tagNonHumanBack to Nature Ch. 02

Back to Nature Ch. 02


Chapter 2 - A mate for life

It is a fact of nature that a lot of the earth's species mate for life. There are a number of birds and mammals that are well known for, once they select a mate, staying with that mate for life. They will guard that mate and ward off any potential rival suitors.

The Rocky Mountain range of mountains in North America, extends from the bottom third of the US to far up into Canada. There are vast areas of sparsely populated wilderness. This is where the animal population, even in small numbers, outnumbers human population by a large amount. Yellowstone Park has areas that are so remote that there are waterfall features that are still being discovered and categorized.

It was into this wilderness that Felecia had gone to for a two week back-to-nature mind cleansing experience. Felecia was a very toned individual. She worked out often and had strong legs and an incredibly tight ass. Her firm body included a nice firm set of 35C breasts. She had bright blue eyes and golden blonde hair. Every Halloween, she wore a cat costume with the cat eyes contacts that made her look half cat and half human. It was uncanny and spooky at the same time. She loved the double takes of the people she worked with.

To get her into the more remote areas quicker, Felecia had hired a helicopter to drop her further into the wilderness than what she could have gone had she hiked in from the closest road. She had given the pilot instructions that he was not to worry about picking her up; she had a plan to make it back by another route.

The area where she had been dropped off was very rugged. It was the kind of terrain that some folks refer to as mountain goat country; rugged slopes and sparse trees. It was the kind of country where eagles dominated the sky and mountain lions dominated the ground. Even for this time of the year, the temperatures during the day were warm. It was the kind of weather where you didn't need much clothing to stay warm, especially if you were working up a sweat hiking up and down steep slopes.

She had been hiking for a couple of days and had only seen a few animals on the ground and a few eagles soaring high above in the thermals. Occasionally, she would spot a rabbit darting through the underbrush. A couple of Big Horn sheep scampered up high ridges, sending loose rocks tumbling down the slope.

By the third day, Felecia had immersed herself so completely in the wild countryside that she hardly even thought about her life in the city. In the city, it was intensely stressful, with long hours and no time for a social life. All that had melted into letting her whole body drink how wonderful the wild outdoors was.

Today was a warm September day and Felecia had chosen to wear a thin button down top (no bra) and short shorts. This would allow her to stay cool from the exertion of hiking the high mountain ridges. As usual, she was accustomed to wearing low ankle hiking shoes. With each step, her firm breasts shifted seductively beneath her button down top. What would have been a very flirtatious display in the city, was just a way of staying comfortable in the wild.

She had been hiking for hours along a steep slope, just below a high ridge. There were a few short, scraggly trees jutting out of the rock 40 feet lower and not much else. Two hundred feet below was a shear, 500 foot drop-off into dense undergrowth nelow. For an inexperience climber, it would have been too dangerous to kike along where she was at. Felecia had lots of experience and, in her mind, it wasn't all that difficult.

Normally, she was fully aware of her surroundings and her every step was thought out minutes in advance. In one of those rare occasions, her mind wandered for a brief second. That lapse in concentration was all it took to not watch what she was doing and plant her foot on some loose rock.

In an instant, her ankle twisted painfully, she was thrown off balance, and started to slide and roll down the slope. Her backpack became dislodged from her back and went sliding along side her. Below her, there were only two scraggly trees that could stop her from going over the side of a vertical drop-off. It was all she could do to try to aim her body toward the first tree.

The downward slide so far had been brutal. The material of her top had taken such a beating that 4 of the 5 buttons holding her top together, had been pulled apart. As she started to slide past the first tree, her hands reached out to one of the larger branches. Her fingers missed the larger one but caught hold of a small branch. It snapped off.

Sliding under a 2nd branch, her top got snagging, slowing her slightly. It wasn't much but it had slowed her enough that her backpack, which at this point had been keeping up with her, began tumbling below her out of reach. The weight of her body pulling on the last button of her top, caused it to give way as well. The quick jerk caused her arms to fly up and the branch pulled her top up and over her head as it slid completely off her body on her way heading for the cliff. With nothing to protect her bare skin, she rolled over on to her back to protect her tender breasts from being battered.

Felecia was really beginning to panic. Her last hope for salvation was the second scraggly tree, not more than 20 feet from the edge of the cliff. Quickly rolling 3 times, she lined up her body to hit the trunk dead center. It was a hair raising last hope but it worked.

Instead of coming at the tree feet first though, she hit it sideways. One of the uphill branches caught her shorts, ripping them, and slowing her down to the point where she could grab onto the tree to stop herself from sliding anymore. As she looked down, she saw her backpack go sailing over the edge of the cliff.

It had been quite a trip down the slope. She was battered and bruised. Her top was gone, shredded by the first tree, and her shorts were in tatters. It was almost as if she didn't have anything on at all. Her ankle was hurting bad. She didn't think it was broken but she was sure it was at least sprained. She only had time for a quick assessment of her situation before she passed out from exhaustion.

When she awoke, her first movement confirmed she was not dead but she hurt all over. As her vision cleared some, she realized she was not hung up in the tree anymore. She was on a mat of small twigs, covered in grasses. Her 'bed' appeared to be in a shallow cave. She thought she must be dreaming.

As she started to raise her head, a voice admonished her to lay still and rest. It sounded like a man in his early 20's. Turning her head to the side, she saw a man dressed only in what appeared to be a light weight fur coat. He had a fair complexion and short golden colored hair, similar to her own. She could tell from his powerful looking arms that his whole body must have a similar muscular build.

"I found you wrapped around a tree, almost ready to go over the edge of the cliff", he spoke. "I pulled you off it and carried you up to this protected cave".

As Felecia began to survey her own body, she noticed that her shorts were no longer on her body. All she was wearing was her thin panties. Looking down at her feet, she noticed that her shorts hd bn removed and were wrapped around her sprained ankle.

"Sorry, I didn't have anything to immobilize your ankle except what you had on around your waist. I hope you don't mind." Felecia blushed but was thankful to be alive and having been rescued from death by this attractive stranger.

"My name is Lionel, and your name is?".

"Felecia" "I really appreciate you saving my life and pulling me off the edge of the cliff. I don't think I could have made it back up the slope without your help".

"It was nothing, I just happened to b prowling around . . .er, coming by this way, when I spotted you. I just couldn't leave you there. Sorry the accommodations are not the greatest. With that sprained ankle of yours and the storm coming, I picked the closest thing available. I'm pretty handy at survival and gathered what I could that was close by to give you something softer than hard ground to lie on."

"I want to thank you again for all you have done", Felecia said with a slight shiver.

When the storm clouds had moved in, the temperature had dropped and now Felecia was beginning to shiver from the cold and the punishment her body had just been through.

Having noticed her body tremble, Lionel spoke up. "If you don't mind the awkwardness of it, I know a way to help keep you warm". Acknowledging that she wasn't in much of a position to be modest, she nodded her head in agreement.

Lionel instructed Felecia to roll over onto her side and curl up into a partial fetal position. He then laid down behind her, spooning her. Very soon, the warmth of his body helped stop her shivering.

As he draped his arm over her, her nose picked up on Lionel's slight musky smell. The smell of musk was something that cologne companies had been trying to market to males to attract a female for years with limited success. Felecia was pretty sure that Lionel was not wearing cologne so it must be something natural about him. Lionel's primal scent and warm powerful body soon had her lulled into a blissful slumber.

It seemed like hours that she had been asleep. Lionel's strong, warm hands covered her breasts, protecting them from the cold. It felt so good she didn't mind that her nipples had responded to the attention and had stiffened. His warm breath on her neck was even erotic. Through her thin panties, she felt the bulge of his manhood pressing into the crease in her ass. Even though her body ached from the downhill slide, she felt so safe and secure in his arms.

As Felecia shifted her body slightly, she felt Lionel's manhood grow and push harder into her, trying to find a way to slip between her legs and into her pussy. She knew she shouldn't be responding this way but she couldn't help it. He felt so good against her and his manly scent had the effect of overpowering her reasoning. It was almost primal.

Her mind was reeling. On one hand her brain was saying she should stop what was hapening. On the other hand, her body was responding in automatic primal ways. Unconsciously, her hand made its way down to the waist band of her panties, stopping briefly before slipping underneath. As Lionel's bulge became harder and his breathing stronger, Felecia's fingers began to slide up and down her pussy. Her boy was beginning to come alive with desire. He body's will finally took over as she tugged her panties down over her ass and spread her legs for him.

Lionel's cock soon slid in between her legs, rubbing the length of her moderately trimmed slit. She had become excited enough that the outside of her slit was moist and her clit was beginning to protrude, making contact with the side of his cock. Felecia did not know what had come over her. Here she was, on the verge of having sex with a perfect stranger and she was acting like some kind of animal in heat.

Her hand stroked the underside of his cock, while pushing it harder into her slit. As she was beginning to feel Lionel's fingers massage her breasts and flick her sensitive nipples, she also felt his large cock begin to slowly slide back and forth along her slit. She was getting too worked up to stop herself.

On one of the times that Lionel pulled back, Felecia pushed hard on the head of his cock, angling it toward the entrance of her pussy. When he pushed his body forward again, his cock drove into her lubricated channel. Felecia couldn't believe that a male could be so long that he could penetrate a woman from behind, yet it was happening, and Felecia was loving it.

Even though Lionel was able to penetrate her from behind like this, the animal side of her wanted more. She began to pant and coax him on, with words like "more, give me more of your cock".

Lionel responded by rolling her over onto her stomach, then lifting her onto all fours, while still maintaining his cock inside her. This new position allowed him to penetrate her further and for the first time she realized just how big his cock was.

In a few short strokes, he had it buried all the way into her. Her mind was too preoccupied to look beneath her legs to see it but judging by how well it filled her pussy, it must be at least 8" long and 3" across.

As his cock began to pound her tight lipped pussy, she felt his hairy balls slap against her clit, sending little shock waves of pleasure through her body. Felecia's body began to heat up and soon she was beginning to perspire.

"Oh God, this felt sooooo good", she thought.

Soon Lionel was driving into her pussy at a dizzying pace. Even though she was well lubricated, the friction of his dick moving in and out of her made her feel like she was on fire. At one point she had a fleeting vision of two large dogs madly fucking. Her breathing was shallow and rapid. She knew she was on her way to an earth shaking orgasm, there was no stopping it even if she had wanted to. All she heard above her was heavy panting. Lionel's paw like hands were squeezing her breasts and his hairy arms locked tight against her sides.

She wasn't sure how long either one of them would hold out. She was so lost in their animalistic fucking that she lost all concept of time. She didn't know, and didn't care, whether it had been just a few minutes or an hour.

She knew Lionel was close to cumming and she wanted to cum with him. When she felt his balls become harder and his cock start to stiffen, she began to yell to him. "FUCK ME, FUCK MEEEEE".

His response was almost immediate. Within seconds she felt him drive into her hard and hold there, coating her womb with hot sticky cum. From the strength of how hard it shot into her, she knew that it had made it past her cervix. In response, her pussy clamped down onto his cock, pussy muscles rippling along its entire length, trying to milk every last drop out of him.

It was like a huge fireworks show going off in her head. Her screams of pleasure drowned out his deep throated, muffled roar.

Her arms and legs gave out on her and she fell face down into the bedding, with Lionel locked on tightly to her. In a couple of minutes they both rolled onto there side with Lionel's cock still stuck inside her. As she drifted off into a blissful sleep, her mind was filled with visions of wild animals in heat.

Little did she realize, that as she slept, Lionel's DNA was re-writing her own.

When she finally awoke, she noted that Lionel had brought her food, a rabbit. She was so hungry she devoured it in minutes. After she had licked the last bits of food from the golden hair on her arms, she looked over at Lionel. She found she could not speak other than an approving growl. Her golden haired mountain lion mate acknowledged her with a low growl of his own, his body lying next to her to keep her warm. She purred in contentment.

In the Spring, a pair of golden haired mountain lion cubs were born in a shallow cave. Their mother suckled them with nipples full of milk, until they were old enough to venture out to hunt with the parents. In the coming months, the cubs would be going off on their own to make a life for themselves but the parents had bonded totally the previous Fall and would stay together for life.

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