Back Rub


I met this absolutely wonderful girl through Literotica. Sophie's from England and is a real sexpot, and very beautiful. She's eighteen years old, a very athletic 5'8" with a nice firm butt, and is a brunette with a face full of freckles. Sophie is a star athlete at her prep school playing both hockey and basketball. She got turned on to reading my stories and then contacted me and we've been writing each other almost everyday since then.

Every year at this time, my town hosts an International round of games for girl's basketball teams and Sophie was picked to play on the English team for girls 18-21. The sponsors of the meet asked people of the town to board a girl or two if they had they room. Well, I do have an extra bedroom so arranged to have Sophie room at my place while she was in town for the meet.

The first day, after I picked her up and dropped her luggage off at my place, we did not have time to do anything right away. They sent a bus by to pick her up and take her to her team's first game. After the game she had to get all dressed up to attend a boring "meet the organizers" dinner. By the time they dropped her off back at my place, it was evening time and she was pooped from a very taxing day.

But I was all bathed, shaved, and squeaky clean for her when she arrived. I had been waiting, naked, and anxious for what seemed like hours when I finally heard her footsteps approaching the front door. I got up from the couch, my heart beating in anticipation. I had the door open before she had a chance to knock.

Sophie entered wearing a one-piece mini dress, nylon stockings and heels. She was so beautiful and sexy it took my breath away.

"Welcome home, Sophie." I closed the door behind her and held out my arms to embrace her.

"Well hello there, you sexy man you, all naked for me."

We gave each other a hug, and locked into a kiss. The kiss started light, as a normal kiss of greeting. Then it turned passionate, and then down right nasty. The feel of her mini-skirt pressed against my naked body gave me goose bumps all over. Her nylons rubbing against my bare thighs turned me on, oh so much. My cock started to twitch and expand. The warmth of her body filled me.

Her kisses became more aggressive, more urgent. The erotic movements of her sexy tongue inside my mouth went right to my cock. My erection grew. As my cock straightened out, it slipped up under the hem of her mini skirt, lifting it. The tip of my growing, expanding cock found her panties—her very wet panties—like a water witch hunting water in the desert. My cock homed in on the wettest part of her panties, touching, probing, twitching, trying desperately to drink from her steaming well.

I knew right away there was no way she could have gotten that wet that fast just from our kissing. I drew back a little to smile mischievously at her. "Did you have a nice day today?"

"It was a long day, and the game was tough. I'm in bad need of a massage."

"Yes, ma'am, I'd love to."

"But first I've got to get out of my panties, they're sopping wet."

"So I noticed. Is it Something I said?"

Sophie laughed. "No. There's this other English girl on our team. In the showers after the game she was looking at me kind of funny. Not like the other girls, I mean she was really checking me out."

"I don't blame her, I would too." I gave her an affectionate peck on the cheeks.

"Course, I was checking her out too. You'd really like her. She's tall, several inches taller than I am, blonde and really built."

"A real amazon?"

"No, just big, but very fem and very sexy looking. Gorgeous big butt with a narrow waist and a beautiful model-like face. But it was her boobs that I just could not take me eyes off of. They were as big as cantaloupes and she let the cold water of the shower spray on them until her nipples were all erect. Then she soaped herself up and I swear to God she played with her nipples there in the shower, pulling then this way and that as she soaped her boobs. I felt myself getting really hot and wet between my legs from watching her. She kept smiling at me even while she was playing with her nipples."

"You're making me horny talking about her like that," I said as I kissed her and fondled her butt.

"And that's not all," Sophie went on, "during the dinner she sat right next to me. The table was kind of crowded so we scooted our chairs up close together. And then she pressed her thigh up against mine and held it there all through the dinner and the boring speeches."

"Sounds like you had an interesting day after all."

"So that's why my panties are already wet."

"I'm glad you're already wet, it makes my job a lot easier," I teased. "Now, how about that massage?"

"Yesssss! But first, please take my soaked panties off for me."

"Only if you'll let me wear them?" I said with an evil grin.

"Oh, you nasty boy. You make me hot when you talk like that."

I wanted to take my time kissing my way down her body, making love to her clothing, but I knew she wanted to get off her feet in a hurry so I went right to my knees in front of her. I ran my hands up her nylon enshrouded thighs slipping them up under her skirt so I could grab her ass. I buried my face in her crotch and sucked her through her skirt while my hands fumbled for the waistband of her panties underneath her skirt.

Kissing Sophie's crotch through her skirt while playing with her ass made me so hot my cock really throbbed.

I pulled her panties down. My head was still buried in her skirt-covered crotch so I could continue to suck her through her clothing as I pulled her panties down. She used my head as a support when she stepped out of her panties.

I stood up holding her sopping wet panties to my face with one hand, so I could inhale the scent of her strong arousal and titillate all my senses for the feast that was to come. My other hand I slipped around Sophie's waist and guided her over to the couch. She plopped down like a sack of cement. With a sigh she propped her feet up on the Ottoman. The way she propped her feet up, made her knees point up and her skirt slide up to her hips exposing all of her gorgeous long thighs.

Sophie opened those gorgeous thighs just enough to give me a teasing look at the secrets within. Inside the darkness of the inner sanctum formed by her upper thighs and framed by her hiked up mini skirt, the glistening wetness of her shaved slit blinked and twinkled at me.

Sophie watched me, hands on her breasts, fondling, as I slid her panties up my legs.

The delicate material felt so sexy against my ass as I pulled the panties in place—but the effect on my already hard cock was indescribable. The huge wet spot on the front of her panties was still steaming hot from her horny, dribbling cunt. My cock throbbed and jumped at the feel as her warm, wet panties closed around my eager cock. For my hungry cock, it was almost like fucking her.

I sat down on the ottoman, placing Sophie's nylon-enshrouded and high-heeled feet on my lap. I picked up one of her feet and nuzzled my face all over it, fondling her shoe as I did so. Then I slowly slipped her shoe off, then slowly slipped it back on. I repeated the motion slipping the shoe off, then back on a little bit faster. I look at her and smiled as I kept repeating the motion, as if I were using her shoe to jack off her foot. When I finally set the shoe down on the floor, I nuzzled my face all over her instep and the bottom of her foot, relishing the sexy feel of the nylon and the sexy contours of her feet. Then I picked up the other foot and loved it, and jerked it off the same way. Once I had both shoes off I began to massage her feet in earnest, first one foot, then the other. I squeezed and rubbed each part of her feet, ankles and calves, making sure all of her muscles relaxed after her hard day at playing basketball. With my hands, I made love to her toes, her instep, and the entire bottom of her feet. Such beautiful feet Sophie has—and so sexy looking in those nylons. Just the mere touch of her nylon-enshrouded feet on my hands was enough to make my cock tremble.

I had to make myself closer to her beautiful, sexy feet. I placed her foot flat against my chest so she could feel my heartbeat throbbing through the soles of her foot—and the sexiness of her—of all of her--entered my soul through her foot. My hands stroked and made love to the sides and top of her foot, her ankle, and her calves.

Her legs, now parted more than before, gave me a clear view of her crotch. I made no attempt to hide my lust as I looked up her skirt and drooled over her sweet, glistening pussy. How much I wanted to dive right in there between those sexy long thighs and bury my face in her wetness—in the wellspring of all of her sexiness. But I wanted to make love to her sexy feet more before seeking the ultimate prize, the banquet of female sex that was her cunt.

So, I looked and drooled and ate her out in my mind while my hands made love to her sexy foot, and her wet panties fucked my cock.

Sophie started rubbing her other foot up and down my thigh, moving it to the inside of my thigh, moving closer to my throbbing cock. Oh, my God!

The foot on my heart, I lifted it to my face and madly kissed her instep, and the sole, and all over, my hands fondling, loving, every inch of her sexy foot.

Her other foot found my cock.

I went crazy and started sucking on her big toe the same way I'd like her to suck my cock.

Down below her other foot teased my cock through her wet panties, pushing it this way and that. God, I love it so when my cock is pushed side to side like that!

One toe wasn't enough for me. I crammed all of her toes into my mouth and sucked as hard as I could, moving her foot back and forth as if I were sucking a giant cock. Sophie's foot. My hands all over her ankle and calf. Oh, so sexy.

I traded feet so I could suck off the foot that was playing with my cock. I made love to her foot and ankles with my hands as I sucked off her toes. Now her other foot pushed my cock up against my stomach and began rubbed up and down along the length of the underneath side of the hard shaft. I almost thought I'd come from the way her foot was jerking my cock off and the way her hot pussy looked down there between her nylon enshrouded thighs. I could not stand it anymore. I had to get closer to Sophie and her sexiness. I started kissing and licking my way up her legs—first one, then the other.

I got down on my knees before her, kicking the ottoman aside. Raising both her legs straight up in the air, I kissed and licked down the back sides of her knees, and the undersides of her thighs. I stuck my shaved head between her thighs forcing them apart so I could kiss and lick the insides of them.

My face now only inches from her honey pot, each breath I took filled my lungs, and my whole soul, with her sex. The smell of her arousal went directly to my brain short-circuiting every other desire, every other thought, except to please her sexually in any way I could, to be her toy to use me, use me, use me, anyway she wanted to until she came a hundred times.

Her honey pot called me to it, like a ripe flower luring a nectar-hunting bee. But I wanted, needed, to cherish every morsel of her, every square inch of her sexiness before diving in. I needed to kiss every centimeter of her inner thighs working my way ever so slowly to those puffy lips—those puffy lips drooling for attention. On my knees before her, and between her thighs, I bowed to her Mecca of lust. My labor of love on her thighs done, I nuzzled my face into her steamy cunt. Kissing her puffy sex lips, I inhaled her aroma as deeply as I could, making myself get higher and higher.

Nuzzling my nose against Sophie's clit I inserted my tongue into her slit. I licked up and down the length of her slit, getting drunk on her sweet nectar.

Sophie's nylon-enshrouded feet rested on my back. As I licked her honey pot, she moved her sexy nylon-enshrouded feet back and forth on my back sending chills all through my body. I licked her slit with ever stronger motions. I stuck my tongue deep inside of her cunt as far as it would go, then curled it upwards searching for her G-spot.

Sophie began to quiver and moan, and I knew she was getting close. I slurped upward with my tongue as hard as I could until it plopped out of her cunt and wrapped around her clit. I worked her clit with my tongue, feeling her go higher and higher. Her feet went spastic on my back. My hard-on cock fucked her hot, wet panties while I tongued her clit. I clamped on to her butt cheeks as hard as I could and mashed her steaming crotch into my face.

While Sophie bucked and moaned and thrashed, I planted my lips around her clit and sucked for all I was worth, and my own hips bucked madly, making my cock fuck her still steamy panties. I felt her toes on my back curl up, as her feet slapped and stroked my back wildly in her urgent need.

My balls ached with come need.

Sophie used both hands to press my head harder into her cunt. She clamped her sexy warm thighs violently against my face, like a giant vice holding me captive in a cell I never wanted to flee.

While I sucked her clit in between my lips, my tongue teased the tip of it.

"Ngggggggg" She screamed as she came into my mouth.

No longer able to hold myself back, I shot my load into her panties, mixing my come with her juices.

After taking Sophie's now cum soaked panties off, I sat naked on the couch next to her. I kissed her, letting her taste her own come on my lips and tongue.

"About ready for that back rub?" I asked when we broke for air.


I stood up, and helped her to her feet. Arms around each other's waists, we walked into my bedroom.

I helped Sophie slip her dress off over her head, and started getting hard again from that intimate contact. The sight of her in nothing but bra, nylons and garter belt was enough to stir the cock of an eight-day old corpse. Mine shimmered and vibrated to attention.

My renewed desires mounted as I undid her bra clasp, anxious to see the twin treasures hidden inside its cups.

Sophie unhooked her garter straps and sat on the edge of the bed so I could roll her stocking down her leg.

I did so VERY slowly, loving and kissing each square inch of new flesh made naked by the unrolling of the sexy material.

"Lie down on your stomach," I told her, after she had stood up and removed her garter belt. I tossed her stockings into a corner.

I began by massaging her calves and working my way up towards her thighs. My hot, throbbing cock teased the soles of her feet while I massaged her legs. As I worked my massaging hands up her thighs, my cock and balls rubbed along her calf muscles. I ran my hands firmly along the lengths of each of her hamstring muscles, kneading and squeezing. As I massaged, I could feel life force return to her tired body re-invigorating her.

When I reached Sophie's pert, athletic young ass, I spent a long time on each Glute muscle, using both hands on each ass cheek. With one hand inside the crack of her ass, and the other on the opposite side of the muscle, I squeezed, compressing the muscle, making her ass cheek appear to double in size. I worked my hands all the way around each of her ass checks, squeezing and compressing from every possible direction. And, all the while I worked on her ass, my hard-on rubbed on the backs of her knees.

I worked my way up her lower back, getting all of her muscles to relax, getting the blood to flush through.

Finally, I reached her upper back and shoulders. As I worked all of Sophie's upper back muscles, my cock rubbed up and down on the back of her upper thighs and poked strongly into the bottom of her ass cheeks, first one, then the other.

First I worked on one side of her upper back, and fucked my cock into the heavy mass of ass cheek on that side. Then I switched and worked on the other side so I could fuck my cock into the other ass cheek.

By this time I was so thoroughly aroused from working on Sophie's body that pre-come was starting to come out of the tip of my cock.

As I fucked my cock into the fleshiness of Sophie's ass cheeks I smeared pre-come all over her butt. Hot and sticky, but oh so sexy pre-come. The sticky sweet smell of my pre-come mingled with the pungent aroma of hot girl goo coming from Sophie's sopping wet cunt, made us both feel kinky high.

"Oh, your cock feels so fucking good," Sophie moaned. "I want to feel it between my cheeks."

"Just a second," I said. I grabbed the nearby bottle of baby oil and poured it all over her ass, and dribbled gobs of it into her crack. Then I massaged the oil all over her butt making sure everything was nice and slippery.

I placed my cock along the lengths of her crack, then pushed in from the sides of her ass with my hands causing her ass cheeks to bulge out over my cock, completely enclosing it with her sexy ass flesh. Then I fucked her.

With each thrust I made, the tip of my cock briefly peeked out from betwixt the top of her cheeks like an over-grown worm seeking light after a rainstorm.

Sophie reached a hand down under her tummy so she could finger her clit while I fucked my cock between her ass cheeks.

Then I came, spilling hot come all over her crack, and along the small of her back.

I told Sophie to roll over, and I started massaging the front part of her body. I started at the top, massaging her neck, very gently, but firmly. As I massaged her neck, I sat on her crotch. My ass rested on her hot, wet cunt, my balls just above her clit. My still sticky penis reached for her belly button.

As I worked my way down her body, I took extra care with her breasts, fondling and playing with them like I'd done her ass cheeks. Her beautiful puffy big nipples got all enraged and horny from my massaging fingers, they stood up like rockets trying take off from her 34C boobs. I scooted myself forward up her tummy, my balls, hard and tight with need caressed her skin. I touched the tip of my throbbing erection to the soft flesh at the bottom of her boobs, then slowly and gently slid my cock upwards until it kissed her hard-on nipple. I pressed the tip of my cock a little harder against her nipple pushing it up towards her face until it was bent clear back, then it sprung free and scrapped along the side of my dick trying to find its original position. I teased her nipple a few more times with my cock, watching it grow even larger. Then I did the same to the other breast and worked its nipple up and down and side to side with my cock. The larger and harder her nipples grew, the bigger and harder my cock grew. I kept teasing first one nipple, then the other until I had smeared both her nipples with my hot, sticky pre-come.

I then resume slowly massaging my way down her body.

By the time I reached Sophie's crotch, we were both so frigin' horny again we just had to fuck. I got up off the bed and grabbed her feet, pulling her towards me.

"Stand up," I said. "Turn around. I want to take you from behind."

Sophie bent over supporting her arms on the bed. With her ass stuck up in the air, she spread her legs to allow me entry.

"Don't stick me inside yet," I said. "I want to fuck your slit first."

I aimed my cock underneath her ass and pressed up close to her so my stomach pressed firmly against her butt. This caused my cock to slide along the length of her slit, striking her clitoris at the end of the motion.

Each thrust I made caused my cock to fuck the length of the puffy outer lips of her slit, and each time I tried to thrust harder and further so the tip of my cock could fuck her clit harder.

With each thrust my stomach muscles rippled against her sexy ass cheeks. That was so fucking sexy, to feel her ass bouncing so sexily on my stomach with my cock underneath her fucking the length of her slit. With each thrust my hard, flat stomach slammed into her butt making "slap, slap slam, smack, smack, smack" sounds. And, oh how her ass cheeks rippled and jiggled like a couple of huge bowls of Jello.

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