tagLoving WivesBack to the Spa

Back to the Spa


It had been two weeks since I made my last and most memorable visit to the spa. When things are quiet I often find myself drifting off and reliving the last visit. I can still feel Michael's strong hands massaging my arms and legs and then lightly touching me where I could have only hoped. In my mind I could still feel him between my legs, moving in and out.

Despite this, I felt naughty. Sex with my husband has been as good as ever and perhaps more frenetic since I told him about the last visit to the spa. However, he has stopped asking me to fantasize about big black cocks and I have stopped talking about them while he is inside of me.

So it was with considerable ambivalence that I answered the phone and realized that it was the spa asking me if wanted to schedule a follow up visit. Any reluctance dissipated as I again thought of Michael's hands and I made an appointment for the following day.

I am not sure why, but that night I could not bring myself to tell hubby that I was going back to the spa. But I did try to make it up to him in other ways!

The next day was beautiful, cool and clear and there was just a nip of autumn in the air. I dressed casually as usual, just a long sleeve T-shirt and jeans as I went about my chores during the day. I do not think it was the cooler weather, but every time I saw myself in a mirror I noticed that my nipples were jutting out against the T-shirt and I seemed to continually feel a stirring between my legs.

Finally it was 3 o'clock and I drove over to the spa. As I entered the door, the receptionist looked up and greeted me with what I took as knowing smile and said, "Follow me, I know that Michael will be glad to know you are here."

She told me to come around the counter and led me down the hall to a room. She told me to get undressed and that Michael would be there in about 10 minutes. The room was a little larger than the one from my last visit. It was furnished in much the same way; an Oriental rug on the floor, dark paneled walls, and a hint of incense in the air. Beethoven's Pastoral symphony was softly being piped in through recessed speakers on the wall. There was a wall in the back corner, which I assumed lead to an anteroom, but I paid it no mind as my thoughts were on what Michael was going to do to my body.

I slipped off my shirt, jeans and shoes and I still had on my semi-transparent white thong and bikini top. This was the same suit I wore at the last visit. I could see the pigment in my nipples through the top. The small triangle bottom just barely covered my hairless pussy. This is the same suit that I would wear on secluded beaches and the results were a nearly complete tan apart from 3 small triangles of white skin. I looked at myself in the mirror. Not bad I thought for 50 and having had 3 kids. My 32B breasts were still pert and my nipples stood right at attention. My legs are still firm.. Hmmm, I thought, the swelling of my labia gave away my excitement.

I climbed up on the massage table and lay on my back. The table was a bit different from the one before. This one split about half ways down allowing the legs to be spread so the therapist could stand between the clients legs and massage the inside of the leg.

I saw no need to cover up with the sheet as Michael had seen it all before. Instead, I just sort of floated off. I languidly let my hands drift over my chest, starting with my shoulders and then moving down to my erect nipples. I slowly caressed my left nipple through the small triangle top and cupped my small breast. With my left hand I let it wander down my flat stomach and let is rest on my bottoms and slowly massage my now protruding clitoris through the thin white fabric.

I really don't know how long I lay there in a state of relaxation and partial arousal when my reverie was interrupted by the opening of the door to the room. Michael walked in, dressed much as he was the last time with white shorts, running shoes and crew neck shirt. He still looked fit, but this time I was aware of the bulge in his pants as he walked into the room.

He said, "Kathy, I see you are ready for me." I did not reply, but simply let my hands drop to my sides. He walked over to the wall and collected his massage oils and said, "why don't you lay on your stomach and we can get started."

I did so without hesitation and he placed his oil-covered hands on my shoulders and began the massage. He made no attempts to cover up my nearly naked body as he worked, firmly massaging my arms and back again before starting down my back. I still felt the sexual energy in the room, but the edge was starting to come off as his hands forced my body to relax.

As Michael worked down from my shoulders, he said, "We certainly do not need this suit" and he untied the strings which went around the back and around my neck, leaving my back completely exposed. He then worked his hands down to the small of my back. When he got to my buttocks, he took the strings from my thong with both hands and without comment from either of us, I lifted myself up and he slid the thong down and off my legs, leaving me completely naked.

Michael continued the massage, rubbing my buttocks and working down my legs to my feet. He worked up and down my legs with both hands, one then the other. Initially his hand would only come close to my now wet cunt, but after the third or fourth time up my legs he placed his index finger on my clit and lightly massaged it. The next time his hands worked their way up my legs, he inserted his middle finger into me as he massaged my clit again with his index finger. Each time his fingers spent a little longer inside of me and on my clit. His hands would then leave my hole and he would work his way down and up my legs again.

I don't know how many times this happened, but soon I could not restrain myself any longer. As his finger entered me, I lifted myself up and pushed back towards him making his finger slide deeper inside of me. I was so wet he just slid in and out.

Finally he said, "Kathy, it looks like you are ready for me. Why don't you roll over?" As I did and exposed my nakedness to him I noticed he too was naked. I don't know if he was able to slip his clothes off as he went to the wall to retrieve more massage oil or what, but there he stood with his brown penis, which had given me some much pleasure two weeks, before standing straight out in front of him.

He moved the table so my legs were spread and he stood between them. He rested his penis between my legs. His glans standing up just above my clit and his shaft supported by my labia.

He leaned forward placing his oil coated hands on my shoulders and began to massage my front. As he leaned forward, his penis did too, rubbing against my clitoris. He worked his hands down my front and without pretense began to massage my erect nipples. I could sense my breathing beginning to be short as I was increasingly aroused.

He slowly worked down my side and as he did he moved slightly back from me. His glands now resting on my clit. He moved his hands back up my body to my shoulders and breasts and again his penis slid forward. I looked down and could see his brown shaft contrasting with my shaved whiteness. His penis glistened with my wetness.

Back and forth he went and as he did his penis ran up and down against me. As he worked down my body again I knew I needed to have him inside of me and began to tilt myself up, hoping he would just slide inside of me.

I guess he readily sensed the extent of my arousal. He stopped and said, "Kathy, I think it time for the surprise I promised you. Thomas would you come in here?"

I think I sensed more than heard anything and looked to my left towards the alcove. There stood a well-muscled man, younger than Michael and I would guess in his late 20's. Of note his skin was as dark as night and he stood there completely naked. I found that I could not take my eyes off of his growing cock.

He was completely shaved and I reached my hand out to encompass his cock as he moved toward the table. I found that I could not completely get my hand around him. I stroked my hand up and down his shaft, which I am sure was at least 9 inches. Any thoughts of Michael were now gone as my whole attention was focused on this magnificent cock.

I brought him to my mouth and had to open it as wide as possible just to fit his glans inside. After a few moments of sucking and stroking him, I could taste his pre-cum on my lips. As if our motions were choreographed, we seemed to move in unison. I slid over on my side on the side of the table. Thomas lay down and his cock flipped up onto his stomach.

I began to straddle him and found that I had to put a foot on the table near his hip to get myself up high enough for him to enter me. Ohhhh God it felt good. Despite being so wet I had to slowly let myself down onto his shaft as he stretched me out and filled me completely. Finally I was able to get on both knees and I sat on his cock now fully inside of me, filling me completely.

I leaned forward and placed my hands on his shoulders and looked down to see his dark black cock stretching out my hairless white cunt. He reached up to my breasts and the color of his hands also contrasted with the whiteness of my breasts. He took my now very erect nipples and gently kneaded them between his thumb and index finger.

I began to press my pelvis against his, pushing his cock into the deepest parts of my cunt. I could feel myself moving towards an orgasm. My legs began to shake as I rode his cock only slowly as he was stretching me with every movement. Then I felt something else. Michael, whom I had completely forgotten about was between our legs and began to insert himself into my ass.

I had had both of my holes filled before, but it was always my hubby, who although well endowed was not as big as Thomas. My other hole had been filled by a vibrator. Now I had two real, throbbing cocks inside of me. I have never been so full. Thomas continued to knead my nipples and Micheal reached around and placed his hand on my clit just above Thomas' cock. In what seemed only a few strokes I was moaning with my first orgasm. It just seemed to go on and on and I could feel my ass pulsating around Thomas' cock as I came.

At that time I heard grunts from below me and behind as both Michael and Thomas, stimulated by my orgasm, shot their cum into me. I collapsed onto Thomas' muscular chest. Slowly I felt both Michael and Thomas decrease in size and Michael pulled himself out of my ass. In a moment or two, he began to rub his partially flaccid cock between my legs and began to regain his erection.

After a few minutes, he was again hard and said, "Kathy, its my turn for some of your hot pussy." Thomas slid off the table and Michael climbed on, lifting me onto my hands and knees and he entered me from behind. Thomas came back to the front of the table and brought his beautiful cock to my mouth. I could taste the mix of his and my cum on his cock as I hungrily sucked on him.

Meanwhile, Michael was pounding himself deep inside of me. Oh, he felt so good. I said around Thomas's cock, "Oh Michael, pound me with that brown cock of yours." After I don't know how long and at least two more orgasms, Michael shot another wad deep inside of me. He got down off the table and I rolled over on my back.

By now, Thomas had another raging hard on and he said, "Honey, its my turn to stretch you out again." I spread my legs and Thomas got on top and entered me, slowly again pushing himself deep inside of me. As he did I wrapped my legs around his waist, pulling him deep in side.

Slowly at first and then faster and faster he began to move his thick 9 inches in and out of my cunt. I could not believe it, but I found myself coming and coming. My legs stayed wrapped around his back and as he thrust into me I pulled him deeper with my legs. It was almost non-stop and soon Thomas was again spurting another huge load in me. He lay there for a moment, got up off of me and retreated to the alcove. Michael said, "Well Kathy, I hope you enjoyed the surprise. Will you be back next week?"

As I lay there, cum dripping out of my holes. I could see my labia were red and I did feel a bit sore. I could only say, "Mmmmmmmmmmmm." I got up and felt their mixture of cum running down my legs and was a bit sore as I dressed. Now what do I tell hubby.

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Kathy get what she wanted

Kathy and her husband started getting ready her to be fucked by two black cocks when they bought the two black dildos so now it is time to get all four of them in the same bed. Wonder if the huband willmore...

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