tagGay MaleBack With Badger, Say No More!

Back With Badger, Say No More!


It had been a long time in as much as I had been seeing badger once a week, but I had to go to Bournemouth on a refresher course with my firm for a whole month, so you can imagine how much I missed our wonderful times together - having fun in his allotment hut.

So for him and for me my return meant an early visits to the allotments, he'd kindly kept my plot weeded and watered and the vegetables looked great.

"The carrots are just about ripe for pulling, just take a look at this one I pulled this morning" Badger demonstrated holding the tuna firmly in his fist with they wry grin of his. I knew at once exactly what he was insinuating and immediately responded to what I knew would be his liking...

"And I should imagine yours is ready for pulling?"

He grinned and said: "You are right there, lad, you want to go into the shed for a little while?"

He knew darned well I did, in fact I was longing to feel and taste him again after what had seemed a lifetime, no sooner had we entered his shed and he had bolted the door behind me, when I instinctively knelt before him, undid his corduroys and sniffed in his odour, the scent of rich ripe cock, especially as I stretched back his foreskin over his peach which I longed to feel in my mouth again.

Stroking his cock as it grew I asked if he'd had it since I'd been away. - I knew that his sex life had finished with his Mrs although they still thought the world of each other, but a guy like Badger still wanted his oats and so made a meal out of me, and I didn't mind being his kernel, his place where he could gratify his sexual appetite, which was always in plenty and, as I stroked his cock and cupped his ripe balls I already wanted the feel of him inside me.

"Nothing, nothing at all, And you know there is nothing now with Pat" (his wife)

"So we don't need to use condom then?" I asked with a sigh of relief, I hated the things, wanted to feel my meat un-tinged and flesh to flesh, nit separated by a sheen of rubber or whatever they use to make them now, mind you I have been fucked with a ribbed condom which was nice but still not as lovely as the bare thing.

"No we don't so you will be pleased Huh, Pete and me too. I love to feel the squeeze of your ass pure and bare."

I said no more. Now was the time to catch up - he wanted it and I wanted it, I took his cock firmly in my hand, drew it right back to the root and hungrily sucked it into my mouth, tasting immediately the taste of cock never forgotten, for Badger had that certain particular flavour and taste I loved and adored, I would spend ages just pampering his cock and balls and underneath too, sucking, licking and nibbling hearing his moans of delight.. He stood there before me proud and enjoying. Pushing it out for my pleasure, and , licking his balls I cherished seeing it jerk upwards and won again, its was so lovely a prick and I could never ever get enough of it in every way..

"You want his cream today?" Badger asked knowing what my reply would be, when I took a breath from sucking that is. And when I nodded I heard that sigh of pure pleasure as he propped himself back, dropped his corduroys right down, slipped them off along with his underpants which had been down below his knees, and opened his legs wide for me to get a real good sucking and licking of pure unadulterated ripe throbbing prick and balls. Heaven!

WE enjoyed that for at least an hour and he was panting for something more, and when he spurted I tasted the salty taste of his cream slide over my tongue, enjoyed the feeling of it swirling in my mouth, then swallowed it, licking up all the dribbles that followed until Badger was fully expended.. That was fine because I knew after another hour of enjoying his pleasure of me, his pampering of my cock and balls and then my ass, I knew he would be hard again, hard enough to give me a good seeing to, but in the meantime I splendour in the thrill of watching him suck me the way he does, so good and firm, like he was eating me all up, my hard cock all inside his mouth somehow, his cheeks stretched tight, me just laying back on the n=bench for him to enjoy me to the full, his fingers starting to prepare me given a spread of lubricant around my aching anus which he made a meal of, moving first one finger then two inside me, stretching me as he grew more demanding, telling me to turn around, bend over the bench and show him what I have got. L loved that, loved to be all ass for this guy who enjoyed his fuck so much, now his fingers were working overtime, stretching deeper and deeper inside, it felt good and I was ready for his fuck.

"Fuck me, Badger - fuck me hard!" I yelled

He soon gave me the stiff bucking I asked for, nom messing he was soon inside and I felt the bulk of his thick juicy cock poke me deeply inside, feeling his palpitations so strong as he started to fuck. His thrust grew harder and quicker as I entered a world of my own, it was heaven on earth, feeling his fuck enter my being, feeling him nudge and slap my butt as he worked it this way and that, twisting my ass round in different positions to get the essence of fucking me in different positions, And when he came he yelled "Bingo" and I felt his fluid making it more slippery inside as he pulled it out, making that certain squashing sound as he did. His fuck was susb0lime and that wasn't the last of it, for he would want to suck me off all over again, but this time sucking his juiced combined with mine as he plunged his long tongue inside me, swivelled it around like he was stirring coffee and swallowed it all, me looking down and seeing his face glistening with our fluids.

Now that was fucking full package, and Badger would always be that for me...

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