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Back to Nature -- Breeding Season

There are a lot of tales floating around about things that have happened in the mountain range region known as the Blue Ridge Mountains. Some are actual facts, some have some half truths to them, but most are wild tales of an over active imagination. Sometimes the line between fact and fiction is a thin one and it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins. I'll let you decide.

It was early October when a group of four mid-20's women decided to go on a 'girls get-away' for a week in the northern end of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The women, Tricia, Robin, Heather, and Alexa, had known each other since college. They had gotten to be quite close, having lived on the same dorm floor until they graduated. When they each got married soon after college, they were each part of the other's wedding, and often got together for shopping and coffee gossip sessions.

Early on in their friendship, they had discovered they had a common interest of wilderness camping. They traded stories about the times they really had to rough-it in the wild with just a backpack and sleeping bag. All four women were used to the rigors of long hikes and climbing steep trails. The expense of college and constant need for study time however, prevented the women from spending more than 1 or 2 nights together at the local state park.

That changed after they graduated from college. Having each snagged a successful tall, dark, and handsome husband, all four women now found they had more time to do things together. Also, with no kids yet, they weren't tied down as much as some of their other friends who had gotten pregnant in college and now had 2-3 kids to tend to. It's not that the women were against having kids, it's just that all four wanted to wait a few years before starting a family.

The women's husbands, one a lawyer, one an accountant, and the other two middle managers at a bank and insurance company respectively, understood the friendship bond between the women and didn't mind it when their wives got together for an outing. Although the guys had a lot of common interests with their wives, 'roughing it' was not one of them. They were comfortable enough with their wives to let the girls do their thing for a week, once or twice a year.

It was at a coffee get together in September that Tricia, Robin, Heather, and Alexa had thought about how they had missed the opportunity to do a camping 'get away' during the summer. There were just too many things husbands needed them for during the summer for them to have their usual summer 'get away' together. A nature scene photo on the wall of the coffee shop inspired Robin to speak up about how they had missed out on their ritual annual summer camping trip.

It was Heather who got the idea that they could still schedule a week's worth of camping in the mountains the next month. All three of the other girls had that look of 'we coulda had a V-8' look, then brook into smiles. Within minutes, the women broke out their calendar planners and started to compare dates. It didn't take very long for them to realize they all had nothing penned in for the first week in October. A quick decision was made to use that week to go on their week long camping trip, and fast and furious planning soon ensued. Within an hour, the women had most of it all planned out.

= = = = = = = = = = = = = = = =

It was now two weeks since the women's coffee shop meeting. The wives were now at a remote location in the mountains, giving their husbands last minute hugs and kisses and a reminder on where they were headed, and where and when the husbands should pick them up a week later.

As the wives left their husband's arms and gathered together to check any last minute instructions, the husbands gathered close together to wish their wives well. Even though their husbands knew each other quite well and the couples were often at each other's house for a barbeque or party, looking at their husbands side by side, the girls couldn't help wonder about the strange coincidence of each marrying a guy with dark brown eyes and hair. It was almost like they had married a set of quadruplets.

In turn, each husband was thinking what a great body their wives had. Their wives worked out often and it was no surprise that each wife had toned thigh and calf muscles. That kind of conditioning was necessary for hiking 30-40 miles into the mountain wilderness. Although the husbands were a close resemblance, the wives had some differences.

Tricia was about 5'6" with dark brown hair and brown eyes. She was still sporting the remnants of a summer tan. She had made sure that her tan had no strap marks to detract from her firm 35C breasts. Robin and Heather had light brown hair down to their shoulders and were not as well endowed Tricia but still boasted a 34B cup. Alexa was somewhat of the odd-one-out. She was a dishwater blonde, who wore her hair in a ponytail most of the time. She didn't have quite the tan the other girls had, but her soft pale skin and creamy 36D breasts are what had caught her future husband's eye from the start.

So there they were, the husbands taking one last admiring look at their wives and the wives looking at the husbands like "I hope they can get by without us for a week". With Alexia's "Let's go girls, we're burning daylight", the wives turned and headed up a wide trail and the husbands got in their cars and drove away.

The area the girls had picked for their trip was one they had never been to before. It would provide a variety of environments in which to commune with nature. From mountain meadow, to thick forest, to babbling brook, to small mountain lake; there would be enough to remember for months to come.

The girls first day was easy going. There were man made and natural trails leading into the mountains for a couple miles. For the most part, their footing was on soft grass. It was more meadow like terrain than forest.

After hiking for about 5 miles, they set up camp on a grassy clearing close to a more heavily forested area. The clearing would provide them with a good view of the night sky and the woods would provide plenty of firewood.

It didn't take long to set up the two lightweight tents and stow their sleeping bags inside. The girls were not big on making a big dinner the first night out so dinner consisted of some something they could just warm up and eat without making too much of a fuss.

As night fell, the girls broke into one of their camping rituals around the evening fire, talking about old boyfriends and scary stories. After a couple rounds of stories and the fire starting to die, the girls turned in for the night. As they fell asleep, the sounds of the forest could be heard. A multitude of crickets sang their nightly song, owls hooted from the tree tops, and an occasional wolf could be heard howling to its mate in the darkness. All those sounds drifted into oblivion as the girls drifted into a deep sleep in their tents.

The dawn came bright and clear. The weather over the next week was expected to be clear skies and moderate temperatures. Breakfast was usually one of the bigger meals for the girls. They knew they would need the energy for the morning hike to the ridge overlooking a modest size lake. The lake was 6 miles away and was over more rugged terrain than what they had been over the day before. It would take most of the day just to get there.

They arrived at the lake's edge in late afternoon, as planned and their tents were set up just 50 feet back from the water's edge. It was the perfect spot for sitting back and watching the sun set across the water as they sat back against a log with their favorite hot beverage.

As night fell, the usual sounds of the night emanated from the dark. The lake's waterfowl added their sounds to the previous night's noises. The girls had heard it numerous times before, even the howl of a couple more wolves. The usual gossip and horror stories of creatures of the night were exchanged until they all got sleepy. As usual, they turned in early to get up early for the coming new day.

This was wilderness area and it was extremely rare to run across another human out here. They had not heard or seen anyone else and were glad to have the some peace and quiet away from the outside world. Unknown to the girls, they had been spotted coming into the forest that morning and had been followed to their lakeside camping spot.

Breakfast for the girls was somewhat the usual fare, nutritional but fast to fix. They had planned on staying at the lakeside campsite for a couple of days and just explore the area. Although they had brought plenty of freeze dried food along, the girls always made it a point to try locating some of the nearby berries and edible roots to add to the food they had brought along.

To that end, they set out toward a small valley on the downstream side of the lake. This was usually good hunting ground for berry bushes. It wasn't but a half mile later that they found an area thick with berry bushes. After a quick 'high 5' the girls bounded into the bushes for their prize.

The one thing the girls had not counted on was that a number of bushes had small thorns on them and the more they forged ahead into the bushes, the more they got scratched on their bare arms and legs. The scratches were not deep enough to be of concern, just enough to leave marks for a couple days.

After gathering up enough berries for lunch, they headed back to the campsite. On the way, they spotted a bountiful supply of mushrooms. The mushrooms would go great for the evening meal they had planned so they gathered up a number of them too.

For anyone who has eaten mushrooms, you know that you have to be careful as to what you pick. Some are very delectable, some are poisonous, and some are edible but have a hallucinogenic property. Sometimes the 'safe' ones and the 'hallucinogenic' ones are hard to distinguish.

Having arrived back at the campsite, the girls divided up the berries and mushrooms into separate containers. The berries, they munched on as they relaxed and ate lunch.

Following an after lunch hike of a few miles, the girls again returned to the campsite to fix dinner. Along the way, they had picked up some edible roots to combine with the mushrooms they had picked earlier in the day. The girls combined the mushrooms, roots, and a few other ingredients into a stew pot and boiled it for half an hour. On campouts, the girls usually had dinner ready close to dusk. Today was no exception.

Having consumed the last morsel of stew, the girls sat back to talk about what they had seen during the day. As usual, talk of the day's sights turned to scary stories. Tonight's topic was creatures of the forest. As each girl took her turn, the stories got scarier, fearsome insects that attacked you in the night, bears that prowled the woods looking for anything they could eat, and packs of wolves that ganged up on their victim. The effect of the story of the wolves was enhanced by the howl of 3-4 wolves off in the distance. At the end of the last story, the girls realized how late it was and decided to turn in for the night.

One of the girls' sleeping habits was to curl up in their sleeping bags nude. It was one of those things that initially started out as a dare, then morphed into a tradition. Besides, there was no need to worry about modesty way out in the woods with no one around. As the fire was beginning to die down, the girls climbed into their sleeping bags and settled in for a sound sleep.

At about midnight, Robin was awakened to a rustling sound outside the tent. The fire had died down to just a flicker that barely provided enough light to see things just outside the tent.

Robin had a hard time making out anything when she looked out the tent flap. Her vision just seemed to swim. She reached over and shook her tent mate Tricia to see if she could help identify the source of the noise. As Tricia awakened sufficiently to respond, Robin realized that she too was a little groggy.

Completely oblivious to their state of undress and emboldened by having a companion in their search, the two girls crept out of their tent to look around. They both seemed a little wobbly on their feet and their vision was still not entirely clear. Stumbling over to Heather and Alexa's tent, they roused the other two girls, who came out to see what was going on. Now, all four of the wives were standing outside their tents, without a stitch of clothes on, trying to figure out what was going on. All four were shaky on their feet and had trouble focusing on anything. Had the wives' senses been sharper, they would have seen the shadowy movement at the edge of the dying fire light. One by one, the girl's eyes widened as they became aware of three wolves appearing from behind their tents. Eyes darted to the fire to see if there was a piece of flaming wood they could use to wave off the wolves or use as a weapon. There was nothing but a few small branches that would be useless against an attack.

To add to their plight, the girls spotted a fourth wolf just coming into fire light view. The girls were terrified. They were cut off from diving into their tents to grab something to use as a weapon, the thick brush on each side of the campsite would slow them down too much for an escape that way, and jumping into the lake was cut off by the fourth wolf. The adrenaline flowing through their veins should have heightened their senses and cleared their heads but strangely, the whole scene seemed like an unreal dream. With the girl's backs to each other and the shapes now circling in an ever closing circle, there eyes seemed to be playing tricks on them. The wolves shape seemed to blur for a moment then return to a distinctive wolf shape.

While the wolves were not snarling, they still had a menacing look and the girls were frozen in place, their eyes locked onto the dark furred, shadowy figures circling them.

A day ago the pack had picked up a scent and had started to follow it. What had started out as a hunt for food, now had become a hunt for something else. As the pack closed the distance to what they were tracking, their sensitive nostrils detected a female in heat. The closer they got, the more the pack realized they were tracking multiple females. Toward evening, they finally had found their quarry, in a small clearing by the lake.

As the wolves circled, they constantly sniffed the air, their nostrils flaring. They were now within two feet of the girls. The wolves were noticeably agitated and panting. Moving in, the wolves noses nuzzled the girls pussies, taking a furtive lick.

As if by some telepathic message, the wolves bodies seemed to change. Their hind legs became thicker and longer and their front legs became longer. Their torsos became thicker. The long snout shortened. Their bodies were still covered in a dark brown fur but it appeared they began to take on a human looking form.

To the girls, it was almost like something out of one of their scary campfire stories, menacing animals morphing into something else and attacking them. It was too impossible to believe even for their foggy brains.

In a brief moment of clarity, the girls bolted in different directions, hoping to make a run for the lake, in an attempt to escape the wolf creatures. Just as brief was their escape. Their brain fogged, wobbly legs just could not escape the creatures.

In a split second, the creatures had caught up with the girls and tackled each one to the ground. Struggling briefly, the girls realized they should save their energy for an opportune moment to escape.

The creatures began to lap at the girls breasts. As tongues grazed nipples, the sensitive buds involuntarily became stiff. The creature's tongues continued licking, sometimes taking a little nip of a hard nipple. Each nip brought a startled yip from the girls. It was also causing a reaction down below.

The creature's sensitive noses picked up on the increased intensity of the scent and began nuzzling the girls' pussies. The hot breath from the creature's noses only furthered the involuntary reaction to the girls' bodies. Sniffing soon gave way to tongues lapping and probing the girls' slits. Occasionally, a tongue would trail across a clit causing a slight moan from the victim. A furtive nibble on a clit would elicit a squeal, followed by a loud moan. The girls were becoming enveloped in what now seemed like a collective dream. All the girls were now on simmer, heading for a rolling boil.

Robin was the first one to find out what was next. The creature rolled her over and brought her to her hands and knees. Her legs were pushed apart wide enough so there was a clear view of her pussy. Maintaining a firm grip on Robin's torso, the creature approached her from behind.

Robin's foggy mind was too much in a daze to see the monstrous cock that began to extend from the creature's furry cock sheath. The shaft was a pinkish red, with thick veins wrapping around it like tree roots. Fully extended, it was now almost 8" long. The shaft glistened with fluids it had picked up while it had been within the sheath. It was topped by a massive purple head. Had she been able to see it clearly, she would have been terrified at its size.

Still maintaining a firm grip on Robin's waist, the creature moved in behind her to where the purple head of its cock just touched Robin's pussy lips. After a few preliminary pushes up and down Robin's slit, to get its cock head coated in Robin's juices, the creature lunged forward, driving the cock head all the way in until it bumped against her cervix.

The force of this thrust would have sent her to the ground, had the creature not held onto her so tightly. As it was, she let out a short guttural scream. It was all she could do. Most of the wind had been taken out of her by the suddenness of the creature's lunge. Robin was used to only her husband's modest size cock. The cock that impaled her now, filled her fuller than anything she had ever experienced and she thought she would be split wide open. As the creature began to slide its cock in and out, she could feel it brushing against her clit, fueling the sexual sensation. The creature's balls, as well, slapped against her clit every time the massive cock plowed into her.

Robin's brain was reeling. Here she was being forcefully ravaged by a hairy human looking creature. He brain was trying to tell her it was all wrong and she should fight it. He body was telling her a different story. Her sensitive sexual nerve endings were being stimulated beyond belief and her body wanted more. The intensity of the pleasure her body was receiving was just too much to ignore and, her body finally won out.

She found herself rocking back into the creature's cock to drive it in deeper. The creature's hand like paws grabbed her breasts and began to squeeze them and flick at her nipples with its nails. Robin was building to an enormous climax and her moans became more frequent. It was just one of a chorus of moans, grunts, and squishing sounds from the copious about of fluids the girls' bodies were generating. All four of the girls were now being taken by the creatures and reacting in the same way as Robin.

As the creature began to pick up speed, it leaned forward more onto Robin's back, its nails raking across her arms and shoulders, leaving little scratches in their wake. Robin's body was sweating profusely in the cool night air. Her heart was racing and she was breathing heavily. The creature above her was panting heavily too.

Picking up speed, the creature's cock started pumping Robin's pussy at a blinding pace, so fast it was almost a blur. And then it hit.

The creature let out an ear piercing howl, drove his cock deep into Robin's pussy and held it there, while a powerful stream of cum sprayed up into her cervix. Robin was very close to cumming herself and this was the trigger that sent her into a climax herself. Her pussy clamped down hard and began squeezing the creature's cock, trying to milk every last drop of cum.

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