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Backdoor Delivery


Anne's head swam as she heard the knock on the kitchen door. Her eyes darted to the clock, it was 11am exactly. The kids were at school, and Tony was conducting an audit 50 miles away and wouldn't be back till late. Nervously, she tugged at the hem of her short denim skirt, and opened the door.

"Hello, gorgeous," the tall muscular, man whispered as he stepped inside, pulled her to him, and pecked her on the cheek. Her face flushed as the familiar feelings of arousal began to overtake her. Affairs were always dangerous – but there again, it was the danger which was part of the attraction. It had started off innocently enough, Greg had just happened to be at home a few doors down the road when her washing machine had flooded. The attraction had been instant, and quickly progressed to a full blown fling. But all the time she needed more. She needed her limits exploring.

Her hands stretched out and stroked his chest, feeling the latent masculine power in his frame. He had been very clear about what he had wanted her to wear; high heeled cream courts, nude lace top hold up stockings, white lacy bra and panties, blue denim mini skirt and a pink, tight, skinny rib top with three quarter sleeves. "Is what I am wearing alright? ," she asked, seeking approval.

"You look just fine, just as I told you to," came the reassuring reply. "Now, are you sure you still want this? Do you still want my eight inch cock up your virgin ass?

"You know I do," she simpered.

"Then bend over, face down, across the kitchen table, and let's get on with it," he commanded.

Anne loved her husband Tony, but she was in thrall to Greg. When he fucked her they didn't need to talk much, their communication was sex. And she loved it. Greg hitched up Anne's skirt in one movement .It now hung around her waist like a loose belt. Instantly, she felt the cool air wafting between her exposed thighs.

"Drop your panties"

Anne reached down to her hips and hooked her thumbs into the skimpy sides. For a moment she relished the cool luxury of the silky material which encased her ass cheeks. Then, with a tug and a shimmy, her panties dropped to the floor. A firm hand then wedged between her stocking tops, pushing outwards. She knew what to do, spreading her legs as far apart as she could. Her breathing started to quicken in anticipation of what was to follow. " My bra, Greg, unfasten my bra " she panted. Almost immediately firm hands lifted up her top, and nimble fingers unfastened the clasp of her bra allowing her aching breasts to spill onto the table. As he squeezed her stiffening nipples her tingling pussy oozed love juice. "Please Greg, oh please, just do it. I need this so badly " she implored.

"Hang on baby," he purred, as he walked over to the work surface to grab the butter dish, then placed it on the kitchen table. His pulsing tool had needed no direct contact to become aroused. The electricity of the situation was enough. In front of him lay this beautiful, 28 year old blonde, ass thrust in the air by her high heels, perfect legs topped by delicate lace,

breasts squashed on the table top. He unbuttoned his trousers, then kicked them aside. Leaning forwards he took a dollop of butter from the dish, and smeared it over her asshole. She whimpered with delight at it's cool, smooth sensation. Greg then used the residue on his fingers to coat his cock and pushed his helmet against her puckered hole.

As the pressure mounted on her virgin entrance, Anne gripped the edges of the table. She felt so exposed with her ass in the air, she felt such a slut being fucked in her kitchen with her crumpled panties lying forlornly on the floor, but she felt such desire for this man as his pushing increased. Suddenly, his throbbing meat surged past her sphincter and she felt his balls slap against her pussy lips as he filled her to the hilt.

"Oh my God, you're in, you're fucking my ass! ," she exclaimed as Greg withdrew slightly, and slid back in.

"Yes, baby, I'm fucking your ass, and you will never forget it. Just like the first time you sucked a guy, and the first time you had a cock in your pussy. Look at you, prissy mother? faithful housewife? You're really just a filthy whore who wants a big cock to tear up her pretty little ass, aren't you?"

The dirty talk was turning her on even more, as it always did, and she started rearing her hips backwards to take the ever more urgent thrusts of her lover.

"Go on you bastard, harder, faster. Fuck me like the dirty slut I am, leave your spunk in me to remind me that I am really yours."

Greg grabbed the tops of her thighs with each hand as he pounded her against the table, thrilling to the feel of the soft flesh atop the fine lace of her stockings. Then the familiar feeling mounted, he moved his left hand between her legs to tweak her clit, and he exploded deep inside her, collapsing on her heaving frame underneath. Simultaneously, Anne responded into a writhing climax as his spunk poured into her, his fingers torturing her clit, and his cock ploughed backwards and forwards along this recently opened furrow.

As Anne came to her senses, she realised the phone was ringing, she moved towards the phone with a mixture of sweat, butter juice and semen, oozing down her thighs.

"Anne, it's Tony here, just to let you know I'll be home about 8pm, have you been out? I rang earlier and there was no reply"

"Hello love, no I haven't been out, but I did take an unexpected backdoor delivery. I must have missed you while I was busy......................."

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