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This is part 2 of my story "Come one Come all" If you want to read this without reading part 1 let me bring you up to speed. I am a mid-thirties slut wife who has a husband who travels a lot and is turned on by all the attention his wife with 38 triple D's gets!

Thanks for all the requests by Literotica members to hear what happened next!


The drive home from the adult store was a blur. I could feel all my holes throbbing and dripping cum! I took a long bath and a much needed nap. As I drifted off to sleep I replayed the afternoons events in my head and thought to myself, "I wish there had been more guys there!"

I was a virgin until I was 20. I gave some great head to a few special guys but, mostly I had my pussy eaten by every guy! I had no intention of getting a dick stuck in me until I was ready. When I finally decided it was time to have my first fuck, I chose my best friend. It wasn't about being in love it was more about not having regrets! I knew he found me attractive and we would still be friends after so I did it. As my friend, we had not even fooled around before so I was unpleasantly surprised to find myself staring at a 10" cock! I had sucked enough dick to know this was not normal. I made him eat me to the point of almost cumming several times so I could be ready to take that thing! We tried so many ways and I still could not get it in -- it hurt so bad!! I let him fuck my tits (which I let nobody do) and he shot a huge load that hit my chin. It took a few more times to get that monster all the way in, but once it was, what a thrill to cum with something filling me up! I decided early on that I was more interested in the hot body over the good looks. When I see a guy with a great chest and arms I usually get them into bed. I have not found any man that can resist a flirty girl with triple D's! My hubby has encouraged me to flash guys and tease them mercilessly but, other than that we have not gone any farther. My last visit to Rob's was the first random guy fuck I have ever had since getting married.

It has been a week and I was taking out all my toys for my nightly phone call from hubby. As I set them out on the bed I noticed a receipt from Uncle Rob's Sex Emporium and the memory came flooding back! I actually fucked some guys in the middle of the bookstore! I completely gave into my urges. After some graphic story telling by me to my husband he had another gut wrenching cum knowing what a slut I have become! As I hung up the phone, I got an idea.

"What night is your busiest?" I said in my most seductive voice.

"Aimee?" Uncle Rob replied.

"You missed my cumming out party!" I mused with an evil grin.

"Go ahead and tease an old man," He said sarcastically. "My nephew has been grinning ever since," He added.

"My teasing has turned into pleasing, so watch out!" I chuckled.

"Well then the answer to your question would be Friday Night, after midnight the place is packed," he finally responded.

"Rick is gone for four weeks this time and he wants me to get used by some guys again!" I shouted excitedly.

"I'll save you a booth if I can bury my face in those awesome tits!" He bargained.

"Deal!" I said quickly. I began to wonder how big his cock was since he stood over 6'.

The rest of the week was dragging so I filled it up with trips to shop for lingerie and get a Brazilian wax. Finally Friday evening came and I was more than ready! Uncle Rob asked me to call him when I arrived and he would bring me in the back entrance. He said if I came in the front door looking slutty like I always do he would not be able to keep the guys from gang banging me right there in the middle of the store! I gave that some thought as a very real possibility. Maybe next time.

I met him in the alley and he checked me out. I opened my trench coat and gave him a lingering flash which he was very pleased with. I had not worn a bra so he took in my huge tits and finally stuck his face between them and squeezed them together around his head! When he came up for air he planted little kisses all over them before licking and sucking my nipples! I was already turned on by the whole event and this nipple work he was doing almost made me cum! He had a nice big tent pitched in front of his pants by the time he finished! Had he just gone a few seconds more I would have dropped to my knees and find out how much of that cock I could get in my mouth! He rushed me into the hallway and opened the booth.

He reached out again and lifted my tits in each of his hands and said "These are awesome!"

"Thank you sweetie," I purred. "They like you too!"

The booths at Rob's place are a well kept secret known only to the select few traveling executives and the elite swingers underground in our area. My hubby and Rob go way back so that is how we know about them. The usual adult arcades do not draw the kind of men the ladies here are looking for so we leave that kind of activity to the sticky floors in the big cities! The booths are specifically designed for a lady to lie down in the center or move around to each of the 4 holes. They are small enough to allow each guy access to all the lady has to offer.

There are 3 booths at Rob's place and by the sound of things I would say the other two are in use! I have always wondered who was servicing these booths; the PTA president, the school principal or even my brothers' wife! The beauty of this place is only Rob knows the ladies and there is no way he's telling. There is no lighting except for a black light in the booth. The guys are blindfolded once they are chosen to enter the back area and are guided to their hole. As my guys hands pass through the holes I take them and place them on me and let them explore. This is the most exciting part as they fondle and grope trying to paint a picture of what they get to play with. I suspect most are making sure it is a woman. I can feel the excitement in their touch as soon as they discover my huge tits! Once they begin to squeeze and pinch my nipples I can almost cum!

My pussy is dripping at this point and I grab one of the hands and stuff it in my hot pussy! As soon as he hits my clit I am gone!! UUUUuuuugggggghhhhh! OOOhhhhh, AAAAhhhhh!! I moan.

Oh shit that was so fucking good! I decide to let the guys playing with my tits have the first reward since they were doing such a great job. I grabbed onto two hard shafts with one guy on my tits and one guy rubbing my clit! I need to flip up on my knees so I can spin on the platform and suck all these dicks! One by one they get some head as the others in turn get to play with my pussy. I size them up and decide to suck the smaller ones and fuck the big ones! I have two of them switch places and start giving the one in front of me an enthusiastic blowjob. I rubbed the guy behind me against my pussy and he pushed forward as I pushed back.

"UUuuummmmpphhh! Shit he is thick," I grunt.

I let the guy fucking me get into a nice rhythm and press my ass against the wall to get as much of him as there is!. I take the cock in front of me back in my mouth it's nice maybe 8" and so fucking hard! Here I am getting stuffed with a fat cock I wish was a little longer!! And a young cock that is about to spit down my throat and I need more cock!!! I am screaming over this guys cock I need more because it just won't hit that spot!! Shit! Help Me! I'm almost there! "AAArrrrgggghhh!" the young gun is filling my mouth! And I am trying to get more of that fat cock in me! When I hear him yell "SSShhhhittt!" and dumps a load, spurt after spurt he grunts. But now he is pulling away!

"Nnnnooooo!" I yell. I was almost there and now I'm empty.

"I need a big cock, Now!" I shout.

I spin to my right which puts the biggest cock at my pussy. The cock in front of me keeps hitting my face but I don't care I need the huge cock to fill me up!. I am pushing back as hard as I can and I finally feel his cock rubbing my pussy which is sloppy and ready! He shoves that fuck stick all the way home in one stroke.

"Yes!" I moan out loud.

This is much longer than the other and he is starting to pump it in and out!!! More? More?

"Give it to me!" I screamed.

"Fuck Me! Fuck Me hard!" I pleaded.

And fuck me he did with that huge fucking cock! A sensation washed over me as I lost it and just started cumming!! I must have deep throated the guy in my mouth as he face fucked me because I suddenly became aware of him starting to pound the wall and yell "oh shit! I'm cummmm.." He gasped. I always give the best head as I come. Somewhere in the middle of my never ending orgasm I must have milked the shit out of that monster cock, because there was a river of cum dripping down my leg!!

When I woke up I was slumped over and covered in cum. Then I heard a familiar voice.

" You OK In there?" He asked.

"Never better," I purred. And I meant it!

"Crowd is getting out of control, got to get you out of here!" Uncle Rob said concerned.

"Not leaving unless you promise to let me come back next week?" I mused.

All he did was chuckle.

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by Anonymous

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by 26thNC08/29/18

Great place

Great place to share your wife. Those guys probably aren't the PTA president, the brother in law, etc. Just some diseased random guys. This is one of the sicker fetishes in LW.

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by Anonymous06/26/18

I want to post some stories about my wife, how can I do this?

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