tagLoving WivesBack Scratches Affair Ch. 02

Back Scratches Affair Ch. 02


Chapter two starts, as I have done before, with a little of chapter one.

That night Jack woke up and reached for his wife before he remembered she wasn't there and why. Tears came to his eyes and he almost cried, during the next fifteen minutes, three times he asked out loud how she could do that to them.

That week was pretty much the same as the week before. He met George at the Sizzler and again they found a table in an empty area of the restaurant.

After eating for a few moments George said, "I met with my wife this week, she kept calling to ask that we talk. We met at a park she likes and we walked and talked. It was early afternoon during the week so there were not a lot of people there, mostly joggers and such. We could talk without anyone being within hearing range. She explained what happened and how she fell in love with your wife, but that love was small compared to what she felt for me. She felt bad because she did what many of us had encouraged her to: reach out and become friends with someone. She decided to get out of her shell and do that and this is what happened. At the same time, she felt that the relationship with your wife had done her some good. She wasn't sorry for the friendship, maybe not even for the love she felt, but she was sorry for the sex. She had let it go way beyond what she should have."

There was a pause as the waitress came by to refresh their drinks, then he continued, "we talked a lot more about our relationship, Normally a talk like would do a marriage good, but now I don't know. I realized that our marriage was in trouble and neither one of us knew it. We were both taking the other for granted, I was doing things that bothered her and she was doing things that hurt our relationship also. Things like not talking, when we did have sex it wasn't making love, but just basically satisfying ourselves, reading, or in my case going out with my friends instead of being with her. As I said normally that type of conversation would have cleared the air and helped, but after she went so far I... don't know."

Jack nodded and said, "I can see why you feel like that. I've been thinking about my relationship with Jennia, we were in a rut. One we could have gotten out of if she hadn't gone off the deep end like your wife."

"Have you talked with your wife yet?"

"No, it's still too painful. I don't know what good it will do."

"They're living in an apartment now, I have their phone number."

"I still have my wife's cell phone number."

They talked a little more about how hard it was sleeping by themselves, then they finished the meal and left. Again agreeing to meet the following week.

The next meeting was the same; they got their food and found a table.

George started the conversation by saying, "I've been over to their place. You might like to know that they are sleeping in separate rooms. I was told that even the night they stayed at the hotel they were in separate beds. My wife said that the affair was over. It was hard sometimes for both of them to be living in the same place, but they were determined that no matter what happened to their marriages they were never going to have sex with each other again.

That surprised Jack. He thought, at least, they would need to comfort each other, if not go all the way and have an open relationship, since their marriages seem to be in the toilet.

George continued, "I talked to my wife again. We again aired some pains. She explained that she didn't set out to find someone else to love; it just worked out that way. She does blame our downhill slide on us, because she thinks she wouldn't have let it go as far as it did if we had been close like we used to be. She said that she didn't know how far her relationship with your wife would have gone, but that she still wants to be married to me, if we can work things out. I told her I would think about it, I missed her, but the hurt I received when I saw her with someone else still was fresh. She said she understood and repeated that she was sorry she had caused it.

"Have you?"

"I have I what?"

"Thought about it."

"Yes I have, and I have made a decision. I'm going to call her up and ask if she wants to go out to dinner with me. If so then I will take her to the same place, we went to celebrate our engagement. During dinner, I will ask if she still wants to move back in. If she says yes, I will help get her stuff the next day. We have already agreed that we need some counseling so think it can work. With certain stipulations that is."

"Which are?"

"That she never has sex with your wife again, and that she is never alone with your wife if they are ever together. And that if she ever does have sex with anyone else, man or woman, then I will know that either she can't control herself, or that she was lying to me about the reason behind her affair. In either case our marriage is over."

"That sounds reasonable."

George nodded.

They talked some more, and then left. Jack asked about meeting the following week, but George said that the next week probably would not be good, but they could get together the week after.

The next two weeks were especially hard for Jack. He spent the time that he wasn't working writing, but at night, he sometimes dreamed of Jennia. One night was particularly hard when he reached for her and she wasn't there.

A few days later, he called her cell phone. It was off and he wondered what she was doing that early in the evening that her phone would be off. He tried again later and she answered after five rings.


"Yes it's me"

"Oh god, I fumbled the phone when I saw your number was calling. Is everything Ok?"

"Everything is fine, uh, physically that is and the house is fine too."

"That's a relief... Why did you call then?"

He heard eagerness in her voice, which she was trying to suppress.

"I wanted to know if you wanted, um, to go out with me. I...I want to take you out to dinner."

The last was said with a rush and she paused for a second, probably remembering that was exactly the way he had first ask her out for date.

She said, "Yes, I would like to go out with you, you're a neat guy."

Which was exactly the way she had responded years ago.

"Good, I was thinking of taking you to the Writing Dragon. We haven't seen Patrick and his wife for a long time, and we both like that place."

She paused again "Yes, it would be good to see them again, And, um, to talk to them."

He noticed that she sounded unsure, and thought it was because Patrick and his wife had some experience talking with couples with the same problem they were having. He was glad that she seemed to be willing to get counseling.

"What would we do after dinner?"

"I thought we could go back to, um, our, the house to talk in private."

She made a noise like she was going to say something and he continued, "I mean talk and that's all before I take you back to your place."

"Oh...Ok I would love to go to dinner with you. And we need to talk some more."

They set a date for two nights later. That night came and he was surprised by how nervous he was. He wasn't sure how he would react to her, and what she had to say. He dressed in an outfit she liked and made it to her apartment right at the time they had agreed on.

The dinner was nice, and they filled each other in on what was happening in their lives. After the meal, he spoke to Patrick the owner telling him that they might want to talk to Patrick and his wife some time, in private. Patrick was surprised by the request, but said that anytime they needed to talk him and his wife, they would be available.

Jennia wasn't sure if she liked the idea of Jack making that request of Patrick especially without talking to her first, but at the same time, it meant he was trying to work on their relationship.

Jack drove her to their house, so they could talk about more personal things in private. Once inside he invited her to sit and asked if she wanted anything to drink.

"Just pop...I think you know what type I like."

He went to get a can of pop that she liked. He gave her am empty glass with the can. He knew she didn't like ice in her drinks.

She settled back and said, "I was afraid you were never going to call."

He sighed and said, "I was being a coward. Instead of facing my pain and fear, I hide in work and writing. I'm sorry I left you hanging for so long. I finally decided, after talking with George and seeing how he was dealing with it, that I better call you."

"I'm glad you did. I can see why you wouldn't want to face the situation I caused. It was my fault, but I wasn't going to give up without a fight either."

He looked at her with a half-amazed, and half-troubled look.

She continued, "I still love you, and I still want to share my life with you."

"You said you might be in love with her."

"I know, but I've loved you longer, and I know I love you more than I would ever love her." She paused to take a drink then said, "I'm still not sure if I really love her. I like being with her, it makes me feel really nice and satisfied that she loves me...I don't know I guess you could call it pre-love."

"How did it get started?"

"Susan works where I work. She came up to me one day and introduced herself. We had seen each other now and then and even though I had seen her working, talking with others, I never met her before. I knew she was very shy by the way; she interacted with the people she knew. When she came up to me, she approached me only so far, and I could see she was forcing herself to talk to me. Later she explained that she had seen the way I interacted with others and she wanted to be like me, strong, able to talk to whoever I wanted, and free to express my opinions.

"I, um, took pity on her, not only because she wanted to be like me, but it took courage to come up to me, she was cute, and I knew she was a good worker and a caring person. I thought she could use a friend. So I reached out my hand for her to shake, and then I hugged her. She almost fainted when I reached for her, but then settled in my arms. She felt good there. At first, I thought it was just my maternal instinct, but when I thought about it quite a bit later, I think it was more. I liked her, and was attracted to her even back then.

"At first, we just talked. She would come to my office, or I would go to hers. We talked about our husbands, families, and work. She likes to play sports, but usually doesn't have the courage to try out.

"When my company had our yearly picnic I made sure she was on my team and we won."

"Yeah, I remember her from that picnic."

"Susan said that was when she started to feel something like love towards me. No one had ever done that for her before, and she liked the idea that I liked her enough, to make sure she was on my team. She had started having feelings for me before she introduced herself and when I hugged her they increased, but that event settled it in her heart.

"I liked talking to her, she is easy to talk to and I liked the way she opened herself up to me. She would ask me things she wouldn't ask other people and she would answer my questions no matter how embarrassing they were to her. Sometimes it took her a minute, or two to be able to respond, but she always would. She appreciated that I waited for her to get through her shyness.

"I invited her to lunch with my other friends, ones she knew, and one day she came. We all talked and laughed together, then she and I stayed and talked some more. We did that three times, when the next stage in our relationship began. I had taken her out to see a singing group she liked. I wanted to go with you, but you didn't like them. I told you I was going anyway."

Jack remembered that evening. He didn't like that group and even though he had gone out with her before to events he didn't like, this time, partly because of where their relationship was right then and partly because he was tired, he didn't feel like going that time.

He thought, "Looks like I should have gone with her anyway. I didn't mind her going with a friend, she had done that before, but if I had known, something was going to happen I would have said something."

She continued the story, "I picked her up. We enjoyed the music and she enjoyed being out. She hadn't gone out before with anyone except her husband. She told me later as I parked in front of her house that she enjoyed being with me, and to my surprise I really liked being with her. We seemed to have had a special bond. I told her that and she smiled. That smile melted my heart.

"We sat there talking for a while, when she moved closer and I wondered why for a moment. Then we stopped talking and just stared at each other. After a two, or three minutes, I saw her move her face toward mine. I was surprised still not being sure what she wanted, but suddenly I knew and I wanted it too. I let her kiss me. She started to withdraw because she thought I was resisting, but then I grabbed her head and brought her mouth back to mine. I kissed her harder and harder. She responded. I licked her lips and she chewed on mine. After maybe five minutes, we both withdrew, panting.

"I said 'wow I've never kissed a woman before.'

"She blushed and looked down and said, 'I did once when I was sixteen. We just kissed. I liked it, but I liked kissing guys more not that I kissed that many guys,' she added real fast.

'I...I'm sorry.' she added a moment later.

"I said, 'did you like it?'

"She said 'Yes, very much.' I saw her blush even redder.

'Don't be sorry then. I liked it to.'

"She looked at me with desire and amazement, and I decided that I liked it, but she said, 'I n...need to get going.'

'I know, so do I.'

"She got out of my car and walked to her house. She looked at me once before going in. I drove away wondering why I had done that. I felt guilty a little, but since all we did was kiss and as far as I knew at that time that would be the only time, I didn't feel too bad."

He interrupted by asking, "Why are you telling me this?"

"For two reasons. One is that I want to tell someone and my girlfriends would probably think I'm weird, or keep interrupting by saying 'how could you'? The second reason is that even if our marriage is over, I want you to know that I didn't plan this; I didn't set out to have an affair with her, or anyone else. It just grew and I went along with it without thinking of the consequences."

"I don't really need to know all that."

"Please, I do need to tell you."

He sighed and sat down, making himself comfortable and making sure he didn't have to look at her, while she was telling her story.

"Thank you," she said in a soft, sincere sounding tone.

She took a breath, and then continued. "It turned out that it wasn't the last time, it was just the beginning. A month later, I took her home after lunch. Her car had broken down and she had come in a cab. Her husband wasn't home yet, so we went in to talk more. I'm not sure what happened, but half an hour later, we were right next to each other on the couch, and after we talked for a moment about the last time, she kissed me. I was surprised by her boldness, but her lips tasted good. And I liked the idea that she wanted to kiss me. We kissed for a few minutes, then I went a step further. She was wearing tights. She usually didn't wear anything that tight but I said she would look good in them, and she wore them for me. Anyway, at one point my hand dropped into her lap while we changed positions.

"I thought that since it was there I could see about making her feel better. I moved my hand, with the palm all the way open, between her legs. I let it sit there for a moment to see what she would do. She kept kissing me, so I started rubbing her through her tights and panties. I knew where to rub, because I know where I would rub on my own body. She sighed in my mouth, but that was all she did for about two minutes, and then she started undulating her hips against my hand. A minute or so after that, she started making small groans. I liked the idea that I was giving her so much pleasure, even though I did that for quite a few minutes I didn't know if she climaxed or not. She enjoyed it a lot. We finally decided to stop and after a very passionate kiss, I went home.

"Three weeks later, we were here and it started up again. After maybe two minutes of kissing; we stopped and talked some more. We started up again and this time my hand slipped into her lap. I found her joy button and started moving my fingers in a circle over it. She was wearing a dress that day and after a minute, she must have decided that she didn't want it through the dress. Susan shocked me by pulling up her skirt. I took that to mean she wanted it through her panties, so I started doing the circle motions again. She said that she had been so excited last time that when George got home that night she had attacked him, pulling off his clothes and fucking him hard and fast... Twice.

"I was shocked again when she used that word. I thought she must be really turned on today. Which she was. That was the first taste I got of how she changed when really turned on. She got less inhibited and more aggressive.

"For a moment I watched my hand going in circles over her nub. I could see it pushing her panties up making a tiny mound. That was the first time I had every done that to another girl. It was the second time actually, but the first time had been the previous time with as I have I explained already.

"I was wearing my thinner pants and she suddenly reached into my lap and after a second of searching, she found the right place, eagerly started rubbing my button.

"I gasped for it felt strange and good at the same time. I did her harder. I rubbed her harder and faster as she did me the same. This time I'm sure she orgasmed. It felt good as I gave her pleasure, while she gave me the same. She sighed and moaned into my mouth, which I also liked. And in case you need to know, I didn't cum. It felt good, but it was the same as with you, no climax.

"Our grandfather clock bonged the time and she jumped up smoothing her dress. She said that she had to get going to meet George. And I had to start fixing you dinner.

"We did some more kissing a couple of times, but only for a minute or so. I think we were both thinking about what happened last time. She suggested that we go someplace, where we would not have to worry about getting interrupted. I wasn't sure whether if I really wanted to, but two days later we were in her living room again, kissing. I was turned on and I knew she was too, that turned me on even more. We stopped suddenly as we heard someone outside. We discovered that it was UPS leaving a package. That scared us both. He might have seen something. It wouldn't have been that easy, but it was possible. And what would have happened if it were her hubby? She was really nervous. More so, if the UPS guy had seen something, than if her husband saw us kissing.

"A week later she said that she found a hotel we could go to, where we wouldn't have to worry about being interrupted, or thought of as strange. She explained that it had been around for many years as a place for romance. It had developed into a place, where any type of couple could go to. There were woman and woman couples, men and men couples, as well as men and women couples.

"I wasn't sure. I knew we would do more than just kiss if we went there, but I wanted to pleasure her and I knew she wanted to pleasure me badly. After a little begging on her part, I said we could go once.

"She gave me the phone number and asked me to call. She knew they would know why she was calling and therefore was too nervous to call herself. I did and set a date when you were going to work late. You usually have dinner in the office and I have to eat alone. I figured that would be a good afternoon to go. She said that she could make an excuse to her husband, why she was gone during the late afternoon and early evening.

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