into such a spasm that she nearly came. "Relax dear, lie back and let your body do the rest."

Five minutes later, Alexis was gyrating her hips with the fervour of a bellydancer as Melany proceeded to eat her cunt like there was no tomorrow. She had been doing this for years and by now was as experienced as they came. Her tongue darted in and out of the writhing girl's pussy like a little piston and every once in a while she did things to her clit that Alexis had never thought possible. "Ohhh….Ohhhhh godddd…..aaah….yeah, yeah…." Alex had lost all control of her body by now as she was racked by orgasm after orgasm. She had always thought of lesbianism as weird and dirty but right now it seemed to be the most heavenly thing she had ever experienced.

Melany stopped her oral activities for a second and before Alexis could complain she had plunged her middle finger all the way into her niece's dripping cunt causing Alexis to almost fly off the bed in pleasure. Without relelnting Melany began driving her finger into Alex's pussy with more force than any of her boyfriends had exerted while doing her.

Just as she was beginning to get used to her aunt's finger, Melany inserted her index and third finger as well. "AAAAaah…..Melany….yes…YES….Harder…." Smiling at her niece's now irrevocable transformation from a fairly decent college girl to wanton nymphomaniac, she began rubbing Alex's engorged clit with the thumb of her right hand, sending new shockwaves coursing through the screaming nineteen year-old's endlessly orgasming body.

Her eyes shut….hands clenching the bedcovers below her, Alexis was in a world of her own that knew only one sensation. Pure ecstasy. And when she felt her left breast engulfed by Melany's mouth it only added to the hitherto unimaginable feeling of pleasure engulfing her body. As she opened her eyes however she received a brutal shock. Staring back at her with big round eyes and a big grin was her mother.

"Hello darling….Enjoying yourself?" She said and resumed lapping and circling Alex's nipples. Alex's shock transformed within moments into further ecstasy as her mother swallowed half her breast and sucked on it with all her might. In between the electrifying jolts of pleasure that were racking her body she thought how disgusting this was. Being sucked and fucked by her mother and aunt. But contrary to her previous reactions this thought only brought a sense of perverted pleasure and soon she was revelling in the incestous acts she was taking part in. Holding her mother's hair with her hand she forced her mother to suck harder on her tits.

"Uungh…..yes….suck them harder. Make them as big as yours mother…."

Watching her daughter turn into this slut before her own eyes turned her on even more. When she had first spoken to Melany she had been hesitant about this plan that her sister had come up with but it had worked and exceeded both their expectations. She had been watching from within the closet all the while and had already lost her clothes and frigged herself off twice while watching Melany seduce her daughter. Using her other hand to pinch and pull Alex's right nipple she sent her daughter into another set of bone-jarring orgasms.

All three women were sweating profusely by now but the musky odours only seemed to aggravate their sexual instincts. Alex suddenly noticed that her cunt was unattended but before she could discover what Melany was upto, her mother straddled her face.

"Ever eat out another woman, honey?" Alex stared up at the shaved pussy inches above her mouth. As her mother lowered her wet cunt onto her daughter's face Alex smelt the cum that had escaped those lips earlier and was aroused beyond description. She hungrily leapt at her mother's waiting cunt. Having never done this before she nevertheless improvised and was soon causing her mother to groan and ride her face violently in pleasure. "Oh baby…yessss…..that's it…..suck it harder…..make me cum…aaah" Even as Alex brought her mother to a shuddering orgasm and was still busy licking up her dripping juices, she felt something cold enter her pussy. It was big. Bigger than Melany's finger. It was almost like a cock, but smooth. And very soon she realized it was a lot bigger than any of the three cocks that she had experienced in her life. The owner of the cock seemed to realize that she had never had anything this big in her cunt before so eased in and out very slowly at first letting her get used to it. Alex had no idea who or what it was but within moments stopped worrying about it as the thrusts became harder and harder. Her mother was still straddling her face dripping her cunt juices all over her face so in between slobbering into her pussy muffled groans escaped Alex's mouth as her own cunt was fucked furiously by the large mysterious cock.

Once again Alex thought she had never experienced anything like this before in her life and she wondered just how many times she had felt that thought run through her frazzled mind this afternoon. The cock moved like it had a mind of its own, while a hand squeezed and mauled her butt. Her bucking and writhing soon had her mother cumming again and once more she was drenched with pussy juice. As her mother's orgasm subsided she moved off Alex's face and the nineteen-year old finally got a good look at what was fucking her pussy. Before her stood a lustily grinning Melany driving a huge cucumber in and out of her cunt. By now Melany had worked up a furious rhythm and was pummeling into Alex's cunt like a jackhammer, causing her to shriek in pleasure. As the mother of all orgasm built up inside the college girl she let out a loud wail.

"Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh……..Fuuuckkkkkk meeeeeeeeeee……YEAHHHHH….." The ensuing orgasm caused Alex to lift off the bed and she experienced such intense pleasure that she passed out right there and then. Her last vision was that of her mother sitting beside her watching the cucumber fuck her pussy while using what seemed like her whole hand to fuck her own pussy. As she passed out she vaguely thought …. 'What have I become?'

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