tagCelebrities & Fan FictionBack in the Basement Ch. 02

Back in the Basement Ch. 02


Spike began to crawl across the floor toward the human, smiling broadly. It was time to introduce Xander to another pleasurable pastime.

"You most likely are straight, Xan. Or maybe you like both, like me. Doesn't matter. Nothing wrong in a taste of the big bad now and then, is there?"

Xander wasn't sure if he liked the gleam in Spike's eyes. Or if he liked it a little too much. The bleached vampire was on his hands and knees, slowly making his way closer to Xander. Unbelievably, he felt his cock start to harden again. He had never been this horny with Anya. Or even Faith. Or even in his fantasies about Buffy. Spike, of course, not missing a thing, noted this with pleasure.

"Ready for another go already, pet? Well, let it not be said that I am a man who disappoints." Without another word, Spike bent his head and took the length of Xander deep into his mouth.

Xander winced then shuddered as he felt Spike's fangs scrape against the sides of his cock, making it twitch and harden even more. His tongue was rough like a cat's as he swirled it around the head and the sensitive ridge beneath.

Spike lifted his pale head and took Xander in hand, stroking him with a firm grip. "So what do you think, Xan? Wanna try something different? All this snogging is really just a prelude to the good stuff." He leaned forward, still stroking, to whisper hotly in Xander's ear, "Wanna try the good stuff, pet?"

Mutely, only partially comprehending, Xander nodded and turned his head to capture Spike's full lips with his own. Spike's coarse tongue darted into Xander's mouth, sliding erotically against his teeth and tongue. Xander moaned, deep and low, and tried to pull the vampire closer.

Spike gave a hoarse laugh and pulled away, “Sweets, you’re going to have me done before we even get started. I know it’s not exactly romantic, but… point me to your lube, pet; we’re going to need it.”

Scurrying across the floor, Xander reached under the couch and pulled out an old bottle of lubricant. He started to turn around when Spike’s hand on his shoulder stopped him.

“Just stay right there, love. I’ll take that and you can bend over the sofa.”

Xander did as he was told and began to shake, finally realizing what was happening. He was definitely scared, but also incredibly aroused. He wanted this. He knew without a shadow of a doubt. He knew anything that happened with Spike was going to be extremely pleasurable in the end. In the end. He almost laughed out loud.

Spike stood between the human’s spread legs, feeling his quake slightly. Soothingly he ran his hands down Xander’s back and buttocks, enjoying the feel of his frightened quivering. It almost made him feel like the big bad again. Spike smiled.

Xander took a deep breath and tried to relax under the touch of his demon lover. He heard the sound of the lubricant squirting out of the bottle. The sound startled him and made him tighten up again. Then Spike’s hand was there, sliding into the cleft between his buttocks, dripping wet. Xander groaned as Spike’s fingertips brushed over the puckered flesh there and then delicately pushed inside.

“That’s it, pet. Push back against me. Let me get you all loose and ready for me.” Spike’s pressed two fingers inside, liberally applying the lube and stretching the delicate flesh.

Xander closed his eyes and pressed with feverish face to the cool cloth of the couch, loving the sweet invasion of Spike’s fingers pushing in and out of him. Suddenly a third finger was added, causing him to moan and drive his hips back at Spike. The fingers dove deeper and deeper, brushing against his prostate. Xander’s breath came in harsh pants and his entire body felt electrified with every touch.

“All right then, love. I think you just might be ready for me. Do you think so? Do you want something bigger and better than my fingers, pet?” Spike’s voice was a low growl somewhere over Xander’s right shoulder. He could only nod in reply as the tremors racked his body with increasing frequency.

Xander cried out as the tools of his pleasure left his body abruptly. He felt Spike position himself behind him and then the first probing touch of the vampire’s cock against his ass.

“Relax for me, Xan. Relax and push back as I push in. It will make it so much better for you, pet. C’mon, do it for me.” Spike struggled to tame his inner demon and the fierce need to drive himself inside as he waited for his lover to open to him.

Xander forced his internal muscles to relax and pushed back onto the cock he was being offered. With a soft sigh Spike sank inside him, feeling the outer ring soften slightly, allowing him entrance.

Xander continued to mentally force himself to relax as he felt the length of Spike stretching him to the point of pain. Inch by slow inch, the vampire continued to push inside. Every time he thought he couldn’t take anymore, Spike would pour another inch inside.

“Please. I – ah…. I can’t…” Xander cried out, lost between the pleasure and the pain.

“You can,” Spike growled, continuing to push inside, “You can and you will, love. You can do this. It’s going to feel so good, Xan, just you wait. You’ll be thanking me in the morning.”

Finally, Xander felt the brush of Spike’s pubic hair against his ass cheeks. He was completely inside, deep inside. And Spike was right; Xander was in love with this feeling. So full, so stretched. Once he got past the pain, the pleasure was well worth it.

“Am I right, sweets? Is it nice?” There was definitely laughter in Spike’s voice.

Xander could only nod as the pleasure began quaking inside him again. Spike felt him beginning to quiver and took that as his sign to start moving. Oh so slowly he began to pull out of Xander’s tight channel and then back in again.

With one guiding hand on Xander’s hip, Spike reached around with the other and took hold of Xander’s cock. The lube left on his hand helped with the slippery massage. The feel of Xander’s extremely tight passage was almost more than he could bear.

The combined sensations of Spike’s hard cock driving inside him and his cool hand stroking him, drove Xander mad. His hands fisted, grabbing the sofa cushions in a death-grip. He pumped his hips back at the vampire’s, forcing him to drive faster and deeper inside him.

“Harder, Spike, please, harder, now, oh god, harder now.”

The human’s cries were music to Spike’s ears as he neared his own orgasm. He thrust forcefully, his thighs slapping against Xander’s. The human’s firm ass was everything he had hoped for and more. His hand continued to stroke Xander’s cock faster and faster, feeling everything inside him tighten

With a hoarse cry, Xander came, his cock erupting all over the hand that continued to caress him. The feel of Xander’s tightening muscles pushed Spike over the edge as well. He exploded, pouring his cool seed deep inside Xander’s bowels and collapsing over his back.

“So what do you think, pet? Think you could learn to like something different?”

Xander turned and sat down on the floor, pulling Spike between his legs. “Sure. But now I think I need another taste of the big bad.”

The end.

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