tagNonHumanBack In Time Ch. 07

Back In Time Ch. 07


Thank you for the wonderful comments and feedback. I'm sorry that some of you are not happy with the idea of Isabel having two mates, but this is where my imagination led me.

I hope you will like the new chapter.

This chapter was edited by CaptainsSiren; please excuse whatever may have slipped by my notice.


Isabel grasped the hands of her two husbands and took the lead towards her fire.

People were staring at them while she was walking hand-in-hand with her mates, and a lot of curtains were opening so the tribe could get a better view of the scene. Even to her senses, which lacked any sort of telepathy, it was clear that her action was approved.

Through one of the opened curtains she spotted the chief, who met her stare. She knew that this could be a bold move, but she looked him in the eye and grasped the hands of Merk and Bren tighter. The chief gave her half a smile, and nodding his head, lowered the curtain to his family room.

'Okay. I just got approval from the high authorities...' she couldn't stop the smile that emerged on her face, and the need to have a physical outlet for her good mood made her walk faster.

After a couple of seconds they were before her family room, and this time Isabel opened the curtain and entered first. Bren came in, followed by Merk, and she closed the curtain.

Inside was warmer; the fire was burning high, illuminating the space with its warm light.

She looked at her mates, 'No, not just some random men. They are mine...' She mentally tasted the word mine, thinking in plural, and Bren gave her an amused grunt. Merk was standing there, unsure what he should do now.

She glanced at Bren,

"Is there something I have to say that is a tradition?"

He thought for a moment, "I can't think of anything that is required. Now it's up to you to share your body with us. Nothing else," he said, and Isabel blinked.

"Okay...I'll have to be creative then..." she pondered what she wanted to do first, and then smirked at Bren before giving Merk a friendly smile.

"Merk, please undress, I want to enjoy the view of your body."

Merk immediately followed her suggestion, and Bren, without being told, copied his movements. Isabel stepped closer to Merk and took a close look at his muscular build.

He was of similar height to Bren, but was probably a year or two older. Like Bren's, his body was very muscular, but he had bulkier construction; his biceps and chest were wider. Also, Merk had more scars on his body. She directed her eyes south to discover that his penis seemed thicker than Bren's, although Merk was only semi-erect.

Under her gaze the pink piece of muscled flesh came alive, and he began to harden.

Isabel felt the touch of Bren's hands on her ties, and allowed him to get her clothes off. He set her hair free, and Merk touched her hair when it was loosened.

"Isabel, you have a magnificent hair. It looks like a cloudy night." He made the compliment, and she blushed.

Merk continued with touching her face and neck like she was fragile porcelain. Bren stepped behind her and rubbed his cock against her ass cheeks as his hands started playing with her nipples.

She leaned back against his strong chest when he licked her ear, and then he said to Merk, "She has hair only on her head, touch her pussy to find how soft she is."

Merk looked downwards and his fingers touched her mons, curiously exploring the naked hill.

Bren twisted her nipples, and she arched with pleasure; "Open your legs, Isabel, and let Merk see our hole."

She obeyed, and Merk knelt to better see her pussy. When Bren nodded encouragingly, he touched her lower lips and rubbed her clit with his callused thumb, making her tremble with desire, while Bren was practically milking her breasts.

"Human males are much smaller than us, so before we fuck her pussy we must prepare her," informed Bren. Merk was staring, fascinated at the way her pussy was trying to grip his fingers. "She also likes to be fucked with fingers while her pleasure nub is sucked. Lick her and you will see what pleasure it is to taste her."

Bren's cock was now completely hard, and was sliding between her ass cheeks while his strong hands kneaded her breasts.

Isabel felt her vagina moisten further, and Bren and Merk both inhaled. The sensation of Bren's precum on her ass proved her thinking right; he was ready to fuck her.

Merk's nostrils were trembling as he began sucking and nipping at her clit, making her mesmerized with desire. His right hand was between her legs, and, because of his tongue, Isabel hadn't noticed when he had slipped three fingers inside her.

The mouths on her clit and neck made her head spin and she grasped Merk's hair, moaning with delight. He was now sucking her more brutally, and his fingers were moving frenetically inside her vagina. She had her first orgasm when he bit on her clit and made her almost jump from bliss.

The bite was followed by a series of gentle licks, and she felt herself melting around his fingers.

Suddenly Merk stopped, and Isabel snapped from her high to see why he did so. He took hold of her thighs at the same time as Bren grasped her waist and held her tighter. They put her on the bed with her legs spread and hanging over Merk's shoulders. Bren bent her head back and presented his dripping cock to her lips. Without hesitation Isabel covered the head of his cock with her mouth and began sucking the precum with gusto.

Bren grasped her hair and began taking deeper plunges inside her mouth, making her bury her nose in his big balls.

Merk, still kneeling on the floor, lifted his head to look at Bren fucking Isabel's mouth, but kept his fingers playing with her pussy and clit.

"She likes it when you are inside her mouth?"

Bren grunted in response, burying himself balls deep. Merk looked in awe at the movements of her throat indicating that Bren was now past her tonsils.

"Isabel adores the feeling of my cock fucking her throat, but what she likes even more is when I pour my cum inside and let her drink it. She is always trying to swallow it all..."

He grasped her head and began fucking her almost brutally, but didn't stop talking, "She is so hot and smooth inside, and her tongue is incredible. I don't know what I like more, fucking her pussy or her mouth! You will see it yourself, but when you are fucking her mouth be careful to make pauses between getting deeper so she can have air. And..." he thrust forward, moaning, "her throat is amazing. It squeezes around you like a second mouth. The sensation is hard to describe, especially when you are cumming with her throat milking you..." he gasped, and gave a nod at Merk, who was watching him, mesmerized.

"You liked her taste?"

"Yes, she tastes sweeter than anything I have ever known. Can I fuck her now?" he asked, and looked at her pussy that was now trying to break his fingers.

Bren moaned; his answer delayed while his sperm was flooding Isabel's mouth. He continued moving in and out with a slower pace while she was gulping and sucking, and then allowed her to lick his softening member clean.

Merk was sucking again at her pussy, but his eyes were glued to their actions.

When Isabel was done, Bren released her head and smiled, watching her unfocused eyes. Isabel was lying almost unconscious with the bliss his seed had caused her. Isabel was so high that she couldn't even find that part of her brain that do the talking but he could clearly heard her mental cries, 'More!'

"Merk, come here and take your place inside her mouth." commanded Bren as he stood aside. Merk jumped up, taking the position above her mouth that Bren had just vacated. He also had heard her command and was eager to respond to her call.

Bren walked around the bed, knelt between Isabel's opened legs, and lovingly placed his mouth over her sweet hole, inhaling the smell of her arousal.

He took a gulp of her juices, and felt himself hardening again. Looking up, he saw that Merk was now fucking Isabel's mouth, grasping her head like he was about to crush her with his loins.

Bren removed his lips from her clit and said, "Merk, take it gently. Isabel is not like us, and you will break her neck if you fuck her that roughly."

Merk slowed down and loosened his grip on her head. Bren grunted approvingly, and focused on giving Isabel oral stimulation, as she called it.

He buried his face inside her deliciously scented pussy, and felt the shocks of her orgasm as he tongued her clit. Bren knew, as well as Merk, that Isabel's mind was in a frenzy with the bliss their salvia and his seed was causing her. Her mental broadcast and moans of pleasure encouraged them to higher levels of excitement.

Bren was lapping up her nectar, and fucking her pink tunnel through yet another orgasm with his fingers, enjoying the way her elastic flesh was trying to keep his digits deeper inside, when he felt Merk cumming in her throat.

He glanced up and saw the veins on Merk's neck getting more prominent while his cock was thrusting inside her bent head.

Bren sensed when Isabel mentally screamed with delight as Merk's seed flooded past her tonsils. She was broadcasting pleasure in such intensity that Bren was sure the whole tribe had felt it. And it was them, her mates that had made her moan and scream...

Isabel's arousal had made him hard again sooner than he expected, and now he was completely erect. He stood up, deciding to take her in his favorite way.


Bren's voice made her focus her eyes on him while she was licking clean the spent cock that Merk was now letting her suck. Bren noticed how Merk was gently stroking her cheeks, and gave him a mental nod of approval.

"Take position on your knees and hands like before, and don't stop sucking Merk," he ordered, and helped her turn over. Isabel was in a blissful haze, but she managed to get "on all fours", as she called it.

He looked adoringly at the way her pussy opened in front of him, the glistening folds parting to invite him in.

He grasped her hips, and as slowly as he could, plunged himself into her hot, slick hole, and she renewed her ministrations on Merk's cock..

With a couple of thrusts he was all the way in, and he couldn't suppress the roar of delight at the sensation her tight vagina was giving him.

She was wet enough to endure, without any harm, the way he liked to fuck her. Rutting in and out faster and faster, he noticed that Merk was watching him curiously.

"Now that we have fed her with our seed and prepared her, she is wet and ready enough to handle us without any tearing or bruises to her pussy. We can fuck her as we are used to; just don't squeeze her hips very strongly because her bones are weak and you'll leave bruises on her skin." He was teaching Merk, feeling pride that Isabel was now enjoying being taken the way he liked it.

Her tight vagina was squeezing so sweetly around his shaft that Bren felt obliged to plunder her deeper and deeper. He could feel the entrance to her womb kissing his tip every time he buried himself, but he knew that Isabel wasn't feeling pain. Sometimes the end of his cock was almost inside it, but Bren was careful not to thrust any deeper because she was not a robust female like the ones in his tribe, and he didn't want to hurt her.

He voiced out his concern, "You can feel her, right Merk?" he asked.

Merk, who was now balls deep again in her mouth and was gently fucking her, nodded. His face was covered with drops of sweat, trying to keep the pace slow and gentle. They both shared Isabel's bliss, and mentally sensed each other's experience inside her. Bren shared the way Merk was enjoying her tongue that was playing right now with his cock.

"Yes, she feels great..." admitted Merk, petting her black locks.

Bren grunted, accelerating his pace, "You must to be careful not to bury yourself too deeply because her pussy is shorter than we have known with our females, and her womb..." He moaned as her sudden orgasm almost tore his cock off his loins, "and her womb ...she calls it cervix...." His pants were making him stutter the words, "is fragile... and if we tear it she may die...so.." He gasped as she began orgasming in a series of a mind blowing clenches all around his cock.

He couldn't hold out any longer; taking her hips in a strong grip, he plunged inside her hot, wet tunnel and came hard. Throwing jet after jet of sperm against the opening of her womb, he bent down and bit her shoulder, moving with insane force inside her marvelous pussy.

He laid over on Isabel, licking the bite, and managing not to crush her under him thanks to his legs and arms holding him up. When he sensed the last drops of seed leaving his member, he withdrew from her and looked at the gaping hole.

The once pink, now red cavity was flooded with white goo that began dripping down onto their bed. He made her bend her elbows, lowering her upper body so her ass raised up, and then gathered the dripping sperm with his finger. He stood up and went to the other side of the bed, offering Isabel his seed.

Merk had withdrawn from Isabel's mouth to be sure she could breathe as he felt her orgasm with Bren. He knelt closer, looking astonished as her lips covered Bren's finger and her pink tongue eagerly licked it clean.

Bren sat on the bed, leaning his back on the wall, and replaced his finger with his wet cock still covered with their combined juices. His hands gently removed Isabel's loosened hair from her face, so he could have a better view of her lips and tongue that were now covering the tip of his head.

"It is your turn now to fill her womb with seed," he told Merk.

Merk took a second glance at Isabel's flushed face and her tongue licking the slit of Bren's cock, seeking any remaining semen, and then walked around the bed, taking position at her raised ass.

He grasped her hips and slid his rigid shaft inside her warm pussy. As Bren had promised, Isabel was wet and ready; the seed that Bren had left was making the friction with her silky flesh absolutely delightful.

Merk started fucking her as he was accustomed to. He always liked to see the female on her knees moaning as he was rutting inside her like a stallion mounting a mare. And now he had that opportunity with a mate he adored.

He didn't last long, but he was careful not to plunge too deep as Bren had warned him. When he felt he couldn't wait any longer, he took an aim at the opening of her cervix and with a pure bliss, poured his seed inside her womb.

Merk fell on her soft body, still deep inside her hot flesh, making Isabel almost choke on Bren's cock as her knees gave out under his weight.

When he could think again, Merk raised on his elbows, careful not to remove his member from her. He knew that it was better to keep the female plugged so the seed won't spill and leave her womb empty.

He leaned on Isabel, and licked on the bite that Bren had made on her shoulder, enjoying her aroused smell. She was so wonderfully tight around his shaft that it wouldn't be too long until he would be hard again. This time he planned to lick her from head to toe before putting his seed inside her again.

Suddenly a thought crossed his mind, and he looked at Bren, who had gotten hard again and now was stroking Isabel's hair. She was licking along Bren's penis as Merk remembered her doing the first time she had given her mouth to Bren.

Sensing his agitation, Bren looked at him with raised eye ridges, and Merk asked, "How are we going to fuck her womb when she becomes heavy with our child?!"

Bren pondered the thought as he continued petting the silky black mane draped over his thigh.. He looked at Isabel, who was now absentmindedly sucking his cock, completely engaged in relishing the pleasure their seed was giving her.

"We will still have her amazing mouth to fuck, and I'm sure that Isabel will be more than willing to let us use it." He smiled, and lovingly guided her down on his shaft as he uttered, "She will like being creative..."

Merk grunted and laid over Isabel, gently sliding his hand down and rubbing her puffed clit. Bren groaned approvingly as his action made her moan around his cock.

Merk smirked and hugging his mate with his other arm, continued tickling her sensitive flesh, waiting for the next round.

Isabel was everything he had ever dreamt of after losing his mate. She had offered him food and a share of her fire, had accepted his children even before that ,and now was sharing her body with him and Bren. He hoped that they would plant a life inside her soon.

With her healing abilities, and the crazy shaman killed, Merk had no doubt that she would deliver safely many healthy sons, and hopefully daughters too. Both of them were strong males that could make Isabel happy and content with her life here. He knew that she was from another world, and had taken mental glimpses of what was there. Merk was truly impressed how she had overcome the boundaries of her upbringing and showed her empathy towards Creya, and then towards his children; even asking him to join her fire.

Caressing Isabel's belly, he wondered how it will feel to sense the life inside her when they succeed. Tenderly kissing her neck, Merk smiled and slightly moved his member inside her pussy so nothing could leak out.

Two months later

Isabel lifted her face to the sun and felt the sunshine. For late June in the Ice Age, it was very rare to have warm days such as this one, and Isabel intended to enjoy it.

She looked around at the children who were watching her with curiosity. All of them were seated on the stones covered with furs that made up her summer makeshift classroom. Ahead of the seats was a big wooden panel made by the tribe's toolmaker. Isabel was using a piece of charcoal to write on the polished surface of the panel.

The kids were handling similar wooden pads and charcoals to write down their lessons. Isabel had considered the idea of starting paper production, but she didn't want to implant any ecologically dangerous ideas in her new tribesmen; so wooden pads and charcoal were best for the present level of civilization.

She wrote down the numbers from one to ten, and looked at her students. All of them were trying to write what they were seeing. She looked towards Arja, who was diligently writing, and smiled at the sight of her daughter.

Isabel had become used to the idea of having children. Erk had even started calling her Mommy. Arja also called her so from time to time, but sometimes she used her name.

The children were no longer shunned, and now Arja was enjoying being part of the group. Like Humans, the Neanderthals were also a specie that put an importance on being accepted in their society and blending in.

Isabel was teaching Arja what she knew of medicine and now she was officially her apprentice. And now Isabel was sharing her knowledge of writing with all of the kids. The Chief had approved her suggestion to teach the writing and reading to the children, although he still couldn't quite get the idea what this was for.

They already knew the alphabet, could write their names, and some of the more flexible ones could even read entire words. They were very obedient to the rule of the Chief, and unlike Human children who would be naughty in class, they were very silent and focused.

"Okay, so who would like to count to ten?" asked Isabel, and immediately all put their hands up. That was another difference with the human children she remembered from her school years. There were no exceptions when these children had to learn and practice something. Every time Isabel suggested something, all wanted to participate and share the experience.

She winked at the closest standing boy, "Ergol, you first."

Ergol, who was almost fifteen from what she had understood and would soon join the hunters, was always standing at the first row of stones, tracking her with his big grey eyes that so much resembled these of his father, the Chief.

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