tagNonConsent/ReluctanceBackdoor Break In Ch. 01

Backdoor Break In Ch. 01


Marilyn van Zandt: 39 yrs old

Unknown Intruder: Female

Bob and his wife Marilyn aren't home five minutes when the phone rings. It's Jeff from his office, yelling frantically that the computer system is crashing and the next day's payroll will either be delayed or not processed at all unless Bob drops everything and high-tails it back downtown to deliver one of his patented miracles. Bob wastes five minutes apologizing profusely to his wife; they had planned a quiet evening at home, without their kids (for once!), and now his work had intruded into their lives yet again. Marilyn sends him off, assuring him that it's okay; but it's NOT okay!

Bob has been away for two weeks prior to tonight and Marilyn has been looking forward to having the "itch" she's been enduring for the past 14 days scratched at last. She strips off her evening dress angrily and tosses it onto a nearby chair, then walks toward her closet, feeling lonely and horny. She opens the closet door, and immediately sees stars: someone has punched her, hard in the jaw, sending her reeling back into the center of the room. A second punch drops her to her knees; tears blur her eyes and her pretty face is streaked by mascara and smeared lipstick as she struggles to focus through the pain and blurred vision.

Her mouth is open, gasping for air, until something huge is shoved between her lips and down her throat. I'm being raped!, she thinks frantically, but the last small part of her brain able to think coherently reasons that whatever has been so rudely crammed into her mouth is not a male organ; it tastes vaguely like rubber or latex. She's unable to spend much time pondering this as the thick shaft is being thrust in and out between her widely-stretched lips. The rapist is using handfuls of her long hair, currently piled-atop her head, to brutally rape her throat; she can feel the tip of the "cock" bouncing off of her tonsils.

Marilyn hasn't had anything this big in her mouth for 15 years; Bob is a respectable 7", but this monstrosity must be at least 10, or even 12 inches! The mammoth-jugged housewife is sure she will pass out soon from lack of oxygen when the cock is suddenly yanked from her aching throat; a huge gasp of air comes with it. As she gulps down huge lungfuls of air, Marilyn recognizes a familiar scent: is it PERFUME? Is her rapist a WOMAN??

Her 44EEs, encased in a lace and blue satin bra, are roughly squeezed and fondled; after so long without sex, Marilyn's nipples spring to life eagerly despite her fear and pain. Her cunt tingles as the lips of her outer labia fatten with the sudden rush of blood to that area, caused by the rough fondling. She gasps as slender fingers grasp the cups of her bra and yank hard: the flimsy material gives-way easily, and her heavy endowments plop free, the nipples huge and hard. Soft palms slide beneath her hanging jugs, cupping and squeezing them, and even softer lips encase the dark brown nubbin capping her left breast and suckle hungrily. "Oooooh!" the auburn-haired beauty whimpers, as the active tongue bathes her turgid nipple and the wide, surrounding areola with warm spit. Her unknown attacker switches from one breast to the other for a few minutes, then pushes them together and nibbles both urgently straining brown stems at the same time. Hot, clear vaginal juices stain Marilyn's silken panties, flowing down her shapely thighs and wetting the tops of her stockings.

Fleeing is not an option at this point; nor is struggling: it is far too late for either. Long-suppressed sexual desire is a live flame in the wife and mother's flesh, and she gives herself over to it. She has experienced sex with a woman before, many years ago, and what she is feeling now is very similar to what she experienced then.

"Get on your hand and knees" the black-clad intruder orders in a husky, yet clearly female voice. As Marilyn obeys, the burglar admires her lusciously-curved physique in its tantalizing lingerie. Her big tits hang beneath her like over-ripe melons, and her smooth, arched back tapers down and into flaring, womanly hips and a large, round, fleshy (but firm) ass. Those round, deeply-clefted globes are framed invitingly by the lacy blue garters indenting the milky flesh. Her gloved fingers dig into the deep, smelly ass-crack and peel them apart like a ripe peach, revealing her captive's pink, crinkled starfish and lightly-furred, dripping cunt.

The intruder leans forward, long, tongue extended, and laps greedily at the wrinkled grommet, emitting a throaty chuckle when the buxom redhead gasps "Oooo; that's so NASTY!" No one, especially not her husband, has ever done that to her. They are no strangers to anal sex, and Bob frequently sticks a finger in there when he gives her head, but to actually lick her there! The rapist's tongue is like a slithering snake, probing and lapping, teasing the center of her stimulated pucker until it opens slightly, just a bit. Marilyn reaches between her own legs and plays with her drooling cunt while the oral worship of her most private orifice continues.

The purpose isn't to pleasure Marilyn as much as it is to facilitate the next step in the horny home invader's plan....while continuing to work on the weakening center of her anal pucker, she uses one gloved hand to grasp the huge black strap on penis she wears strapped around her middle and peels the condom from it; she had filled the condom with vaseline before putting it on her "dick" when she dressed earlier, to avoid the inconvenience of carrying a container of the lube around with her.

With a last, loving lick, Marilyn's captive stops sucking her asshole and relaxes her grip on her spread-apart buttocks.

"I think you're nice and ready for my cock, now, bitch" the woman whispers in the panting, squirming mother of three's ear. "You better be, 'cause I love fucking big-titty bitches like you in the ass"

Marilyn's guts chill when she hears this. Bob's 7" and this foot-long whopper are two very different things: this monstrosity will tear her apart! Her musings are interrupted by the large, Vaseline-coated tip of the dildo pressing insistently at her back-door. Her rapist pushes forward, slowly but insistently. The pain is almost unbearable as her tight, puckered opening stretches and stretches and stretches...then, just as she's convinced her asshole is about to rip, the rim of her over-taxed muscle snaps over the fat, helmet-shaped cock-head, sending a harsh, ringing stab of pain rocketing through her bowels. Her shriek of pain comes from deep within, a primal howl that resounds off the walls of the spacious bedroom. After the briefest pause, the thick invader continues its wicked path into the depths of her squirming bowels, taking her breath away. The pain is very bad; not as bad as childbirth, but a definite '9.99' on a scale of '10'.

"It's s-s-so BB-BIG!!" she groans, hanging her head as another couple of inches gain ground in her already over-packed fart funnel.

The masked woman strips-off her black gloves and slides her latex-gloved hands up and under the pain-wracked housewife and cup the heavy, warm globes of her naked breasts in each hand, kneading them and teasing the blunt, rubbery nipples with her fingers before withdrawing almost all the way out before driving forward, causing another "yip" of discomfort from the beleaguered redhead. This action is repeated, over and over, until the horrible pain begins to fade, replaced by a pleasurable, itching sensation.

Yes, there is a CHAPTER 2!

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