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I had waited in line long enough that I was short on patience when I finally got to the front of the customer service line. The bright little teeny bopper ask what I needed and proceeded to tell friend about the party over the weekend. I explained my situation and asked for the $55 back. She argued half heartedly with me but the bottom line was she was not going to give it to me. I needed some one logical that would listen to me and she was not the one. So I kindly asked for her supervisor, over walks her bopper 2. She asked me to step to the end of the counter and start over with my story.

She listened all be it half heartedly and explained the stores policy. She then went to the computer and clicked around for a bit and asked me some stupid questions about who else was on the account...Blah Blah Blah...I had a good point to what I wanted and a good reason they should give it back to me. She then got a little more bold and was arguing with me. I had had it. I was going to tear this girl a new one and she was gonna whish she had stayed in bed. I started off with reciting policy back to her and the logic behind my request. She started getting really sarcastic with her responses and I lost it. I started raising my voice a bit. She said some very unkind things to me that I was about to unleash back to her when it happened. The Manager stepped up and said "Denise, I will talk to this customer, thank you, you can go back to your station and deal with the next person in line..."

She smiled and me and asked me to step a little farther down the way. I was pissed and I was gonna let the whole world know it now. I followed her a few more steps away, turned, smiled and said "Sir, why don't we go back to my office and discuss this in private..."Without waiting for my answer she started to walk away. "Follow me..."

That is when I noticed her...She was about 45, shoulder length brown hair with highlights, a golf shirt with the stores logo on it and a nice pair of jeans, that she filled out very well. She was obviously a woman who took care of herself and shopped somewhere other then this warehouse club.

I followed her back past the break room to a little hall way where all the department managers had their offices. She came to a door at the end of the hall way stuck her key in and invited me in. As I stepped past she leaned forward just a bit so I brushed her as I went by.

"Have a seat...Would you like a cup of coffee?"

I was starting to cool down but I still had my resolve and it wouldn't take much for me to get back into points.

She returned with a cup of coffee for me and for her. Instead of sitting at the desk, she more leaned on the desk in front of me. "Sir I heard your argument and I know that you have some very valid points...In fact you are probably right about everything you say...But I can not have you raising your voice in front of the other customers and as you said to Denise..."Take it out on her ass"...That's bad for morale..." She paused for a moment. She got very serious, and stared straight at me..."So why don't you take it out on my ass..."The words hung there for a moment.

It sounded to me like she was inviting more then me to argue...But there is no way...Is there???

She spread her legs just a bit and lowered her head just a bit, never breaking eye contact with me "You know the store is never going to approve me giving you your money back...But maybe I can work it out for you..."

I was losing my concentration, I stammered "But, This is bullshit...I um..." Her right hand was at the button of her jeans. Her other hand was resting on her hip. I watched as she flicked her hand and the button came undone.

"Sir...Its ok...I know that is important...But don't you think there are other things that may be important too?..." I was staring at her unbuttoned jeans as she reached down her other hand and gave the jeans a little tug and the zipper just flew down. Into my view came her pink lace panties. "On your knees...Please..." unconsciously I fell to my knees in front of her as if to worship her. My hands immediately reached for her thighs as they slid up to the top of her jeans. I wrapped my fingers into the top of her jeans and pulled them down. At the same time she spun around and bent over the desk.

"I think you get the idea...You can not chew on my employee's ass...But you can sure eat mine..." I pulled the tiny fabric to the side and pushed my face between her cheeks. I grabbed a hand full of ass cheek in each hand and pulled them apart. My tongue found its mark and I gave her rose bud a little tickle. "Mmmmm...that's it...yeah..." She was really getting into my rim job.

I pressed on her asshole and my tongue slipped in. She gasped and moaned out "Oh yeah...do it...mmmmm" I reached my hands around to the front of her hips and pulled her back on my tongue. Her hands reached back. With one she pulled her ass apart and the other she pulled my face hard into her ass. "Oh god...eat my shit hole...eat me...fuck you are so nasty...it turns me on so much...fuck my butt with your tongue..." She started bucking back and forth fucking herself on my tongue.

Her breathing was ragged and sharp. She was moaning with every movement. I was so turned on I needed her quick.

I stood up intent on jamming my cock balls deep in her ass. She spun around on the desk to face me. "You like chewing on ass don't you baby?"

"I like eating YOUR asshole..." she grabbed my head and kissed me deep and passionately. Swirling her tongue around in my mouth, she moaned and savored the flavor of her ass in my mouth.

"I am not content with just having you eat my ass...I need something bigger in there...I need your hard cock shoved up my ass...but first I want to see what I am gonna be trying to fit in my tight hole..." She squatted down and pulled my dick out of my pants and straight into her mouth.

"Oh yeah..." I groaned "Baby suck that dick...Get it hard and wet for you asshole..." She sure knew how to suck dick. She sucked and slobbered all over my dick. Taking it out and jerking it in her mouth sideways up and down my shaft.

"MMmmmm...you have such a great cock..." She said before shoving it back in her mouth. I grabbed her head and pushed her down hard on my cock. It paused a moment when it hit the back of her throat before she opened up and it slit down her throat. She gagged and slurp, her throat making a sloshing sound and I pushed and pulled her head back and forth on my cock.

I pulled her hair to get her off my dick cause I was not gonna make it to her ass if she kept going. "God you cock is going to tear up my back side..." She coughed as soon as my cock was out of her mouth." Does someone want something different?" she hissed at me. I pealed her shirt up. I wanted to see feel and taste those big tits. "Ask me for what you want...I have the power to make things happen for you..." she said with a sly grin.

"I want to suck on your tits..."

She pulled her bra up with her shirt so I could get my lips on those beautiful nipples. "Suck my nips...Bite them..." She loved having her tits toyed with. "Oh that makes me so wet...Suck hard...pinch my nipples..."

Then she pushed me back..."Time for cock...Stick that rod up my asshole...make me pay for your problems today..." She bent over the desk again and reached back to pull her ass cheeks apart. I spit right on the puckered hole and lined up my dick. "Push...slow I haven't been butt fucked by one that big before..." I pushed slow and steady "Oh god...yes...push...push your cock in my ass...push I'll get it in... take my asshole..." She was tighter then I thought a woman this horny would be. She moaned as my head pushed past her sphincter. "Oh god...That's the hard part...The rest just feels amazing..." I pushed slowly as I watched my dick disappear in her asshole. "Oh shit...Baby I can feel your cock stretching my asshole out...you're cock is so big...Fuck that feels so good..."

She pushed back to bury me balls deep. "Oh fuck...My dick is all the way in your asshole...It so tight" I started to draw it back out. "Mmmm...That ass sure feels good..." I got to the head and pushed back in.

She was moaning. "Ok...I am gonna need a real ass pounding so you are gonna have to give it to me the way a bitch deserves it...Fuck me...Fuck me hard...We just took your money...Fuck me you piece of shit..." That was all the motivation I needed. I started pounding her. Her ass was taking everything I could give her. "Oh yeah...That's it...Fuck that hole...Take me...Take my asshole..."

"Oh fuck you are such a whore...Its so tight...I am not gonna last...Shit"

"Give it to me...make me take your cum...make me your whore" My thighs were slapping on her ass cheeks. She started shaking and spasming. She was cumming with a force. "Oh fuck...I'm cumming on your cock in my whore ass...Shit fuck...Oh fuck my ass fuck me fuck me into a whore...fuck me." I was pounding her ass. I was giving her the punishment she wanted.

"Oh god...Her cums my cum...Take it whore...in your ass...Oh...Fuck you dirty fucking whore...Take my cum..." I was sending my seed deep into her ass. I clenched my cheeks and pushed as deep as I could go.

"Oh yeah baby...give it to me...give me your cum in my ass..." I finished pumping her ass full of my cum and fell back into the guest chair. She spun around dropped to her knees and said "Is there any more cum in that thing..." before taking my cock straight into he mouth. She pulled off long enough to say "God I love the taste of my ass and cum together."

She reached her hand behind her to her asshole and stuck two fingers in. She gathered some of my cum and stuck it in her mouth..."Mmmmmmm"

I watched in amazement and said "You are a fucking nasty dirty cum whore..." and smiled.

She cleaned up my cock and then stood up. While she was dressing she said "Sir does that take care of your inconvenience?...Or are you asking for Special treatment?..."

As I was leaving her office and she was composing herself I turned and asked "So do you fuck all the guys that complain at the front desk...?"

"No, my husband has out of town all week and I just got so horny there...Especially when you talked about chewing on someone's ass..." She smiled "Besides, I've never let my husband have my ass..."

"Well anytime you need your ass taken care of...Here is my card...I am willing to take care of you..."

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