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Back in the Basement


Occurs at the end of S6 "Hells Bells," the disastrous wedding of Anya and Xander, but before the next episode. Feedback for me is like chocolate to a sweet tooth. Let me know what you think!

Xander stumbled down the stairs to his parents' basement and flung himself onto the couch. He curled up into the fetal position and buried his face in his arms. He felt torn inside, like half of him was missing. He knew this was going to hurt Anya... so much. But he just couldn't do it. He couldn't bring himself to inflict that kind of life on her, to become the kind of people his parents were.

"Guess it's your turn to be love's bitch, eh, whelp?"

Xander spring off the couch, hands out in front of him to ward off any attack. Seeing who his unexpected visitor was, he slowly sank back down on the couch and shook his head.

"What the hell are you doing here, Spike?"

"Well," Spike answered, settling down next to Xander on the couch, "I was dropping my date off here in your folk's neighborhood and saw you wandering this way. I thought it was bloody odd, your being in a wedding today and all, so I thought I'd do a bit of snooping."

Xander ran both hands through his hair and rested that way for a moment before answering. "Look, Spike, not that it's any of your damn business, but the wedding is off."

"Ah, so does your little ex-demon lover know this?"

Xander's silence was answer enough.

Spike laughed out loud. "Oh-Ho, you've jilted a former vengeance demon at the alter! Now, I call myself the Big Bad, but that's definitely creeping into my territory, whelp."

"Shut up, Spike!" Xander lifted his head and glared at Spike with bloodshot eyes. "It's not like I'm doing it to hurt her; I'm trying to protect her."

"From what? The miniscule size of your tadger?"

Xander grabbed the front of Spike's long leather coat and hauled his face closer to his. "Shut the fuck up. Now."

Spike's eyes were a cool blue that bore into Xander's. "Who's gonna make me, you little wanker? You and what army?"

With that shot, Xander's anger broke through. A hard right to the nose had Spike on the floor, scrambling to rise. Xander immediately climbed on top of him, straddling his hips. A left, a right and then another left to Spike's face, and Xander finally started to see through the red haze that had blinded him momentarily.

Spike gave a hoarse laugh and reached up to wipe the blood that was trickling form his nose. "Feeling better then, pet? My face make a nice punching bag for your frustrations?"

Xander, breathing heavily, looked down at the vampire beneath him. Even bloody and bruised as he was right now, he was a very good-looking man. Maybe this was the key. He should just give up on women all together. He'd never had any luck with them. Could he do it? Could he have sex with a man? There was one way to find out. Spike would be the perfect person to find out with. Captain Peroxide's morals were already low and his heart supposedly belonged to Buffy. He certainly wouldn't consider himself above sleeping with Xander, no strings attached.

With that though in mind, Xander lowered his mouth to the vampire's soft, full lips. He felt Spike hesitate for just a moment before the platinum vampire was kissing him back, sucking his lower lips between his fangs. Spike's hands grabbed the back of his thighs and spread his legs causing him to come in close contact with the growing bulge between Spike's legs.

Spike nibbled at Xander's mouth, pressing with his fangs just hard enough to scratch the surface. Spike groaned aloud as a tiny sweet trickle of blood snaked into his mouth.

Xander pulled back sharply. "No biting, vamp."

Spike just smiled and pulled Xander's head back down to his and grinding his hips into the human's. He pulled that scratched lip into his mouth and sucked hard. Xander groaned and kissed him back, pushing his tongue deep into Spike's mouth.

"Enough of the tonsil tango, pet. Let's get these clothes off."

Spike leaned forward on his elbows to watch his new lover disrobe. Xander stood, still straddling the vampire's hips and pulled his clothes off. A second later Xander was back on top of him, pulling off Spike's coat and clothes.

Spike's naked body was amazing. All tight and hard and white; except for the long hard piece of flesh springing up between his legs that was a deep rose color. The chiseled planes of his face were repeated in his torso and the finely cut muscles beneath the skin.

Xander lowered his head and ran his tongue over the flat male nipples. Spike moaned in response and thrust his hand into the dark locks on the human's head holding him there. Xander gave a little smile and continued raining soft kisses down the length of Spike's body, stopping only when he reached the rosier part of him.

"Do it, Xan. Take my cock in your mouth. Suck me, pet," Spike groaned low and deep.

Xander stroked the length of flesh with both hands and looked up into the vampire's eyes, which had now gone to a deep, dark blue. Keeping eye contact, Xander bent his head slightly and ran his tongue down the entire length of Spike's cock, lingering on the sensitive head.

"Come on, Xan, do it. Take me in your mouth," Spike's gentle coaxing urged him on.

Xander pulled the hard flesh into his mouth and as far down his throat as he could manage without gagging. He felt Spike's body tighten and the hand in his hair clenched spasmodically. He moved his mouth up and down, swirling his rough tongue up and around the head.

"Oh, Christ, Xan, you little wanker, I had no idea you had such a talented... Oh, God, mouth. Run your tongue over... Oh yes, just like that, pet, just like that. Don't stop, Xan, whatever you do, oh, yes, don't stop."

Encouraged by his lover's words of praise, Xander used his hands to stroke the shaft while he concentrated his mouth on the head, stroking his tongue faster and faster, sucking harder and harder.

"Oh, yeah, Xan, that's it, love. Just like that, babe. Here it comes, love, oh God, here it comes." Spike's blond head thrashed about on the floor.

Even with Spike's warning, Xander continued to hold his cock in his mouth. He felt the cool jets of his seed spurt into his mouth and he instinctively swallowed. He continued to caress Spike with his tongue and stroke with his hands until the vampire pulled away with a chuckle.

"Pet, you've finished me off and now I'm entirely too sensitive for you to be keeping that up. How come you've been keeping that talented tongue under wraps all this time, whelp?"

Xander, a little embarrassed by his activities, blushed and smiled faintly, "I, uh, I thought I was straight."

Spike began to crawl across the floor toward the human, smiling broadly. It was time to introduce Xander to another pleasurable pastime.

"You most likely are, Xan. Or maybe you like both. Doesn't matter. Nothing wrong in a taste of the big bad now and then, is there?"

To be continued...

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