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Back Seat Show-off


It all stemmed from a couple of unrelated incidents, the first of which had happened some time before when Erin had just reached the age of consent and was exploring the fun of sex with all the unbridled enthusiasm of youth, even though living with her parents at the time meant that most of this exploration had to be done out of doors.

She and her then boyfriend had found a quiet piece of local forest and made love as usual in the romantically dappled sunlight that found its way between the trees. It was a mostly unused stretch of woodland but they still hadn't risked stripping in case they were interrupted and so, although she had taken her panties off, their clothing had otherwise just been pushed up out of the way.

Afterwards they had lain side by side, spent and panting from their exertions but smiling happily at each other, he face down on the forest floor and she still on her back, luxuriating in the feel of a cool breeze on her open thighs and her overheated pussy. She had felt his cum trickling warm from her vagina, cooling as it made its unhurried way over her anus, and she had shivered with pleasure at the sensation. It had been one of their best ever sessions, losing them both in the power and passion of their lovemaking.

Eventually when their breathing was finally back to normal they had tidied themselves up, she giggling at his careful efforts to brush leaf litter from his still damp penis while she shimmied her skirt back into place. Then, hand in hand as always, they had made their way back from the privacy of the woods to the public lane that had brought them there, and as they had stepped from under the trees she had glanced regretfully back - and that is when she had seen the man.

The man had been older, dishevelled, unshaven and grey haired, and scruffily dressed in dirty grey trousers and black jacket. He had been cupping a cigarette to his mouth and letting a steady trickle of smoke drift from his nose, completely relaxed and making no attempt to hide his presence. Where he had been standing was a little to one side but with a good view of where they had laid, and it was clear from his body language that he had been there for some while and had witnessed most, if not all, of their lovemaking. She had gasped and stopped dead in her tracks as she realised they had been seen, and that the voyeur would have been able to see right between her open legs. Her boyfriend had asked her what was wrong, but unable to tell him, she had shaken a nonexistent stone from her shoe and pretended nothing else had happened.

It wasn't that she had been too embarrassed to tell him, nor even that she hadn't wanted his potentially violent reaction to spoil the evening. No, the real reason was that the sudden knowledge that they had been seen had given her an unexpected and tremendous adrenalin rush, a buzz the like of which she had never, ever, experienced. Just knowing that her pussy had been exposed to a stranger, and a down-and-out stranger at that, had immediately given her a thrill almost as strong as an actual orgasm and it had shaken and confused her.

This new excitement had stayed with her and as soon as she got home she had gone straight to her room and masturbated, biting her knuckles in an attempt to quieten her overwhelming arousal. From then on she had often fantasised of someone watching her as she made love, masturbating frequently while wishing that a stranger could see her exposed pussy. With minor variations this had for a while become her favoured fantasy, far ahead of any other.

But then as the novelty had slowly faded and she had split with the boyfriend concerned, newer and more vivid fantasies took over, leaving the episode just a wickedly delicious memory in the recesses of her mind. And there it had stayed until a new incident brought the memory and its effects flooding back.

This time she and her new man had been in each others arms on the back seat of his car, parked in a quiet lay-by on the way home from an evening in town. It was another normally deserted spot, frequented only by couples looking for privacy and the occasional dog walkers destined for a local footpath, and it was their most often used place for a little quiet fun. As usual they had parked at the end of the lay-by furthest from the entrance to the footpath so that any walkers would naturally head away from their car, and so they had ignored headlights pulling into place behind them.

But this time things had been different. For some never understood reason the couple from this newly parked car were headed along the road rather than the footpath, and to do so they had needed to walk past Erin and Jason sprawled along the back seat of the car. By this time Erin's top and skirt had both been pushed up and Jason was sucking and licking her nipples while at the same time his hand massaged and fondled her pussy through the thin material of her pure white thong, something that the couple couldn't fail to notice.

Erin had heard them approach without actually realising it, and it hadn't been until their silhouettes appeared at the window that she knew someone was there. Even so, she was so turned on and so enjoying Jason's attentions that she had tried to ignore them, relying on the fading light to mask their activities and instinctively knowing that a sudden covering up would only attract attention.

But the couple had seen them anyway and had come to an involuntary stop, gazing through the car window in amused surprise at the lovers busy on the back seat. Jason hadn't realised that they had company and so he continued playing with her breasts and pussy, his fingers digging between her cotton covered labia, and without thinking Erin had opened her legs a little wider, letting him play more intimately and letting the couple see more clearly.

She had no idea why she had so instinctively reacted that way, all she knew was that instead of being irritated or embarrassed by the interruption, she had felt a wave of excitement run through her, a thrill just like the one that she had felt so long before in that stretch of woodland. She hadn't wanted her uninvited audience to go away, but to stay and watch, and she had observed them through slitted eyes, her heart suddenly pounding and her pussy lubricating copiously.

"It's been a long time since you did that with me."

The woman's voice had come suddenly and clearly through the car window and had alerted Jason to their presence. In surprise he had snatched his hand away from Erin's crotch and his mouth from her breast, causing her to automatically slam her legs shut and yank her top over her wetly erect nipples.

"We've got a nice warm bed these days." The man's voice had said. "Come on, leave them in peace."

Erin had lain back on the seat as they walked away, bewildered, frustrated and above all angry. Bewildered because she didn't understand her own feelings, frustrated at the abrupt end to her fun and angry both at herself for feeling the way she did and with Jason for reacting with such embarrassment. Why, she had asked herself, why did they have to speak and ruin things and why was Jason so damn shy? If only they had stayed until she'd actually cum it could have been an orgasm to top all orgasms.

Just as before, she had masturbated frantically as soon as she was alone in her room, and just as before this incident had become the foundation for many more solo fantasies, keeping her fingers busy with illogical regularity. The difference this time was that as time went by her fascination with the thought of being watched did not go away, in fact if anything it had become even more intense until it almost reached the point of obsession. She knew eventually that she would have to do something about it, one way or the other, and so one night she broached the subject to Jason.

"Do you remember the couple that caught us in the back seat?" She asked.

"Do I ever!" He replied with a wry grin. "Wrecked things that night didn't they?"

"It didn't need to, though. How did you feel about us being seen?"

He looked at her strangely. "Pissed off and embarrassed, that's how. How did you expect me to feel?"

"I don't know. Didn't it give you a kick?"

"Not half the kick I wanted to give them!"

"But didn't you get a charge from it?" She regarded him closely. "Because in an odd sort of way it turned me on."

"I always knew there was something strange about you."

He was smiling as he said that, but she knew he was being halfway serious and it was time to leave the subject behind. Even so, she couldn't forget it and the next week she returned to it.

"You know if we get caught being sexy again." She began. "Can we pretend we haven't noticed and see what happens?"

Jason looked at her in disbelief. "You're weird! I don't want people seeing me get laid."

She changed tack, trying a different approach.

"What if we saw other people doing it, would that get to you?"

"Maybe." He answered thoughtfully. "But it's still not normal, is it? So don't hold your breath."

That wasn't going to work either, so Erin gave up and nothing more was said by either of them, although it was noticeable that Jason chose a different, more remote place to park up for their late night cuddles from then on. Erin smiled inwardly at his obvious attempt to avoid any interruption, but all the time she was still wrestling with her own feelings and she didn't yet feel strong enough to make an issue of it. She was still caught between her natural shyness, her inbuilt morality, and the tremendous thrill that the two brief episodes of accidental exhibitionism had given her. No way could she be sure that she would be able to go through with showing herself openly to strangers even if she managed to persuade Jason to try, and so she let things rest, relying on chance to resolve the issue for her. It was not for another several weeks that anything more happened.

They had been to a midweek gig headlined by a leading local rock band, and the heavy, throbbing music had got into their veins, making them feel surprisingly randy, too randy for Erin to wait until they reached their out of the way parking spot. It had also brought those two exhilarating incidents back into her mind, perhaps now was a good time to push things a little.

"There's a parking spot about a mile on, Jason. Can you pull in, I need a pee."

The pee wasn't that urgent, but it was a good excuse to park up somewhere different for once.

Jason pulled into the rather linear car park that served a local nature reserve and parked close to the entrance, obviously intending to move on as soon as Erin had done what she needed to. That was not what Erin really wanted.

The ribbon of tarmac that made up the car park disappeared into the dark, with a line of parking bays to each side and the side to which Jason had driven bordering a small picnic area. Erin jumped out and disappeared among the trees to squat out of sight between two of the wooden tables strewn around the area, her return to the car delayed as she hung back out of the sweeping headlights of another car pulling into the park.

This car drove to the far end of the car park before slotting into a vacant spot, and by its headlights Erin was surprised to see six or eight other cars already hidden in the blackness there. She was even more surprised when, almost as soon as the newcomer's headlights had gone out to plunge that part of the park back into darkness, its interior light came on, quickly followed by the sound of car doors quietly opening and closing. She stood at the edge of the grassy border watching, baffled by the activities and curious to know what was happening. She could make out shapes moving past the illuminated windows of the newly parked car, and it seemed to her as if people were clustering around it, though from that distance and in the dark she couldn't be sure of anything.

She got back into the car still trying to make sense what she had seen and hardly noticed that Jason had restarted the engine until he began to reverse out of the parking bay and then she looked at him in disappointed surprise, her eyebrows raised questioningly.

"There are too many cars here." He told her. "We'll go where we normally go."

Sex that night was perfunctory, neither of them doing more than relieving their needs, and she got home irritable and frustrated, certain that she'd missed out on something but not sure what.

The following morning at work she mentioned what had happened and what she'd seen to Denise, a married woman several years older than herself and much more worldly wise.

"Why would people all do that? It was as if they were waiting for that car to arrive." She asked earnestly. "You don't think it was a gang meeting up after doing a crime do you?"

Her workmate laughed openly.

"No luv. I'm pretty sure it wasn't that. Where did you say it was?"

Erin repeated the location and, still laughing, Denise nodded.

"I thought so - that's the local dogging spot." She told her.

Erin looked back in bewilderment.

"You haven't a clue what I'm talking about, have you?"

Erin shook her head. Denise rolled her eyes, took a deep breath and began an explanation.

"People go there to watch each other have sex in their cars. Some people like to watch and some people like to be seen. So they meet there and watch each other. Takes all sorts, doesn't it?"

"You mean deliberately?" Erin was astonished.

"Yes, it suits all of them, both the lookers and the doers. Though I gather it's mostly men that like to watch. And, before you ask, it got called 'dogging' because men used to take dogs with them to give them the excuse that they were walking round the car park to exercise their mutt."

"So the car that pulled in must have had a couple in it who wanted to be watched, and the others were the ones watching?"

Erin was still shocked by the revelations, but a warm glow between her legs told her that her pussy was responding to the idea. If only she'd known at the time. But then, how could she have persuaded Jason to move closer?

"Have you ever done it, Den?" She asked without thinking.

"No luv, I like privacy for my fun, and a nice comfortable bed."

Erin nodded her understanding and wandered away to consider what she'd been told, aware of having a wet pussy and of feeling strangely excited. She knew immediately that she wanted to share in the strange thrill of dogging, the embryonic buzz she had felt before now had a focus; something she knew would amplify it many times. The problem she now faced was how to make it happen, and that meant how could she convince Jason? That evening she rang him, a carefully considered plan in mind.

She had first to tell him what they had seen and, because his knowledge of dogging was as nonexistent as hers before speaking to Denise, she had also to explain to him what dogging entailed.

"So, can we park there another night? I want to see what happens."

"I'm not going to shag in public, if that's what you think, and there's an end to it."

She had expected that reaction.

"Oh, no! I don't mean for us to show off, I want to see what the other people get up to. Don't you fancy watching some beautiful girl getting her rocks off before we go and do it ourselves somewhere else?"

She was lying through her teeth, and she knew it. She was relying on the excitement of the moment to work its magic. The conversation went back and forth, sometimes heated, sometimes reasoning. Erin pleaded, cajoled, blackmailed, and downright browbeat Jason until, eventually, he compromised.

"Alright. If we go there and park with the others, we'll do it just to watch and nothing else. If we do have a cuddle ourselves, we keep our clothes on and we keep the lights off. Okay?"

"Okay, that's what I meant in the first place." Truth took a back seat.

It was three nights later on Friday night when they pulled into that car park once more, and Erin held her breath to see where Jason would park. Fortunately, when they arrived there were only three other cars in little cluster right at the far end, and Jason pulled in level with them but about three parking bays away. Erin didn't point out that it was still fairly early and others would probably fill that gap before the evening was out, or at least she hoped they would.

After a half an hour Erin began to admit that it was a total anticlimax, nothing seemed to be happening and nothing could be seen of the occupants of the nearby cars. Erin's heart had begun by beating hard in excited anticipation but now she was beginning to feel genuine disappointment, and Jason was showing signs of real boredom, fidgeting in his seat and looking around impatiently. It seemed that all the dogs were kennelled that night, or maybe this wasn't the right place after all.

"Give us a cuddle then." Erin told him finally, her frustration needing an outlet. "If nothing's going to happen then it'll be no different from anywhere else, will it?"

"Front seat or back seat?" He asked her, glad of the chance of a little fun of their own.

"Back." She said immediately.

Even the opening and closing of doors that accompanied their move to the rear seats seemed not to have had any effect, for the other cars remained parked dark and lifeless in their slots. Before long they had become absorbed in each other and the idea of seeing someone else making love had been forgotten, or at least pushed to the back of their minds. Cars came and went periodically, but they ignored them, safe in the dark depths of their own rear seat, hands exploring, fumbling and caressing, while mouths kissed each other and licked whatever flesh they could reach.

Soon Erin's panties were on the floor and Jason's fingers were buried deep inside her pussy while his thumb rubbed urgently at her clitoris and his mouth sucked hungrily at her breast. She loved the wet sounds of his fingers driving in and out of her and the feel of his hand banging against her pubic bone as he thrust at her. Along with the tingly feel of his thumb on her clit this was a combination guaranteed to make her cum and she it wasn't long before she was arching her back and biting her lip as her orgasm loomed large. Then from the corner of her eye she saw the inside light of a car come on a couple of bays away from her and the outline of a shadowy figure soon silhouetted against its window.

Now she knew the secret. Now she knew that the signal to be watched was to switch on the interior light, and that otherwise they would be left alone. It made sense, of course it did, and must have saved many an embarrassing mistake, but it wasn't what she wanted.

She was so tempted to flick on their own switch if she thought for a moment that Jason would let her. But she knew for sure that he would never go for that. He just might be persuaded to carry on having sex with her if someone 'happened' to look into their darkened car while they were in the middle of it, but there was no way he was going to deliberately attract attention beforehand. It was a setback, something she had not foreseen as she had laid her careful plan. It seemed now that if she wanted to be spied on then she would have to come up with a better thought out idea, and probably one that didn't include Jason.

She felt disappointed with her discovery, but with Jason's fingers probing deep inside her, she allowed herself to forget it for the moment and to be swept along on the flood of pleasure he was sending through her. At the same time she was very conscious that, only yards away from her and unknown to her own partner, someone was watching another couple having sex and, if they cared to defy custom and turned to look into a darkened car, that they just might see be able to see her in the throes of the orgasm that was about to explode through her. She gripped Jason hard, pulling him firmly against her breast, partly in response to her climax and partly from an intuitive feeling that everything would come to a stop if he knew what was happening.

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