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Back to School


To most of the world, our family and friends, Jake and I are Mr and Mrs Average with two great kids. We have a great marriage and as a unit, our family functions well. We both come across as respectable people, owning and running a business, doing volunteer work, and helping out individuals that we come across who need a hand. Our closer friends and family pretty much get the idea that we like our sex. Some of our closer friends have an inkling that we even have some different ideas about sexuality that conflict with the standard Christian monogamous ideals but as a whole most of the people in our world don't know that Jake and I are swingers.

As a couple we like nothing more than enjoying an adults only night of hot, imaginative, recreational sex. This usually means meeting up with another like-minded couple, single or small group and enjoying dinner, some drinks and some flirting followed by some hot foreplay between the girls or the opposite partners. The natural progression is then a whole lot of fucking either with the opposite partner, your own, between the girls, or all three. Occasionally we go to parties where the dinner is left out and the fucking can take on an orgy-like quality. If there is no party or other couple to meet with we put on our sexy gear and head out to a swinger's club for some or all of the above with people we happen to meet there. Our swinging journey has enabled many fantasies to come true and although there have been some downs on the whole it has had a very positive effect on our marriage.

One thing that always gets Jake going is the sight of a woman in a short checked skirt. Actually the thought of a woman in a short checked skirt was often enough to make him shiver in anticipation and reach for the nearest available pussy. When 'Back to School' night was announced at our favourite club Jake was determined to attend. The advert showed the classic checked shirt revealing innocent white knickers on a woman with pigtails. For Jake, the pigtails would be the icing on the cake. White knickers are really wasted on him. A bare pussy is preferred for easy access. Once he discovered that he would have the opportunity to see a whole room full of women in short checked skirts, nothing was going to stop him from attending.

Planning our outfits for the night added to our excitement. I decided to wear Jake's favourite skirt and a white shirt that just 'happened' to come unbuttoned to show a racy red bra underneath. Despite my husband's strong preference, I just can't bring myself to go out in public in such a short skirt and a bare pussy. I put on the next best thing, a tiny g-string. At a glance, my bum looked bare and in the heat of the moment it would be easy to move aside to allow access to my pussy. I finished the outfit with a pair of heels that no headmaster would ever permit in his classroom. Jake was my perfect bad boy date with a pair of black stovepipe jeans and unbuttoned shirt and a tie that was loosened around his neck.

Entering the club is always exciting. A big red door separates the foyer from the main club. Before you enter, you need to pay and sign in. On this night there was a small queue. When people who have never been before come along the queue moves more slowly as the door person explains the procedures and rules and organises for someone to give the introductory tour. We waited patiently listening to the sound of the music inside and the chatter of many people telling us that even though we were early it was going to be a busy night. Finally it was our turn. We paid our entrance fee, signed the book and then pushed our way through the door.

I wish that high school was like that room. Hot women walked around in tiny skirts with their shirts unbuttoned like mine. Others were more prim and proper but they had a glint in their eye that said,

"Wanna go around the back of the library and check out what's inside my panties?"

The guys were all wearing jeans, and most of them had their shirts undone like Jake to show their chests. They were all checking out the women the way they wanted to but never got a chance to in high school. In this school there was no desperate, silent lusting in the corner. It was all on display, and with the owner's permission, the goods were there to be sampled. We headed to the bar and got ourselves a drink, and then proceeded to mingle and chat with people we knew and some we didn't. The sexual atmosphere made meeting people exciting and everyone was open in their admiration of people they found attractive.

As normal when we came to this club we were not on a mission that night to find some other people to shag. Often we came here, had a good perve, did some flirting and maybe a little bit of fondling in the corner. Once we got ourselves all worked up we either found a quiet corner to have sex between ourselves or went home and enjoyed the excitement the night had generated. Tonight was no different. It was very busy which was good for perving and there were a lot of people we were interested in, but the noise and the number of people sometimes made it harder to 'get it on' properly. We just wanted to relax and take the night as it came to us. If something happened, it happened.

The organised entertainment for the night was a play staged by the owners of the club and a few of the regulars. In keeping with the theme, the play involved a slutty senior girl having a masturbation lesson with a very sexy young janitor. The audience was treated to some enticing live masturbation with a full view of the senior's pussy. Not to be outdone the biology teacher, complete with black lace bra and suspenders under her lab coat, made a pass at the raunchy headmaster who was conveniently naked under his academic robes. All this hilarity was followed by a general orgy on stage by any interested 'students' in the audience. The laughs and the relaxed feeling put the crowd in the mood to party, perve and generally enjoy themselves.

The actors vacated the stage and the DJ turned up the tunes. As well as a regular dance floor, the club also has a stage with poles for more skilled or daring people to use. The more daring men and women danced on the stage using the poles and showing off their sexy moves. The mood set by the play meant that several women chose to strip some or all of their clothing. The sight of sexy naked women dancing was appreciated by a lot of people and definitely increased the temperature in the room. The later it got, the more clothing was removed and the hotter the room seemed to get.

One of the good things about this club is that in addition to the main club area, there are a couple of quieter areas where the noise of the music is less and people congregate to talk, flirt and whatever takes their fancy. Jake and I retreated up the stairs to our favourite area, the Toy Room. This room is large and furnished with beds, a massage table and a couple of other interesting pieces of furniture including a vault and hammock like swing. The club also provides private rooms with closing doors for the patrons to use but this area is for open play. People can use the equipment in full view of others who choose to watch and onlookers are often included in the action at the invitation of the participants.

We liked to chill out in this area from time to time. The light was dim and the noise of the music was less. Sometimes you would come across two or more people naked and fucking on one of the beds or a woman enjoying a sensual massage on the table while someone licked her pussy. Sometimes we used the equipment ourselves. When nothing much was happening, you could look down on the main club area and watch any dancing on stage or anything else that was happening.

We sat for a while watching the dancing on the stage. It was still relatively early so the beds in this area were not in use as yet. We were joined in our watching by Peter, a man we had known for few months. Jake and I had enjoyed several nights with him both at this club and in our homes. Peter was the first single man we had invited into our bed. During our time with him I had discovered in myself a liking for hot tag team sex with him and Jake. After one vigorous night Jake had commented that he thought I was so horny I would have kept at least three, if not four men very happy. The nuns at my Catholic high school, and some of the mothers at my son's Catholic primary school, would have been shocked at this piece of information. I smiled sheepishly and responded,

"Well, what's wrong with enjoying yourself from time to time?"

If it was there to be had then you should have it and enjoy yourself in the process. That was the way I thought about it anyway. To date I had not had the opportunity to enjoy a session with more than two men at my exclusive disposal. The thought of it scared me a little but I definitely was up for trying it if the opportunity came along.

On this night Jake, Peter and I sat in the dim light of the toy room and watched a woman all three of us knew dancing topless on stage. Kylie had fabulous breasts and we all admired her as well as reeling in shock that she was actually up there with her shirt off. She was definitely one of the prim crowd. If anyone had told us at the start of the night that she was going to dance topless with two other women on stage we would have laughed at them. Peter in particular, was a fan of Kylie, but he made a point of telling me that he felt my breasts were also worthy of admiration. I found myself surreptitiously running my hand up Peter's thigh to the package between his legs. In the darkness he responded by sliding his hand inside my shirt and bra to fondle my nipple.

When the song finished and Kylie left the stage, we stood up and I looked at the swing behind me. I had used this swing before, and I loved the feeling of lying back in it with my legs high in the stirrups while Jake licked and fondled my pussy. Often there were not many people around when we did this but I loved an audience and it turned me on when people did come along to watch.

The swing was like a short hammock. The main part was long enough for a woman's torso and her legs fitted into a pair of stirrups which held her knees apart putting her in the exact right position to be stroked, licked or fucked. Most of the time her hands were free but her movement was limited. She was very much on display and at the mercy of whoever was around.

I sat on the edge and Jake moved to stand between my legs as I lay back. Obligingly he hooked my feet into the stirrups and then admired my thighs and the view between my open legs. I smiled at him as he pushed my knickers aside and traced his finger around my pussy. I unclasped my bra and took it off while leaving my shirt on before I lay back fully in the swing. Peter stood beside me stroking my breasts and body, smiling at me. I hooked my arm around his hips to hold him close to me.

I beckoned to Jake and he moved over to my other side. I unzipped his jeans and released his cock. It slipped easily into my mouth and I sucked him deeply while Peter watched. Jake thrust into my mouth as I greedily sucked on him. His cock was warm and smooth in my mouth and I tasted a small amount of pre cum on my tongue. I felt a familiar throb in my groin and a trickle of wetness in my pussy. Through his jeans I could feel Peter's hard cock. As he watched me sucking Jake, I could feel him thrusting gently and subconsciously against me.

I opened my eyes and I looked around Jake down into the main area of the club. I locked eyes with a man who was looking up watching me intently. After a few moments he gave me a nod and a smile. Knowing he was watching me was a massive turn on.

Jake placed his hand between my legs to feel the heat and wetness there. He pulled out of my mouth and walked around between my legs. I watched as he moved my knickers aside and stroked my wet pussy with his finger. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other. Then he took his cock and stroked my pussy with it. I arched my back wanting to feel him inside me.

"So little school girl do you know much about fucking?" He continued to stroke me with his cock.

"I know a little but I always like to learn more," The need to feel a cock inside me was growing with every stroke.

"Maybe I should show you then. You start like this," He put his cock partly inside my pussy, "and then you just move a little like this."

He did some slow shallow thrusts. I was moaning, craving his whole length.

"Do you like that then?"

"Oh yes sir. Can I please have the rest?" I was almost begging him.

Peter was watching intently and I put my hand on his cock. I could feel it throbbing, so I unzipped his jeans and put my hand inside to stroke him.

"You are a very naughty girl," Jake looked at me stroking Peter. "I am going to have to show you how a guy fucks naughty girls like you."

He thrust his whole length into me and I cried out in pleasure. I could feel my pussy clenching around him and streaming out wetness. Peter's hands were on my breasts teasing my nipples and I turned my head to take his cock into my mouth. Peter let out a moan of pleasure as his long shaft slid between my lips and down the back of my throat. I loved the feeling of having a cock in my mouth as my husband fucked me so hard. I closed my eyes, lost in the moment forgetting that we were in an open space of a crowed club.

I became aware of the sound of voices, and I realised that by now the promise of live sex action would have drawn some spectators. I loved the idea of people watching us fucking. It aroused me thinking about other people watching and getting so turned on that they started to fondle themselves or their own partners. I opened my eyes to look at the crowd gathering behind Peter and I noticed the man from downstairs still looking at me intently. He seemed to be by himself and I looked at his whole body including the visible erection in his jeans. He noticed me looking at him and walked over to me.

"God, you are so hot lying there getting fucked like that," he spoke softly into my ear. "I just want to put my hands on that beautiful body."

I guided his hands to my breasts where he cupped his hands and lowered his face onto my body nuzzling my neck. I felt as though I was covered with men, and it was divine. The stranger kissed my breasts and took each of my nipples into his mouth. I reached down and stroked his cock through his jeans. Jake had stopped thrusting and was watching as I was pleasured by this complete stranger. Our eyes met and we smiled at each other.

He pulled out of me and moved over to Peter, "I think she would like you to have a turn mate."

Peter looked down at me, "I think that you might need some more fucking lessons little girl."

"Yes please sir," I smiled at the thought of the fucking I was going to get.

"Well then we better get on with it. Lesson one; never leave a wet pussy unattended."

He moved between my legs and pushed his cock into my pussy. His length slid all the way into me.

"God, you are wet. Jake was right, you are way too naughty for a schoolgirl. What do you get up to behind that library?"

He thrust into me slowly taking his cock all the way out and then slowly sliding all the way in.

"I think this little Miss needs to learn a bit about taking it slow."

After Jake's hard thrusting this slow pace was driving me crazy. The stranger smiled at me,

"You really are a very naughty girl. I think you do need some lessons in waiting for it."

His hands moved over my body stroking my belly and then his finger teased ever so slightly near my clit. I was frantic now I wanted to wrap my legs around Peter and push him deeply into my pussy but the swing kept my legs apart. I was at his mercy.

"Little Miss is very wet now."

Peter put his finger into my pussy and then placed it in my mouth. The stranger bent down and kissed my lips tasting the juice that Peter had left there.

"Yum yum. I need to get some more of that."

He bent down and licked the top of my clit. The feeling was intense. I squirmed in pleasure and Peter kept up with his slow deep thrusts. The stranger went on kissing my belly and stroking my breasts.

"How much do you want it?" the stranger whispered in my ear. His finger traced ever so gently over my swollen clit.

I was past talking. I felt like I was going to explode. Ever so slightly Peter increased his pace.

"Do you want it faster like this." He slammed into me a few times.

"Or slow like this." He slowed down again.

"Oh please," was all I managed to pant out.

My pussy was so wet and I was almost screaming in my need. Then Peter started slamming into me. The stranger bent down and licked over my clit in fast even strokes.

"How does that feel Little Miss?" Peter's teeth were clenched as he pumped into me.

"Oh sir, you are so big and you fuck so good! I am not sure if I have learned everything yet but if you two keep doing that I am going to come!"

Peter kept up his steady rhythm and the feel of the stranger's tongue flicking over my clit pushed me over the edge. I moaned and screamed out as the orgasms blazed through me. The stranger stood up and smiled at me.

"Yes I think you learned that lesson well."

I pulled him towards me and unzipped him to pull his cock out of his jeans.

"I don't think you need any lessons in sucking cock." He smiled into my eyes, "You seemed to know what you were doing when I was watching you before."

"A girl can always do with some practice though."

I took his cock into my mouth feeling the velvet skin sliding past my lips and over my tongue. I sucked him slowly at first then faster as I felt his breathing increase with his excitement. I had my hand wrapped around the stranger's bum and I was pushing him against my face as I sucked him. Peter had continued to fuck me but a little slower. Now he increased the speed of his thrusting in line with his own need. I was clenched hard around him hungry for cum now that I could feel him getting close to coming. He was pumping hard into me as the stranger thrust his cock into my mouth.

Peter came hard. He moaned and grunted in pleasure as he pumped his cum into me. I sucked hard on the stranger while clenching the muscles in my pussy drinking up Peter's cum. The stranger pulled out of my mouth.

"Yes you definitely don't need lessons in sucking cock. But I want to fuck that hot pussy to make sure she has learned her lesson well."

I looked up at Jake who was standing next to my head. He smiled at me and we kissed briefly. Then I felt a new set of hands stroking me. I stretched, enjoying the attention and looked into the eyes of a guy I had met earlier that night.

Behind him I could see a large group of people watching what we were doing. There were couples, some of them fondling each other as they watched. A couple of them had found the whole thing too hot, and were leaning against the wall kissing and masturbating each other. One couple were fucking like a pair of rabbits and starting to get their own audience.

There were also single guys. I noticed a few of them had opened their jeans and were stroking their cocks as they watched the live porn show in front of them. Suddenly I wanted to feel more. I beckoned to a couple of the guys who were standing in the crowd wanking. They moved closer to stand next to me. I licked the cock of each of them tasting the salt – sweet taste of precum. I looked into the eyes of Jake my beautiful man. He smiled,

"Are you having a good time?"

The stranger was standing between my legs now gently stroking my pussy with one hand while rolling a condom on with the other. I watched for a while. I love the sight of a guy touching himself. The thought of him stroking as he rolled the rubber down made me want to feel that hard cock in my cunt.

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