Back Rub Ch. 03


"Guess who?" The owner of the hands and boobs said, her huge hot and wet cunt pressing against my back.

I couldn't turn my head to look because her huge boobs were in the way. "C-c-c-coach?"

"How'd you ever guess?" She giggled, teasing my nipples with her big thumb.

"Because no one else in the world has such a big, gorgeous pair of these," I said, placing my hands on her huge tits, then fondling them forward until I reached her giant nipples. I fondled her tits and teased her nipples with my thumbs just as she was doing me.

"Why, thank you, sweetie," she kissed the top of my head. "You are so cute and sexy." She tugged on my aching, throbbing nipples between her thumbs and forefingers.

I tugged on her nipples the same way and pressed my back harder into her steamy cunt.

"What do you think about what our sexy friends there are doing?" she asked.

"I think it's really hot and sexy."

"Well, then, let's join them." Coach Sanderson pushed me into the shower room and the two of us piled into the group grope with hands a fondling, and lips a sucking.

I found myself in the midst of all these tall, athletic female bodies, and I was about nipple high to most of them. All of our wet, soapy slippery bodies slid and squished in between each other's wet, soapy slippery bodies. Relishing the feeling of all of these beautiful, firm, slippery wet bodies slipping and sliding all over each other, I managed to turn around and clamp on to one of coach Sanderson's mammoth boobs. I sucked on the nipple like I'd wanted to do so badly back in her office. The pleasure of sucking on her sexy appendage went right to my cunt. I could feel my own clit tingle as if it too were being sucked.

Kelsey and Laura also dived into Sanderson's boobs, crowding me out. So, I clamped my lips around Maddy's marble-like nipples. Meanwhile soap-filled hands were all over my body, soaping me up everywhere-including my cunt and ass. Everybody was giggling and soaping everyone else, and fondling and sucking each other's tits. Suddenly strong hands reached under my cunt and ass and lifted me skyward. All the other six women pressed their slippery soapy bodies together as tight as they could, squishing me upwards between their bodies until my own nipples were face-high to them. I felt like I was a waif, being lifted skyward by these beautiful, giant goddesses.

They all took turns sucking my puffy, throbbing nipples, just like I'd sucked on them. Six pairs of soapy hands, danced all over my slippery, soapy body-and I was in heaven.

Suddenly Maddy slipped on all the soap and water and fell on her butt. The other girls giggled at her, and lowered me to the floor before someone else slipped and fell.

"Maybe we'd better go into the training room," coach Sanderson said as she led us into the room just off of the showers.

In the center of the room there were two small training tables about two feet apart. These tables were used for wrapping up the ankles, knees, and other body parts of athletes. Coach Sanderson and the girls lifted me up and made me stand with one foot on each of the tables. This made my cunt about face high to them. There was a water pipe running overhead and I reached up to hold on to that for balance while the six women began kissing and licking my legs all up and down while fondling my ass and pussy.

As the other girls continued to lick my legs all up and down, coach Sanderson stood directly in front of me, her face no more than a couple of inches from my crotch. She blew a hot stream of air all over my flaming pussy, stoking my fires even higher. Then her huge tongue shot out and flicked at my erect clit.

I whimpered and squirmed from the pleasure-holding on tight to the water pipe out fear of falling.

Her long, sexy tongue slithered out of her mouth again-this time to lick up and down my gushing slit.

"Y-y-y-yessssss!" I moaned.

She grabbed my ass firmly in her huge hands and pressed her face into my cunt, licking and sucking like a fiend. Her giant tongue did things to me I've never experienced before-not even from Roxanne.

"Nggggggghghhhh!" I shivered and trembled all over, my body thrashing against her sucking face while I tried to keep my balance. Had it not been for the other girls licking and fondling me, I probably would have fallen.

Sanderson's mouth and tongue were replaced by those of Maddy-at least I think it was Maddy. By this time I was so delirious with pleasure that I hardly knew or cared who was down there licking and sucking me-just as long as someone was.

They all took turns on me, going around and around, kissing, and licking, and blowing and sucking on me, driving me higher and higher and higher. I felt a beam of white hot energy seeming to come from the center of the earth right up into my cunt, and from my molten volcano of a cunt up through my spinal column into my brain, and from my brain straight up out into space. I felt myself floating up the beam of energy, then I was flying, then I was shooting straight up faster than a rocket, up past the clouds into space. Planets hummed and sung, beautiful girls licked and sucked, stars hummed and sung. The music of the cosmos enveloped me, beautiful girls licked and sucked. Faster than the speed of light I traveled. I touched the center of cosmic power, angels singing, angels licking. Angles licking, licking, licking. I felt myself falling back down the beam of pure energy. Falling, falling, falling, angels singing, angles licking, licking, licking. Back down through the earth's atmosphere I fell. Falling, falling, angels singing, angles licking, falling, floating, like a leaf on air, I floated, angels' wings spreading, angel's wings catching.

I awoke to find I had slipped and fallen off of my perch. My six friends had caught me in their arms. They sat me down on one of the small training tables and had me lie down on my back. The table, if that's what you want to call it, was quite small. My legs hug over one end, and my head extend out beyond the other end, but there was a narrow support that came out from the table that I could rest my head on.

Kelsey and Maddy each grabbed a foot and raised my legs skyward. They started kissing and licking my feet. At first they held my feet close together so my legs were pressed together. Roxanne worked her way in between the other two girls and started running her tongue up and down the crease between my thighs and calves as if she were licking out a giantess's slit. And, that sent goose bumps all over my body.

Laura and Stacey stood at my sides fondling my breasts, then they bent over to flick at my puffy nipples with their tongues. I reached out to fondle their butts as they licked and sucked at my nipples.

Coach Sanderson stood at my head. She bent over to dangle her huge boobs over my face-just out of reach of my tongue which immediately shot up out of my mouth in a vain attempt to flick at a nipple. She giggled, then lowered her boobs the rest of the way down practically smothering me with them.

"Ummmmmmmmm," I moaned as I kissed the sweet flesh on the insides of her breasts.

Sanderson then raised her boobs up out of my reach again. Then she began twisting side-to-side so her huge, cock-like nipples skittered across my lips too fast for me to catch them-first one, then the other, back and forth, back and forth. Finally when I thought I would go crazy, she held one steady directly above my mouth. My tongue immediately slithered out from between my lips and struck at the two-inch long appendage making it dance. As her giant, hard-on nipple wriggled and bobbed it caused all the flesh in her entire, huge teat to ripple and jiggle like a huge bowl of Jello. And, I thought that looked just so-o-o-o fucking erotic. I did it again. Ripple, ripple, ripple, jiggle, jiggle, jiggle.

Sanderson giggled, then gave me her other teat to play with. I sucked the erotic appendage into my mouth and nursed like a starving baby. She purred, and gently stroked the sides of my face while I sucked her.

Meanwhile, my hands were no longer fondling Laura's and Stacey's bums, but had found their way between their thighs to play with their sopping wet pussies.

Roxanne made Kelsey and Maddy spread my legs apart while they continued to kiss and lick my feet, ankles and calves. Roxanne then kissed and licked her way down between my open thighs until she found my honey pot. She licked my slit up and down with that great big horny tongue of hers.

Sanderson pulled her huge boobs away from me, stood back up then moved in close so her thighs straddled my head. Yeah, she was so tall that my head was not quite cunt high to her when I was laying on the table like that.

I stared up at that huge glistening slit only inches above my face. The steam from her horniness scalded my face. The aroma of her desire filled my lungs, flooded my entire being and completely overcame me. I felt my own throbbing cunt gush sex into Roxanne's licking, sucking face.

I kissed and licked the insides of Sanderson's big, muscular thighs, relishing the salty taste of her horny need that had dribbled down her thighs. Then she lowered her cunt towards my mouth and I licked her slit out just like Roxanne was doing me.

Roxanne moved her lips up to my clit and started giving head to my sex button. Sanderson shifted positions so her big, horny clit-on started rubbing on my lips, knocking on the door, begging to be sucked. I immediately obliged, giving her head like Roxanne was doing me.

"Nggggghghhhhh!" Coach Sanderson moaned as she started fucking my face more vigorously.

"Uuuummmmmmmmmnggggghhhaah!" I moaned into her huge cunt as Roxanne started gobbling up my cunt like a savage boar.

"Squish! Squish! Squish!" Went the sloppy wet cunts of Laura and Stacey as they fucked my fondling hands and sucked my nipples like crazy. Their moans of pleasure were muffled on my tits but the vibrations tingled my nipples and went all through my body.

"Snort! Snort! Snort!" Grunted Roxanne as she devoured my sex-crazed cunt, her hands squeezing my ass tight and forcing me into her face all the harder.

I bucked and thrashed and fucked my desperate cunt into Roxanne's beautiful sucking face as hard as I could.

Sanderson tugged on her own huge nipples as she fucked my own cunt-hungry face like I was fucking Roxanne's, and every body else was licking and kissing and sucking my nipples or the back of my legs. And then I came in another super nova explosion of light while gobbling up the dripping cum from Sanderson's huge cunt.

But I was so high on sex and the smell of hot pussy that filled the room that I had to have more. So the other girls switched position. They rotated so everyone was positioned on a different body part than last time. And, we kept screwing like this until I had eaten every pussy in the room, and every girl had eaten me.

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