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Back To School Affair


I'm sure that it was Tim that broached the subject while we were making love sometime in the past but I can't recall when it was or exactly what was said. But I do know that it started with a secret fantasy of his that had me making love to another man with his permission of course.

And I have to admit that right from the start this fantasy heated me up like nothing else. When either of us started talking about me with another man during or just before our lovemaking, well let me tell you that sparks flew from the bed those nights.

My name is Jan and I've been happily married to Tim for just over four years now. It's the second time around for both of us and this time I got it right. I was now in a secure, loving and comfortable relationship married to my best friend. We were lucky to find each other and right from the start I knew how good everything felt with Tim. After my previous marriage, sex with Tim felt exciting and new and so fulfilling even though we weren't exactly spring chickens.

So when this matter about the fantasy surfaced it was a huge turn-on even though in my mind I knew it would never happen. I loved my Tim and really had no desire to sleep with another man in real life, I already had everything I wanted. But the fantasy kept coming up, stronger and more vivid as time went on. We role played a lot and talked openly about what I would and wouldn't do with my mystery lover. But I never really took it seriously after our lovemaking finished. But I guess Tim did take it seriously, after all it started as his fantasy, and he started bringing it up more and more, not in a nagging way but in an excited "I really want this to happen" kind of way.

It was difficult because I didn't want to do anything that could jeopardize what we had and have it not work out so well. But on the other hand, even thinking about it had started to get me wet and worked up and I have to admit that when Tim would bring it up I didn't exactly shut him down.

I decided I could never sleep with any male friends of ours (not that we had many that I would have considered anyway), that would be too close to home. And the thought of making love with a stranger didn't have much appeal either because I wouldn't feel secure or comfortable with a total stranger. So that was that. Our fantasy was officially in limbo I suppose. I mean we still acted it out and Tim never let me forget how much he wanted this to happen someday.

Well, that someday just happened a week ago even though I said it never would.

With a little coaxing from my boss, I had decided to return to university to finish the few credits I needed to complete my degree. Frankly I felt kind of old going back to school but was happy to say that most of my classmates was mature students.

One night at supper I was very innocently telling Tim about a guy in my class that I had met during break (he helped me get my coffee from the temperamental vending machine) and he walked me to my car after class. He was a really nice guy, a bit quiet, recently divorced and lived in a small town about an hour from the university. He had decided to go back to university to better himself and maybe start his own business someday.

I thought he was just a nice guy when I told the story to Tim but later that evening in bed after making love, Tim asked what I thought of this guy (his name was Steve) and I honestly didn't know what he meant at the time. Tim wondered aloud if Steve might be the man for the job. I blushed and discounted Tim's suggestion but my mind was saying give it a chance.

Well, for the next few weeks we talked more and hung out during break time and walked together to the parking lot afterwards. Then when he suggested we go for coffee one night, I agreed and for the first time I began to consider what Tim had been saying.

Steve and I seemed to get more flirty after coffee that week. We had become friends and I liked talking to him. Each night when I got home Tim would ask if I was still considering Steve for our fantasy and one night while making love things got very hot and exciting when I finally said I wanted to do it. My two orgasms that night were nothing short of incredible and Tim, usually a once a night guy, came twice too.

The plan was hatched that I would invite Steve over for a barbeque right after the final exam on Saturday morning. I would tell him that Tim was out of town on business coming home later that day and that would give us the time I needed to live out our fantasy. I decided that maybe he wouldn't be interested in me that way and if not we could still enjoy a fun barbeque. I'd just have to see if things progress but I was sure going to try, this was really turning me on and Tim and I had very hot sex every night leading up to the barbeque day. Studying for exam became an effort, I had lost my focus.

Steve took the bait on exam day, I asked him on the way into the classroom if he'd be interested in coming to my place for a post-exam barbeque. I touched his arm when I asked him for extra effect. I think he got the picture and looked up and smiled at me several times during the exam.

He followed me in his car to our house which is very close to the university and once there I took his arm and brought him inside. He looked around kind of nervously and I explained that Tim was away until later today on business and that it was just us. I had the most awful case of butterflies that you could imagine. I took him by the hand and showed him around the house, saving the master bedroom for last. I was getting the right signals from Steve so I made my move by asking if he was hungry yet. I guess he knew what I meant and pulled me into him and our lips met in a long, deep, and slow kiss. My butterflies were getting worse instead of better as the kissing progressed. We kissed for a long time before his hands eased to my ass. I could feel his erection pressing into me and my butterflies disappeared. I remember being very turned on as he undid my top and opened my blouse before kissing my breasts through my bra. God, I was burning up with desire. Things were actually going better than I had expected. He undressed me slowly taking his time to touch, feel and caress everything that needed to be touched. I was melting. He undid my jeans and I wiggled out of them leaving me standing there in my red panties (with a wet spot in the middle, I'm sure). He kneeled in front of me now and kissed and tongued me through my panties as I held his head. It was so erotic I was coming out of my skin. I put a leg up on the bed to give him more access and a finger worked its way past my panties and right into my very wet vagina. I moaned and whispered his name over and over.. He lowered my panties and started planting kisses all over my vagina. I wasn't comfortable standing like that but couldn't move as he tongued me softly at first and then quickened his pace. Two of his fingers were exploring my very sensitive inside. I've always found cunnilingus to be very pleasurable and I could feel my first orgasm build as he savored me. Wow, this guy was really good at what he did.

I couldn't remain standing like that so when I came, I put my leg down and pulled him up to my lips and we kissed deeply. I could taste me which as most ladies know is highly erotic. I undid his shirt, and ran my hands over his solid chest. I kissed, licked and gently bit his nipples as my hand made its way to the bulge in his pants. I wondered for a brief moment what size penis he had; what was I in for.

Now I was on my knees and he stroked my hair. I lowered his khakis and looked at the bulge in his underwear. I traced my fingers along the outline of his penis and, still packed in his underwear, it felt like a generous portion. I lowered his underwear and his hard penis was looking straight at me (and my mouth). My hand barely closed around it as I licked and kissed it. Steve was twitching each time I kissed it. The true test came as I opened my mouth and took it inside.

Okay, I'm not comparing Tim with Steve but lets just say that Tim was maybe a bit longer but Steve, well, he was thicker for sure. Thick enough that it was tough to open my mouth wide enough for it.

Steve was gentle and didn't force anything as I took my time and worked it in slowly. I could taste his pre-cum and sensed how excited he was becoming. His penis was rock hard and I rubbed his testicles as I did my work.

I didn't want him to come in my mouth (I wasn't ready to do that) so I moved to the bed and Steve followed. I laid on the bed, legs spread and he readily climbed on top adjusting himself above me.

I can't recall any words being spoken, just moaning as he brought his penis to the edge of my very wet vagina. I reached down and guided it inside. Slowly. I had to adjust to his girth since it was a bit bigger than I was used to.

Steve was finally buried inside me and I couldn't help but whisper the words "you are so thick" into his ear. Our lips locked and he slowly pulled his penis out of me before sliding it back inside. It didn't hurt (as I thought it might) but it did feel different and I can best describe it as a very full feeling inside. I loved it.

Steve did a pretty good job of lasting as long as he could but I could tell he was getting close when he picked up the pace and was thrusting hard. I think he was trying to hold on until I came again.

There was no whispering this time. I begged Steve to come for me. I told him to come inside me. And a few more thrusts he did just that. He groaned deeply as he unloaded inside me. I could feel him actually coming inside me; what a sensation that was.

Steve crashed to the mattress beside me, we both laid there catching our breath, still trying to take in what we had just done. I leaned over to Steve and kissed him gently, his shiny penis was still twitching, still as hard as it was when we started. I felt exhausted and stretched not to mention that I've never felt so naughty in my whole life. I told myself that I had just done it – I had just made love to another man and it felt great.

We rested for a few minutes until he playfully reminded me that he was promised a barbeque. I told him to rest for a bit, I was going to grab a quick shower, then he could shower while I got things on the grill. I told him just to come outside to the patio when he was ready.

Steve joined me about a half hour later on the deck (its very private and our watchful neighbors couldn't see anything). When the food was cooked we sat at the table and ate, had a couple glasses of wine and talked about the exam. I wondered about the rest of the afternoon; would Steve stay or would he leave and once again butterflies set in. I agonized whether I should ask, suggest, or not say anything at all.

I was putting leftovers in the fridge and as I closed the fridge door, Steve was standing right there. He asked what time Tim was coming home and I told him around supper time. I laughed as he shot a look at the kitchen clock before taking me in his arms. Did we have time for a repeat performance, he asked as our lips met.

We stood there in the kitchen for a few minutes just kissing and touching. I was in such a state that I pulled off my t-shift and undid my bra. My nipples were a bit sensitive but I so wanted him to suck them again. Talk about a naughty side I didn't know I even had. He went slower this time, teasing me, his lips and tongue avoided my nipples until I begged him to suck them.

I moaned loudly as Steve sucked and licked my breasts. I pulled him back to my face and then I reached down and undid his pants wanting to feel his penis again. Maybe it was because it was a different penis, maybe it was because of its size but I wanted it badly. Again, I was feeling so naughty.

There I was, kneeling on the kitchen floor, pulling on Steve's hard penis, licking the tip, sliding my tongue along the length, taking his testicles in my mouth. It was so exciting.

When I thought he was close to coming, I stood up and took his hand and led him to the bedroom. The rest of our clothes trailed on the floor behind us. Tim sat on the edge of the bed and I started where I left off. I was so turned on by performing oral sex on him that I momentarily considered letting him come in my mouth but remembered that Tim and I agreed that I wouldn't go quite that far. Instead I pushed him flat on the bed and climbed on top of him. I positioned myself over him and lowered myself onto his penis. Tim adores when I do this for him and Steve seemed to appreciate it every bit as much. He played with my breasts as I rode him. Oh God, it was out of this world. I was swept by an orgasm that would have knocked my socks off (had I been wearing any). The ripples shot through me with such intensity that I couldn't go on. I pulled myself off his penis and fell onto the bed beside Steve. Steve slide between my legs and found my very wet and very wanton vagina and wasted no time in pushing his hardness inside me.

A few thrusts and I was coming again, not as intense this time but still very good. Steve continued to thrust slowly into me as we kissed. This time he lasted and lasted and lasted and soon enough I was feeling the start of another orgasm (incredibly, my third). We reached a frantic pace, I was thrusting back at him trying to come, he was pumping into me forcefully and with one final thrust he started to ejaculate inside me causing me to scream out that I was coming too. He filled my vagina as I shook and shook with another orgasm.

He stayed inside me for a few minutes while we kissed and caught our breath. His penis gradually softened and he rolled off me and onto the bed beside me. I felt so empty and so incredibly satisfied.

We rested and talked for a bit, it was mutually understood that as great as the afternoon was, it couldn't happen again. Steve was mature and I liked that he seemed to understand and realize could only happen once. I didn't mention that Tim knew all about this.

Steve left about an hour later, we shared some long, lingering kisses before I opened the front door and I honestly could have been lured into making love to him again. I was still worked up, much more than I expected to be. And then Steve was gone. I dropped into onto the armchair and just sat there for a long time thinking about what I had just done.

The ringing phone made me jump out of my skin. I looked at the caller ID and saw that it was Tim calling. I answered the phone and before he said anything I said "Tim, I've been very, very naughty and I love you very much, now please come home so I can tell you all about it" and I hung up the phone before he could ask me any questions.

Half an hour later Tim was home and found me, freshly showered and lying naked on our bed. He stripped as he walked to the bed, his erection standing proudly, his eyes locked straight into mine. We kissed and held each other for what seemed like an hour without saying anything. I had so much bottled up inside I was bursting with a need to tell him every detail.

Finally I started telling him the details. I felt every bit as naughty replaying everything that happened as when I was actually doing it with Steve. We touched and I talked. Tim seemed a bit surprised (but very impressed) that we made love twice. And it excited him so much when I told him how many times I came that he entered me right away and we made the most passionate love that we ever have. It was slow and tender and dotted with steamy details. Tim came quickly (as I expected) the first time but stayed inside me and kept pumping slowly before we came together. After Steve, my vagina was sore and a bit stretched but I was still needing to feel Tim inside me.

Since then our lovemaking hasn't really been the same. The intensity is100 times more than before, our frequency is up to almost everyday, and its such a turn on for me to relate more to Tim as I remember things.

Oh, I passed my exam but barely. Guess my focus was on what was going to happen with Steve than what I was writing on the exam paper. There will likely be another chapter to write because as I write this Tim is encouraging me to call Steve and see if he's up for a repeat performance. I'm up for it and I'll tell you how I make out, there are a few things we didn't get to do. Hmmmmm, gets me worked up just thinking about it.

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Slut wife loser husband so not original

So glad real life isn’t like this. She would be gone and he would be moving on.

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