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After we got married, the plan was for both of us to work while I finished school, and than she (Toni) would return to school. A beautiful baby boy set that schedule back a little and she quit work to raise our son but I was able to finish after 3 more part-time school years. When our boy was old enough to go to pre-school, she decided that she could take some classes in the local community college. Her ambition had always been to become a CPA with her own practice. As a result, her classes were a combination of general ed and accounting.

Her re-entry into the academic world was exciting for her, not only due to the learning experiences but it also expanded her social horizons beyond the other moms in the neighborhood. She quickly made friends with two other "older" married women (mid-20's) but found that most of her classmates were directly out of the local high schools and a little hard to relate to. Every night she would come home from school full of energy and gossip from the campus and her newfound friends.

One night, she said that she had some REAL gossip, even shocking, to share. It seems that one of her married girl friends had been propositioned by her English teacher... and... she was asking their opinion on whether or not to take him up on it. After getting over the initial surprise, they sat around and discussed the pros and cons. It seems that her husband was out of town a lot, she suspected that he was fooling around and their sex life had been reduced to an occasional quickie. The consensus among the girls was that an affair with an older, married professor could be a low risk way of making up for the total lack of romance in her life. But... she had never cheated before... This discussion went on for weeks; most of the thrill seemed to be in the plotting, without the risk of actually having an affair.

This lead to some discussion between my wife and I. Neither of us had any sexual experience before or during the marriage. How would we feel about the other having an affair? We concluded that if the right situation arose for either of us, that we would discuss it first, and, assuming that it could just be a little experimental fling, it would be O.K. providing that we continued to be open and honest with each other. I than said:

"Any prospects?"

Toni: "Well, maybe one. There is a guy in my accounting class who has invited me to have coffee between classes."

Me: "Sounds like fun, if you like him and want to, go for it! Keep me posted"

A few evenings later, she came home rather energized. When I asked what was up, she responded that she had asked him if he still wanted to share a coffee. He had accepted and spent the next hour between classes getting acquainted. It seems that he too was married, no kids, working nights, and going to school part time. She said that he was very soft-spoken and enjoyable to talk with. This went on for a three weeks until one night she said that he had asked her to join him for drinks after the last class.

Me: "What did you day?"

Toni: "That I was very flattered, but married!"

Me: "Did you want to go?"

Toni: "Well, yes... but..

Me: "It sounds exciting. If you want to go than you should.. Let me know what happens."

Two days later, when I get home, she was very flushed and I can smell wine on her breath. It seems that she had accepted his offer and and gone to a little lounge near the school. They had talked for two hours until she had to pick up our boy at pre-school. I asked her how her first date was and she giggled. "I guess it was a date." She was a little giddy from the wine but all in all it was a great date. With that we retired to the bedroom and had great sex. It than dawned on me that the sex had improved greatly since she meet this guy.

Me: "I find this exciting. Do you want it to go further?"

Toni: "Maybe. This is so much fun, but how do you really feel?"

Me: "Very turned on... "

Another couple of weeks go by with more coffee breaks and increasing sexual tension, but they have yet to kiss, hold hands or do anything but talk! And then, one evening she greets me at the door, looking very sexy and very turned on, and says:

"I have something to ask you"

"Don asked be to study with him tonight... at his house... and his wife is out of town"

Me: "Study? Do you really think that he wants to study? This is incredibly exciting. How do you feel about it? If you want to go, enjoy. Just don't be too late and be sure to tell me all that happens."

Toni: "Really? Are you sure?"

Me: "Oh, yeah...and I love the blouse and skirt. Go down another button or two and he will go nuts."

So she says "I love you" grabs her books and is out the door. I have a quiet evening with our boy and put him to bed. My imagination is in overdrive, wondering what she is doing. But not really believing that she is ready to go all the way. Finally, about 10:00 she gets home. She looks ravishing. Radiant, hair disheveled, and generally, very fuckable.

Me: "So tell me about the study session"

Toni: "Well, I found the place easily, just a couple of miles from here. He meets me at the door and took my books, putting them on the entry hall table. As he closed the door I turned towards him and he took me in his arms, and giving me a long, passionate kiss. And I could feel that he was already hard!

Me: "Wow, that didn't take long"

Toni: "I pretended not to notice his hardness and took his hand and asked where we were to study. He picked up my books and took them to the kitchen table where his books were."

Me: "Did you really study?"

Toni: "Not really. He poured some wine and we sat on the living room couch to talk for a while."

Me: "What did you talk about"

Toni: "Life... And our sexual experience. It turned out that he and his wife were also virgins when they got married and that neither had had an affair. As the conversation continued, it was apparent that we were both pretty turned on, breathing heavily and looking into each other's eyes... and then we started necking. God, he is a good kisser..."

Me: "And then?"

Toni: "The kissing led to a lot of stroking and ear nibbling. You know how ear nibbling turns me on. After an eternity, he began to softly stroke my breast... Are you OK?"

Me: "No, I am intolerably stiff. Let's finish this in the bedroom."

We got to the bedroom and I started nibbling on her ear. And she started undressing me. "Tell me more"

Toni: "He began to unbutton my blouse... like you are now! So I unbuttoned his shirt. He loved this lacy black bra. Pretty soon we were both bare chested. He could not get enough of my breasts. He suckled both of them until I had to ask him to stop. He took me by the hand and led us to the bed where he dropped to his knees and slipped my panties off."

Me: "I am about to burst. Let me finish undressing you, but keep talking"

Toni: "O.K. After he slid my panties off, he pushed me back onto the bed and began kissing the inside of my thighs. Heaven. He eventually began to lick and kiss my puss, with particular attention to your favorite clit! He than worked his way back to breasts and sucked, and sucked and... you get the idea."

Me: "Is he ever going to fuck you? Like I am going to now?"

Toni: "Be patient. After more heavenly fondling and kissing I told him to get his pants off now! He did. I opened my arms and legs and as we embraced, he slid right in!"

Me: "God, you are so wet and slippery. You are full of his sperm! This is making me so hard!... I am going to cum without moving!... I am cumming!!"........... God, so good but so fast. Sorry... what happened next?"

Toni: "I could hardly feel him. He is much smaller than you. I had to squeeze as hard as I could to feel him. And as soon as I did that he came. Damn. But he got hard again very quickly and I found that if I Kaegled on every stroke, it felt pretty good. All in all, he came four times before I had to leave."

Me: "No wonder you are so wet. Being in you after you have been fucked is such a turn-on. Smaller really made a difference?"

Toni: "Absolutely. However, one advantage I found is that I can comfortably fit all of him in my mouth, unlike OUR cock."

Me: "You gave him head? Lucky guy!"

Toni: "Actually it was 69 after the third time. It only seemed fair since he was doing such a good job one my puss. Are you OK with that?"

Me: "Of course... but ask me again when I am not so damn hard!"

This time I was able to control myself and we fucked long, slow and hard. As we slowly moved together, she continued to give me detail of how they petted and necked between times. He was particularly oral and keep coming back to her full breasts (34D) and paid full attention to her clit with his fingers and his tongue. After 10-15 minutes of this, I had another mind-blowing climax.

Me: "So he came four times in less than 3 hours? How many times did you come?"

Toni: "Not once, damn it!!"

I was still half-hard when she went down on me, which got me instantly erect again.

Me: "Want to cum now?? Put your legs over my shoulders" as I got up on my knees.

Toni: "But I am so stiff and sore!" as she put her legs over my shoulders. I wrapped my arms around her legs and entered her ever so slowly. She began to gyrate up against my cock and began a soft moan. "Oh, I think that I am going to cum... yes.... Yes, like that, right there.... Don't stop... don't stop... don't stop." Both of us breathing heavily. "Oh, no... no... no... God, it is soooo gooood!! Yes! Yes! YEEESSS!" I had started cumming on the first yes and finished as she went limp. We collapsed and caught our breath.

Me: "Why didn't you try that with him? You know that my cock rubbing your G-spot like that almost always works"

Toni: "That's why I am so stiff and sore... we tried that twice but it didn't work! I think that he is too small to reach the right places"

Me: "Maybe next time."

Toni: "God I love you. You are unbelievable. You know, I have had sex 7 times in the last 5 hours and I feel great! Can we make it 8?"

The next day, as we got ready for bed, she showed me her breasts... very bruised around the nipples from his sucking... "Did it hurt?"... "No, it felt wonderful". We had great sex for nights on end and through the weekend...

One night after dinner the next week, she says "Guess what I did today?"

Me: "You went to school?"

Toni: "Well, of course. And... Don got his pick-up truck running and invited me out to the parking lot to see it... actually to see the camper on the back"

Me: "And did you go inside?"

Toni: "For over two hours. We made that sucker rock!! But I still can't cum with him... Want to go to bed early?"

This went on for most of the rest of the semester. She was having sex 2 or 3 times twice a week with him and we were doing it at least twice a night and more on weekends. Was I jealous? Not in the least... we had never had such an intense sex life... I was actually disappointed when she broke it off with Don near the end of the semester. And with the poor guy's "short-cummings" she was never able to climax with him. That job was left up to me!

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