tagIncest/TabooBack in Black

Back in Black


This is a fictional work of sexual relations with people of different races and incest. If you are offended by either aspect please don't read it. This is not a true story, but it could be.


It was Friday night. I just came home late from work and was expecting to sit down, relax and enjoy my supper, but that was not to be. For upon entering the house, my 18 year old daughter, Cindy, ran up to me and launched herself into a giant hug with me. Normally this would not be a big deal but today was different; she was wearing her cheerleader outfit. The one that was way too small and way too tight for her. I have a bit of a fetish for cheerleaders, and right now my daughter, was right here in front of me mashing her large voluptuous breasts into my chest. Since I am much taller than my daughter she has to lean into me and stand on her tippy toes. For all of her squirming on me, I was instantly hard and tenting my slacks.

After she stopped hugging me and lowered herself, my bulging cock caught the edge of her flared skirt and lifted it slightly revealing her purple panties. I nearly came in my shorts. She just jokingly said, "Go take a cold shower daddy. Oh and by the way this is Shelia. She just transferred into the school and tried out for the cheer team this year." She half turned and standing behind her was a cute milk chocolate African-American girl. She must have been about 5'4", with at least 38D breasts and from the looks of it a cute bubble butt. She had long wavy black hair and the most interesting thing about her was her baby blue eyes. But there was something about her face I just could not put my finger on.

"Hi Shelia, I'm Cindy's Dad, Tom. Nice to meet you."

"Nice to meet you sir," Shelia replied.

"Dad Shelia is going to spend the night with me ok. She's new and doesn't have any friends yet. I wanted to show her the ropes so to speak."

"Ok princess, that's fine with me."

"Go get changed dad, I made dinner and it will be ready in a few minutes."

With that I went upstairs to my bedroom to change into my pajamas. On my way up the stairs I could not help but over hearing Shelia say to Cindy, "His thingy was poking straight out into your leg; was it hard?" "Shelia that's my dad we're talking about; and yeah it was as hard as rock." They started giggling and turned to go into the kitchen.

Up in my room I started to undress and as I did so my 7" cock was still hard as a rock as my daughter put it. I give it a few quick strokes and then tucked it into my pj pants. I didn't have the time to service myself and thought I would do it later this evening. So after getting dressed I headed down to dinner. "Smells good princess!"

"It's your favorite, cheeseburger surprise."

Shelia asked, "What do you mean surprise?"

"Well my dad started this recipe where you had to add an ingredient or two to the mixture and the other person had to figure out what it was, and it could be anything. This time I think I have out done myself." My daughter liked to push the envelope with this family activity, and the last time she made it she said she had added ground coffee beans. I was up all night last time she made cheeseburger surprise. We all sat down and ate our cheeseburgers. They were delicious as usual. From our dinner conversations I got the impression that not only was Shelia shy, but was wasn't very bright. She was very nice and pleasant, but she was no rocket scientist. I guess that is why she tried out for the cheer team. The girls on the team were cute and pretty but not too smart. My daughter was the semi exception, she was a solid B student, and was looking to go to college to cheer there.

I did find out that Shelia and her mom had just moved to Blue Ball, PA from Intercourse, PA. I had mentioned to Shelia that I was originally from Intercourse, PA. I asked her what her last name was but it didn't ring any bells with me. Well dinner ended and I told the girls that I would clean up, if only to get them out of my sight. Their young breasts were bouncing while they laughed and it was making me have issues. They excused themselves for the night and I set about clearing the table. After I finished loading the dish washer I grabbed a beer and the book I was working on and sat down in my Lazy-Boy to read. I call hear the shower running and figured they must be getting ready for bed.

About a half hour later Cindy and Shelia came downstairs and what I saw nearly killed me. Both girls were wearing, from the looks of it, Cindy's see-thru baby-doll nighties, and most importantly neither was wearing any panties. I had raised Cindy to love and respect her body, and that there was nothing wrong with the nude form. Ever since her mom passed away I had to raise her by myself, and sexually was a topic I tried to keep simple and I tried to make sure it was not an embarrassing issue. Cindy's only vice was that she liked to buy sexy lingerie from Victoria's Secret and Frederick's of Hollywood to name a few places.

As to the show I was getting I could see that both girls were completely shaved, and were as bald as a baby's behind. Cindy jumped into my lap, as she did so her baby-doll flew up a bit and her ass landed square on my cock. She squirmed around a bit to settle into my lap, grinding her soft ass into my dick, which unfortunately had popped out of my pj's when I saw the two girls. My shaft was sticking straight up between Cindy's ass cheeks and my dick head was rubbing against her labia. Her lips felt around nestled against my dick, and I could feel my cock head was starting to get wet from her leaking cunt.

I was lost in a moment of pure lust when Cindy said, "I had to teach Shelia how to shave her twat daddy. She had a really hairy bush and that won't do for being on the cheer team." For a moment I wondered what Cindy's comment about how hairy bushes would not do for being on the cheer team meant. I looked over at Shelia, and she was blushing as well as expecting something...almost as if she was looking for a comment or feedback...from me?! "Ummm...It looks nice Shelia." My daughter thumped me on the shoulder as if to say you can do better than that. "It looks like you'll make some guy very happy." Shelia looked perplexed by what I just said until Cindy said, "What he means to say Shelia is; you'll make some guy very happy to cum deep inside knocking you up while he's fucking your brains out." With that she wiggled her ass a bit and I swear I felt my dick head slip part way into her cunt. I could almost swear I saw her take a deep breath in and she was definitely starting to get flushed. Shelia was even more blushed then before, "Do you really mean it?"

"Of course he does Shelia; he's the best daddy in the whole wide world!" With that she leaned into me, mashed her breasts once more into my chest and gave me a really big hug. She kissed me on the cheek and said goodnight. She got up off my wet dripping dick, with her juices dripping down onto my cock. Shelia must have seen this and she took in a deep breath in surprise. Cindy grabbed Shelia by the hand and pushed her onto me taking up a similar position, again the baby-doll hiked up and her bubble butt fell straight into my lap. Only this time instead of just laying between her ass cheeks, my dick was fully erect and it thrust straight up into Shelia's pussy. Because she was falling down onto my cock the resistance I felt was only momentarily perceived. I groaned out in sheer pleasure, while she yelped in pain. I asked her what was wrong, and Shelia said she had been a virgin. I looked down and sure enough there was a trickle of blood running down my cock.

Before my daughter left she whispered into my ear, "Figure out yet what the surprise was in the cheeseburger?" I shook my head no, and she replied "I ground up some of your Viagra and some ecstasy." Have fun was all she said as she walked out of the living room to go upstairs. No wonder I was having trouble thinking clearly and no wonder my dick was aching. I have not been with a woman in 2 years since my wife's death, so this accidental contact was driving me insane as to what to do. My mind was trying to say no it's wrong, but my dick and the drugs were screaming yes. In the end all I could do was say sorry to Shelia as I picked her up and repositioned her on the couch. I did not take my dick out of her for fear if I did she would not continue and would leave. I looked into her face and started to fuck her like a man possessed.

As I was fucking Shelia, my mind drifted back to when I was in high school. I was the quarterback of the football team then, and I had thrown for 4 touchdowns and ran for another one to win our home coming game. After the game ended and everyone was breaking up, Melissa walked up to me. Melissa was the head cheerleader then, hence my fetish today. She was African-American but she was a sexy dark chocolate color. She had had curves that no girl should ever have, and she started to have them the moment she hit puberty. "Hey Tom, that was great game!" Thanks I said. Hey I know you just broke up with Wendy last week, but I was wondering if you had anyone or any plans on going to the home coming dance tonight.

"I really didn't have any plans for going tonight, why?"

"I thought that maybe you wouldn't mind considering going with me?"

After taking a good look at Melissa what man in his right mind would turn down a chance to go out with someone as hot as her? "Yeah that would be great; I'll pick you up about 7." With that she jumped into my arms and planted a firm sensual kiss on my cheek with her full lush lips. My dick starting to get erect and it was becoming painful while still being inside my cup. "Great see you then."

I borrowed my dad's tux, and I stopped by the florist to get a couple of roses since it was too late to order anything else. I drove to Melissa's house and when I rang the doorbell I was greeted by Melissa's mom who was also gorgeous looking. "Melissa will be down in a minute, have a seat and make yourself more comfortable." "Thanks." "That was a great game you played today Tom!" "Yeah, thanks again." I was a bit distracted, Melissa's mom was sitting across from me and her skirt was riding high. I could see the garters holding up her nylons and when she went to cross her legs I caught a glimpse of her white satiny panties. She was a classy lady from what I could tell. "Do you have plans to go to college to play next year?" "Yeah I got a college scholarship to play football at Penn State."

Melissa interrupted the conversation by entering the room. I was shocked and stunned. There standing before me was the image of a Greek Goddess. She had her hair up in a bun, with some curly strands hanging down. She was wearing this tight fitting white satin and lace dress that barely covered her crotch. She also looked to be wearing white nylons and garters, while walking in white 5" stilettos. All I could say was, "WOW!" I was dumbfounded and I was at a loss for words, so I just handed her the roses. She took them and gave me a light kiss on the lips. This time the kiss surprised me because she had put a little tongue in it for me right in front of her mom. "Thanks for the flowers Tom. We should be going mom. I'll be home later tonight, don't wait up for me. ""Have a good time sweetie."

We drove to the dance in my car and Melissa snuggled up close to me. I could smell her intoxicating perfume and see the tops of her nylons. Needless to say I was having trouble staying on the road. We got to the dance and sat down for dinner. It was good but I was totally distracted by Melissa and how she looked. After dinner we hit the dance floor and got our grove on. There were a lot of kids there and so the dance floor was eventually packed. Melissa used this opportunity to grind her booty-licous ass into my dick. I swear to God she kept me hard all night and on a constant edge of cumming in my pants.

As the last song ended and the lights came up Melissa took me by the hand and led me out to the parking lot. She took my keys and said, "Get in. The party ain't over yet stud." She drove me to a motel on the outskirts of town, we both got out and she led me to room 205. "I booked the room after the game. My mom doesn't know about this, I told her we'd be out with some friends of mine. I wanted to thank you properly for taking me to the dance." "It was all my pleasure Melissa." With that she just put a finger to my lips and said that this was all about my pleasure tonight and to enjoy the show. She then took off all of my clothes almost in a rush as if her life depended on it. She pushed me back on to the bed, and then she proceeded to slowly strip off her own clothes. I admit that her tease had its desired effect; my cock was hard in no time at all.

As she took off her dress and shoes and she left on her nylons and garters and a half cup bra that allowed for her nipples to be exposed. The stark contrast of her black skin against her white lingerie was exciting. What was even more exciting was the fact she wasn't wearing any panties. She crawled her way onto the bed and in between my spread legs. She licked her way up my left thigh then up my right one, until finally her mouth was inches away from my cock. She gently gripped my shaft and slowly pumped me a few times. I started leaking pre-cum from my slit. She bent her head and let her tongue just barely taste my ooze. Her hot breath was tickling my cock, and when she wrapped her ruby red lips around my head I thought for sure I would bust a nut in her mouth.

Melissa worked my cock like I've never had done before. She would swirl her mouth and tongue around my shaft at times and at others she would twist pump me. She kept that up for at least an hour, keeping me on the verge of cumming, but sensing when I was close and choking it off to prevent a blow. "Oh my Tom, I'm sorry I think that I have turned your balls blue. I really think I need to do something about that." She slide up my body and straddled my waist. She held up my dick and lowered her dripping wet twat onto my cock head. It was tight, and it took her a bit to get settled. When she was ready she leaned forward and she whispered into my ear, "Now push Tom, and take my virginity." Shocked and out of my mind with lust I rammed my cock deep inside Melissa tearing right through her hymen. It was such a sight to see the blood running down my dick and staining her white nylons. It is almost how I would image a wedding night would look and feel like.

Lost in the visual of her popped cherry, the deepening ache in my balls, and the madness in my head I started fucking Melissa for all I was worth. Not only could I feel Melissa's ass as it came down on my dick but I heard it as well. Her booty felt wonderful in my hands it was soft and pliant and made a nice smacking sound on each down stroke. "Oh yeah Tom Fuck my pussy good! MMMMM....that feels so good." I pushed her off me and had her lay on her stomach, as I straddled her ass and placed both of her legs between mine, I entered her pussy from behind. I knew this position caused a pussy to feel even tighter. I pounded her and fucked her like there was no tomorrow. I was grunting louder and louder. I thought I vaguely heard Melissa say, "Please don't cum inside of me, spray my ass instead." It wasn't clear if that's what she said or not because she was grunting and groaning just as much as me if not louder.

In the grand scheme of things I probably should have pulled out and sprayed her ass, but I was so far gone at that point; I was like a wild man possessed. My speed increased but my strokes were increasingly more erratic, "Ugggg, mmmm....ohhhhh.....errrrrrgggg!" I felt the boil in my balls and I felt the rush of cum explode from the back of my nut sack to the top of my cock head. I had Melissa pinned beneath me as I emptied two weeks of pent up jizz. I came like never before. I shoot rope after rope of man batter deep into her womb. In between Melissa's moaning and groaning I thought I heard her weakly say oh no, but I pushed it out of my head. As my body had stiffened and my cock was cumming into Melissa's cunt, her orgasm was rocking through her body. Her moans and groans had escalated in to full blow screaming. My dick stopped spraying her insides, but she was still cumming so I continued to fuck her.

My cock only barely lost any hardness. I fucked Melissa through at least 3 orgasms, before I felt my balls churn again. I flipped her over to fuck her missionary style. I wanted to kiss her and look deep into her sexy eyes as I came again. I grunted and pushed hard and deep and held myself against her quivering pussy. I think since I already came in her once that she did not bother to protest about another one. As I said earlier, I was planning to get as much sex as possible from this girl as possible, because my little head had taken over my thought processes. I slowly withdrew from her and rotated around to her head. I straddled her shoulders and lowered my balls to her mouth Melissa was not sure as to what I was wanting and the moment she opened her mouth to talk I continued lowering my sack till it was in her mouth. I think she got the idea because she started to gently suck my balls. Her mouth was heaven on my sack, and in no time at all she had me hard again.

I did not want to leave her out of the fun so I bent over to 69 her and I started to suck her cunt. Her pussy was musky and wet to say the least. My cum and her juice were freely flowing from her vagina, and I licked up what there was to be had. I have never tasted cum before let alone my own, but since I was sex crazed at the moment it wasn't all that bad. Melissa started to suck my cock and I moaned into her pussy. I did things to her twat with my fingers that have never been done before or since. I had her on the edge of cumming for a long time. Eventually she had had enough of my teasing and just told me to fuck her again.

Never one to disappoint, I flipped us over and had her get on top. I easily entered her and started to fuck her slow and deep. I played with her nipples which seemed to have grown a lot since we started, and her tits were the softest thing I ever felt in my hand. Melissa was getting close to cumming again, and she leaned back and grabbed my ankles so my dick was rubbing up against her G-spot. "Oh Fuck this feels wonderful! I have never felt anything like it before Tom. Keep fucking me, I'm almost there." I pumped her hard and fast, slow and deep, I rotated my hips and I angled my cock. I did everything I knew how to do just to get her to cum. About five minutes later we were both orgasming, I shoot a huge load of cum again up into her womb. She was shaking all over and crushing my cock with her vaginal muscles. As she calmed down she slumped forward and laid on my chest. "Thanks Tom, that was phenomenal!" I just kissed her on the lips and said, "You're welcome."

"We had better get going; my mom will flip out if I'm super late." I got up first and grabbed her legs and slide her nylons off, that were now covered in virginal blood and cum juice, and tucked them into my pants pocket and told her it was a reminder of her on this night. She just giggled. We slowly got, but as she was bending over to pick up her dress I couldn't resist myself. Her big brown ass was in my face and I had to have it. I stepped up to her and slide my dick back into her hole. She gasped by held still, while grabbing her ankles. I pumped my cock in a few times and then took it out. She moaned at the loss only to yelp in shock as I started to punch my cock up her ass. She started to resist and make a complaint, but she had thought better of it. I pushed forward slowly until just the head of my cock popped into her virgin ass. I groaned at how tight it was. I gave her a moment to adjust to my entering her, when I felt her relax a bit I pushed all the way in.

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