tagInterracial LoveBack to 1956 Ch. 03

Back to 1956 Ch. 03


Authors Note: This chapter is going to begin with James having already awakened to find Evelyn missing, simply due to the fact that I am too lazy to write another page of him experiencing the same state of panic and confusion. To me it would be redundant to write about this so I'm going to skip to the part to where he is out of the car and also looking for help.

And also..... From here on out, there will be extensive use of the "n" word by some of the characters in this story. I don't mean to offend anyone. And if I do, I am sorry. I am just trying to keep the story as historically correct as possible. Any names of towns or counties I use are going to be completely fictional but the story is still set somewhere in southeast Alabama.

III: The Beginning

July 19, 2018???

The sun's rays unmercifully beamed down into James neck as he pulled himself down the road. The heat was unbearable and the humidity was excruciatingly thick. James knew that at any moment his body would shut down from heat exhaustion and dehydration but the thought of his absent wife, Evelyn, kept him moving forward. He had to find her no matter what and nothing would stop him. James felt sickened with guilt because he was the reason why they were both in the present situation. Had he paid more attention to the road, the accident probably could have been avoided.

And to add insult to injury, both his and Evelyn's cell phones had been lost somewhere during the incident, which was probably the reason why Evelyn had to leave the car. At first, James awoke to only be flummoxed with panic and confusion but through reason James eventually concluded that Evelyn was probably alive and had left the car in order to get help. He knew he should have probably stayed at the scene of the accident but his decision to stay at the scene of the accident was overpowered by his concern for his missing wife.

And then finally, after 20 minutes of tumultuous walking in the blazing heat, James could hear the sound of a car sputtering up the road. James turned around to spot an old truck coming up the road towards him. From a guess, James had to say the truck looked like something that came from the 60's. The sight of a car that old actually running kind of surprised him.

"What are ya doing out here at this time of day son? You look pretty beat up," the man said, with a heavy southern accent. The man was an older man with blond hair that looked gray in some places, and an extremely red complexion, probably from being sunburned.

`"Yeah.... Me and my..my wife were in a car accident," James said stroking the back of his terribly aching neck, "And I don't know where she is."

The man gave James a look of half sympathy and half curiosity before accumulating a mixture of mucus and tobacco from his throat and spitting it into the hot concrete road.

"How far down is your car?" the man asked him.

"Just a few yards in the opposite direction you came," James said, pointing down the road.

"Well get in," the sunburned man said, "I can get ya into town and we can get some of Harpers boys to help you get your car out of the ditch."

"Thank you," James said softly, offering the man his hand, "I'm James Moreau."

The sunburned man pulled his hand out of the window to take James' hand. The handshake was firm and brisk. By the way he shook his hand; James could tell that this man was a man of business.

"James Fletcher," he replied, "But everyone calls me Jim- do you need a doctor or something?"

"Um...ye-," James paused. Evelyn abruptly began to flood his thoughts. He had to find her, nothing mattered to him at that point, not even his own health.

"No sir, I'd rather go into town to see if anyone has seen my wife," James said, starting towards the old beat-up truck. Dust stirred beneath James feet as he made cautious steps towards the truck. Dust shot up into his nostrils, choking him, and he coughed violently as he pulled the car door open and stumbled into the truck.

The car smelled thick of tobacco and grease, further gagging him.

"Are you sure you don't need a doctor son?"

James turned to the man and instantly knew that this man was a farmer. It all made since to him now and considering that they were on the country side of Alabama, he probably was. What made James suspicious of this was the fact that the man was wearing overalls; Old beat-up overalls that looked as if they had been through a hard day's labor many times. It was a stupid assumption but James couldn't think of anybody today who would willingly wear overalls except for farmers.

"I'm fine," James choked.

Jim spat once more out of his window before the ancient truck began to sputter down the road.

James rolled up his blood-stained sleeves to notice that his forearms displayed numerous cuts and bruises; he also noticed that his skin had been stained with that looked like dry blood. For a second James wondered how long he had been unconscious and for how long had Evelyn left for help. Thoughts of her being hurt in every possible way imaginable began to flood his mind until Jim interrupted.

"Now what did you say your wife looked like?"

"Evelyn...," James said softly to himself; for a brief moment he felt relief as he thought about a past memory of her smiling beautifully and happy, but that relief was almost immediately damned as he unexpectedly thought of her dying alone on the side of the hot concrete road. He had to stop thinking so pessimistically or it'd kill him.

James frowned, "My wife..."

James paused once more. It was starting to become painful to think about her.

Why couldn't he have paid more attention to the damn road?

"I have a picture of her," James said reaching into his back pocket of his once nice dress pants; All he could feel was left over change and a stray piece of string.

"Dammit," James muttered under his breath.

"What?" Jim asked inquisitively.

"I left my wallet in my car...," James sighed as he buried his face into the palms of his hands. Today was starting to become the worst day of his life. It seemed as if everything that could possibly go wrong for him did go wrong.

"Well now son, you better hope some niggers don't get a hold of her."

James's heart skipped a beat, and he turned to Jim, shocked.

"Excuse me?" James said incredulously.

"Yeah, I've heard some damn niggers went and raped this nice little girl from Mayfield- I swear if the brothers would have gotten to the niggers before the sheriffs did..... we would have sure as hell made sure that all niggers would think twice before even looking at our women."

James stared at Jim, his mouth slightly agape. James had never heard such overt racism in his entire life. Even growing up in the South all his life, he had never heard of or encountered anyone who was blatantly a racist. It was the 21st century, hadn't people got over the whole skin color nonsense by now.

James wondered whether or not he should tell this man that his wife was an African American. Would he throw him from the car?

"What's wrong with you boy? Have you not heard about that yet?"

"W-What- No....sorry, I haven't."

"And then the damn Yankees are trying to get that nigger loving president to get those coons put into our school," Jim continued to rant, "And then that nigger woman thought she was too good to give up her seat to a white man- it's a damn shame. What's happening to this country?"

'This guy cannot be serious,' James thought to himself, eyeing Jim in sheer disbelief, 'Did I just accept a ride from a Klu Klux Klan member.....or maybe a neo nazi.'

And what Jim was talking about made no sense to him. Nigger-loving president? Woman on a bus refusing to give up her seat to a white man? For some reason this all sounded so familiar to James but he couldn't pin-point exactly the significance of it all; besides, it was 2018 and people could sit wherever they wanted too, regardless of skin color.

"You mean President Turner?" James asked, still very much confounded. Yes, President Turner had won a majority of the African American vote in the 2018 election, but James wouldn't go as far as calling him a nigger-loving president. James would never even consider using such a vulgar and hateful word.

"Turner?....Who the hell is Turner?" Jim said, sounding even more perplexed than James, "No boy- How hard did you hit your head? I'm talking about that nigger-loving president Eisenhower."

Now this man was really beginning to not make any sense. If James could recall correctly, Eisenhower was president during the 50's. Was this man insane? What year did he think they were in?

"Yeah, I think I did hit my head pretty hard down there," James forcefully laughed, "Um...would you mind telling me what date you think it is?"

"What do you mean think son? It's June 19, 1956."

James stared at Jim completely puzzled until he started to make some connections in his head that he wish he hadn't. The old car, the overalls, the racism, was it possible?

'But there's no way,' James thought to himself, 'People just don't fly back into the past.'

"But yep son, you better hope some niggers don't find your wife before we do. When we get to town I can give a word out to the brothers to tell them to look out for her."

Even though James was completely in denial, he knew one thing for certain. He had to find Evelyn, and he had to find her fast.

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