Back in Time Ch. 04


He growled and started to thrust again his cock in her mouth bumping again at her throat and passing through this time without her gagging. She suddenly felt his hands in her hair grasping her locks and urging her to move with the thrusts. She began to bob up and down against his moves controlling her breathing so she didn't choke every time his cock was penetrating her throat. Her tongue took an active part brushing his underside frantically.

She rolled up her eyes looking at his aroused expression while he was fucking her mouth. Something wild and aggressive was emerging in him with the way he looked at her. His grip tightened and he ordered, "On your hands and knees!"

After he was not releasing her head she figured that she will have to go on all fours while she was still sucking him so she rose on her hands and knees as he knelt as well in front of her face and started to pound her mouth.

Despite that he was using her head like he did with her vagina yesterday Isabel felt extremely turn on. She moaned imagining her mouth was her pussy while her ears were ringing from the rush of blood and endorphins and maybe from the quakes of his vigorous fucking. She groaned and the vibrations of her moans were added to deep throating in her mouth and the play of her tongue.

Isabel felt her pussy spasming desperate for a cock and balancing herself on her left arm she extended her right one to the belly and slid it under the belt of her trousers she started to brush her clit.

Bren's penis hardened at the sights of her actions and he accelerated the speed of fucking her. His testicles were slapping her chin with every thrust and her nose was practically buried in the fine hairs of his stomach but she didn't care. She was so aroused that the only thing that mattered was the cock in her throat and her fingers on her nub. She put three fingers inside her with ease sliding in the lubrication of her juices as her thumb continued to rub her clit.

His pace fastened as she felt his member throbbing in her mouth. She was sucking and moaning as her own orgasm was approaching too. Her fingers were fucking her pussy and suddenly her whole brain exploded with the first waves of the orgasm. She cried around the thick trunk in her mouth and sucked like her life depended on it.

Bren roared and plunged balls deep in her mouth, his seed erupting and then plunging back and fort as she was swallowing eagerly his sperm. His spurts lasted longer than she expected but she took down the creamy loads as her tongue was still playing with his cock. When the last drops of sperm were gulfed she continued licking and sucking on his cock while every bit of sperm was removed enjoying immensely the way his hands changed their grasp into a soothing touch.

When she was finished she left his cock and sat back on her ass looking at his satisfied expression. Still on his knees he stared at her with absolute adoration like he was speechless what to say.

She couldn't put down the sudden urge to boast, "So, do you like my creativity, Bren?" She asked licking her lips and noticing how his eyes followed the moves of her tongue.

He looked at her again and said, "I think I like it to no end!"

With one fluid move he was back on his feet and helped her to stand up. He hugged her and Isabel buried her nose on the soft spot of his neck returning the hug and feeling his semi hard cock against her belly. He took her in his arms and laid them both on the blanket. She rested her head on his chest and wrapped an arm across his belly and throwing a leg over his tights she sighed and felt ready to sleep. She was half drowsing under the rhythmic movements up and down of his chest when she felt a sensation like someone was watching her. She opened her eyes looking forward when she noticed that the hunter with darker red hair was not sleeping but was seating on the other side of the fire staring at her with glazed eyes.

He was of age similar to Bren maybe a little younger and he had no mating bands as she remembered. He had tried to claim her yesterday when Bren interfered.

When he realized she was watching him he quickly went back to the other men and laid there.

She waited few more seconds but he didn't stir or made any more move so she dosed off, 'He is just envy that Bren has a mate...'

The air was chilly and she snuggled close to Bren's back while he was running. The sun was already low which meant that it was around 4 P.M.

They have woken this morning under the slight chilly mix of rain and snow and Isabel would have been trembling if not for the warm blanket at her back and Finn's warm presense in front of her. He had cuddled during her sleep in her hands and now his head was snuggled on her neck. The sun has still not risen but the other males were already up. So did Bren who was freshly bathed and again shaved and Isabel had to rose too. Washing in the freezing water was more revolting than she remembered it while Bren even washed his hair and did a few strokes in the water while she was reliving herself behind the bush. The experience was bearable just because Bren washed her back and then kissed her.

She was trembling when they were back to find that the other men had bathed, shaved and now were packing the smoked meat and pieces of the baked boar. Finn was devouring a big chunk of meat and they all sat around the fire to have breakfast. Isabel was hungry so she ate a lot of the meat that was baked in the clay. It tasted like a stew and was warm and delicious. The idea of a morning coffee and skipping the breakfast was an alien concept when living in the cold climate and not sitting all day around in front of the computer. The men also ate sizable portions.

When they finished the fire was put down then the makeshift backsacks made from the hide of the animal killed the previous day and some pieces just tied together with pieces of the animal muscles and put on their backs. Their backpacks seemed huge and this time Bren was carrying her, her backpack and Finn.

They began running like before and this time only the intervals with fast walking were every ten minutes and Isabel restrained from talking as before. Around noon time they stopped, ate from the packed roasted meat and then continued. They stopped only three times to drink water from creeks that she was left with the impression they knew very well and then the moving west went on.

She was on Bren's back with all her clothes on and wrapped in the blanket watching the changing landscape. They were following a river that was north of them and were actually traveling southwest.

For the better part of the morning she kept silent just observing and thinking. The length of the day indicated it was late April or early May and as they were progressing in the west the oak forests disappeared to pine trees and open grasslands. The rain turned into a snow around lunch time and although it was just a wet snow she could feel that it is getting colder.

She saw in the distance herds of mammoths and the terrain began to be slightly hilly with more lakes and creeks. The mountains in the distance from what she remembered of her time in geography classes were the Vosges and they were heading to the low mountains that she could see ahead. They were not covered with Ice but with forests although she could see that the mountain range becomes higher to the south and some glimmers indicated icebergs but they were hundreds kilometers away.

From what she understood from the brief moments when she had time to ask Bren they have entered his tribe territory yesterday and were going to arrive this evening so the tribe's area seemed pretty huge. He also told her that a snow storm was approaching.

They were hurrying up from what she could tell and the mood seemed to be changing. The men with the mating bands and the man with darker red hair looked like they were getting frustrated and even Bren seemed unhappy. Isabel was wondering of the change and after some thinking she realized that their mood was getting worse as they were approaching the hills.

'Maybe they are expecting something?! Or they are angry with my weakness?!'

When they stopped for a rest in the early afternoon she asked Bren why they are unhappy and he didn't respond at first but took her arm and led her to some trees so she can relive herself. When she was ready and they went to the creek to wash her hands Bren said, "I'm not angry with your weakness Isabel!"

She froze with her hands in the water, 'I didn't say that aloud....'

Turning to him she asked, "How did you know what I was thinking?!"

He just shrugged his shoulders, "Your mind is so open that even a child can read your emotions and see the images of your thoughts clearly."

She felt stunned, "Did you know from the start what I was thinking?!"

"Of course I could sense your emotions and intentions but I was baffled at your thoughts in unknown language. Now that I know most of the words I can comprehend most of the thoughts..." He didn't seem guilty of reading her mind.

Now everything came in focus, the running, the river crossing, even the way he knew what she was going to say...She was so lost in thought than didn't hear him coming closer until he was next to her, "I see that the idea of seeing into someone head is new to you, you consider that skill just a fantasy but I assure you that I didn't do it intentionally today just you think so loud and practically beam your thoughts around."

She blushed remembering what she was thinking last night, "Did the others hear them too?"

He hugged her from behind kissing her neck, "Don't worry they actually enjoyed them too. Thar even said that when you felt your peaks of pleasure, the orgasms as you tell them, they feel like they are having them. So your ability to share your emotions is really remarkable and much appreciated by my friends."

Isabel had the feeling she was going to die when she sees the other men again, 'Oh my...!'

"That's why I told you that we are not angry with you. Just we went on that trip looking for something and we couldn't find it. That's why the men are angry because returning without that will have consequences for the future of our mates and the whole tribe. And I was angry too because of that and it will affect you too when you gives birth to my children!" His grip around her tightened and Isabel went still, 'Pregnant?!'

She couldn't recall when her menstruation was but right now she was too stunned from the idea his words created in her head. Her, heavily pregnant cooking a pony size boar in some cold cave with a bunch of red haired little children running around....

"I don't mind the idea of you pregnant and with our children but I don't see why you are going to cook this boar in some cold cave..." He sounded amused and she really had to stop thinking these thoughts aloud.

"Alright then, so after you know my mind and you say that you are not angry with me can you elaborate what you were looking for?" She was not going to let this bull running around, instead she was going to grasp his horns and ride him.

Bren giggled at her thoughts, "I don't think it will be safe to ride a bull, Isabel!" She turned around and faced his chiseled abs. Looking up she asked, "What is that thing Bren that was going to affect me too?!"

He signed and his bad mood returned, "We lost our healer last spring and her apprentice was killed with her when they were attacked in the forest by a mountain lion. Since then five females died during childbirth with only one of the babies surviving and two more just bled to death when they lost their babies early in the pregnancy and one hunter died from a wound that could have been easily healed by her. Three young children died too. We started to look for a healer from another tribe but none of our neighbors agreed to give us their healers or at least an apprentice!" He frowned at the memory and Isabel felt a strong empathy,

"We went to a tribe in the far east walking for two months in hope of getting one. We have heard that their healer is teaching more than one apprentice but when we went there we found out that the second apprentice has already returned to his tribe. And although the healer agreed to let her other apprentice come with us she refused because she was mated to a man of their tribe and was a few weeks before giving birth. So we had to return..." his eyes focused on her, "You understand now why we were in that mood. Thar is more upset because his mate is pregnant too and he was hoping so much for a healer."

"I see. I hope that you'll find one soon." She fondled his face feeling a spreading warmness despite the falling snow, "I'm sorry for my bad thoughts, I was just impulsive."

She gave him a short kiss and after that they returned to the others. Finn was playing around and seemed happy to see her. She hugged him and aloud Bren to take them on his back.

The traveling continued for almost an hour. It was getting late afternoon and early evening as they approached what appeared to be a path in the forest. The trees here were huge and they walked in the darkness of the forest. Isabel noticed a small squirrel running between the trees and even few rabbits. Obviously the forests were also full with life and the Neandethals hadn't affected the biodiversity as modern day humans.

The path through the forest reached a two way extension – the left way was turning deeper in the forest while the right way was heading to the hilly part of the forest. The pines were tall and heavily scented with beautiful red bark and Isabel just couldn't get enough air in her lungs. The forest smelt absolutely great.

'So their cave is in the mountains where caves are abundant, I guess...'

The thought of living in a cave didn't sound very good but she guessed that she had to get used to it.

Suddenly the forest ended and Isabel blinked at the light of the setting sun. But what made her blink again was not the sun nor the snowflakes that covered her eyelashes but something she has never thought she would see.

"A house..." she whispered aloud and like in trance she allowed Bren to put her on her feet and with Finn cuddled in her arms she made a few steps to the building..

Giant mammoth tusks, maybe eight meters long were put upwards forming the arks of a round house a diameter of about thirty meters. Each tusk was put in the ground about 4 meters apart of the next one forming the circle. She could see that the upper ends of the tusks formed a dome and above it there was a roof made of other long bones instead of beams and over them put like a fish scales hand made stone roofing slates that looked very mush alike the stone roofing she had seen in the old houses.

The roof was mounted on high beams of what looked like tree trunks and was in round form too. Between the dome of the house and the roof there were spaces like vents through which the smoke of the fires was exiting out even now. Between the tusks that were painted in brown she could see the walls were colored in light yellow that made a nice contrast with the tusks.

One part of the house was next to the basalt looking rocks. Except the rocks everything around the house was bare – a meadow that was now covered with snow. She could see the entrance of the house – an arc of about two meters height at its highest point and about three meters at its widest. Curtains made of yellow painted tanned hide covered the entrance.

She realized that nobody seemed to walk out of the house, 'Why isn't anybody alerted by our presence?!' she thought and was about to ask Bren when she remembered that he actually already had heard her. She turned back and saw that he and the others were standing in the snow still with the backpacks on their backs staring with unseen eyes at the house.

"Bren, what it is?! That is your home, right?!" she asked still not understanding. Suddenly she noticed the silent tears that were flowing from Thar's eyes, 'What?!' she looked around and found that the other males with the mating bands were also crying. The man with the darker red hair seemed like somebody had just lobotomized him.

She again looked at Bren, "What is going on?! Bren, I want to know!"

Their eyes met and even without being a telepath Isabel could fully sense his grief as she stared at the pain on his face, "Thar's mate is giving birth earlier than expected and she won't make it. Right now the shaman is preparing her soul for departure to the Sky..."

She felt terrible for them, 'Another mate dying...'

Bren said, "Come. We were allowed to enter home'

She guessed they have spoken telepathically with the people inside so she followed him.

Bren lifted the curtain and held it for her and the others to enter. Inside was surprisingly light due to the many torches on the pillars and the burning fireplaces around the house.

In the center of the house under the roof of the dome was the major fireplace. Next to it on a makeshift construction of wood and hides was laying a naked woman that looked like she was dead.

People stood gathered around with stone faces while a man that was dressed in a whole lion's hide was chanting some gibberish. His head was crowned with a pair of deer's antlers and his face was painted in red ochre. He was making gestures with arms over the prone body of the woman shaking some awfully smelling crap that was smoking.

Isabel stopped when Bren stood a step ahead of her and waited. A tall Neanderthal wearing a necklace of what seemed to be some sort of canine animal teeth approached Bren and then without saying a word touched Thar's shoulder and stepped aside. 'That is the chief of the tribe?!'

Thar and the other two mated males went to the senseless woman and knelt next to her, touching her belly. Isabel felt her eyes watering while she was watching the scene between Thar and the dead woman. She realized that Thar and the other two were actually all partners of the female, an example of a relationship that Bren had mentioned to her.

Suddenly the big belly of the woman twitched and Isabel gasped, 'I thought she is dead!'

The woman's body went into convulsions as a severe contraction began and she opened her eyes. Even from the distance her eyes were weary like she was exhausted and just wanted to sleep. She made a sound that sounded like a sigh and Isabel realized her throat is raw from screaming. The belly again twitched and her face was drowned with pain.

All of the sudden the shaman turned around and fixed her with his eyes. Isabel looked at the cruelest stare she has ever encountered. He came closer to her looking at her and the quiet Finn that lowered his ears at the sight of approaching shaman, 'Even he can sense the wrongness!'

She realized that she shouldn't have thought the last one as the shaman was probably hearing everything and her suspicions were confirmed as he grinned showing a line of strangely shaped teeth. When he was closer she found out that the awful smell that she had noticed was coming from his body, he smelled worse than anything like he hasn't bathed at all. Isabel almost chocked from the stench and tried to breath through her mouth as he circled around her.

When he was back in front of her she noticed he was still grinning. His hand extended to Finn and Isabel instinctively fended it off. Her movement surprised him but even though she was scarred she couldn't let him do something to the cub. Finn hissed at the madman and the fur on his back stood up.

The crazy psycho lifted his hand and throwing his head back made a piercing wail.

After a second he stopped and bawled at the gathered people, "The Sky just told me that this female is not one of us!"

Bren clenched his fists like he wanted to smash the shaman's face with them but he was held still by the other warriors and the chief. He tried to shake them off but they forced him to stay still.

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