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Back to My Wife and Her Hung Lovers


After a while of marriage I noticed her libido was becoming much greater than mine, and I found sex with her quite hard at times – she would want sex like 3 times a day and I had to work and I probably thought once or twice every 2 days was ok. We tried some counselling and I tried talking, she tried taking care of herself. But in the end she said she wanted to separate, I was hurt and pleaded with her to stay together for the kids sake and I didn't want to not have a physical relationship with her either.

I said I would do what it took to stay together, she then asked if she could have another lover. Well I was shocked and we talked for a few days and eventually agreed providing it was not a casual unsafe thing and that we maintained some physical affection as well so that I wouldn't be missing out and that we would not let the kids know.

After a month or so she found a lover about 15 years younger than her off one of the adult dating sites and we cautioned him to keep it secret from all except us. He was a fairly trustworthy and very faithful young construction worker who was new to the area and was staying in a caravan park for a 2-year job in the area.

We had a spare 5th bedroom with separate access and after a month of the relationship going he moved in 'as an official boarder' I mostly agreed to this as I noticed that sex was getting much better and more frequent with my wife and I was bedazzled by her sexual prowess and how ready she was to please, and that she even dressed nicer and sexier around the house. So I agreed as I thought things were getting better. The young lover stayed for the 2 years and eventually moved up North.

To this day I don't know how she kept the both of us absolutely satisfied but she did and at times she did this up to 4 times a day between us, I was amazed at her stamina sexuality.

Now after the Young lover left we slowed down and it became harder to have sex and she wasn't as ready for it, she started to get miserable after about 3 months – she took a trip up North twice and that didn't seem to help. She made a decision to break up with him. I asked if she wanted to get another lover, she said she wasn't shaw, I asked if we had hope between us but she said she would just soldier on, so we plodded along in the status quo for 18 months and the kids moved out and some got married.

After about 2 months by ourselves she started to get more flirtatious etc and one day when I came home she asked me if she could have another lover and that she had one in mind but he was different and she wasn't sure if I would approve, I asked why and she said he was extremely largely endowed, I raised my eyebrows and said 'I don't think its me that needs to approve that – its you that has to deal with the size' she says Oh thank you.

I started thinking wow maybe the sex life might get better again, and it did for about 2 months, in that time things were looking really good and I never missed out, and she said that she wanted him to move in, I said no , but she persuaded me eventually and he moved in. He is about 10 years younger than her fit ad tall, after he moved in I found he spent more and more time with my wife.

I would be programming in the other room adjoining the bedroom and they would be at it squeaking, banging and thumping, I banged on the wall a bit to quite it down a bit, but nothing happened, I eventually went around to the door that was wide open and for the first time saw this guys equipment size, my mouth opened jaw dropped I had no idea my wife could take that much, she just smiled and said I would have to wait awhile.

I stood there amazed and just watched for like an hour and never knew what I was seeing was possible, so much stamina and so much of his juices just all over her and she just loved it. She could take the size easy, I realised then that I was no stud.

I actually didn't know why my wife still wanted me, and then I remembered she didn't I just pleaded to keep the relationship going and basically accepted anything for my and the kids sake. Now the kids are gone I thought its better to get on with life and leave her to her life, over 6 months I moved into my own room (basically to get some sleep) and of course he moved into her bed and kept me awake all night.

When I complained about the noise, She would try and coax me to move back to her bed and said he was only there because I wasn't, and so 3 times I tried 1st time she just about killed me with trying to have sex all night, 2nd and 3rd time he came in during the early hours of the night and had her while I was still there, they tried to be quite so I was just pretending to be asleep, and soon as he left she starts rubbing juices all over me and trying to have me I kept pretending to be asleep so she would be happy with just one orgasm.

Eventually I moved out to my boat and she ended up having 3 guys in the house within 3 months, I never had sex with her again, but she did talk to me occasionally and apologised and tried to get me back. She says she just cant help it, something just takes over and says she is addicted to the euphoric feeling and young largely endowed men now.

I said well why do you want me? She says that I was the only one who understood or would talk through things and allowed her to be who she wanted to be and the father of her children. I asked if she was ever satisfied with me as a lover, she said she was very satisfied and it made her want even more, and that was the reason, that she just couldn't get enough. Basically it was my fault.

I asked what about size? She says I had more than enough at first, its just that she didn't realise that there were really largely endowed men out there until she went to her best friends hens night, and when she first saw the big one she was amazed and fantasised about trying one, she only thought she would just try it but she got addicted to it, she said it hurt a little and ached for the first week but the feeling was too good she couldn't stop.

Still to a year ago 4 years after separation she had the same 3 guys living with her and they are faithful to her as she is to them (frankly I doubt whether they needed any more sex elsewhere) I don't see her often but when I do she is always nice and chats and smells so much like ammonia, she says that she has sex on average 6 times a day now and loves it and has little time for much else, and the guys all pay the rent and food.

I have never heard of a woman that could have that much sex and need it to be satisfied – why me, why did I have to marry her, I think the odds are so great its like wining the lotto. Makes me wonder how it affected me, and I guess I found a 11 year older than me married woman and became her steady other man for a few of years.

She thought I was the best lover in the world – I was so glad she didn't really know about sex and men much she just had an ordinary inexperienced husband – It really made me feel good to really please a woman and be seen as a great lover, although only by her limited comparisons. Her husband had a stroke about 18 months into the relationship – he was in hospital for 2 months and I kind of unofficially moved in to house in the spare bedroom and help her with him at times and help her out sexually.

The husband cant walk, talk or move one hand and has a remote wheelchair he cant have sex either, he can smile and laugh and grunt. One day I was with his wife in the spare room going for it when I hear these grunts behind, and there he is watching us and smiling, she saw his smile and said lets give him a show, and we do, we notice this little bulge in his pants so she goes to investigate and sure enough he is semi hard – not enough to have sex with but enough to play with I suppose, I suggest maybe she should suck it for him, as maybe he is getting better.

She tries and he smiles but nothing poor fella. She tried with him in bed and not a movement. After a couple of weeks I said maybe if we do it in front of him again it might move again, and he grunted and smiled, so we put him in bed naked and she wore a see thru nightie to try and tease him up a little, but nothing then we started to get seductive and I was licking her and he had a bit of movement, she gently put her hand on it while I worked on her and she said to him oh you like this don't you Brian he grunted and smiled and then I got naked and was just about to enter his wife and he became half erect again.

She tried to jump on him but to no avail, so we went about our sex while she is slowly playing with his piece, when he started grunting a lot and then his penis stiffened a bit more and spurted everywhere all over her and bits of me, I couldn't believe how much cum there was, we both laughed and were saying good one Brian, his penis limp and a smile on his face and cum everywhere.

I said he must have been saving all that up for a while she said no he always has lots and lots of cum. Wow she just rubbed it all over her body and we just went for it for an hour, I came twice and she just rubbed the juices all over both of us – she seemed so happy, we repeated this many many times for Brian's and her sake over the next year.

Although she was quite dry at times and we couldn't penetrate she refused to use artificial lubricant and so we would get Brian going and when he came usually quickly as normal she said, she would rub the bountiful juices into her and then we were into it again, sometimes she would ask me to cum all over her, so that she could rub it in.

She always seemed a little disappointed at my teaspoon full compared to brains half a cup, after a year Brian could nearly talk and use his right hand and get a full erection for a short time, which made things a little easier for her, I would say Ill race you Brian and we would both see who could cum on his wife the quickest, 99% of the time he won and then I had the lube to do my thing with his wife, while Brian was watching and saying yeah yeah harder with his limited vocabulary.

His wife always came when Brian cheered her on, ha couldn't work that out but works for me. A lot of the time she was so worn out she would just lay there like Brian looking at each other – so I went and got a wet warm washer and cleaned the both naked bodies up, and then went to my room very happy with the result.

I felt like the man of the house! the boss! the stud! such a good feeling for a man to have I wished I had been more of the boss with my ex wife.

I eventually run into my wife about 14 months ago, and as usual she was friendly and flirtatious, still with that familiar smell. She asked me what I had been up to and if I needed some sex.

I told her about the lady and Brian and that I was very satisfied and that I was the stud, the boss up there, and it felt good. She said that's all she ever wanted me to be for her, she said that if I never left her bed I would have been the boss she always saw me as the boss.

I said really but I thought I was on the outer – she said never you were always on the inner in more ways than one, I asked if she would have me back and she said definitely – I left the other married woman and moved back into my wife's bedroom – and magnificent sex that night and slept well – one of the 3 guys living there tried coming in again in the wee hours – I just said let her sleep and they went out again.

2 of the guys I had never met before so I introduced myself and laid down some rules and 1 of the guys decided to leave. The 2 guys left agreed that it was my and my wife's way or the highway, they agreed to stay and didn't want to leave her – I asked if she wanted them to stay she said she did, ok that's settled.

She immediately took me to the bedroom and we had awesome sex again, I was impressed she seemed to have learnt so much from her encounters. She asked me if she could still have sex with the other guys, I said if she wanted to – no worries but if I am horny then she will stop what she is doing and have sex with me even if its when one of the others is with her, she agreed and told the other guys.

She must of thought about it a bit and said but why don't you just join in instead of take over, I said hmmm so your up for more than one at once then hey, she said you know I am I have been keeping these guys happy for 3 years, no one is going to miss out she said. Having never been in a threesome let alone a foursome before except maybe the married lady and Brian (but that was different) I was not quite sure how it would work.

I asked and said how can you even make all happy at the same time surely it would be one after the other wouldn't it – she said don't be silly I have been having 3 guys at the same time twice a week and all have been happy no one misses out. I said are you into anal or something she said no way – trust me, lets make tonight and Saturday night group sex night with all of us.

I said are you sure you want 3 horny guys all at the same time? She said oh yes please, tonight after dinner ok. Ok I said dumbfounded and thinking what the heck have I gotten myself into.

At the dinner table she announces that tonight and Saturday nights are group sex night from now on and My Ex-Husband is in control, my eyes widen, then she says with my help – it is his first time you know and giggles. The other 2 laughed and seem very happy and concentrate on her most of the time. After dinner she shoots away to the bedroom and after a while she calls us in and says leave your clothes at the door please.

I go in first naked and kiss her passionately on the lips and roll to the side of the king size super soft bed, I said where are the other guys and she said they will come in 10 minutes I asked them to wait while I give you some education on how this will work. I said ah great how can you have sex with us all at once, and the she starts to explain.

First of all you will be on your back and I will mount you from the top looking towards you, I will lay down on your chest exposing my good bits and the first guy will come and kneel at my face and I will take him in my mouth she said.

I said wont that be a little close to my head, she said don't worry about it she had it in care, ok I said, she then said the last guy will come from behind and enter with me – wow I said can you take that I said the both of us – of course I can, if I can take these other two then my smaller penis and his will fit no troubles.

I said have you really done this before? Are you sure? She said just shut up and enjoy. She slowly mounted me and sure enough the other guys come in and know instinctively where to go, they have definitely done this before I thought.

The first thing I notice is the guy above me and his huge penis going into her mouth and his balls pretty much slapping me in the forehead as he lazily rocks back and forth. I have never been that close to a penis in my life and it was scary.

It must have been about 11" long and only just fitted in my wife's mouth, and she wasn't scared at all. The next thing I feel is the other guy squeezing into her pussy with me, I was so glad that she is always wet from sex and cum and it made it slip in easier. She said that I had to be still as I was the key to the encounter – if I slipped out it would take a bit to get back in the groove.

Again the other guy must have been large as well it seemed like it was just going and going in further, I stiffened and tried to stay still while these guys did all the work, slow and steady at first building up and up. I thought I would get concussion in the end as the guy above me caused balls slapped me. My eyes fixated on her lips and his penis going in and out so close, so big oh what a woman taking all this in fun not hard work.

The other guy was in the same rhythm and I felt him thrusting in and out sliding and slipping on my penis, squashing it against the walls of her vagina., and then a rhythm change the guy at my face was out of rhythm and getting quicker she held his butt tighter and pulled his penis nearly halfway down her throat, I saw her throat expand for a minute, and she slowly pulled it out and he went rigid and came.

That's when I thought oh no I am under this stuff – he just sent cum everywhere into her mouth on her face on my face - it stuck one of my eyelids shut, ah I just wanted to get out from there and she said calm down settle I want you right there with me, she let his penis go and it fell on my face, I remember thinking that's like getting hit with a soft baseball bat.

I was no you better get it off me – she said settle petal embrace all of this and grabbed my hand and put it on his penis she said see it wont hurt you will it, and then she kissed me so passionately and I felt and squeezed this big penis and kept kissing her I felt the rhythm changing at the other end knowing what that meant.

I totally gave in to her kiss and feeling this big penis the cum all over my face and in our mouths I was starting to love it – I wanted to thrust but she slowed me and I braced and just let it all happen for like 5 minutes.

I thought I don't think I will come if I don't thrust and then I felt the penis down the bottom rubbing against me go faster and faster and thicken and convulse, I just squeezed the big soft penis in my hand softly and kissed passionately and exploded in sheer bliss.

She broke the kiss and I just breathed rapidly for a while and she said to the others could you leave us for a while – and so they left. She said wasn't that good, and said yes how did you know, she said I listened to the others and they said it was pure bliss in that position and about as close to a woman feels and tastes as you can get, they used to fight for that position, but its yours now always as long as you want it.

She looked at me and said my your face is covered in cum its such a turn on, it doesn't hurt at all does it – hmm no it doesn't I said – a bit salty though, she said oh you will get used to it. Then she said I want you to do something for me now – ok I said what is it – she said I want you to lick me like you used to do.

Sure I said lets clean up first. No she said you stay on your back and she came up and straddled me with her knees either side of my head, I looked with my open eye and had to wipe the cum from my other eye to see – and it was truly amazing she was still dilated from sex and I could see everything inside and her clitoris was erect and red, there was just cum everywhere.

I was amazed and so excited, she lowered herself onto my lips and I licked and sucked and cleaned her for like 30 minutes finally settling in on her erect clitoris and sucking it and then she came and her muscles tightened and she squirted the extra cum and juice out of her onto my chin and neck.

She fell off to the side exhausted and she said see that's what I really missed, and said have you got better at this. I said I would do that for her anytime she wanted to do the group sex with me in number 1 position – she said it's a deal.

The other guys wanted number 1 position after that but she wouldn't allow it, neither would I. I realised the other guy was not as long in length probably 9" but was as thick as a soft drink can, that's why she was so dilated and I was squashed inside her.

We all had group sex once or twice a day from then on, and I loved it, I was the boss and I would be the one to get her off in the end with my mouth. The separate sex still went on as well, and every time someone came in her she and she didn't cum she would get me to lick her until she did cum – she called me the boss and I liked it.

She was right I actually got used to cum it tastes good now like olives and when its mixed with pussy juices its magnificent. I may NOT be able to keep up with her libido that's for sure, But I sure can keep up and take the time lick her clean and bring to orgasm every time she has sex either with all of us or after she has just been alone with the other guys.

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